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Overflow at Sziget 2011

Croatian band Overflow will play Sziget’s main stage this year, according the Programs page on the English official website.

According to their own website, Overflow will play Sziget 2011 on August 13.

On that same day, you’ll also get to see Amy Winehouse and Smash mouth perform on the main stage, as you can see on the lineup page

(thanks go to chudo_pahan)

29 thoughts on “Overflow at Sziget 2011

  1. I think I’m onto the the people who organize sziget! They put dull bands on the main stage to scare people away for main stage and force them to watch at other stages..

  2. Sziget Festival Official facebook say: manic street preachers@ 14. sunday 😉

    Király István
    Írjátok már ki, hogy melyik nap lesz a Manic Street Preachers!!!

    Sziget Festival Official ?14, vasárnap!

  3. Does it mean that Manics are headliner? because there are 4 bands confirmed there appearing on sunday 14: Mariachi El Bronx, White Lies, The National, Gogol Bordello…

  4. Oh boy – this seems strange! First one of the Sziget sites confirmed Overflow for the Europestage, than another site confirmed them for WAN2/A38 and now they are supposed to play on the mainstage… I guess the Sziget promoter run out of money for more bands!

    I would understand if they would put one of the international known bands (like Triggerfinger, Suicidal Tendencies or others) on the mainstage, but to have a band probably no one has heard of on the mainstage (especialy after they made the Europestage especially for this kind of bands) is out of my understanding!

    Also to have a band like Manic Street Preachers, who haven’t had a hit since about 15 years, were never THAT popular and who played 2009 as co-head before Placebo) on the most popular headlineslot on sunday (like Muse, Faith No More and the Killers in the last years) seems pretty odd to me…

    I’m more than happy with the line-up in general, but am very unhappy with these latest information!

  5. Shit, i meant 14 sorry. And no, Manics are not going to be headliner, White Lies will be, as they wrote on their facebook when they got announced. -.-

  6. Well, unless they put Gogol Bordello in that slot, it’s gonna be the Manics. White Lies sounds like an even stranger choice…

  7. i think (hope) that Manics will not be a headliner. Because it will be a holy shit. I am still hope for one world wide band like Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Coldplay etc. Maybe some bands will change day of perfoming or stage.
    I am also like this year line-up in general, but Manics… as a headliner… no.

    2 Mellowmaniac
    what is the source that Ben L’Oncle Soul will play on August 13?
    (You wrote on bestdays).

  8. White Lies as Headliner would be even more ridiculous – even the official Sziget-italy Facebook-site wrote that the band seems to have mixed up performing on the mainstage with headlining the festival..! White Lies are internationaly much smaller than the Manics, Gogol Bordello and The National!

    There is no official date for the Oncle published, but he has a comparable size to the other openers, does play in France on the 12th and 14th, the 10th is fully booked and the 11th has no band big enough to be co-headliner…

  9. sziget oficial page on facebook released new promo video, and there is no information about Manics… and also on the main picture of the group there are no Manic Street Preachers.
    I think if they will be a headliner they will put them on new video and on the main picture.

  10. So all we have to do is hope, that this year, 6 bands will play at the main stage each day…

  11. At wat date will the next names come?
    And how big is the chance that the FF will be one of the next names?

  12. Foo Fighters, Arctci Monkeys and Kings of Leon are ruled out by the Sziget office since months!

    My guess is that the first version of the daily schedule will be published within the next two weeks and that the remaining slots will be filled as new bands come in…

  13. forget arctic monkeys, they have a gig in America at the 11th, I think it isn’t realistic to expect them. I’ m wondering about the metal stage, the still have to announce 4 major bands, I read somewhere they wanted 2 international bands every day. I hope there will be more news about that soon.
    When will they announce the daily schedule, I have read here they would do that in the beginning of may. Now it is may, and I haven’t seen any official schedule yet..

  14. I think, the main problem here is how to define “international band”. In my opinion, the word “international” is being used too inflationary these days.

  15. I think it’s pretty easy to define the term “international band”: it’s a band know internationally. But: it’s not neccesarily a sign of quality…

    A band like Söhne Mannheims do play in Germany in front of 10.000 – 14.000 people each show, but “no one” from a different country would appreciate them playing on the mainstage (no idea if Overflow are as popular in their country as a band as Söhne Mannheims is in Germany)

  16. Well, that strongly depends on who you ask! From my perspective, half the line-up is “internationally known” in the sense of “they’re from an other country and I know them anyways”.

  17. the bands “international”for the metal stage are still very well known groups. In 2011 already have a band who are the headliners and co headliners several festivals (JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD), so little still hopes to qualify for a big name for the metal stage (especially the scene becomes open air and increases its capacity.

  18. well on the 26th of april they said it would be a week or two till they announce the daily schedule so they may announce the final names with this?

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