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Pendulum confirmed for Sziget Festival 2009!

The information has just been confirmed on their MySpace page, as well as their official website. Pendulum will play Live at this year’s Sziget Festival on August 14.

They  promised to return last year, when they couldn’t play Sziget Festival due to unforeseen circumstances. Now their promise has been fulfilled. We hope this news will make all our readers that wanted Pendulum to play Sziget very happy (Laura, thanks for your help).

4 thoughts on “Pendulum confirmed for Sziget Festival 2009!

  1. Amazing live band… Perfect for Sziget!

    I saw Pendulm live as well as The Prodigy and have to say that Pendulm are the far better live band!!!

  2. We’re glad to see you were right. Prodigy are good live, too. And who knows, they might be a possiblity. They’ll have to tour the new record…

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