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Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, Calvin Harris & more at Sziget 2014

UPDATE: Sziget Italia says that Queens of the Stone Age will be playing Day Zero, which is August 12. The official site also confirms that information.

Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age are probably the most important first names for Sziget 2014, but they are not the only artists to be part of this first announcement.

The list continues with

Calvin Harris


Imagine Dragons



Laidback Luke

Starlight Girls

As suspected by many of you guys, Queens of the Stone Age, which are also at Frequency, will be playing Sziget 2014.

The announcement has just been made on Facebook, and the post also mentions that more names will come in the upcoming weeks.

24 thoughts on “Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, Calvin Harris & more at Sziget 2014

  1. So if you would like to see QotSa, you will have to buy the “WEEKLY Pass”, not the “5 Days pass-non camping” !

  2. Having been let down by last years line up (with the exception of Nero, Chase & Status & Biffy Clyro) This is a much better start up for 2014 and although I have not put aside savings and holiday for Sziget this year.. if this line up proves its come back I will definitely be booking next year! Rekindling the excitement and attraction Sziget!

  3. This makes hope for the festival…..I´ve bought my ticket…the flight…and the hotel….only 201 days left 😉

    I don´t like djs….but I like the bands…and they are pretty good!!!

  4. Hey!
    Again, I have a question:
    is it easy to resell a ticket (in case some of my friends didn’t get their visa)?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Another question (sorry it’s my first Sziget):
    How much time~ do we need to wait for the next names? could it be this week or it’s not even thinkable?

  6. @Noeliam: It is impossible to get your money back on the ticket as I tried unsuccessfully last year. When you order your ticket you are sent a PDF with your name on it. If you order 6 tickets (for you and your friends) you get 6 different PDF’s each with each individual’s names on them.

    When you arrive at the festival you exchange the printed PDF for a wrist band. You have to use a passport (or other official ID) to confirm your identity before you can make the exchange.

    You maybe able to contact customer support (their e-mail is on the official website) and get the names on the tickets changed but I would be very suprised if they offered anthing more than that in way of support. Hope this answers your question.

    The first batch of bands seems to cover a good spread of Genres so keep up the good work Sziget.

  7. According to their official site, Placebo will play the 13th

    According to the Hungarian and the Italian site, Calvin Harris will do the End Show this year

  8. To the person asking about getting your money back, I can only give my experience from last year. We were all booked up to go, then my delightful husband failed an exam, knowing that the resit week was Sziget week :'( we had to cancel our trip and although Sziget were willing to change the name on our tickets, we couldn’t find anyone to buy our tickets (even at half price!) I suppose all the flights were expensive by then. Long story short, I lost about £400 🙁

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