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Announcement: Stages and Acts

Besides today’s press conference, the Sziget Festival 2015’s organizers have also released a communique to shed some light on which acts to expect on which stage. Without further ado, here are the lists.

Stages and acts confirmed today:

Main Stage

Day -1:

Winner of the Nagy-Szín-Pad talent show
Irie Maffia
Robbie Williams

Day 0:

Gentleman & the Evolution
Florence and the Machine

The rest of the days:

Ellie Goulding
Martin Garrix (End Show)
Limp Bizkit
Hollywood Undead
Marina and the Diamonds
Gogol Bordello
The Maccabees
Punnany Massif

World Music Stage

Dhoad Gypsies from Rajastan
Taraf de Haïdouks
Goran Bregovic
Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar
The Egyptian Project
Parno Graszt
Noura Mint Seymali
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble
Imam Baildi
Roy Paci & Aretuska Allstars
Antwerp GipsySka Orkestar
HK & Les Saltimbanks
Che Sudaka
La Chiva Gantiva
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
Ladánybene 27
Szalonna és bandája
Besh o droM

DJs: Gypsy Sound System, DJ Borzin, DJ Luca Vaga, DJ Lord Sassafras, DJ Tagada

A38 Stage

Babylon Circus
Dropkick Murphys
Ella Eyre
Enter Shikari
Fauve, Foxes
Future Islands
Gaslight Anthem
Hospitality pres.: High Contrast
Camo & Krooked
Danny Byrd
Fred V & Grafix
Infected Mushroom
Jamie Woon
Jett Rebel
José Gonzalez
Knife Party
Milky Chance

Paloma Faith
Selah Sue
Sigma live
The Subways
The Ting Tings
Tyler the Creator
William Fitzsimmons
Yellow Claw

Telekom Arena

Jaguar Skills
Julian Jordan
Stadium X
Sidney Samson
Lucas and Steve
Sander Van Doorn


Hernan Cattaneo
Laura Jones
Gui Boratto
Michael Mayer
My Favorite Robot
Marcell Dettmann
Ellen Alien
Vitalic live
Damian Lazarus

British Knights Europe Stage

Delafe y Las Flores Azules
Après la Classe

Petöfi Rádió – Telekom VOLT Festival Stage

Day -1:

The Biebers
The Middlemist Red
Ocho Macho
Margaret Island
Kelemen Kabátban
PéterfyBori & Love Band
Cloud 9+
DJ Radnai
Afterparty with DJ Radnai

Day 0:

The Carbonfools

Day 1:

The Immigrants
Halott Pénz

Day 2:

Akkezdet Phiai
Magashegyi Underground

The rest of the days:

Tudósok & Bin-Jip Erik Truffaz
Fábián Juli & Zoohacker
Vad Fruttik
Ozone Mama
Szabó Balázs Bandája
Intim Torna Illegál.
Palya Bea
Budapest Bár
Mary Popkids
Ivan and the Parazol

Blues & Irish Stage

Mystery Gang
Oliver Mally
Dorrey Lin Lyles and the Johnny Shepherd Band
Erik Ankoné & The Gone Wrong Kings
Második M?szak

YouTube presents: Budapest Park Tribute Stage

Rage Against the Machine Tribute by Subscribe
Hollywood Rose – Guns N’ Roses Tribute Band
Piknik Park – Linkin Park Tribute Band
Stoned – The Rolling Stones Tribute Band
Good Time Boys – Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band
AB/CD – AC/DC Tribute Band
The Blackbirds – The Beatles Tribute
Arctic Monkeys Tribute by Confuse a Koala
Forever Sting Band
Inka-H – U2 TributeBand
Ladánybene 27 with a variety of guests will perform a Bob Marley tribute concert for his 70th birthday

Of course, there will be a variety of non-musical events to happen at the Sziget Festival – we refrain from listing them all right now. According to the Sziget website the list of acts is still only 38.3% complete, so there is still room for big names and pleasant surprises. Of course, we’ll try to inform you of any changes that occur as soon as we hear about them.

466 thoughts on “Announcement: Stages and Acts

  1. Interpol and Paloma Faith at A38 and Hollywood Undead and Awolnation at Main Stage must be a joke…

  2. I think interpol at a38 is a good thing if they’ll play at the same time as ellie goulding on main stage.

  3. Everyone look at the post from Sziget Italia on Sziget Festival 2015 very revealing.

  4. Qualche nome manca ancora sul Main stage wink emoticon

    10 agosto
    1) Winner of the main stage talent show
    2) Irie Maffia (HU)
    3) Robbie Williams
    4) –

    11 agosto
    1) Gentleman & the Evolution
    2) Quimby (HU)
    3) Florence and the Machine
    4) –

    12 agosto
    1) Gogol Bordello
    2) Alt-j
    3) –
    4) –

    13 agosto
    1) The Maccabees
    2) Foals
    3) Ellie Goulding
    4) –

    14 agosto
    1) Awolnation
    2) Marina and the Diamonds
    3) Kasabian
    4) Avicii

    15 agosto
    1) Hollywood Undead
    2) –
    3) –
    4) –

    16 agosto
    1) Limp Bizkit
    2) Martin Garrix (End Show)
    3) –
    4) –

  5. 10 more acts then!
    @SzigetNews which band is illustrating this article? nice picture.

  6. It is only 9. In yesterday’s article they wrote Hungarian band Punnany Massif will play Main Stage too.

  7. can anyone tell me how can a festival like sziget justify a tribute stage, yet alone presented by goddamn youtube, instead of having a decent rock/metal/punk/hardcore stage first? Tribute bands alone are pointless, but having a stage dedicated to them is just plain pathetic.

  8. @Art. I agree. Despite this, i saw the RATM tribute by Subscribe. Simply mindblowing. I could have bet i hear Zach de la rocha

  9. @SzigetNews Thank you!

    @Art I agree too. Having a small tribute stage would be nice but WTF is wrong with Sziget? A Tribute to Arctic Monkeys? There shouldn’t be tribute for bands they can actually book!!! I’ll probably catch the one dedicated to Bob Marley!

  10. RATM by subsribe is amazing! But yeah why no rock/metal stage instead of a tribute stage with rock/metal :/

  11. How much artist will be at A38?
    We have all names for this stage or not?

  12. as I remember, at A38 every day 5 concerts and night time 3/4 djs, so line up is almost closed.

    11 Tuesday

    Selah Sue
    Future Islands
    Infected Mushroom
    Babylon Circus
    Yellow Claw

    12 Wednesday

    Enter Shikari
    Tyler the Creator

    13 Thursday

    The Ting Tings
    Ella Eyre

    High Contrast
    Camo & Krooked
    Fred V & Grafix
    Danny Byrd

    14 Friday

    Knife Party
    Dropkick Murphys
    Jamie Woon
    Gaslight Anthem
    The Subways

    15 Saturday

    Paloma Faith
    William Fitzsimmons
    Jett Rebel

    16 Sunday

    Sigma live
    Milky Chance
    José Gonzalez

  13. Very bad news. So we have only 8-9 place on Main Stage for big artist. It’s small percent of least 60.
    Maybe we have some surprises like new stages or something like that?
    I hope to see some punk and hardcore bands. Sziget really need it.

  14. So what is the source of all the stage splits that are posted here? I can only find the day splits on the website, same holds for the sziget Italia facebook. It seems like all these stage splits including the one of Fesztivalok Varosa are just some guesses by random people.

    Alesso at the Telekom Arena would be ridiculous. Look for example at his number of plays on Spotify. I can’t imagine they will come up with bigger DJs for the A38 nights. With the recent announcement regarding the troubles of finding big names I wouldn’t even be surprised if they let him close the mainstage after a band.
    Also, he is the first name mentioned on the website for the Saturday, before all the A38 names and hollywood undead. On all the other days, mainstage acts are mentioned first. Why would they place a Telekom Arena name at the top?

  15. Thanks for the answers.
    Well in that case my expectations for the Saturday mainstage and the nights at A38 rise if they can afford to put Alesso at the Telekom Arena.

  16. Rock/metal/punk stage might be a good idea since decent bands are hopefully available during Sziget time, plus it’ll increase the number of attendants more than any other main stage act they lack. Not to mention they’ll probably cost less.

  17. I really don’t understand the strategy of Sziget’s management. I think they deserve the big name for last announcement to make more profit with normal price (last year they have announce big name in February and big part of the pass has been selt in that period). I think at the end the line up will be similar al Pukkelpop and Frequency (like every years). But they haven’t considered that some people have already planned the “festival tour” and they have not included Sziget (including me).

    Ok guys you said: “no…the organitation has some problem bla bla”. But you have to understand that Sziget is a business (and not a no profit organitation). The organizer (gerendai or something like that :D) make profit with Sziget, and every year they try to maximize the profit. And they think that announcing big name at the end is good strategy.

    Bad strategy mr. Gerendai 😉

  18. I hope bands like Architects, All Time Low, Chunk!, No Captain Chunk! will be playing at Sziget.
    Im really shocked by all this r’n’b, pop and club music. Too much plastic shit at Sziget this year.
    People want rock!

  19. I still hope for Muse. Flights from Tokyo to Buenos Aires will take about 30 hours stopover at Toronto. So they can also go the other way around…….. But still it’s a small…. Little hope.

  20. Alexisonfire has reunion dates this summer in Europe, just sayin’… could make for a very welcome surprise for both older popular music fans and rock/metal fans alike.

  21. I can’t see Alexis in a million years, no matter how good they are.

    I think the Sziget system for announcing acts is absolutely terrible personally. I’ve been to Coachella, Glastonbury, Leeds, Benicassim, Werchter + about 20 other festivals and Sziget has comfortably the worst and most naive announcement strategy going. It doesn’t work. People want to know who’s playing, I don’t want to find out who’s playing a month before the festival. I want to be able to have time to get in to an artists before the festival, and I like to plan what I’m seeing on what day in advance too. Other music fans are the same. It’s fine if you leave the odd gap in the line up, but the thought that Sziget are sitting on a load of names that they’ve not announced is just mental to me. Those names could sell thousands of tickets which they might not sell if people go elsewhere.

    They’re not Glastonbury, they can’t sell 170000 tickets based on reputation alone.

  22. @Eddie
    You forget that people come to sziget for the feeling and not for the line-up….

  23. The guy on the Hungarian Facebook Noeliam posted says Kings of Leon are ‘on the cards’. A bloke on here says Kanye is. If either of those are correct then they’re clearly holding back an act that would shift a massive amount of tickets.

    I’ve seen Kings of Leon numerous times and they’ve not released a decent album in over half a decade, and I’m not in to Kanye, so for me it’s not good. However, both justify the ticket price.

  24. We’ll wait and see. kol are a great band and kanye is also a great artist(not a great human being).
    I’m just interested when we’ll have a new anouncement.

  25. @Steven Muse’s date in Japan is 25 july, and 17 october in Buenos Aires. I’m sure Sziget asked them and received a negative response. But I’ll be extatic if they get announced.

  26. oh and… Regarding Sziget France:

    “on annoncera en exclusivité durant la soirée un nouveau nom qui nous rejoindra cet été au ?#?Sziget2015? ! Et quel nom ! Ce sont des artistes francophones de renommé internationale ! Oui ils sont plusieurs ! On vous en a déjà trop dit”

    which translates into “during the party, we will announce in exclusivity a new name which will be joining Sziget 2015! And what a name! They are “francophone” (speak french, so they could be french or canadian or from Belgium etc…) and are known worldwide! Yes, they are many! We’ve already told you enough”.

  27. I presume that because they’re canadian and “they are many”.
    When is this party?

  28. Worldwide francophones group is Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, Billy Talent and Daft Punk. I can’t remember more.

  29. ‘known worldwide’ is interesting, that indicates that it’s not just some tambourine band from Lebanon.
    However, I don’t think sziget would ever announce the big Canandian names mentioned here at some local French event.

  30. Girls in hawaii – belgian 6-piece indie pop band. Has a concert on 21 august. Don’t know about “known worldwide”

  31. I don’t think that it will be a big name neither. But we never know.

    @Supersonic Girls in hawaii played last year I think!

  32. Was thinking about Simple Plan too but they are headlining another Hungarian festival the week after sziget (Strand festival, also got All Time Low)

  33. only one good thing – it won’t be Nickelback!!!

    french speaking bands: Phoenix, Indochine, Justice… they all don’t tour now

    Daft Punk – impossible

    Arcad Fire – the best variant

  34. Without being too pessimistic it will be an absolute nobody in my opinion. Sziget don’t announce at a weekend.

  35. Gerendai said yesterday they have to book such a band that not on tour now. it will really expensive, but they have to, because, they have not any headliner.


  36. I agree with all the all the comments regarding strategy. If they have Kanye lined up which seems possible if we trust those who comment on here then why not reveal that straight away to increase ticket sales as he obviously would. Love him or hate him.

  37. Meh. I’ve seen 2manydjs a few times and their live set hardly changes. I don’t like their DJ sets personally. Apparently Soulwax are releasing a new album this year and I’d have been far more interested in seeing them in that guise again, but they’ve cancelled all their summer shows because the album isn’t ready yet.

  38. Don’t we risk to have David Guetta on tuesday after Florence?
    I know he’s booked for Volt festival by the same management, but i can’t think other names for French artists…maybe Stromae again?

  39. MØ is in the A38 tent on thursday so if they put Major Lazer that day on the mainstage after Ellie Goulding they can perform Lean On together 🙂

  40. i really don’t get it. they could book björk & the libertines, and the headliner problem would be solved. it would be so much better than an other pop act like kanye

  41. Ok then, excluding a miracle for Daft Punk I don’t see who could be this worldwide known french artist…I guess we’ll see tonight

  42. Kanye or daft punk would give me something to look forward to apart from Tyler the creator. There is so much there my wife likes such as Robbie Williams, enter Shikari, milky chance…

    I really enjoyed last years line up. Better get there dreher in.

  43. I’ve got Interpol (one of my favourite bands) and Dixon (my favourite DJ) on the same day, so I was fairly content from a very early stage. Not much else has been added for me, but I didn’t expect Dixon at all and that’s a pretty big deal (even though it’ll be the third time I’ve seen him this year).

    I’m fortunate in that I’ve been to enough festivals to have seen 95% of the possible main stage headliners that are touring at the moment, so I’m not holding out hope on anyone in particular. I’ve not seen Kendrick yet so I would have liked him, but none of the other rumoured acts have got me particularly excited.

  44. Bjork would be awesome! I think people generally like her. And I like the comment about performing Lean On togather 😀

  45. “? Annonce en exclu du groupe français qui rejoint la progra du ?#?Sziget2015?”

    Apparently it’s a french band!

  46. Yes, and i don’t know any very famous French band. I’m afraid it’s gonna be disappointing

  47. Same for M83, they aren’t touring but who knows..let’s hope for something good 😀

  48. Hollywood Undead play at Budapest before Sziget as well, so I bet on Manu Chao. It’d be a great addiction for me!

  49. @JumboJack if M83 gets announced I’m gonna cry! I just came back home after doing my tattoo (M83). Earlier in the year I’ve sent a message to their manager and he answered “no shows until 2016”.

    Maybe they are known worlwide but has a niche fans.
    If it wasn’t a band I wanted it to be Madeon (for the A-38 to be 100%).

  50. @Bender i would bet Manu Chao too, but they said it will be a band..
    @Noeliam same for Daft Punk, it’s almost impossible, but i still hope for a miracle \o/

  51. Manu Chao has a band (La Ventura) so it could be him. I will personally be very happy.
    I think we are more likely to get M83 than Daft Punk though 😀

  52. Chinese man, maybe, i don’t know if they are known abroad.
    It could be C2C too.
    But It won’t be a big band for sure.
    Daft punk, impossible, never… 🙁

  53. I really don’t know what sziget’s deal is. still no name, and it’s almost 12:00 a.m. in Paris currently.

    So, id go ahead and assume it’s not a big group at all. Maybe they’re French, but they are not the internationally renowned group that Sziget France originally claimed. Not a chance they’d be revealing a massive band this late on a Saturday night.

    My guesses were Justice, Madeon, C2C, and Pheonix
    I’m pretty well versed when it comes to music of most genres and I have never heard of Chinese Man, neither have any of my francophone friends from Montreal. But hey, like I said, probably not a legitimately international name anyways. It could be anyone’s guess at this point, I think Sziget is seriously running out of options and is looking for ways to try to be creative… But they’re failing at that too!

  54. If it not rock name it will be embarassing. Too much dj’s and pop acts.

  55. honestly, at this point i’d take C!NCC! as a band that is “known world wide” simply because i’ve heard of them and know a couple of their tunes… i feel that despite the hype build up whoever actually gets announced will be someone I have never heard of.

  56. also @Captain_Chunk, i was only into rock/metal/harder stuff for the first 20 years of my life. i can pretty much guarantee that Nero, Knife Party, and Gramatik would all absolutely blow you away. but I know what you mean, more rock / metal would be nice. would absolutely love it if August Burns Red or A Sight for Sewn Eyes got the nod somehow.

  57. CNCC would be great!
    What do you think about rock/metal/hardcore stage this year? It’s possible?
    Or maybe we will see more rock acts on Main Stage.

  58. main stage has only a maximum of 10 names remaining. however, by the looks of the current state of the lineup, i think that there is a possibility that these will be bigger names, and a couple will be rock oriented. also the option that they could continue the electronic movement… you must keep in mind that last year sziget had 3 of the biggest names in electronic music close out the main stage (skrillex, deadmau5, calvin harris), and last year was also the most successful year they’ve ever had. one would think they would aim for a similar lineup / closing dj arrangement, which means at least a couple of the remaining slots could be for djs (avicii is already closing out the friday after kasabian i believe)

    seen lots of negative feedback about the lack of rock/metal, though, so who knows. i think that sziget has booked some excellent rock in the gaslight anthem, beatsteaks, foals, maccabees, kasabian, ect., but others seem to disagree. a simple case of wanting what we don’t have instead of appreciating what’s already there. grass is always greener, especially when you have festivals like frequency whose lineup looks absolutely mental compared to szigets (having the lineup all nicely fitted onto one flyer definitely helps frequency’s case.. this is something sziget has yet to do). I would love to see brand new make an appearance, but other than that i’m not too bothered. i’d say the likelihood of a dedicated rock/metal/hardcore stage is extremely slim, but there is still hope for rock bands.

    but i have no idea. i’m just rambling because i’m nervous / excited. i’ve never been to sziget but have been to some of the world’s biggest and best festivals, and I can say for certain that sziget’s method for releasing the lineup seems to be the worst.. with the potential to blow people’s minds if they actually have had something up their sleeve this entire time. i’d assume that everyone would swiftly shut their mouths if sziget was suddenly like “we’re releasing one headliner every day this week”, or “we’re releasing 25 new bands on thursday”. there is still hope, and tickets just went up, so their goal is to boost sales. however, that hope is dwindling very quickly with every passing day in my mind!

  59. There’s some great bands on tour in Europe during Sziget that aren’t headliners too, Caribou and War on Drugs in particular.

  60. I could name endless good acts that are in Europe for Sziget, those two included. However, I sort of see Sziget as a festival that consistently touts the “Sziget vibe” as a selling point, and yet only books the most popular bands out there. When they can’t book the biggest headliners and most popular acts possible (as is the case right now), they simply give up so to speak. It literally seems like the organizers are saying “well, because we can’t have the same headliners that frequency and pukkelpop have, we’re giving up”… at least that’s what the press conference emulated.

    I say rather than go after solely big pop acts and big name headliners, take a few risks. The lineup isn’t going to get worse… it can only go up from here. They SHOULD be booking amazing acts–albeit less popular–like caribou and war on drugs, but i legitimately think that their thought process is “they won’t sell tickets so let’s keep trying to book ticket-selling headliners that aren’t actually available”. Last I saw, though, Lenny Kravitz, Kings of Leon, Muse, ect. are all “available” per se, but I guess have all turned Sziget down.

  61. so just going off of what has been said so far in this thread, M83 dropped new music today. coincidence?

  62. I thought the party ended. It’s strange they didn’t even announce the winner of their band contest

  63. Looks like the only Sziget page that really works this year is Sziget Italia. Or at least it’s the most complete. When they say something they do something. They don’t hide themselves. Don’t really know what’s happening to Sziget Official, Sziget France and others.

  64. No words for the organization this year.
    Not only Sziget is making a “not-that-good” cast of musician (considering the fact that they are “the best European festival” and stuff), also they are making us fool with those scoops that seems to be even not real.

    I begin to think that this festival this year will be just a joke, and the thing that make me sick and sad is that I already bought the ticket.

  65. I think Sziget has some problems. It’s been maybe .,a month?.. since the last announcement. It’s hard to believe the artists ain’t already booked. Maybe some of them that they wanted to announce couldn’t play anymore. I don’t know, there should be an explanation.
    When were the last confirmations last year?

  66. world-famous francophone artist – – > world-famous French band – – > maybe not so famous French band – – > no band at all.

  67. @Supersonic d
    except for the band of the World Stage and those new mostly-hungarian announcement (Irie Maffia, Punnany Massif, the bands in the Petofi Stage), the last “serious” announce was 22 of april (Avicii, Limp Bizkit, Soja, Gaslight Anthem…).

    lol, I’m very upset too for this behaviour…

  68. Last year at this point we had QOTSA, Skrilex, Outkast, Blink-182, Calvin Harris, Placebo, deadmau5, Macklemore and The Prodigy announced. The only unknown headliner were Korn. But ok, last year there were a lot of bands touring Europe in August and this year is not the same, but we’re in May and we only have 38% of the program out, 10 free slots on the Main Stage, Party Arena at half and few names for Colosseum (very good tbh, best stage so far according to his audience). What the hell is wrong?

    As someone said before Caribou is touring and The War On Drugs as well. We can also add Major Lazer, The Libertines, Tame Impala (only for the week end), Kendrick Lamar, The Chemical Brothers (only for day zero), Paolo Nutini, Hot Chip, Django Django, Franz Ferdinand & Sparks, Four Tet, Rudimental, Underworld. I don’t even like some of these names but they are names! What the hell is going on with Sziget this year??

  69. 17 hours ago sziget festival official facebook again posted New names coming up soon! So monday/thusday?
    When sziget said soon in the past they always announced something within a week.

  70. Really sorry guys I’m as disappointed as you! I think we can expect new names next week!

  71. @bender- this is the problem. If Sziget booked Four Tet, Caribou, War On Drugs, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar and Hot Chip it would the best line up in Europe for me. Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening. The last three of those are in LA the weekend before Sziget and are probably hanging around there for a couple of days!

  72. saturday or sunday needs Tame Impala, and they can be in europe by then. In the same way kendrick could be the saturday headliner if there’s no kanye. From what they’re posting on facebook I think it’s clear we’ll have an announcement this week. If it’s kings of leon, another worthy headliner and some good undercard like tame impala the lineup will be very competitive in my opinion (even if there’s few rock headliners).

  73. If we’re talking hip hop, i’d prefer Run the jewels instead of kendrick lamar. They are playing Way out west in sziget’s week.

  74. @eddie. What?
    Btw. Sziget france will announce soon the artist. They say its a group

  75. Sziget France is playing a “guessing game” on their Twitter account right now. I honestly think it has to be Pheonix or Justice IF it’s actually a big international group. At the same time it could just be someone small and all this suspense is for nothing.

  76. @thetrootroo. I guess we’ll end up with a name just a few people know. And i think 80% – a dj

  77. @Supersonic’d: Agreed. I don’t discriminate against djs and electronic music like a lot of people in these forums, but I still think a legitimately international rock band for the main stage is needed. Still, doubt that Sziget would announce a big group through any account but their own official account.

    Another thing to consider… we could also get C2C or Birdy Nam Nam. Both are a group of 4 djs (Sziget France twitter said it was “a group” and posted four male emoticons beside it). Both names have been thrown around the Facebook and Twitter. I know this would piss a lot of people off but C2C would be my first choice of any French group, and they could even put on a kick ass opening night show after Florence (if Chemicals aren’t making it out this year).

    So, my hope is C2C, Justice, or Phoenix, but like you said who the hell knows at this point.

  78. @thetrootroo: andddd i think it is justice. someone guessed on the facebook and the account responded with “Good god! BFM dropped the info”. not sure if this was lost in translation as i’m an anglophone, but it looks pretty clear to me! justice is an extremely welcome addition and will make a great closing act on the main stage for one of the nights 🙂

  79. I couldn’t work out if that meant it was Justice either. I’d definitely take Justice, could be a lot worse

  80. @Eddie: i saw justice last summer at a canadian festival and they were absolutely mental. this is coming from someone who wasn’t a huge fan of the Cross album… their live show is spectacular though. seriously crossing my fingers for justice, as it will be a pleasant surprise that the artist is actually an international success! i was legitimately expecting some nobody.

  81. It won’t be Justice. They said it’s a group of 4 guys.
    The Community Manager is trolling the guy who thinks it’s Justice …

    Moreover the CM just said us on Twitter that they won’t announce the new name today because … It’s Sunday :’)

  82. I liked Cross a lot and saw them around that time in the tent at Werchter and they were amazing. Saw them again on the Main Stage at Werchter after the second album (which wasn’t as good) and they were still decent and I’d definitely watch them again.

  83. @LangousteAuPistou: maybe you are right.

    sorry, i guess i didn’t expect one of the biggest festivals on the planet to troll their customers. but hey, after the last couple of months i should get rid of all my preconceived notions about sziget. if they really are trolling, then what a joke of a festival!

  84. if they keep doing that they will soon play the new game: “guess who’s reselling their tickets”

  85. it was literally just said on the french twitter “sunday is a day of rest, but not for the CM”, so as to suggest that the CM is active… either meaning he’s going around trolling people or that they are going to release something later tonight.

    i’d go with the former. i picked a terrible year to start coming to sziget, damn.

  86. In more recent tweet sziget said that they won’t share the info today. Recovers from emotions of yesterday final(at least that’s the translation)…
    I’m dissapointed..

  87. Someone asked – on Twitter – if the announcement would be today, this was the reaction:

    @TajineDePoulet pas aujourd’hui ! On se remet des émotions d’hier soir avec cette belle finale du Tremplin Sziget ! #ladevinettedusziget

    Translation: @TajineDePoulet not today! It recovers from the emotions of yesterday evening with this lovely Sziget springboard finals! #ladevinettedusziget [Google translate]

    So no names for today, only trolling ):

  88. They won’t even confirm that we are getting new names this week. I conclude that Sziget has nothing planned, and are desperately scrambling to generate hype around the *possibility* of a good lineup.

    So sad. I had so much hope!

  89. @Kylain:

    yep, will be selling / not using my ticket. extremely thankful i waited to book my flight… definitely not worth 18 hours on a plane from canada for a festival that is acting like it is in its inaugural year!

  90. @Thisisnotatest Have to aggree with you. Still planning on going tho, even after the trolling. But the way they’re trying to work around the announcements is just sad :\

  91. and the even sadder part is that despite my displeasure, i’ll probably go too (flight or no flight… i can’t say no to a week festival with 8 of my best friends, assuming they all want to go still).

    it’s just a shame that we as customers have no real influence when it comes to these things. if we could all band together and boycott the festival for a year (even 20% of us), these kinds of things would never happen again, guaranteed. just a blatant lack of respect for customers on sziget’s end. let’s hope they redeem themselves with some names this week.

  92. Oooooh every year is the same blah blah blah. Bad festival, bad line up, bad whatever. Pathetic! and guy from Canada who never been to Sziget with idea of boycott – cherry on top of the cake!

  93. @Ambassadeur85: I meant festivals in general, not just Sziget. It seems to be commonplace that festivals often forget who keeps them running: the customers. I thought Sziget was above that, which is part of the reason I decided to go… to escape the “average festival experience”. I’ve had my eye on Sziget since 2011. I was told Sziget was different from any other festival on earth. But purposely trolling customers? Making promises they don’t keep? That equates them with every other major festival I’ve been to with a blatant disregard for their customers.

    I’m not here to argue semantics with you, but I firmly believe that if you aren’t at least a bit bothered by this type of behaviour on the part of “Europe’s Best Major Festival”, then you are part of the problem. It’s not about the lineup, it’s not about the festival being “bad”, it’s about respecting the people who keep the festival going, which happens to be all of us. If my lawyer started trolling me, I’d fire him. If my accountant started breaking promises consistently, I’d fire him. When the festival I want to attend starts f***** up announcements and creating unwarranted suspense, I’ll decided not to go. Simple as that my friend.

    That being said, I’ve already said I’m still gonna go. I do not intend to put down the festival as a whole; I’m sure it’s even better than I can imagine. The boycott comment is the truth, though. If more people took matters into their own hands and did what they could to make this discontent heard by the organizers, we’d never see a Sziget like this year or like 2013 again.

  94. @thisisnotatest- you should check out Bestival. They have an incredible amount of conversation with their fans. They’re really leading the way. It’s just a pity I can’t ever go because of work commitments

  95. also, i’ve been to glasto, leeds, lolla, pukkelpop, and coachella (just to name a few) so please don’t reference my nationality in order to suggest that i don’t know what i’m talking about. canadians can be worldly and have opinions too. we actually do leave canada occasionally! imagine that!

  96. @Eddie: first international edition of Bestival ever happens to be in Toronto this year. i’ve already purchased my tickets. i’m sure it won’t quite stack up to the real thing in the u.k., but i’m very excited! and you’re right, rob da bank and his crew are great with their customers and everyone i’ve talked to has noticed that.

  97. I’ve been to ATP, Benicassim, Coachella, DGTL, Glastonbury, Hurricane, Leeds, Parklife, Werchter, Sonisphere, Sziget and Wireless and Sziget has BY FAR the worst policy for announcing the acts they’ve booked. It’s better than the other in many ways, but it’s such a pity that every year first-time attendees go to the festival with a negative attitude because of how they feel like they’ve been messed around in the build up.

  98. Ehm… I think it would be wrong to consider Sziget France like Sziget Official.
    The fact that only sziget france talked about this event and this announcement makes me think that this account and his admin and his staff are a little bit independent regarding this specific thing.

    eg: an italian guy asked Sziget Italia about this french announcement and they just answered something like “you should ask sziget france my friend”… Not trying to hype, not even very interested :).

    So I just think this behavior is something (obviously wrong, the game has gone too far, not so enjoyable) regarding just sziget france. Anyway, take it easy, I think it’s something to laugh at 🙂

    I can’t see other things that can make you boycott or hate the festival, they have always been very adequate and honest with the fans, even admitting when they were struggling to find acts because of the new super powers in world festival industry. I think that’s why people always love this festival nevermind what the lineup is. Because it’s very human, well organized, happy and friendly

  99. It’s really bad that they didn’t keep their promise but it’s the first time Sziget does something like that. Also, for the trolling, there’s an explanation. Someone posted a photoshoped picture in which “BFM” TV journalist appears with the title “A new french group at Sziget”. So when someone proposed Justice they just joked “Oh God, BFM dropped the info”. No big deal. They also said that they could be 2,3,4,5,6…

  100. ‘even admitting when they were struggling to find acts because of the new super powers in world festival industry.’

    I think the frustration for a lot of people on here is that despite saying this, they haven’t even told people which acts they have actually managed to book. If you look at the likes of Leeds/Reading, Bestival, Lowlands, Frequency, Pukkelpop etc. that are all AFTER Sziget and yet have already announced their headliners and the vast majority of their line up, the assumption is that Sziget have booked pretty much everyone too. Rather than telling people who they’ve booked, they’re making excuses about a line up that isn’t actually a million miles away from being pretty good.

    Just tell people who’s playing so that people who like the bands who are on can buy a ticket and people who don’t can go elsewhere. Flight prices, accommodation prices etc etc. go up and fans end up paying more than they would have.

  101. @bobo, @Eddie: I agree. I meant just generally, Sziget has not met my expectations in terms of transparency and communication, ect.

    And as I’ve already said, I think the festival itself will blow all other festivals out of the water. I’ve heard amazing things about the general atmosphere, the freedom, and the lack of restraint associated with the festival. As Eddie articulated, though, I’m a bit bitter with the way everything has been handled thus far as a first-timer. Even the official Sziget facebook page has posted that “day -1 is robbie, day 0 is florence, and we have not said anything about the other days”, clearly hinting that they have a headliner planned for the remaining 5 days. And we all know this to be untrue now. It is these little dishonest moments that make me lose respect for a festival. But that being said, I think Sziget has a lot more to offer than other festivals, and are also more transparent than most festivals with their customers. I just expected more is all!

  102. @Eddie: exactly! my flight is going up every single day and i’m still not 100% sold on sziget. they are making it seem like they have some more up their sleeve, but is it just a marketing gimmick? have they booked more headliners? there is no actual explicit communication about these issues, and that makes people like me coming all the way from canada to experience sziget less likely to be pleased with the organization of the festival.

  103. @thisisnotatest : “day -1 is robbie, day 0 is florence, and we have not said anything about the other days”
    i think that the real meaning of that post was “on day -1 and 0 we have this two headliners, wait and see how the other acts and days are organized”. Because everybody knew that if a dj like avicii is on the lineup he will close the day he plays, so there was already another 100% sure headliner, no need to pretend there’s only two headliner on the lineup. And even kasabian could have been headliners without any problem.

  104. Our flight prices definitely went up. Me and my wife have been before so we bought tickets around Christmas, but our friends who hadn’t been before didn’t commit until much more had been announced. The flights pretty much doubled in price so now we’re travelling home via Berlin.

    It’s actually worked in my favour because I wanted to go to Berlin anyway, but financially it’s not as kind!

  105. @bobo: it could very well be, but why not come out and say that? why make it ambiguous?

    for example, pukkelpop have pretty much explicitly stated they have another name remaining for their saturday headliner slot. they’ve told the customers that, so people who are down to take a risk will buy it, and people who aren’t will wait to buy. lollapalooza berlin has said that on june 1st they will announce their last headliner.

    conversely, with sziget i have literally zero idea what is remaining announcement-wise. it could be absolutely no more big names, it could be a bunch more big names. there could be some decent undercard names, but maybe not. they haven’t even announced all of the stages/venues yet. there is speculation that they’re going to put in another metal/rock stage because approx 60% of the lineup remains to be announced and the A38 tent is 99% full.

    there is simply too many questions and not enough answers for my taste. as Eddie said, sziget has the worst announcement routine, so maybe i should have expected this. it’s still a bit irritating though. maybe they will redeem themselves this week, though.

  106. @bobo- I don’t think people even expect a top class headliner every day. It’s a 5 (+ 2) day festival.

    Positively- Obviously -1 and 0 have decent sized headliners and Kasabian/Avicii is obviously strong even though they wouldn’t be my choice. Ellie Goulding headlining a day with Foals subbing and Interpol headlining a tent isn’t a problem, and it could get better with an electronic act on after her.

    Negatively- there are three days where it just doesn’t stack up. Alt-J headlining? If the other two days were strong, I’d deal with it. Saturday???? What’s even going on there? Sunday- are they really going to have an 18-year old DJ with one hit subbed by an out-of-date band from an out-of-date genre who weren’t even a headline band back when they were relevant?

    Those negatives might be dealt with, and dealt with well. However; there are three days, 60% of the main part of the festival, where there are more questions than answers about what’s happening on the MAIN stage.

    The tents all look fine and the Colosseum looks great this year (Dettmann, Mayer AND Dixon at the same festival!!!) so it’s a pity that people are just talking about the big names missing.

  107. ok, I think you’re right from different points of view, but I really don’t have all of this problems because I go just for the festival and just to have fun, it’s like a trip to budapest for me, but funnier 🙂
    Anyway I can understand people very interested in the lineup, everybody his lookin for something different 🙂

  108. @Eddie: you’re right.. the undercard is actually very good, and considering there’s still 60% TBA, i think Sziget may have the best and more diverse undercard in all of Europe if even a couple more great acts get announced. Even as it is, it’s very very good, and there’s lots to explore and see.

    But you’re right about the main stage. That is realistically what the majority of people are spending money to see, and it’s a mess on the majority of festival days (days 1-5). Only time will tell if Sziget has a strategy for this, or if they’re panicking. There is still the slight chance that they’re purposely held back names to sell higher priced tickets, which is understandable, but if that’s the case at least release some of the undercard in the meantime to tide people over.

  109. About saturday.. We only have 1 name for the main stage so far. Let’s hope for something good, decent at least

  110. Pfffff small remark: lineup can be announced only by Sziget official. All other profiles made by people who doesn’t know anything (most of time). People just need to relax. If you’ve booked everything already, wait for new names and after festival decide to go next time or not. That was my opinion 😉

  111. I think you’ve bought the percentage ticker on the website hook, line and sinker. There’s not much of the major undercard left. Remembering that they haven’t announced the Blues stage, the Irish Pub stage, the Hungarian music stage (assuming they have all these still?) and any other stages they might have (will the cover band stage count? I imagine so), I reckon the main part of the line up is at at least 70% capacity, probably 80+.

    If you look on this site for Wed-Sun…
    … they’ve already done the splits, and added other bands they’re aware of. I reckon you’re looking at one act on the Colosseum Sunday, up to four DJs on the Telekom Arena (and from the looks of that line up currently, it’ll probably not be overly exciting ones), two acts in the A38 (the Thursday looks bigger because they’ve got a Hospitality showcase on) and seven main stage bands (we already know there’s a Hungarian band on the main stage who haven’t been given a day split). So room for fourteen acts in total on the main stages.

    Of those seven main stage bands, they need an opening act on the Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and probably Saturday too. That leaves room for three or four bands that range from biggish to headliners.

    That may be a pessimistic view, but I’ve been before and it followed a similar pattern!

  112. Well after all the fuss about the French names I think it’s good to look at some more realistic names.

    Ben Howard would be an ok name that would fit with the current lineup. He is touring in August and has no dates during sziget, so he could just catch a charter flight from the UK 😉

  113. @Eddie: I did buy the percentage ticker for what it was. Probably a case of me not having gone before. I can’t see those 3-4 smaller stages taking up 50% of the entire lineup, though. But then again, I have no experience to draw from.

    I was hoping for a few more big names in the arena, as it looks like it’s lacking compared to the last time it was part of the festival. I’ll be spending a good amount of time in the A38, so the main stage isn’t a huge deal for me (although I’m still anxiously waiting to see if they’ll announce any more solid headliners). Everyone has said that there is 3-4 djs every night in the A38 and I see no where near that many in total, so maybe a few more bigger electronic / live electronic acts there?

    Anyways, it’s all wishful thinking at this point. Hopefully we have a better idea of the final program by the end of this week.

  114. 4 guys band from France it’s a Chunk!No,Captain Chunk!. Dates are completely close to Sziget.

  115. @thisisnotatest I agree with you for the A-38. I can’t see them not booking Kygo- he’s both good and mainstream. Same for Flume, excellent artist
    (but nothing yet planned for august). Same for Madeon…
    These 3 + a great headliner for saturday (and wednesday) and I’ll be perfectly happy.

  116. @Noeliam @thisisnotatest: that’s pretty much what I think is remaining:

    – DJs and electronic acts for the A38 closing slots (Beetroots, Deniz Koyu, Thomas Gold, R3hab, Madeon (cancelled), Kavinsky, Axwell, Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand, Borgore, and Black Sun Empire all played the A38 last year). Even though I know we won’t have as much electronic music in the A38 now that the Arena is back, I think there are still a couple of big electronic names TBA.

    – Some big bands for the main stage (with at least a headliner or two)

    – Possibly a rock stage of some sort… they keep mentioning that they have more venues to be announced, so I could see them pulling a new stage out at this point to cater to rock fans. If this happens, then we’ll get a couple good rock / metal names to go with it.

    And yes @john doe, hints would be amazing! Even a confirmation that we’ll get some names this week would be swell.

  117. Although i’d like to, i don’t think we’ll have a rock/metal stage. They already added the Telekom Arena..

  118. &john doe

    any news on that FF show in Budapest you’ve mentioned a while ago? is it still on? thanks!

  119. In other news, they said in the press conference that they will move the main stage (the area for the crowd will be bigger).

  120. I liked how close the a38 tent and main stage were. When I wanted to catch some of both bands last year. However the crowd did get pretty busy at times.

    I know I’m going to have a good time whoever plays, I’m just going to wear more comfortable footwear this year!

  121. ????

    Sziget France keeps teasing. If they don’t release names this week after all that…

  122. Sorry for the “????” they are meant to be emojis or signs or whatever. Check Sziget France FB page if you want the follow-up.

  123. As a reaction on their own Facebook post;
    Sziget France; Pour vous rassurer, l’annonce aura lieu aujourd’hui ! smile-emoticon

    What means the announcemeant will be today if I`m right.

  124. Okay! “Sziget France Pour vous rassurer, l’annonce aura lieu aujourd’hui !”

    which literally means “Don’t worry the announcement is happening today.”

  125. Sziget France said they’ll announce today… Nothing from the other accounts… Everything so strange

  126. If there is really a name, i bet they’ll announce it at 23:59:59 (still today)

  127. @Captain_Chunk: I think it will be a one group announcement, with more to follow from Sziget Official later in the week (my guess is tomorrow or Thursday). Really hoping the official announcement this week will be a block of 15-20 names and will pretty much finalize the main part of the music lineup.

  128. Nakadia (TH) self-confirmed, probably in the Collosseum according to Fesztiválok Városa. They say that it’s a sign that the announcement isn’t far.

  129. DHOAD Gypsies From Rajasthan Excited To Play on Sziget Festival Budhapest on 16 Aug 2015 :- another self confirmation in the posts on the FB page Sziget France…

  130. I think C2C is ok. It could’ve been worse.
    Now let’s wait for the big announcement this week.

  131. It’s definitely-most probably 😀 this week then!

    I’ll give them a listen but the feedback seems positive. In the Party Arena?

  132. @Captain_Chunk are you sure,you know them? They aren’t a ‘classic band’…maybe you’re confused

  133. C2C brings the groove. great announcement. they’ll be main stage or A38, I think too popular/not energetic enough for party arena.

  134. Not enough popular to close the main stage that’s for sure. They have to play at night so maybe the A-38 yeah.
    And they actually mix apparently haha! For a change!

  135. Noeliam- The Colosseum acts all mix. Dixon is the best DJ in the business.

    C2C sound pretty good. Their biggest hit, which I knew without knowing it was them, has 30 million Spotify plays. Sounds big enough to close the Main.

    I bet they play Day 0 now haha

  136. yep. I bet they’ll play the opening party, the slot everyone hoped the chemicals would take

  137. @Eddie thanks I’ll definitely catch Dixon’s set then!

    I’d love Florence during the sunset so any opening party would do good for me 😉

  138. “Save these dates in your calendar!
    15th August Paloma Faith & 16th August SIGMA live ?#?sziget2015?! New names coming up soon!”

    Sziget Festival Official (FB page).
    Did they ever had guests appearing on other artists concerts?

  139. Oh they’ve shared “Changing (Sigma ft. Paloma Faith)” along with the message (more clear).

  140. @noeliam

    In truth, the Colosseum line up is a big of a revelation for people in to underground house and techno.

    Dixon is my favourite DJ and Resident Advisor fans voted him Number 1 DJ last year. His label is my favourite music label too. They don’t release loads of music (maybe a release a month max) and pretty much every EP has something great on it. He headlines house stages/festivals all over Europe. Here is a playlist of tracks on his label/tracks he’s remixed etc.

    Michael Mayer- Kompakt label founder. Anyone who knows anything about German electronic music owns something from Kompakt.

    Marcel Dettmann- Berghain resident, which if you hadn’t heard of it is basically the most notorious nightclub on the planet. Probably the most famous underground techno DJ on the planet right now.

    Function- Also a Berghain resident.

    Vitalic- unlike the rest in that he’s had mainstream success, but his first album OK Cowboy was a classic (the best track on there, La Rock 01, has been in the 2manydjs set for 10 years now and they’ve played it every time I’ve seen them).

    Ellen Allien- not as critically acclaimed as those above, but an extremely popular DJ who’s played at a lot of big clubs. She did a creative collab album with Apparat a few years ago.

    Damian Lazarus- Crosstown Rebel label boss. Big in house circles.

    Gui Boratto- I’ve never seen but he’s pretty hyped as far as I’m away.

  141. C2C opening party? C’mon, let’s be serious! If not Chemical Brothers Major Lazer will do the opening party. Or someone bigger like Paul Kalkbrenner, maybe. C2C will play 23.30 in the A38 or 19.30 Party Arena for sure.

  142. I think it’s a good thing that sziget official facebook didn’t post anything about C2C yet. They are not on the website too. Makes me think that they would list them tomorrow morning with the bigger announcement with more names.

  143. I think the fact I’m North American has skewed my view of C2C a bit. To me, they truly are a world renowned international act. Maybe it’s not the same over in Europe. Even 20syl, one of their members, is a big deal over here. He could have a high slot at electronic festivals by himself. C2C has had radio play consistently over the last couple of years over here (although it’s only one song: Down The Road). Even so, they pump out good tunes that are uniquely their own. The Stevie Wonder they posted recently is awesome.

    Anyways, maybe not a main stager but I think they definitely deserve a look from anyone who’s even slightly interested in electronic music. I would watch them perform over even The Chemical Brothers, but that may change with the Chemical’s new album! In any event, C2C is a quality name and a quality live act that has bettered the lineup for me. It’s also given me hope that there is still more to come if they’ve been holding back a name like C2C. Also interesting to note that C2C hasn’t been announced for any of the festivals that Sziget commonly shares acts with (Frequency, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, ect.), despite being around Europe at that time. Things could definitely quickly rebound during the next week! As Sziget France ambitiously stated, 3 months is a long time and things can start moving very quickly line-up wise.

  144. @Finge: did you see somewhere that they will announce tomorrow morning? or just assuming they might? i know tuesday and thursday are their days of choice for announcements.

  145. The full program for the Britisch Knights Europe Stage:

    Monday 10 and tuesday 11:
    Winners of the Sziget Talent Europe contest.

    Wednesday 12:
    13.00-13.45 Eyesburn (SRB)
    14.15-15.00 Erotic Market (F)
    15.30-16.30 L’aupaire (D)
    17.00-17.45 Après la Classe (I)
    18.15-19.00 June (MKD)

    Thursday 13:
    13.00-13.45 The Dumplings (PL)
    14.15-15.00 22-Piste pirkko (FIN)
    15.30-16.30 theAngelcy (ISR)
    17.00-17.45 Wailing Trees (F)
    18.15-19.00 Mydy Rabycad (CZ)

    Friday 14:
    13.00-13.45 Frequency (SK)
    14.15-15.00 lohaus (B)
    15.30-16.30 Lo Stato Sociale (I)
    17.00-17.45 Naadia (RUS)
    18.15-19.00 Wattican Punk Ballet (ARM)

    Saturday 15:
    13.00-13.45 MÖWE (A)
    14.15-15.00 Fast Animals and Slow Kids (I)
    15.30-16.30 Splendid (NL)
    17.00-17.45 My Baby (NL)
    18.15-19.00 Haydamaky (UKR)

    Sunday 16:
    13.00-13.45 TBA
    14.15-15.00 TBA
    15.30-16.30 TBA
    17.00-17.45 Delafé y Las Flores Azules (E)
    18.15-19.00 Always Drinking Marching Band (E)

  146. +1 for MÖWE, -1 for Dreher beer 🙁
    And if you like rock i suggest to stay after MÖWE and enjoy Fast Animals and Slow Kids, I’ve seen them live here in Italy and I can totally recommend them!

  147. If Alesso plays the Arena it’s very unlikely that C2C will play on the main. Their set is certainly spectacular but main stage is for more mainstream/well know artists I suppose

  148. Most a bands is good for Dreher and spend time on the sunshine, but how about mosh-pit bands? Nothing(

  149. Will be Thursday then surely…John to make an appearance for tomorrow night then ????

  150. yes start sucking his dick, maybe 4 more of you, and he will magically appear and make all your wishes come true

  151. @mr. johnes: the whole “5 people saying john doe” thing didn’t work last time, but i guess adding some fellatio into the mix couldn’t hurt our chances, right?

  152. Sziget Official just said that they’ll be revealing names for British Knights Europe Stage and Hungarian acts for Telekom VOLT Festival Stage… does this mean we won’t see any bigger names this week for the main stages (Main, A38, Arena, Colosseum, ect.)?

    Again, they’ve posted 3 or 4 times saying “new names coming up soon!” to generate hype, and it looks like it’s going to be a disappointment again. Really too bad.

  153. @Noeliam: what are your thoughts on this? do you think we’ll get bigger names along with the names for the smaller stages? do they normally make a big deal out of releasing the line up for the smaller stages?

  154. Well, British Knights Europe Stage names were alredy out via Sziget Holland i think, and Volt Festival Stage is just for Hungarian acts if I’m right…so it seems like we won’t have any news once more

  155. I think that it’s gonna be next week then. They would have made a big deal of it if they were announcing it this week.
    Maybe with the Europe Stage announcement they’ll say “new names next week”.

    But we can still have them, we never know with Sziget…

  156. They’re handling this so poorly. If you don’t have names then tell us. So ridiculous!

  157. You know what’s the biggest joke of it? When they’re announcing the smaller names they’re doing it via other Sziget sites and not putting it on the main website programme. This means the main website program is at 38.3% when we know about 80% of the line up now. It’s a total swizz aimed at conning people in to buying tickets thinking there’s going to be over double the big name acts TBA.

    Only people who come on this site or have been before actually know the truth about what else we’re likely to get.

  158. @Pierre RE: MÖWE- last year the Europe stage randomly announced Siriusmo who is quality. He also played really low. Weird selection policy!

  159. When they don’t announce any mainstage names this week the ‘new names soon’ has become quite meaningless. When they said soon in the past they always had an announcement within a week.

  160. When they have a big announcement they usually post a photo with the sziget logo and everything. I hope you know what i mean.

  161. MÖWE – Birds Flying High. This video Sziget posted today. Look at the name of the song, maybe it’s a hint for Noel Gallagher?

  162. Chunk- I’d be up for Noel as long as he was either one of three headliners TBA or not a headliner at all. Otherwise, it’s a fairly weak choice (even though I’d actually much prefer him to Kanye or Kings of Leon). I’ve thought for a while he may be possible as he is touring.

  163. Firstly Mr Johnes now looks like a right dick thanks to his ridiculous comment- this hole forum is just conjecture and a laugh. Chillout or f*** off! Secondly I have to agree, it seems such a weird coincidence that it is surely a hint.

  164. it’s not a hint, i’ve told you right and clear what you have to do to get the names 😉

  165. I think one of new headliners will be Strokes. Pretty exclusive band in this summer, i think Sziget try to book it for make line-up more different and attractive.

  166. Last year Siriusmo was playing on Europe Stage??? OMG I didn’t see his name! I think I need to check this year’s Europe Stage’s lineup again and with more concentration 🙁

  167. I was told the stages have different bookers trying to get the best program for their stage. I think it is right. It is reason A38 has better acts than Main Stage: better booker. John Doe, is it right?

  168. Sziget IT posted the same MOWE video and someone asked if it was a hint for Noel Gallagher. They deleted it right after. LOL

  169. Ok, they didn’t deleted it, was just posted on another Sziget Page. No LOL then, sorry

  170. What do you mean? It’s a stage for Hungarian bands only, not much interesting for me

  171. I don’t expect anything big for a38, mostly just hungarian bands

    If they can’t find enough act for the main stage, they will add some hungarian bands too to fill the spots (like punnany massif, the worst hungarian band ever 🙁 )

  172. I think they should manage to book some decent name, as they have 27 slots between main and A38 (26 if they put C2C in the tent like they deserve). Maybe not all but 5-6 name shouldn’t be impossible with their budget

  173. Paul Kalkbrenner is playing in Italy on august 9th!! SO maybe he will be in the next announcement…. Finger crossed!!

  174. @Palinka

    Yeah we don’t have enough crappy DJ’s ruining the mainstage let’s have more!!!

  175. @jumbojack. Are you getting your number of TBA A38 acts from the gaps on their site? There’s a Hospitality showcase one night which is more acts than the other nights.

  176. @Art Paul Kalbrenner is nothing like any of the mainstream DJs you hate. He’s a proper underground DJ who made it big. You might hate him too, but he’s not some crappy mainstream ‘DJ’ who spends most of his time crowdsurfing

  177. @Eddie the link I posted says that, it’s written in red on top, so it seems like every night will have same number of artists, don’t know about Hospitality showcase

  178. Anyway it’s ridiculous that we have to look at 10 different pages to get infos about the lineup while the official page says’s completely useless

  179. I wonder what they know, because in the past its always been about the same amount as it is at the moment in the A38

  180. Yes, but this year A38 should be a bigger stage, so maybe there will be more acts too 😉

  181. Yeah, so I don’t think you’re right on the A38. High Contrast, Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, Fred V & Grafix and MC Dynamite will all play b2b and will take up about as much time as two acts. I reckon there’s max 2 acts TBA on A38, though I may be wrong!

    The Colosseum will be filled with smaller acts I imagine. It’s possible that it may have one big name TBA on the Sunday, but it might not. The Sunday had smaller acts last year.

    The main stage might have two on the pre-days and then we know one of the others is a Hungarian band. So 7 TBA max during the main fest.

    Where we might get some luck is the Telekom Arena. The Arena tent had a decent line up last time I visited in 2013 (inc. acts as big as Nero and Empire of the Sun), so if it has a full programme this time around we might get some good names (War on Drugs, Caribou, Tame Impala etc. if we’re super lucky). Did they have an Arena tent last year? It’s weird that there’s not been much announced for it.

  182. The main problem is, that the A38 stage is full (a lot of boring acts). (99%), So this nice band- like Tame Impala, War On Drugs won’t come to Sziget…

  183. @JumboJack: So agree with you on that point. I know of no other festival on the planet that is so spread out among different pages on social media.

    Like… is C2C even legit? Sziget France announced but Sziget Official has said nothing, and they are in my opinion in the top 15 of the big acts that have been announced thus far.

    Then we have Sziget Nederland saying new names tomorrow (a Thursday, a day on which Sziget normally announces their main acts), but Sziget official has been swaying in between “New names coming soon!” and “Volt stage and Europe stage coming soon!”… yet Sziget Holland has announced all of the Europe stage.

    So are we just getting Hungarian acts tomorrow? Are we getting legitimate acts? How many are even remaining? No one knows, and there is no way to know. Very poor.

  184. in last annoucment Sziget official said A38 is 99%. So it’s fix.

  185. @rambo joe frickle: can you source this announcement? i have never seen this info come from an official sziget source (not trying to say you’re lying, just genuinely curious).

  186. Sziget IT wrote that more names, stages and news will come in next weekS..

  187. @JumboJack: Now watch their big announcement for tomorrow be C2C. I could see it happening!

  188. @thetrootroo American Authors touring in the US until 14th
    C2C announced tomorrow likely, I just hope it won’t be the only name

  189. @JumboJack: touche, hopefully it’s a couple big names. i’ve never heard of Asaf Avidan and john doe’s decision to post next hint makes me think that is the correct answer. is he any good?

  190. I don’t see Asaf Avidan headlining, he has just one big hit (even if with Garrix for the end show we can expect anything).

    Imho he’s boring, but great voice anyway. Not the headliner I would buy anyway

  191. @thetrootroo: i have a hungarian press realese from sziget official, can i send you?

    “A38 Színpad

    99%-os már az A38 programja. A fellép?k ABC sorrendben: Babylon Circus, Beatsteaks, Cro, Dotan…..”

  192. @john doe: did we get those two correct? Major Lazer and Aka Aka?

    Keep em coming! Please! You are 99% of the reason I check this site

  193. Well you’d assumed Major Laser was correct as they’ve been rumoured since day 1 (or 0 or – 1 ;-))

  194. If AA=Asking Alexandria and TS=The Strokes I do all what @johndoe want right now.

  195. @john doe: only 5? but there is so much of the line up remaining! i’ll take what i can get, though.

  196. Maybe some more elaborated hints(like a phrase) John, not just initials. Please 🙂

  197. @john doe: any new stages being announced? super jealous of the mad decent stage at frequency, although it doesn’t seem to fit sziget’s style.

  198. @john Doe if not The Strokes then it has to be The Script for all the Irish fans 🙂

  199. Lazer or Aka. Not both, john say.
    Major Lazer and The Script looks real. For AA – Asking Alexandria.

  200. Asaf Avidan, Major Lazer, The Strokes. The Script will play at Summer Sonic (Japan) during Sziget.

  201. The Scripts play in Japan on 16th, so they could be available for Sziget (even if i hope for The Strokes)

  202. I think The Strokes and Major Lazer and nailed on… they’ve been speculated a lot recently. So AA is the clue we have remaining… do not think it’s Aka Aka as john doe replied to a comment saying we don’t need more djs with a ” 🙂 “

  203. AA for Asking Alexandria. We don’t have metal/hardcore yet, so…
    And they dates ending by 9 August in Montreal.

  204. C2C, Punnany Massif, The Strokes, Major Laser, AA!?!?!?

    Could be the 5 main stage announcements

  205. bit late to the party, but it feels like i finally got here just in time for everyone to realize it’s not a party at all.

    boring announcement if it’s C2C, The Strokes, Punnany, Avidan, and Major Lazer. Quite pleased with The Strokes, Major Lazer and C2C but we already had huge speculation for two of those and a confirmation for the third.

    How does Sziget justify releasing only 5 names when there is so much of the line-up that has already self-confirmed! And a good chunk of it still remaining? So off the ball it’s almost feeling a big, long, overly complicated joke that they must have a punchline for soon.

  206. Asaf Day 0 is good I guess. I hope C2C play the main festival. Not bothered about Major Lazer. Really want The Strokes confirmed, preferably for Saturday, as that would pretty much sort it for me.

  207. If our guesses are correct this year’s line up is better than last year’s for me. The days will be dull in most cases, but night time is good and The Strokes would give me a headliner to look forward to

  208. @robert. That was 2013. And Biffy Clyro were f**** awesome. I don’t know your taste in music.

  209. @Robert same for me! Let’s hope for Strokes and some other good name more

  210. I asked sziget eire on fb if TS was the script. They replied ‘We may not confirm anything until the announcement comes tomorrow…’ Starting to read into things way too much, Does ….. Mean yes but can’t say? ????

  211. My bad it was 2013… I was there :/ I like biffy clyro really much but as a headliner? In the same year the played @ lowlands at 16:00 same as Werchter last year

  212. Biffy Clyro would improve this line-up a lot right now, haha.

    Not even necessarily my type of music but I find them very enjoyable to listen to and excellent live. But yah, we need some real headliners and The Strokes would do for one… still hoping for more than one though.

  213. @Joe . The should’ve replied: “it’s hard to explain”. Then we’d all be happy. Haha

  214. How can The Script get to Sziget, when they play 15th at Japan and 19th at Austria? It’s impossible. If only they play 13th in Hungary, go to Japan and come back but it’s a strange way.

  215. Biffy were quite good and to be fair headlined Reading that year. Thing is that that year we had Blur, Nick Cave and David Guetta (we’ll forget Mika) too so no one was complaining about headliners (size wise anyway) . It’s just the rest of the line up that was rubbish

  216. @Captain_Chunk Not so strange for a Irish band, they just fly from Dublin to Budapest

  217. @Finge
    Okey, they fly From Dublin to Budapest, after from Bud to Japan and come back to Austria. Really mate?

  218. @Eddie: ironically this year is the opposite for me. i’m not usually worried about headliners at festivals because i’m into deep house, techno, electronica, ect. and will be spending a lot of time at Arena, A38, and Colosseum at Sziget. for those stages, the lineup looks great (would still like a few more “wow” acts, though… Tenaglia in Colosseum playing a marathon would be amazing… he did it last year at B. My Lake).

    However, I really did want a headliner or two I could scratch off my bucket list. Wanted to see Disclosure get announced for closing the main stage and maybe Linkin Park or another bigger nostalgia-inducing band to get announced just to make my ticket feel worth its price. After seeing Deadmau5 and Skrillex play the main stage last year I had high hopes for nightly parties on Sziget’s biggest stage, as well as a wicked undercard in A38. The return of Party Arena was the cherry on top.

    But, so far, Party Arena is bare, A38 looks great, Colesseum has gigantic potential, and main stage is super disappointing on all levels (am admittedly excited for Florence, because I have to admit she’s amazing).

  219. @Captain_Chunk: you’re right. the script will not play i don’t think. it seems like it could potentially happen to us, but for a band on the road that wishes to stay sane, it’s not gonna happen. too much heavy-duty traveling for a short period of time. keep in mind these guys have to play shows and get at least some quality sleep before doing so.

  220. If they can’t find decent names for headlines they should let Florence play 3-4 show LOL

  221. @thisisnotatest Alt-J, Interpol, Kasabian, The Strokes and one TBA is a pretty decent headliner set for me. Could be better, but not too bad. I agree I’d have liked a better electronic headliner, Chems ideally, but C2C sound pretty good from limited plays. Not dissimilar to Avalanches even if they’re not quite as cool.

    I’m also in to electronic music mainly, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the electronic music on offer at night.

    On the other hand, A38 is honestly terrible for me this year. There’s hardly anything I like, particularly in the day. Interpol are a given, SBTRKT, Nero and High Contrast if there aren’t any clashes. I’ve seen all of them before though. The Friday is good for the people I’m with (the rest of the entire week is terrible for them mind). There’s a lot of poppy sounding stuff though and the Saturday and Sunday are rubbish, which is exactly when I needed it to be good!

  222. Sziget Official posted a song titled Uprising from a band playing at Europe stage. Second hint? 😀

    Well, Noel Gallagher, the Stroke and Muse would improve the lineup a lot!

  223. @JumboJack: would probably actually watch there. the last time I saw her she was great, and even incorporated some dance drops and sped-up parts into her usual set. most scoff at this idea but it was actually really cool, unexpected, and energetic, as a headliner should be.

    @Finge: i’m no expert on the subject of traveling, but i was in a touring band for 4 years and that 3 hour flight is really about 7 hours of solid traveling (buses to airport, baggage claim, checking in to hotels,). plus adding Budapest makes them do this twice (checking in and then checking out) for a show that isn’t on their route at all). Maybe they’re big enough for a private charter but if not this all seems unlikely.

    If it was Glasto or Reading, then I could see it happening. But making a stop in Budapest just for Sziget, and taking a route that doesn’t make sense as a result? Doesn’t seem plausible to me.

  224. @JumboJack: you know, i thought the whole Sziget Official posting hints was misguided… but it is sort of weird that all of the sudden they’re posting songs to announce artists on the Europe stage (before they would announce artists in one go and then post videos of individual artists after announcements), and even weirder that both songs posted thus far directly correspond to rumored acts at sziget.

  225. Muse have no gigs booked for august, so it wouldn’t be impossible that Sziget management went all in and droppet all the cash to save this year lineup 😉

  226. @supersonic’d They could just have said ‘ask John Doe’ ???? They Sziget Eire page is the least active of all Szigets page, they just repost. Never comment on anything which makes me think it will be The Script. They could easily headline on the Wednesday which is weak at present or if Ellie Goulding isn’t a headliner then they could close Thursday night, leaving plenty of time to get to Japan by the Sunday. Seem more likely than The Strokes at the moment considering they are playing other European festivals. If there was going to be an Irish act I would have presumed Kodaline or Hozier. They wouldn’t be my 1st choice but always nice to have an act play from your country at a festival. Still have hopes for Linkin Park or The Offspring for pre teen nostalgic reasons, I saw Kanye at Coke Live in Kraków in 2011 and he went on and on, I like his music but just not live. Kendrick is at the top of his game now, I thought Snoop was awful a few years ago.

  227. @eddie. Actually, there some cool bands at a38, beside interpol: the subways, enter shikari, gaslight anthem, milky chance

  228. @Eddie: my musical tastes are pretty all-encompassing, so i’m not necessarily bothered by that. interpol isn’t a headliner to me, though, and i’m not british so i had honestly never given kasabian a listen until recently (from what i understand the majority of their fame comes domestically). they are a GREAT band, though, and i’m excited to see them after giving them a chance. they have some absolutely killer tunes and are great live.

    even so, i really hoped for a mind-blowing electronic act. you have to admit that big electronic acts on main stages late at night are the most spectacular shows (production value, ect.) you can hope to see on a festival’s stage. but yah, i guess when you put it that way, the strokes, kasabian, alt-j (not a headliner for me and terrible live), florence, and one TBA is pretty good IF we get that one TBA. interpol is in A38 eh?

  229. I’m more confused now than when John Doe started hinting. We’re getting The Script or The Strokes (imagine if it’s neither!?), Muse, Noel Gallagher and Kanye all in one announcement

  230. @Eddie: where do you see kanye? i only hope for him because i love to cringe.

  231. Majority think either The Strokes or The Script. I wouldn’t be too shocked if we are all in for a disappointment in the morning. After the whole Q & A damage control Sziget had to do on Facebook 2 years ago when the bumped Mika I can’t believe we are back in a similar situation this year. What do they be thinking when they decide on their organisers and bookers

  232. Interpol headlining A38, which is great for me, particularly if Ellie Goulding or Major Lazer are main stage at the same time. Kasabian are clearly not that big anywhere other than the UK, but are huge here. Their first album is a classic and all their albums since have at least one great tune on them.

    @superson- Milky Chance I hadn’t listened to but I quite liked first listen and will revisit, Gaslight are a one hit wonder for me, just like just about everyone in there to be honest, The Subways are decent but I’ve seen them loads, I hate Enter Shikari.

  233. RE Kanye- drone said he was playing (or as good as) and to trust him. No idea if he’s telling the truth or not

  234. I would put good money on drone just being a fanboy and having absolutely zero knowledge of the lineup

  235. C2C, Asaf A,Major Laser, Panamy and the Script would be horrible- queue uproar.

  236. soooo.. we got three hints total from john doe? AA, TS, ML. am i missing any? and he said there would be approx. 5 acts announced?

    i think major lazer 100%. the other two not sure.

  237. @iiitt’sss Miiiiike: who knows if they’ll even include C2C in this announcement. major lazer, the strokes, asaf a, and two others tba (muse and noel gallagher?) would be a great announcement and would fix this festival. good electronic act for main stage, and a couple excellent headliners, and then asaf a for a space filler.

  238. Asaf A. is self-confirmed. I think the only question would be TS. hope we won’t be dissapointed tomorrow.

  239. I think Muse, Noel or even Kanye is clutching at straws at best. I’d be happy with just The Strokes

  240. Muse, The Strokes and Noel Gallagher or 2 of them change the situation a lot.

  241. @Eddie: whole-heartedly agree. i think tomorrow will be extremely disappointing.

    although i sort of agree with a previous commenter… it’s a bit interesting that the two most recent vids posted by sziget official have both been almost blatant references to Noel and Muse respectively… also strange that they do not usually post songs to announce artists, but rather announce the artists first and post individual tracks after the initial announcement.

    who knows though? aren’t we all clutching at straws at this point?

  242. Ok, in my opinion and assuming what I understood for truth (AA, TS, ML, 2 TBA), my votes go to:
    – AA: Asaf Avidan – Self confirmed and so I assume it’s for sure, even if it disappoints me
    – TS: Can’t be Taylor Swift (tourin in CA), can’t be Tegan and Sara (no touring), I see no other way other than The Scripts or The Strokes – those upset me, the firsts cause they ain’t so “woooooow” (neither headliner, c’mon), the seconds cause I simply hate ’em, but it’s just on me, I guess
    – ML: got no idea other than Major Lazer and Madina Lake, but them aren’t touring, so it remains one. Assuming Major Lazer would play in the opening party, I will be very very very upset. I WANNA CHEMS.
    – About the two TBA, I got no truly idea, but I assume Noel Gallagher, Muse, Kendrick Lamar (why not?), Kayne West should be probably. I like to hope in Ed Sheeran or The Black Keys, or Slipknot, but je ne sais pas…

  243. The Strokes are an American band right? So if people here think the travelling schedule for The Script is unrealistic, how about The Strokes then?
    They are already coming to Europe twice in may + june. They have no dates in july + august so they would have to make another intercontinental flight and spending 3 days just to play 1 concert at sziget.

    Also from szigets perspective, The Script is probably cheaper and would also sell more tickets (especially to teenage girls).

  244. I feel the two TBA have to be something surprising… there is reason john doe has given us no hints about them: he can’t give away any surprises.

    so it makes sense that we’d get major lazer and the strokes (truly not that surprising bc they’ve been heavily speculated on here), asaf avidan self-confirmed, so obviously no problem that john doe gave hints, but the two remaining? i’d say they’re gonna be a bit surprising. sziget’s organizers, according to this thread, have openly said that they need to fork out extra money to get bands to come to sziget and save the festival. so two surprising headlining bands wouldn’t be too unbelievable, especially after these blatant hints.

  245. My hubby always gives hints about the biggest acts that are to be announced, so I don’t expect the other acts to be bigger than AA, TS and ML.

  246. The Strokes… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah it isn’t the band you can book 2 month before.

  247. Admin, can we get a new post to comment on? This one is getting laggy 😀

  248. @jane doe that make sense. Your hubby indeed gve us most of the times the biggest acts. I will be very happy with Major Lazer though. That will be a big party, trust me 🙂

  249. Speculation about the strokes is only based on some fans here hoping that they will play and the ts hint

  250. I agree with Jane. If they had Muse or Kanye they would hype it like they did with Robbie Williams. If it’s like 5 names, expect Major Lazer, Asaf Avidan, C2C, TS and maybe some opening acts for the mainstage or A38 night acts.

  251. the script brings much girls to the fesztival. same for robbie wiliams, florence and the machine and ellie goulding. 🙂 i wonder, how many of you are girls?

  252. my girlfriend will be happy, me not so much. at least they’re okay live from what i hear? i seem to remember the vocalist being a pretty talented dude

  253. there’s no space for asaf avidan on the main on 11 (the day he self confirmed), so a38? is there any slot available?
    If it’s the f**** Script they’ll be after alt J or Ellie I suppose. Anyway seems quite strange. Why are the script available for playing the 12 or 13 while the chems are not available for the opening party? they play the same festival in japan that weekend.
    The Strokes are not touring in august yeah it’s true but you know maybe they’ll be in europe to do some recording or so

  254. though i’d really love to see the strokes, sziget never had anything exclusive.. maybe prince, but he played in poland too. so i don’t have high hopes, the’ll just announce the script i guess 🙁

  255. so, if it’s not the strokes… why the hell the script? if you have to book someone in emegency why the script? with lenny kravitz and the libertines and Nutini and Lamar being around… just to name the most easy to get

  256. There is C2C in the other 2 names tba for sure. This leaves one tba unknown. Let’s see, but I’m afraid it’s gonna be another dj. Party Arena is pretty empty…

  257. Sziget Italia added names and dates:

    C2C (16 Agosto) – The Script (12 Agosto) – ARTY (12 Agosto) – Asaf Avidan (11 Agosto) – Major Lazer (15 Agosto).

    So Major Lazer is not doing the opening show. Can we still expect The Chemical Brothers??
    C2C 16 August, I hope during Garrix so I have something else to see.
    The Script sub-headlining Alt-J?

  258. seriously f*** sziget.. they come up with 5 shit names after weeks of faiting & teasing

  259. Maybe do they have to increase the price of the tickets again. So they can book a few more dj’s. f*** this shit this year.

  260. It’s OK guys. No need to panic. It’s not like you’ve spent all year getting excited about a festival and then they’ve announced their headliners as The Script, Ellie Goulding, Avicii, Major Lazer and Martin Garrix :-/

  261. the only good news here is Major Laser on 15, this could increase chances to have chemicals on 11. They play in Germany few days earlier and then in Japan with the Script, who play on 12. I don’t see how Sziget could not book them for 11

  262. seriously everyone should boycott this crap. And yet they still manage to have profit with this awful joke they dare to call a line-up

  263. @Bender alt j definitely subbing The script, like they’re doing in other festivals. Alt j don’t even have a 90 minutes show. Anyway I was hoping for a Good rock headliner like Kol after alt j. f***

  264. I have never heard about the script till now… my life became a little bit worse today

  265. hope one slot after ellie, one before major lazer and one beetween limp bizkit and garrix

  266. I think ML will play in Arena, TS maybe on main at 18.00 or 19.30, Asaf maybe in open slot at main stage. c2c to Arena or colosseum, arty to colosseum. i guess

  267. Yes can we still expect a headliner for wednesday? Or is it too strong to have Gogol Bordello-AltJ-The Script-Headliner?

    If Major Lazer closes the main stage saturday it sucks, I wanted my surprise big headliner there…

  268. Yeah, I’m disappointed too, but chill out, friends, those are 5 names and between those I suggest that only The Script will play in the main stage.
    Telekom Arena is half-empty, so I guess they tried to make the big boom with “Arty” (who the hack is this guy?), Major Lazer (well known) and C2C.

    1. C2C / 16th. I guess those guys are brilliant live, but I don’t think they will play on main stage, cause they play on the 16th, and we got Garrix that day (I really hope the Main Stage won’t aloud more than 1 techno show per day…)

    2. The Script / 12th. We got two chance about them: first chance, they play during the sunset or in the previous show (it would be nice, latest year we got Bastille, so can’t complain if things go this way); second chance, they play the opening party, if so I will rip off the skin from my face while thinking that in 2013 we got Deadmau5 in their place.
    My hopes still goes to Chems.

    I strongly believe he will play in Telekom, which is by the way half empty. To make a totally unknown house dj play the opening party would be an offense to the history of this festival, and I think that, even they ran out of mind, they will remind a little of their history

    4. Asaf Avidan / 11th. His shows are awesome, tho. But he only has one hit, and he would go to fill the only blank space in the Main Stage, which I assume wuold be the last show (assuming they won’t make play a hungarian band, neither the Gentlmen in the night and that Florence will play in the sunset): this would be weird and totally wrong, so I think that or I made my math wrong, or he will play in the A38 (and it would be fair enough).

    5. Major Lazer / 15th. I guess that everyone in there is happy about this news: Major Lazer won’t open the party. Will they play in the Main Stage? Really dunno, there are 3 slot free in the 15th, BUT we got Avicii the day before and that Garrix thing the day after, so it makes me think that they won’t perform in the Main Stage, but we never know.

    For sure the situation ain’t getting any better this way.

  269. C’mon guys im very happy with arty. He is just awesome. Give it a try. I have good hope he will be playing before Above and Beyond tba later on 🙂

  270. so, if major lazer don’t play at the opening party (which is great) who else can we have? there’s not so much to choose if it’s not chems… maybe kalkbrenner? can’t see other mainstream electronic acts being around. And kalkbrenner is a little bit too “chill out” for an opening party imo

  271. Rambo Joe: looking at the mess they made, I think se will totally headline. Ok, she’s a great name – and maybe the best in this shame – but watching her playing during the sunset it would have been a pleasure.

    Well whater, just hoping they won’t play while Infected Mushrooms play in the A38

  272. There is no opening party this year. quimby will play 19:30, florence 21.30. quimby is really popular in hungary, so they won’t play earlier.

  273. Well.. unfortunately The Script was correct (even though I don’t care for The Strokes either). Major Lazer only good name, although I haven’t seen C2C live. Might be ok.

    They need to get their act together so I hope for The Offspring (priority as I’ve never seen them), Kodaline, Netsky, Frank Turner and Twenty One Pilots. Then let’s drag Weezer over the pond for once.

    I also have a feeling that Danko Jones, Kendrick Lamar, Linkin Park can appear as they have availability and Sziget got to pay now that alternatives are getting fewer.

    Unfortnately I also fear that they might be tempted to pay good dollars for Kygo 🙁

  274. @rambo joe Quimby played on the World Music Stage in 2012, so I think they can play at 17.45

    @bobo Alt-J headline Primavera Sound, Latitude, Best Kept Secret (with Noel Gallagher and The Libertines, so pretty strong headliners) and other festivals. They are above The Script right now. And they do have a 90 set cos they have 2 albums out.

    Major Lazer will close the Main Stage, I’m sure about that. Major Lazer in a tent would generate the “Stromae-situation” again. It would be crazy. They also close the Main Stage at Pukkelpop and Frequency, deal with it.

  275. Sent them a harshly worded email received this in reply.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We would like to kindly ask you to wait for our further announcements patiently. As we proceed with the negotiations with performers we tend to announce program details immediately.

  276. Disapointing announcement, only average and boring names. But stay positive :
    – the next announcement with Linkin Park, The Strokes, The Libertines, The Chemical Brothers and Kendrick Lamar will give us a pretty decent line-up
    – theses names will bring a lot of teenages girls 😀

  277. bender: friday-avicii, saturday-ML, sunday-MG. too much electro headliner. out of the question.

  278. I translate from Sziget Italy (they answred a guy who asked if more headliners would have come): “booking is not an exact science, it depends on many things. If occasions will present, we will catch them”

    I think it means “we have nothing more but we hope for miracles”

  279. see the official site! there is interesting thing in bands order. the script forward than ALT J 🙁
    Alesso forward than Major Lazer. Major Lazer wont be headliner!

  280. Anyway, this is the best Sziget lineup ever…you just have to be a 17-year old boy/girl and it’s perfect 😀

  281. I think ML will play on main stage, as Alesso is headlining the Arena and they really have no name for main (just Hollywood Undead confirmed)

  282. Alesso forward than Major Lazer in the official site.
    I think the saturday headliner is the main artist in Sziget. So it wouldn’t be ML

  283. is that thinkable that ML will play at 19:30 at main stage? what do you think?

  284. I’d say it depends on the size of the headlining saturday headliner. After all, they are a live “band” so they could end their set with more DJ stuff when it will get dark.

  285. If major lazer would play the main at 19.30 we can expect Jack ü to be the headiner after them. Or is it too much Diplo?

  286. ML needs to play when it’s as dark as possible to get any effect out of their show, so unless they’re planning on putting them in the tent (would create another Stromae-incident), they need to play them late.

    They just need to pull the cat out of the hat to get an exclusive, but considering the bookings up until now, they should have the money left to do it. Just please not another DJ (even though I like EDM)…

  287. The stuff I don’t really understand is why they let Interpol, Paloma Faith, Infected Mushroom, Knife Party and Dropkick Murphys play in the A38 when they are easily main-stager…

  288. @Bender: even at their arena concerts they don’t usually play more than 1h:15… Don’t know why.
    Anyway (even if I prefer alt j) the script have a bigger repertoire, and for example they have a bigger slot than alt j at T in the park.

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