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Pukkelpop Announces 89 New Names – could some be at Sziget 2016?

As @JumboJack well said a few days back, Pukkelpop usually shares at least some names (sometimes even headliners, like in the case of Rihanna) with Sziget. Their announcement today was massive – they have added 89 new names to their lineup, with more to come.

So, here is the massive announcement made by Pukkelpop today. Maybe it will give us some hints on what’s yet to be announced for Sziget 2016.

  • LCD Soundsystem
  • The Chemical Brothers
  • Oscar And The Wolf (Sziget 2016 – 14th)
  • Chase & Status live
  • Die Antwoord
  • Eagles of Death Metal
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Sziget 2016 – 15th)
  • Martin Solveig
  • Bloc Party (Sziget 2016 – 14th)
  • Chvrches (Sziget 2016 – 15th)
  • Jamie Lidell
  • M83 (Sziget 2016 – 15th)
  • The Lumineers (Sziget 2016 – 16th)
  • Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley
  • Roisin Murphy (Sziget 2016 – 13th)
  • Nina Kraviz
  • Pendulum DJ Set & Verse
  • Cassius
  • Dillon Francis
  • Tale of Us
  • Seth Troxler
  • Sub Focus & MC ID
  • Noisia
  • Hannah Wants
  • Loco Dice
  • Camo & Krooked DJ Set
  • Craig David’s TS5
  • Jess Glynne (Sziget 2016 – 16th)
  • Zeds Dead
  • Hazard
  • Mura Masa
  • Riton
  • Dua Lipa
  • Halsey
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Wolfmother
  • Mastodon
  • Opeth
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Refused
  • At the Gates
  • Graveyard
  • Stick to Your Guns
  • Clutch
  • Comeback Kid
  • Our Last Night
  • Wakrat
  • Deez Nuts
  • State Champs
  • The Front Bottoms
  • Beach Slang
  • Mutoid Man
  • Defeater
  • DEAD!
  • Travis Scott (Sziget 2016 – 11th)
  • Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals
  • Flatbush Zombies
  • The Underachievers
  • Mick Jenkins
  • The Kills
  • Warpaint
  • Crystal Castles (Sziget 2016 – 16th)
  • The Tallest Man On Earth
  • The Neighbourhood (Sziget 2016 – 15th)
  • Lukas Graham
  • Half Moon Run
  • Minor Victories
  • Gavin James
  • Sleaford Mods
  • Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
  • Henry Rollins
  • Âme
  • AUDION live
  • Bob Moses
  • Fatima Yamaha
  • Alex Vargas
  • BOY
  • Circa Waves
  • Caspian
  • Clap! Clap!
  • Romare
  • Keys N Krates
  • HVOB
  • Lone live
  • Sunset Sons
  • Job Jobse
  • George Fitzgerald
  • Blues Pills
  • Annix

234 thoughts on “Pukkelpop Announces 89 New Names – could some be at Sziget 2016?

  1. I’d take:
    LCD Soundsystem
    The Chemical Brothers
    Chase & Status live
    Die Antwoord
    Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley (already playing Budapest Park :/)
    Nina Kraviz
    Pendulum DJ Set & Verse
    Tale of Us
    Sub Focus & MC ID
    Biffy Clyro
    Flatbush Zombies
    The Kills
    The Tallest Man On Earth

    I don’t know much about the others.

  2. The Chemical Brothers, Biffy Clyro, Wolfmother, Dua Lipa & Circa Waves would be welcome additions to Sziget 2016.

  3. The Chemical Brothers
    Die Antwoord
    Anderson .Paak
    + outside from this list
    Massive Attack
    and it’d start to be pretty much perfect!

  4. I take

    LCD Soundsystem
    The Chemical Brothers
    Die Antwoord
    Eagles of Death Metal

  5. I choose them:

    Deez Nuts
    Chemical Brothers
    At The Gates
    Comeback Kid
    Eagles of Death Metal
    Our Last Night
    State Champs
    Stick To Your Guns

  6. I would take:
    Chemical Brothers
    Chase ans Status
    Die Antwoord
    Eagles of Death Metal
    Nina Kraviz
    Tale of Us
    Seth Troxler
    Hannah Wants
    Sub focus
    Zeds Dead
    Opeththe Tallest Man on Earth
    Circa Survive
    Clap Clap!

    Well lets see how they will try to sabotage also those dreams lol

  7. If they book the Chemical Brothers or Jack Ü for the end show it will be so much better than the last years !
    But I won’t bet on that, it will be a Guetta-like in my opinion… Alesso or some stupid EDM like that …

    I’d love they book some Ed Banger’s band like Cassius and make a Ed Banger party in the A38 like the one announced at Sonar.

  8. Tomorrow morning new Frequency names. Maybe they’ll reveal some headliner this time

  9. I’ve always thought Sziget has had a bad way of annoucing names, but today Pukkelpop won that price by a mile. How on earth do you defend releasing such a bunch of names at the same time, when NONE of them come as suprises. All of them are just recycled names that other festivals already have released. Oh the suspense.. Glastonbury can pull this stunt because you know they will have some good names that not all other festivals have, but Pukkelpop definately not.

    Unfortunately the names released means there is a big chance that I don’t have any further expectations for future announcements at Sziget this year. Other than Biffy Clyro I can do without all of them..

  10. wish sziget could ever come up with “recyled” names like refused, defeater, Beach Slang and the front bottoms. lol.

  11. Sziget France apologized once again on Facebook to those who didn’t like today’s announcement and they said in another comment that new names will arrive soon.

  12. FM4 names are out. Even if Im not impressed by it it has a fairly good lineup, not impressive tho.

    I really hope they will call Die Antwoord, Oh Wonder and Rudimental once again…

    Anyway, til now, between Pukklepop, FM4 and Sziget, I can tell that the first one has the better line up and the better way to comunicate it (honest with the goers and without any sensationalism which left unsatisfied some, I think right now there are bands for any taste, thing that Sziget IMHO is not doing til now, focusing only on a restricted target of casual-hungarian-commercial-teenager)

  13. I’ve seen this on twitter, new names for Frequency:
    Dua Lipa, Haim, Manu Chao, Matt Simons, Skunk Anansie, The Boxer Rebellion, The Kills, Wizo, Wolfmother

  14. I saw Manu Chao at Esperanzah festival in Barcelona in october. He had a programmed set of 1 hour 45 minutes but he left the stage after a 3 hours 10 minutes concert. Great! I really hope he’ll be added as a sub of a World Stage headliner.

  15. I saw Manu Chao’s show too, near Rome in july and he did just a 1 hour (maybe 1.15 hour) of show, real intense, but well a small set.

    I totally would like to see him again, tho 🙂

  16. Terrible news in such a way. The more the lineup goes in a pop direction, the more good feedbacks they recive.
    I feel an outcast right now

  17. I’ve seen Manu Chao twice (2014,2015) and my opinion is that he’s so boring. All his songs sound same. But if he will headline World Music Stage, I don’t care because there are usually acts I don’t like 😀

  18. So, the estimations were right, I guess that the festival will be sold out in late April / beginning of May.

  19. @Noeliam I think he’d be more Main Stage material, but if they want a massive world stage lineup could be perfect!

  20. Ive taken a look to the line ups of the major festivals which dates are close to the Sziget ones.

    Right now, the ones I hope (and I think that) will be called in the next announcements are:
    – Massive Attack, Daughter, Iggy Pop, Wolfmother, Skunk Anansie (for Main Stage)
    – Jamie XX, Die Antwoord, Noisia, Dub FX, Pendulum, Zeds Dead, Modestep (for A38)
    – The Black Madonna, John Talabot, Nina Kraviz, Tale of Us (for Colosseum)
    – Hannah Wants (for Party Arena)
    – Manu Chao (for World Stage)

  21. I guess that the real John Doe is back, because his hint with the Atom Ant for Rihanna was true. 😀

  22. yes, seems like john is back 🙂 And maybe he’s tryin to tell us that we’ll get great parto of the names from this lineup. I’d be very happy with that. On the electronic side in particular (and even some rock) it’s all very good. From headliners, to A38, and especially Colosseum. With great part of these acts the night lineup would be ace (maybe only Moderat can make it better).
    A big rock surprise (rammstein, rhcp..) and 1 or 2 good rock undercard or midcard would make it totally perfect for me and make me forget about Guetta and Sia (Rihanna it’s fine, one poppy headliner is normal and for me she’s the best of the 3 as show provided).

  23. Although I was happy with quite a few of the earliest announcements it seems like I will have time to explore more of the festival this year (Circus, thatre, smaller party “stages” etc). Could be cool although a festival like this should have more good names. However it seems like the chance of that happening closes into zero as there are few good names left around that is not one hit Spotify-wonders.

    I still have some on my list that are touring around the Sziget dates like Biffy Clyro, Fall Out Boy, Fidlar, Travis, James Bay, St.Paul & The Broken Bones and Kaiser Chiefs, but it seems unlikely given the number of pop acts this year. If they add Rammstein or RHCP I guess quite a few will be happy, but I’m seeing them at Werchter this year, and they have been announced at almost every festival in Europe so they are hardly a surprise or very unique (more like a panic act). It’s almost like I have to hope for Tiesto for the end show. At least we get a real DJ then, not like the Guetta/Harris “press play on tape” style..

  24. I have some issues considering this new Tiesto a proper DJ, maybe the one he was, the one who was the king of Trance music, but not this one…

  25. I agree that the music is not that good anymore (although probably the opposite with the Sziget audience) but he actually does live mixing and always has a part with “old Tiesto” in his sets, so it still better than the alternatives. Armin van Buuren would have been even better, but I understood that he won’t play both festivals.

  26. I think Sziget has chosen to announce all the most mainstream first, to sell a lot.

    Muse and Guetta together to get both some rock and mainstream audience. It all went very good with selling.

    Then some random very known like Sia, Noel, Bring me the Horizon, John Newman, Sigur Ros…. ( still pop+rock ) a mix of names that are not expensive but anyway well known (and in particular appreciate by british and nordic audience, the population sziget is trying to get at the moment I think). Now with rihanna they’ll sell a good number of 7 days passes.

    And in the next weeks we’ll get some more alternative names, which by the way are of course mainstream (pukkelpop/frequency/lowlands names) but not so radio friendly.

  27. I was kind of surprised Bieber did not get announced for day 0. I guess he will be announced for the big -1 day act

    Headliners in no particular order:
    Token – Muse
    Rita Ora
    Martin Garrix – end show

    Sziget is no longer the right festival for almost everyone on this forum.

    V festival

    V festival is seen as THE festival for CHAVS in UK i.e self absorbed people with no civility or culture.

    Absolutely gutted that Sziget has sold its soul to the HUF

  28. @jjason ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh god. And you really look serious! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    Anyway Salmo is the 3rd Italian addiction to the Europe Stage

  29. Sziget France seems to be the most active on Facebook. They said in a long comment that “[…] at the timing of the announcements, it is difficult to satisfy everyone. You should know that we are dependent on agreements with managers of artists. […] There are other names to come, we repeat once again, there are more than 500 concerts, 50 scenes, artists from around the world. More announcements are coming in the next weeks and months, be patient. We know you’re eager to find the festival and all its magic but do not judge the program while it is only the beginning. […] We understand your concerns with the success of the festival but trust us.”

    They even left an e-mail address where you can discuss with them about the festival: coucou [at]

  30. I think next batch of names could be decisive for many people still in doubt between Sizget and other festivals (including myself). There are some names i don’t want to miss this summer, so i hope they’ll be in the next announcement 🙂

    Has anyone tried to write to that email?

  31. Yeah maybe they think they wont’t sell as much 7 days pass as they wanted to. Only Rammstein or RHCP could do a big work for the ones who are not sure to buy the 7 days pass at the moment.

    I hope we can believe in Rammstein. I’m not longer convinced about RHCP, even though the leaked information from the guy who says he knows the band (LOL)

  32. They are not “at the beginning” since they named more than half the names on the two major stages (sure we have still the Colosseum to be called, but for the rest, half of the job is done), so no, for the “main” stuff they did half the job and the only people happy about the line up are the casual goers or the first timer who have the open mind to not care about the lineup.

    I dont think there will be Rammstein or RHCP, since they seems not in touring in early of August and there’s no clue to spent more on a band not touring meanwhile it is not an exclusive. Also they told they wanted to book a band not in tour, and I guess that – if they will succeed in that – it will be the third big name (with Rihanna and Muse). Dont forget also they will fullfil early spot in the MS with hungarian bands, so all in all, I repeat, half the job is already done.

  33. I dont get the point of spending a lot of money on a not touring band when the one on tour are good and available…

  34. After that comment by Sziget France I expect 2 “not too mainstream” headline slots to fill the empty spaces. Rammstein on Day -1 and Mumford & Sons for the Bastille day (or vice-versa) would be perfect to me. However, the End Show headliner I think that will be a “mainstream” one.

  35. Aren’t Mumford and Sons mainstream too?
    I dream of Rammstein – The Chemical Brothers – Jack U for the final headline spots;
    Massive Attack somewhere;
    The National but it’s too much to ask!
    and Manu Chao, Tinariwen or Tiken Jah on the World Music Stage opposite Guetta, Sia or Rihanna.

  36. I said “not too mainstream”. 😛 I don’t think that M&S are as mainstream as Rihanna, Guetta or even Muse…

  37. For me the lineup is shaping up much better than last year. On the one hand there are bigger mainstream artists, but also more and bigger alternative bands.

    For mainstream:
    Rihanna and David Guetta are in my opinion more popular than Robbie Williams and Avicii. Sia I think is on the same level as Ellie Goulding.

    For alternative:
    1. One of the biggest alternative bands nowadays is headlining with Muse.
    2. With Muse, Sum 41, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Parkway Drive there are more famous rock bands than last year.
    3. Sigur Ros, The Last Shadow Puppets, Noel Gallagher are for me on about the same level as Alt-J and Florence + The Machine, which were headliners last year.

    And we don’t have the complete lineup yet…

    If anyone considers Muse mainstream, then so are Rammstein, RHCP and all other possible headliners mentioned lately.

  38. Hey all! Long time since my last post here, but was playing on the Hungarian Sziget URL and ran into these links:

    Lana Del Rey –
    Foster The People –

    By changing the number at the end you get relocated to another artist/band that ever played or has been announced for Sziget, VOLT or Balaton. Since Lana Del Rey and Foster The People never appeared on any of those festivals – from what I know -, could this be something?

  39. Oh, man… I dont know about Foster The People so I will just talk about Lana Del Rey, which is, well, she’s just like Sia, another not so exciting pop act (still a good singer, tho). She’s playin in another festival, in France if I remember well.

    Would be a bad news.

  40. I’m okay with Foster the People for a subheadline slot (on Guetta day maybe?), but please no Lana, I don’t want her on the Main Stage even if she’ll subheadline.

  41. Gunther: Sigur Ros, The Last Shadow Puppets, Noel Gallagher are maybe at the same level of Alt J. Florence has headlined every festival in the world last year, she’s bigger now.

  42. do you know how does the numbering system work? is it progressive by year, by name, random…?

  43. I did some research too (too lazy on sunday morning) and I found out few exciting names, but they were in Volt or Balaton Festivals of the previous editions.
    It seems that the order is quite randomic, but still I found a strong presence of ’14 Sziget Edition names between 132725-132739

    The bands I found no relevant news about are: -> Krewella -> Maya Jane Coles -> You Me at Six -> Timbaland -> Butch -> Diplo -> Gorgon City

    I analyzed datas from 132700 to 132830

  44. @yelo: For the same reasons one could think the alternative rock band like Muse to be mainstream. I’m not one of those thinking they are mainstream, but if for example one thinks Muse is mainstream for being played on mainstream radio, then the same applies to Rammstein.

    @bobo: Maybe you’re right on Florence for Europe, but where I live (Netherlands) she is not that big. Most people I know didn’t find her a good headliner last year. Still, even if you consider Florence bigger, I think that is more than compensated by having Muse this year.

    @Kylian: The URLs for acts that perform at Sziget this year look very different. The URLs you found look more like those of the pages of previous years.

  45. @Gunther, still I have never heard Rammstein on radio (‘cept for Rock channels): if they headline they must be popular, not mainstream; I guess we are intending “mainstream” in different ways!

    Florence were not an headliner, she was THE headliner. Probably the only one who can truly hold the headliner spot, with Robbie Williams

  46. @Gunther many links corresponds to Volt’s names of this year, so it’s probabily the same for Sziget

  47. The numbersystem seems partly random. For example Deadmau5 (2014) is assigned to 131051, while The Killers (2012) are assigned to 132195. I also ran into some acts which were assigned multiple numbers to their names. For example, Skillet: 132748 and 133243.

    To get a quicker view of all the acts you can use this link and scroll trough by changing the page number in the ULR (my browser stops working if I do otherwise) –

    Page 707 seems like the last page, which is filled with the last announcement from Balaton Sound.

    I personally think Sziget made a page for a lot of acts, even though it wasn’t 100% sure if they got through. That could explain names like Lana, Foster the People and Waka Flocka Flame popping up.

    So I think @Gunther is right. However, the new website url works the same way. You can change the number at the end, and it will redirect you to another act. Haven’t bumped into something that isn’t announced already though.

  48. From this year lineup i only see Jake Bugg, Bastille and BMTH, around page 660. I think it’s because they all played 2014 as well, in fact they are mixed with other 2014 names. Can’t find 2016 names, just Volt and Balaton

  49. Ok then, they are the only nome of this year. There is John newman but i think he played balaton or volt in the past. Anyway, it doesn’t seen to be a good source of leaked names for this year 🙁

  50. @yelo: Don’t get me wrong. I agree with you headliners must be popular and don’t need to be mainstream, which I think is the case for Muse. What I meant to say: if someone thinks Muse is mainstream because they are popular and played by mainstream radio stations, then so are all other possible headliners for the same reason. Even Rammstein songs like Amerika and Sonne were in some mainstream radio stations here 😉

  51. First names for Rock en Seine: Massive Attack, Iggy Pop, Wolfmother, Edward Sharpe, Damian Marley, Eagles of Death Metal among them.

    Many other names are shared with Sziget, so i hope chances increased to see some of them on the island

  52. I would really appreciate from Rock En Seine: Birdy Nam Nam, Caravan Palacce, Massive Attack, Wolfmother, Iggy Pop and Cassius!

    Massive Attack are EVERYWHERE in August, would be a shame if Sziget misses that call too…

    Anyway, the Rihanna effect: 10 days to end the passes where she’s not playing lol

  53. Rock en Seine don’t share a lot of bands with Sziget … I don’t hope a lot in the Sziget line-up anymore …
    And I think Lana Del Rey leak will be true …

    I read lot of comments on festival’s Facebook pages or forums like Rock Werchter, Rock en Seine, Musilac, etc … I had never seen so many disappointed people with the different programs before this year… To my mind, people coming to festivals are changing since a few years, I want to name it “The Tomorrowland Effect”.

  54. Well, the first announcement of Rock en Seine shares 5 (pretty big) acts with Sziget: BMTH, TLSP, churches, Sigur Ros, Sum 41.

  55. I hope for a good Day -1 headliner announcement, in order to sell all the 7 Day Passes too. 😉 Rammstein, RHCP or Mumford & Sons will do for me!

  56. Edm music nowadays is like an economic bubble, of course there will continue to be edm music and edm djs at festivals. But they created to much industry, with too much festivals based (barely) only edm (like Tomorrowland, Ultra, and all the 10000 imitations allover the world).

    And this bubble will explode soon, because music is always changing, music festivals with live music and ALSO dj sets will be prepared if any other genre of music becomes the most listened/mainstream. But I think that a lot of people will be soon bored of the Guetta-like djs with big scene and fireworks and same setlist every hour .

    That’s why I’m not worried about other festivals being influenced by tomorrowland. It’s just a moment, it will pass

  57. The last years there where a lot of people not satisfied here with the lineup and I think it was always a question of taste.
    I don´t know why…but last year ist was the best lineup since the last 5 years for me. I was only 2 times at the mainstage but I´ve seen a lot of smaller good bands in A38/Europestage/HU-Stage etc.

    This years lineup til now is the badest lineup since years…only for my taste…but I don´t care….

    Because there ist so much more interisting to see…and that is true….

    There will also be bands I want to see…I´m shure. And we all have a very great time…and I hope they will get a few interisting bands for the next anouncements…like massive attack…james bay…rhcp…wolfmother…and and and….

    and I hope too…that the era of DJ´s on Mainstages or A38 will be passed over soon….

    peace, freedom and a f**kin good trip on sziget….

    @Szigod: Language!

  58. @Bobo, I truly like your metaphor about the EDM trend as an economic bubble. But I dont share your conclusion: I think it will damage the festival’s economic trench, because DJs got paid usually a lot (and Im talkin about the top 10 of DJ mag, the ones who allows you to sell a s*itload of tickets nowadays) for a very silly job – and my mind goes to Calvin Harris and Avicii, from my experience. This may lead to two conclusions: the performers will ask more to perform (thing that is already happening because of the digital era), the performers’ perform will decay in term of quality (because I strongly believe that a performer will feel more interested to the show if he gets paid better, as any other kind of worker) – and that’s no good for the goers.
    Other implication is the crowd: I found really different kind of crowd when I go to hear to a Rock-Metal-Punk blabla band than when I had to go to hear Avicii – and maybe that’s just an impression of mine, but I found more energic and less “forced” somehow people attending for a SkaP live show than people with lasers attending for Martin Garrix, and Im not talkin about mosh and crowdsurfing, this is something which is ruining a live show. Was I the only one who noticed a decrease in terms of number of flags in the last year?

  59. Yeah, you are also right about the performance/quality/money thing. Calvin Harris headlining Coachella for example is something that is happening only because of marketing and image. His performance can’t be compared with ACDC or Jack White who Headlined the same stage last year.

    But I believe this is something happening now that we are living the “time of djs”. I don’t really see a lot of artists fulfilling stadiums as rock bands do. No dj do this, and only 2-3 popstars (like in the past, we always had Madonna, Kylie Minogue, etc..). That’s why I think this moment will end.

    About flags: I’ve seen a LOT of flags allover the festival last year. But also a LOT of them were sequestered by the security staff during concerts without any reason. So maybe a lot of people stopped taking flags with them the other days.

  60. Does anybody know how much 5 day passes they had sell? Would be very interessting.. I read that they had sell 45.000 passes in 2015, but i think this was 7 & 5 day passes together..

    They are sold out very early this year.. i think 7 day passes will be sold out in end of april..

  61. Someone on reddit said that there are lots of 7 day passes, so we will still have a lot of time (some months, aproximately) to buy them, but Sziget France answered “Don’t wait until July” on Facebook to someone who asked about the 7 day passes.

  62. The 7 days passes will probably go fast beginning of april (when the ones motivated by Rihanna will have their paycheck) and with the announcement of the day -1 headliner… I’d say that they are waiting for the price raise to announce the band but this will not happen before may the 5th.

  63. Does anyone know if Rihanna sings with the rock instrumentation on the background in her ANTI Wolrd Tour concerts? I listened to some of her songs from Rock in Rio and The Concert for Valor 2014 and she had a rock instrumentation and it didn’t sound that bad as I expected, it’s pretty good, I might say.

  64. Yeah, that backing band isn’t bad but Rihanna is 😀 She’s twerking (or “dancing”) instead of singing…

  65. It seems that Liam Gallagher taunts Noel on twitter, but the most important thing is that it seems that Noel is working with Gorillaz! Can we still hope that Gorillaz will be at Sziget in the summer?

  66. If you are talking about what they did in december it looks more like a one-time thing to me. Of course it would be great to see both Noel and Gorillaz but doesn’t seem very likely 🙁

  67. It would be funny if Liam makes fun of Noel because (maybe) he’ll appear on the next Gorillaz album. 😀 I still hope for a huge Gorillaz return, as Damon Albarn did with Blur last year (nobody expected a new Blur album and a world tour).

  68. Hi all,

    It’s been 4 years since my last time @ Sziget and I am wondering: Is there still free lockers? I mean a spot where you can provide a bag to a volunteer (I guess) and in return you had a receipt/number written somewhere for free?

    I am asking because of the 25€ Guarded Locker Ticket on Sziget website.


  69. @Denis, last year you could find both free lockers as usual and guarded lockers you had to pay for. The different between the two is that you’re not sure to find an empty spot for your belongings in the free ones. I guess you’ll have to be quicker than the others 😉
    ps: that was for the past editions and I don’t know if that will change this year

  70. @Denis you can, but you have to pay the symbolic price of 1 € if I remember well. It is still free for the special camping (at least it was for Alternativa Camping last year)

  71. I like the movement of the Europe stage to a more central location:). The blues stage seems to have disappeared. Hopefully it will be replaced if it is gone

  72. @yelo @spyfx Thanks, I assume it will still be available then. According to many comments Sziget seems more and more crowded as years goes on. Is it true?

    I mean I had no issue finding an empty spot 4 years ago, assuming I will arrive on Sunday with Early pass I guess I will take my chance 🙂

  73. Someone said on reddit that Sziget Italia recently liked Eminem, deadmau5 and Two Door Cinema Club on Facebook, but I doubt that these were done since Rihanna’s announcement. Plus, Two Door Cinema Club already were at Sziget before.

    I like the map application. Will it be a separate map for the services, as last year?

  74. I really like the map too! We’re sure that the Party Arena and Collosseum are back; the Chill Garden is still at the beach and we will camp like last year next to the Reggae Stage! All good 🙂
    + there’s the “Transe Express”, seems like a giant theater show! I guess more news will follow shortly.

  75. Sziget Italy liked Eminem a lot of time ago, few years I guess. I always checked this thing because they often like an artist before announcing him/her. Eminem is not a new one.

    Anyway, I’m a little bit sad for blues stage.

  76. The Blues Stage was just a secondary stage, IMHO: Good music but no great performer, so well, okay…

    Eminem and Deadmau5? It won’t probably happen, but if it will happen than we would have a really good festival

  77. Eminem and deadmau5 were liked a lot of time ago by sziget italy. it was at least 2014, for sure. I know I was thinking about them now. And deadmau5 happened in 2014. Well, one of them of course can come at sziget 2016, but not based on this “facebook thing”.

  78. deadmau5 has a date in spain on august 12 and in uk august 13. Maybe a surprise end show with him?

  79. I would like more indie/Rock. Maybe the move of the Europe stage means later music and some bigger acts. My 7th year at sziget, can’t wait, feel like a full on veteran. Personally I spend a lot of time at the world music stage so can’t wait for that lineup

  80. I really really need 1 VIP campintg upgrade.. i posted it on facebook 5 times but i got no answer… does somebody know where i can get a VIP camping upgrade or does anybody sell one?? 🙂

  81. Steva Aoki will play in Bucharest on 15 August, at a new music festival called ZuTopia Festival, at this festival will also play Rihanna on 14 August, Sia, Selah Sue, Oh Land, Fallulah on 17 August.

    I think there is a big chance to see Steva Aoki at Szige too, maybe he will do the end-show!

  82. Last time Steve Aoki played at Sziget (2012) he was in the Party Arena.
    Last time Steve Aoki played at Balaton Sound (2013) he wasn’t headliner.

    In 2014 Alesso headlined Balaton Sound and in 2015 played in the Party Arena at Sziget.
    In 2014 Martin Garrix didn’t headline Balaton Sound and he did the End Show at Sziget 2015, but he got a huge growth in terms of popularity, thing that didn’t happen with Steve Aoki that has more or less the same “size” in the last 5-6 years.

    I think he will be a very good addiction to the Party Arena (and I’ll be dancing in the Colosseum at that time), if he comes.

  83. At October 2015 i really really hoped that we get Armin van Buuren, Kshmr, Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas Like Mike at Sziget…

    Now all this names are at Balaton and we just get David Guetta (of course a big Dj, but not very good..)

    And now it seems we get the worst Dj i have ever seen Steve Aoki…. he just plays bass bass bass….. 🙁

    I really hope for Hardwell or Tiesto at Sziget!
    End show with Aoki would be a disaster and very dissapointed.. he isnt in the same liga like Calvin Harris and Guetta for me!

  84. Don’t know how to say it, but I don’t want any of those! 😛 I wish for Mumford & Sons, Biffy Clyro and The Chemical Brothers… I hope this is a realistic wish.

  85. Yelo you missunderstand me 😉

    I hope for really good bands at most, but there are always big Djs at Sziget, so i hope for Van Buuren etc this year..

    I also like EDM so i hope for good Djs but i am afraid that there only will be Guetta, Aoki and Romero..

    And i am at Balaton this year too 🙂

    Dj’s belongs to Sziget! Look at 2015 Avicii… there was soo many people, this shows that many people like popular Djs!

    I think every kind of music should be welcome at Sziget, even if anyone dont like a kind of music 🙂

  86. At Sziget you can find not only music. Whatever it is Edm has the right to perform at Sziget – end of story

  87. @Tool06: don’t be close minded. Nowadays EDM is very popular and it’s just completely justified that sziget book this kind of acts, lot’s of people like it, sorry for you, keep a place in your mind to assimilate it and stop complaining. It begins to be really boring to have still people complaining about EDM at sziget. We have at least 2 EDM acts on the main stage every year, you have to accept it. There are 7 days, 7 headliners, i don’t like EDM but 2/7 headliners is surmontable don’t you think ? I personally will never listen music like Rammstein or slipknot at home (for those acts fans, don’t take it amiss but for me it’s just music for kids in their period of teenage rebellion, that’s my point of view) but honestly if they come to sziget, i’ll be happy too, I know lot’s of people will love it, there will be big shows, big moshpits, i’ll be in the front row jumping and have fun.

  88. I listen to a huge variety music genres, mainly rock, and I totally dislike EDM. But the way rockers can be snob sometimes when they talk about other kinds of music they don’t like, really p**s me off.

    Sometimes with some of you guys looks like we’re talking about Sziget 2010. Where have you lived in these years? Have you noticed that the music direction at Sziget and so many others music festivals worldwide has changed in the last 4 years just like the music taste of the new festivalgoers? Is it useful to keep on writing THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR for the 4th year in a row? C’mon! EDM is and will be a part of Sziget till the moment EDM djs will stop putting up huge crowds. Like it or not that’s it. If you’re not down with that there are sh*tloads of music festivals to enjoy where you won’t even find 1 edm dj. Go to Werchter, Reading & Leeds, Download, Primavera Sound (I’ve been there and I’ll be back again, really recommended), Nos Alive, BBK Live or Rock Am Ring, you’ll love the music direction!

  89. I love when “rockers” are the close minded, yet Balaton sound would never ever book a rock band, here goes the close mindedness. Sziget is/was always a live music festival, and now it’s crappy pop and electronic stuff, with few rock bands here and there. Not a good direction, also in general you are so right sadly,that music is going in an awful direction, and yes it’s mostly the audince’s fault that they have no desire to listen real music, search, explore instead they are going furious for dudes who are playing with thier laptops. So so awful.

  90. I would like to add that I totally respect DJ’s that compose entirely their set, even if they “push a button”.
    Do you thin Deadmau5 shouldn’t be doing live concerts? He put a great great show at Sziget, entirely with his music, and he just pressed buttons (left his laptop, walked in front of the crowd and smoked a cigarette).

    EDM is crap but if there’s nothing else to go to i’ll attend the concert, for my friends, the crowd, the singalongs, the fireworks and lasers.. or i’ll go somewhere else.

  91. @Art Balaton Sound is a HIP-HOP/ EDM / ELECTRONIC Festival! Sziget is a multi-genre festival. I don’t say WAS. I say IS.
    Bjork played Balaton in 2011. Is she EDM? Animal Collective too, far from EDM.

    Aren’t you satisfied with Muse? BMTH? BFMV? Parkway Drive? Sum 41? Isn’t it enough mosh? still bands to be announced too.

  92. @fsffs Balaton Sound is an only electro/hip hop festival, Sziget is not an only rock festival. That’s the difference. That’s why Balaton Sound doesn’t book rock bands. Sziget is not an only rock festival since 1996 when they booked The Prodigy for the first time.

    Just for curiosity, how many times have you been to Sziget? Because if you’ve been there also only once in the last 20 years, and you’re not deaf, you would know that Sziget is not what you say it is.

    And for the “awful direction”, that’s your opinion. That’s maybe also my opinion cos I’m the first who’d love djs to be only in the Party Arena and Colosseum and that the Main Stage to be for Rock bands only. But evidently is not the opinion of the majority of festivalgoers as last year they made the record of attendance and this year they’re selling tickets like they’ve never done before.

  93. The Chemical Brothers will play a date in the middle of Italy the 12th of August… I wanna believe it!

    On the sh*tposts I read here about who’s better between rock and EDM, I guess people should look at the things for how they are right now and stop living in the pass. it is me to speak who passed the whole time Calvin Harris, Avicii and Makor Lazer playing cursing.
    Accept the compromise or go to Wacken, get over it.

  94. @Noliam

    I think you wanted to write me, so i answer you. Do you think that people lie rock music to mosh? so if sziget book any rock band is satisfying? I’m here for the quality not the quantity. All of you named are outdated and/or always been boring as hell bands, so yeah it’s not enough. I would expect the best european festival to book fresh actual punk/harcore/metal bands just like Pukelpop/reading etc. would do. is that too much to as for really?


    I’ve been to about 5-6 szigets in the last 10-12 years, the quality of the progam is decreasing each year. and really, for you the quality means that they are selling tickets?? I’m pretty sure you just watch oscar winning movies, a read nobel-winnig books, since when quality meant the mass media madness backed 14 year-olds with their parents bought tickets for rihanna?? You are so wrong in every form. Sziget should represent quality music, maybe not on the main stage, but for smaller stages. But yeah i’ll stop, because you can always justify that Sziget is great.

  95. I’m not a live music integrist, I liked some EDM shows at Sziget like Axwell or last year Oliver Heldens (crazy) but please don’t bring Steve Aoki.

    His 2012 performance was really awful. Bad music and a guy constantly speaking, jumping and throwing objects to create artificial party spirit. A kind of parody.

    There’s plenty of better djs.

  96. @Art Yes I like to mosh on rock music. I moshed on Kasabian (between others).
    Muse are one of the biggest band in the world. didn’t play Sziget since 2010 and Hungary since 2012. They have a new album (maybe two with The 2nd law) to promote. They would never play in Lebanon so I’m happy (Sziget is an international festival after all);
    Bring Me The Horizon are going crescendo: headlining the other stage at Glastonbury (rumored to) and will probably headline Download next year. I don’t “like” their music but I might go for the mosh and energy, just like I went to see Calvin Harris for the end show and Avicii for the lasers and singalongs;
    Bullet for my valentine… i don’t know any song of them and they might clash with the end show so probably won’t watch them but they were the 3rd band that convinced my friend (after Muse and…
    …Sum 41: one of my best band when I was a teenager. They put a great show and their music is nice. I don’t know why you like to post an “outdated” etiquette on bands. I enjoyed Blink182, I will enjoy Sum 41.
    and finally I’ve only heard good things about Parkway Drive. Will probably go watch them.

    And only Muse is in my top 5 of this year.

  97. @Art but why are you back? Again: you don’t like Sziget? Change festival. That’s it. And I’m not saying that quality means selling tickets, but what is quality for you may be shit for others. It’s subjective. If you’re not able to understand it talking with you it’s like talking to the wall: boring.

  98. RHCP, LCD Soundystem & others at Lollapalooza. Let’s see if they’ll make it to Sziget…

  99. Anyway Way Out West (13-15 Aug) today added HAIM, The Kills, James Bay, The Tallest Man On Earth, Daniel Norgren, Chelsea Wolfe, G-Eazy, Little Jinder, Yung Lean and Dua Lipa to the lineup.

    James Bay (Main Stage) and The Tallest Man On Earth (A38) would be very good addictions.

  100. LoL I smelled Art, I told ya ahaha
    Never seen Bender so pissed off on this blog before I guess.
    Guys dont feed the troll, rule #1 of the internet. Cause that’s it, flamer or troll whatever

  101. I’m not Art guys, only he can have negative opinion? but whatever…

    @Noliam I finish this, but only size matters really in Music?

    Muse didn’t have a decent record in 10 years, bmth/bfmv are just bad, sum 41 was good back than, but have you seen a recent live set? cringeworthy…

  102. @Art I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve never had had a “bad” concert. ALWAYS enjoyed them. Just get in the right mood man. I will enjoy MUSE and lose my voice. Even if they didn’t release anything good (I love Psycho and Mercy, and can’t wait to air-guitar on Reapers). Anyway, as you say, we are done. and I will enjoy Sum 41 and others. I hope for LCD Soundsystem but I don’t know where they would fit.

  103. For those saying Reading+Leeds is better than Sziget on lineup side because they would never book edm djs… well, they do book edm djs. There were djs last year, there will be this year.

    And of course a dj set can be a great live show; if the music selection is good, the dj is skilled you can see/hear the quality (no matter the genre.. techno, edm, trap, hip hop, etc).

    By the way last year Major Lazer at Sziget was great, the crowd was crazy, they are very good at providing an energetic show, their music is kinda repetitive (like a lot of rock bands too) but who the f*ck cares when you are in the moshpit?

  104. Actually in 7 Szigets the most “violent” moshpits I’ve seen were at Skrillex in 2014 and The Prodigy in 2011, so not at rock concerts. A lot more than bands like KoRN, QOTSA, Faith No More or the band playing on the departed Metal Stage (those times <3 )

  105. i am a really open minded person .. i will be at datsik / excision.. BMTH / BFMV / Sum41 etc etc .. but pls .. why can’t we get at least 1 valuable hip-hop artist? like outkast was in 2014 or snoop dogg .. or macklemore.. or many many years ago The game … travis scott .. the only one who we have .. and i listened to theri music.. as an oldschool hiphop head i dont even feel the vibe or something.. unlistenable for me .. i dont need headline act .. a smaller name is still enough.. like KRS-One or Dj Premier(a real dj without any USB drivers) .. but thats just my opinion.. i still go to sziget this year too but , that part always dissapoint me 🙁

  106. The Lollapalooza’s line up is getting better and better, still is not legendary to me. This changes nothing ’cause I dont have the chance to go lol

    About the violent mosh pit, truth to be spoken, I felt the worse (= most violents) were Prodigy in ’14 and Infected Mushrooms in ’15 (that one was really awesome, a mosh big as the whole A38) and both were electro band…

    About the lack of good hip hop artists, I miss it too, even tho Salmo is a great addiction for italians, we miss a good name but I think that if this Sziget will call an hip hop artist it will hardly be an old school one.

    Last thing, dont kill me please: I dont like LCD Soundsystem. Ah, I said it, I feel free now

  107. @Lazzy I think is because this year they’re expanding the hip hop program of Balaton Sound with a lot of hip hop names instead of the 2-3 hip hop names they had the years before (Macklemore, The Game, Tyler the Creator, Tyga, A$ap Ferg and Madcon confirmed for now) . I’d really like Kendrick Lamar to headline Bastille day. He’d be a very good headliner, imo.

  108. I found the Knife Party one more violent! My friend fell, I got my ear hurt and my (girl) friend got a bruise on her face! We moshpited all the time and even sat down to fake rowing a boat!!
    We didn’t stay ’till the end!

    As for Infected, we stay ’till the end and just lighted up a little something as they started Where Do I Belong! My 2nd favorite concert this year after Kasabian 🙂

  109. While the Knife Party played I was sleeping… 🙁 Kind of a remorse, but if you tell me that it has been even more violent, all in all Im not so sad – passed a certain point it stop being funny and start being dangerous. I saw noses bleeding on Mushrooms and it seems to me pretty stupid.

    About Mushrooms it has been a great delusion to me; I dunno why but I expected something more technical (considering they are very technical) and less pump-up-the-party, it seemed to me they forgot it wasnt a DJ set for a good half of the time, than started playing their hit (and they are massive!)
    Also, they should play a lot in your zone, since they are from Israel, ain’t em?

  110. Knife Party was also a bit disappointing, and Infected was a lot of pummp-up-the-party as you say!
    About Infected, it’s forbidden to anyone that has been to Israel to enter Lebanon (unless it’s not a stamp on the passport).

  111. Oh, Im sorry, Im not well informed about the socio-politic situation that there’s in the middle East, sorry for the gaffe 🙂

  112. It’s no problem at all! I don’t really care and I find this stupid 😀
    Unfortunately not all lebanese are that open-minded!

  113. Are you insane dude?? Becuase only 1 people now that festival in the world, right?? It was announced yesterday Why would i change name if i’m art, not really a reason behind it you need a petition to see a doctor dude…

  114. @Art hahaha stop denying…
    oh and by comparing them you insist on being idiot. Rock festival VS multi-genre arts and music festival.
    I would NEVER go there in a million time if I had to give up Sziget.
    But TRavis Barker solo set can be awesome!

  115. Anyway we should make a szigetnews reunion at Sziget 2016. Art if you come I buy you a beer, but only if we do it at Axe, right in front of the Main Stage, during Rihanna’s concert. What do you think guys?

  116. I’m up for a SzigetNews meeting 🙂
    At the chill garden during David Guetta’s set… I want to be far! ^^
    @Szigetnews you should make an article about it so we could coordonate, It would be nice to meet you too!

  117. Sziget France said on their Facebook page today that new names are coming soon. I guess it will be in the two next weeks !

    *Make a prayer for Damon Albarn*

  118. Im up to that, meanwhile we throw tomatoes at Art who’ll be throwing tomatoes to Rihanna!

    About the next names, I said my bets before, lets see :3

  119. I think that we’ll find out the Day -1 headliner or the End Show headliner. Mumford and Sons or Gorillaz pleaseeeee! 😀

  120. i am ready for a meeting too 😀 i always wanted to meet different people from different places 😀 (at least i got a lot of friends like this so im upt to get new ones ) 😀

  121. @Noeliam: On 13 March, Balaton announced on Facebook that more names will come soon. VOLT didn’t announce anything recently. 😉 Furthermore, Lana has dates in Europe at the start of July, so I guess she’ll be at Balaton.

    I think that we’ll get the Balaton announcement on Monday and the Sziget announcement later that week or next Monday!

  122. You’re right, I totally forgot that this weekend is the Catholic Easter, as I celebrate the Orthodox Easter. 😀 Well, if that is the case (and the chances are high, because there also was a Christmas surprise), maybe we’ll get the announcements on Monday for all 3 festivals!

  123. Reading every article since 5 years but not really into comment, anyway would be nice to grab a drink yeah

    Also it would be better if Gorillaz, Rammstein, Eminem and RHCP were not discussed anymore to avoid disapointment at each announcement 😉

  124. But I think we will get a big day -1 headliner… they have to bring! A “normal” headliner would not sell enough day tickets for this day I think, even than they not sell enough 7 day passes maybe..

    Sure, the day -1 will not as big as Rihanna I think.. (Eminem would be SO AMAZING *dreaming…*)

    But Rammstein or Red Hot Chilli Peppers would be very amazing too! I don´t know Biffy Clyro, I listen to some songs of them the last days, but I do not really like there music.. so I hope for another 🙂

    In the next announcement there should be some good Dj´s for the party arena too! The Chemical Brothers as End Show would be also very cool 😉

    I am looking for 1 VIP Camping upgrade maaan.. i would sell my soul for it :D.. but i can´t find some on the internet 🙁

  125. Im all in for meeting @Sziget! Its not hard to meet new people in there, but we have shared so many disappointment2 (well, i havent ‘cos sziget is more than music ((sorry haters)) and every year there have been more than enough excellent bands for me, and most importantly new names i havent heard before 🙂 )

    Its gonna be my 10th Sziget (in a row) so its kind of anniversary for me and Sziget, its gonna be HUGE! Cant wait!

    What else, all you “haters” and disappointed people, relax ,theres plenty of artist to announce, dont concentrate bands you dont like, theres been too many yellers for ROCK, METAL, SOMETHING.. when you got some, shut up and enjoy, dont make excuses they are out-of-dated or something.. thats pretty.. you know boring and stupid.

    Peace and love, and whos gonna be the brave one to create a Facebook event 🙂

  126. Hm i really have a question..

    Sziget will be my first festival experience in my life (ok I go Balaton 1 month before..) but i never was at a festival before 🙂

    So i really would like to know.. how are the girls there ? 😀
    When i go out or travel around the world (Prague, Budapest, Warszawa etc.) i normaly never get some girls :/.. i dont look like a monster, but maybe i am to shy to speak with girls..

    Are there lot of girls at Sziget, or are there 80% Man and 20% girls..
    and is it easy to get in contact with girls there.. my biggest hope is to get a kiss on Sziget.. because I am more than 3 years single..

    I know it sounds a little bit… crazy maybe.. but I am a nice, shy guy :P.. so i would like to know your experience with girls at the Sziget festival :)…

  127. I would say 50-50 and its very easy to talk with them, everybody are so openminded, happy and just celebrating life 🙂 You just might have a kiss without talking, that happen too 🙂 people are just having fun and stuff. Just enjoy and get Sziget-feeling with you, it will happen 🙂

  128. Aww, genuinely adorable. There’s always plan 2- the magic mirror if the girls don’t bite.

  129. @Szigetlover

    Thank you! That sounds great 🙂 I come to Sziget, because I really hope to meet really cool people there. I like crazy people and open minded people too, so I think Sziget will be the right festival for me 🙂

    And it´s only 4 hours with train away from me, perfect 🙂 I hope I will meet lots of funny people, and it would be awesome if it is one of the szigetnews people from here 😀

  130. This year will be my first Sziget, but I have followed this page for many years, so I am in for a SzigetNews Meeting!

    I have been to a lot of Festivals in Romania, can’t wait to see how are the people from one of the huge festival in the world!

  131. Leningrad is an always-well-accepted news!
    Hope they will perform in World Stage, tho, this year they are kind of behind with the Main Stage to fullfill it with this kind of acts…

  132. Would it be possible for someone to confirm that one of the remaining headliner will be a “non-touring” artist? (or stated otherwise: should we still expect some “unexpected” name)

  133. I think they will announce at least one of the mainstage closing acts – perhaps the end show indeed. Would surprise me however if they announce the Day -1 act just after the hype around Rihanna for Day 0. Really hope they will atleast add the RHCP and some other big rock/alternative act to the line-up (:

  134. My expectation for tomorrow are:
    Massive Attack or The Chemical Brothers
    Die Antwoord
    Noisia and or Pendulum
    Few names for Colosseum (The Black Madonna, John Talabot, Nina Kraviz, Tale of Us, Maceo Plex, Seth Troxler for main acts)
    Maybe the lineup of the World Stage, since some names came out (Leningrad, the other guys)

    Also, on the Sziget App few minor names were added and Brains will perform on the Petofi during the Main Stage’s Headliner of Thursday if I dont remember wrong.

  135. I think there is a huge possibility at least for one of theese :
    The Chemical Brothers , Red hot Chilli Peppers , Rammstain , Die Antwoord , Jack U , LCD Soundsystem , Chase And Status , Anderson Paak , Big Sean , Kaiser Chiefs , Paul McCartney , Disclosure , The Offspring , Daughter , The 1975 , Jamie XX , G-Easy , Fall Out Boy , James Bay ..

    These names appear the most in the nearest festival line ups . so i think we will get something from the list 😀

  136. Do you guys think Damian Marley will play sziget, I would love to see him at sziget but he already plays Budapest park on the 30th…..

  137. i think there is no chance for Damian Marley and that’s sad 🙁 usually international artists never play in the same country (expect germany and uk of course .. why not) in a month so i think there is only a small chance.. few years ago billy talent did the same . he played at volt Festvial and at the A38 ship in the city in a week .

  138. No I really dont think so, he has a tour and there are no reasons to perform twice in a country as Hungary which, with all the respect given, is far far away from being a place where an international artist would perform that much

  139. I can’t believe no one asked for some hints yet. I hope for Mumford and Sons for tomorrow, as they would be a surprise (for me, at least), because they don’t play too many festivals this year. 😀

  140. @Lazzy, your link redirects me to the homepage of the The Netherlands Sziget site.. I couldn’t reach the English page..

  141. I guess we won’t get any hints, because it’s holiday in Hungary, but I think we’ll get The Chemical Brothers & RHCP tomorrow.

  142. They were teasing Rihanna for more than one day, I don’t think they will announce 2 quite big names that fast. But again if they did it would be a great news.

  143. You already got what you want, so you should change your name into RHCP or The Chemical Brothers. Please no Justin Bieber!

  144. Guys, be prepared for some djs tommorow as we have only Nicky Romero and Dyro for party arena…

  145. A Facebook page about Hungarian festivals posted 1 hour ago an updated list with names on tour that can be announced tomorrow. They also added these names to it: The Chemical Brothers – Biffy Clyro – Tale Of Us – Cage The Elephant – DJ SNAKE – Our Last Night – Balkan Beat Box – Dusky – HAIM – Manu Chao – ZEDS DEAD – LOCO DICE – G-Eazy – Feed Me – Dillon Francis – Cigarettes After Sex. The full list of names is here:

  146. There are some very good names, let’s just hope they don’t pull Rita Ora or Steve Aoki out of that list

  147. i just hope we wont get any pop or dj names for main stage (expect that end show artist) 🙂 so let’s hope for the best 😀

    P.S. i think The Chemical Brothers will be announced 100% today 😛

  148. At least a hint with the time of the announcement? 11-12 Hungarian time, as usual? 😛

  149. Hardwell for the end show is the worse thing that could’ve happened… especially with David Guetta being the other main stage DJ! That leaves no room for The Chemical Brothers (except above Sia and Noel?
    Manu Chao is a great addition though, will he headline above Bastille?
    Fidlar will be a good gig too, and same for Boys Noize and Kaiser Chiefs.

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