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Puncke at Sziget 2014

Croatian band Puncke is the latest addition to the Sziget 2014 lineup.

Puncke have self-confirmed their presence at Sziget 2014 for August 11 on their official Facebook page.

They are a Croatian all-girl indie band and they’ve opened for Queens of the Stone Age.

(thanks go to apis!)


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25 thoughts on “Puncke at Sziget 2014

  1. I guess there won’t be international bands in the next (and last) announcement 🙁
    It seems they’re completing the program with local and small acts.
    Very good line-up this year btw!

  2. also the dutch band “bells of youth” is announced. it’s an all girl band also 🙂

  3. This is totally off-topic, but I assume most here have been before, or are even local to Hungary/Budapest.

    I just have some questions about the city and budgeting etc, and would appreciate being able to email someone!

    Can anyone help?



  4. on website:

    “Sziget tickets are selling with record speed!
    More than 80% of the Sziget festival passes have been already sold. If you’re planning to come, but still haven’t bought your tickets, hurry up!”

  5. Hi Simon,

    You can mail me at
    I don’t know if i can help you, but i’ve been to sziget maybe 5 times or tomething, to budapest about 8 times. If you mail me, please also mail what language you normaly speak (if not english).

  6. Gogol bordello would be the perfect last announcement.. crossing fingers for the confirmation!

  7. In the program there are no spots left on the main stage or A38.

    I hope for new names but I think the big names are complete

  8. @ilbert

    Thnx for the playlist, just listened to Subscribe. Nice band!

    More punk or metal that is not on the main or A38 stage?

  9. @Steven how did you find that link? john doe poster the same link for Korn and they were confirmed later… So it can be possible

  10. @ Guinness: the banner at the top is the 2014 one; where as your links show old web page banners, so maybe they play. Any chance they’ll have a few guest Hungarian musicians and be the surprise Hungarian headliner? The band seems to change its members a lot.

  11. Looking at the App, the main stage has bands starting at 4pm every day apart from August 11th when there is one more band than other days and they start at 3pm.

    Just an anomaly or another band to come for each day?

  12. @Nick well noticed

    I hope for an extra spot on the main stage.

    Perhaps an extra stage? The map is not released yet

    Unfortunately, I fear that the program almost completed.

  13. @Rascal: this years’ Sziget anthem is by Ivan & the Parazol, who are playing at 15:00 on Monday, so I guess it’s an ‘anomaly’ 🙂
    I think we can expect one more name for A38 after Klaxons at 1:00 AM.

    as for the map, I can’t tell you for sure, but it seems like there won’t be an extra stage (apart from the new European stage and campfire which were already announced, btw. check out the bands which will play at the European stage, some are really good!)… I think there’s no Roma tent this year either. makes sense, though – they need extra space for the extra guarded camping sites 😉

    the Colosseum will probably move to the blue zone, I guess it will be where the magic mirror was, because there’s enough space for it, and the magic mirror will move somewhere, probably where the party arena was, since there’s no party arena this year.

  14. Hi all!
    I have a simple boring question for you. If i mismatched a date of birth in my personal ticket data (switched month and date values), could it be a problem to get a wristband or it could be solved easily?

  15. When I exchanged my e-ticket for wristband they wanted to see some official ID, in my case my passport. If the face fits I can’t see there being an issue especially as several countries use MM/DD/YYYY (e.g. Americans) and several DD/MM/YYYY (e.g.British.)

  16. Sorry, maybe the question has already been asked: are there lockers in Sziget?
    If yes:
    – Is it difficult to get one ? I mean, do i have to hurry to have one because of a major demand ?
    – How much does it cost for the whole week ?
    – Is it enough big to put a computer or something like that ?

    Thanks guys !! See you in August for the best party ever !

  17. Lockers aren’t a problem. You can also leave all your bags at some tents so you needn’t worry about it.

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