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Quimby and Muzsikas on Day Zero

The official Sziget site announces the Day Zero acts for this year.

Quimby will help visitors celebrate the start of Sziget in an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere, while Muzsikas will play a very special concert.

Details about all of this here.

In other news, the giant Sziget Eye will be first set up in Budapest’s Erzsebet Ter.

(thanks Johan and crazyfrog)

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122 thoughts on “Quimby and Muzsikas on Day Zero

  1. I’m sorry, you are right. My rage was talking, not me. I already have tickets, but next year Pukkelpop.
    And it’s funny that we were waiting for Iron Maiden…

  2. Any metal act??? No news about metal day during day 0, so i guess there won’t be a metal day??? 🙁

  3. I’m glad that i’ve got tickets for pukkelpop. I know Sziget hasn’t best line up normally.. But this year it’s really poor..

  4. If you bought the Sziget tickets expecting a great line-up you are kind of ignorant 🙂

  5. I wasn’t expecting a like up like werchter or glasto, but not even such a weak lineup. It’s getting worse every day. 4 acts on main stage, quimby headlining day zero, no metal at all. Last year’s lineup was poor, this year’s sucks!

  6. Its not too much to ask for a great line-up. Do they ever advertise “mediocre” line-up? No so we expect more. Instead of metal day or even one metal band we get a ‘joke’ band and some poetry. As much as i love sziget this will influence my attendance in the future.

  7. “Sieget”

    What you have written is far more offensive than anything that Bender wrote.

    We all bought early bird tickets to a Music Festival that would offer high quality music. Every, and I mean every festival in Europe has a better line up so stop defending a rubbish line-up.

  8. @wibble. Completely agree, you can tell us how its cheap for a 7 day etc but the fact is we paid early based on the legacy of this great festival. We accepted excuses about last year with sponsors pulling out only to be insulted further with the Quimby band. A part of me wanted to believe that there would be a big announcement to come but the rhetoric has subsided and we are being pandered to with this folly. SZIGET – You should have remembered your roots “Festival for all” (indie fans).

  9. The lineup could / should be better, but… I saw 0 bands on friday last year. I had a blast last year and the forecast for this year looks similar:

    [x] Many intresting bands that I haven’t seen
    [x] Few “good” bands / acts that can’t “fail”
    [x] Great friends and new people to meet
    [x] Heavy drinking
    [x] Partying till morning
    [x] Pikachu costume

    See you there! 😉

  10. Tell me this is a joke? I talked a lot of people into buying tickets. We could have gone to literally any other festival in Europe and got a better line-up. Is it so hard to book some decent bands? Who are Quimby?? For gods sake you could have made an unsigned stage for metal acts and bands would play for free! What are organizers doing??

  11. You cannot sell your tickets but you can get the names exchanged to someone elses name via

    I’m e-baying my 2, cancelling the flights (booked together so only £50 lost in total) and hotel cancelled (free through

    I’m off to a music festival. pukkelpop looks good and a road trip from UK will be cheaper than £230 pound each flights to Budapest.

    Hope everyone has a great time and I will personally NEVER book a festival before knowing 90% of the lineup again.

    O, and @sieget, F**k you, you patronising prick 🙂

  12. It’s quite strange there are no international acts at all on day 0, so I certainly understand all the disappointment about this. On the other hand for me personally this is better than last year, as I didn’t go to the metal day and when I saw Quimby at Sziget that was much better than Akos. But even though the day 0 is not great, the five days after day 0 are very good for Sziget terms.

    Does anyone remember who said Iron Maiden would come at day 0? It seems like that wasn’t a reliable source.

  13. I don’t see what’s offensive about what I said. Besides, I am not defending this line-up, but at literally everything that is announced people start bashing Sziget, kind of getting boring. Sziget has never had superb line-ups, and never will.

  14. @SzigetNews, Can you guys contact SzigetOfficial and let them know we’re annoyed or will they not care?

  15. I was also quite disappointed when I read today’s announcement, but I’m beginning to think this day 0 can be pretty nice ! The wonderland part will definitely be fun and I don’t know anything about this Muzsikás, but let’s be open-minded ! That could be great show.

  16. If you’re angry, it’s on yourself, by buying the tickets too early. I hope your rage will be gone during the festival.

    Don’t forget Sziget is way more than just music, than a classic festival, just chilling under the sun, feeling good with everyone smiling, discovering the city & tons of activities on the site, bathing, meeting people, having parties etc.

    Anyway, it’s a pretty disappointing year I agree, I think big / good names may be possible to announce (like 3 indie rock bands, 3 of metal and 3 of electronic).

    For exemple,

    3 of them :
    Alt-J, Beach House, The Black Keys, Florence & The Machine, Foals, Foxygen, Grizzly Bear, Metronomy, Passion Pit, The Strokes, The Temper Trap, Vampire Weekend, Young The Giant …

    And 3 of them :
    Crystal Castles, Disclosure, Gramatik, Justice, Klangkarussell, Knife Party, Paul K., Purity Ring, Slow Magic, Sub Focus …

    would be so hard ?

    They made amazing tunes/albums in 2012/2013, I think lots of people would agree.

  17. Sorry people, Pinkpop is (except for Green Day) far worse when it comes to line-up! Plus… Sziget waits a long time before announcing majority of their programme since a lot of Hungarians only buy their tickets at the very last moment. They still need to keep their best cards at hand! So… definitely not the worst line-up in Europe and still a lot of acts to be announced! So let’s keep our hopes up! Plus… at least most likely a whole week of summer weather at a great festival next to a great city!

  18. Last year there was also hungarian Akos on day 0 on mainstage. You never know what will be added. You can not compare festivals like Werchter with Sziget, its something completely different. So start looking forward to a wonderful week, it will be fun and amazing again, no doubt about that.

  19. @Axel, I can’t agree with you,

    Pinkpop has Kings of Leon, Grren Day, The Killers, Stereophonics, Queens of the stone age, Paramore, Palma Violets, ALT J, Ellie Goulding, the vaccines etc

    @Nils & Axel: there is only one main stage act and 1 A38 act still to announce so the full schedule is nearly complete I’m affraid.

  20. @ Axel- There’s not a lot to be announced though is there? Looks like about nine bands and only one of those is on the Main Stage. Day 0 doesn’t bother me as I don’t have a ticket, but I can totally understand people being miffed

    I personally prefer the line up to be announced ASAP, and as much of it announced at once as possible, with an accurate timetable. This doesn’t appear to be the case at Sziget, but I’d have been much happier if the line up was better. The overall effect of it isn’t huge for me, because I’ve seen the vast majority of bands I want to see and I was never likely to get many of the others at any festival. I would have really liked acts along the lines of Jamiroquai (headliner with a lot of classic hits) or Frank Ocean (breakthrough artist)who fit the Sziget bill, but unfortunately they seems unlikely at this stage

    They could always announce Daft Punk and then everyone would be happy (at least from a value for money point of view)

  21. When sziget had huge 0-day headliner? 2011 – Prince and 2008 – Iron Maiden. That’s all. Why were you waiting for someone amazing???

  22. @ ambassadeur i agree totally. since when is sziget about the biggest headliners. sziget is so much more .. and will be great again

  23. @ ambassadeur & @ warre . Yes that’s right and this year the focus is even more on the experience. I think that’s great !!!! Can’t wait to drink and party!

  24. Metal Day was a good alternative to Akos, last year. What do we have this year? A former World Music Stage headliner on the Main Stage and world music on the World Music Stage. What if I don’t like world music?

  25. I lost my time, just looking the szigetnews since december, because I wanted to enjoy the festival, but… One band each 2 mouth, the superunknown line up (all the “mayor” festival had a complete line up since january or february) in no-confirmated days!!. Tonight is my last visit to this page, I can’t wait one second for a sziget’s miracle and I understand a metal’s fan (5 fabulous years in wacken) , or rock fan, or music fan (I live near to optimus alive -oeiras-). I wont be in sziget,fortunately I’ll see roger waters and neil young at rome at preceding week to forget the disappointment. conclusions: good sziget fans, indifferent line up (10 or 20 similars programmes in europe), very bad organization

  26. I’ll give them a week to announce something other than internationally “well known” bands like Quimby. If they insist on delaying or simply don’t offer any more bands then im with Sad wibble, selling my ticket.

  27. I think Sziget has other things to worry about in the upcoming days. I’d be very surprised if anything is announced while Budapest is being flooded by the Danube.

  28. Am I the only one who does care about the vibe? And doesn’t worry about what’s still to come? Sziget is in 2 months, don’t you think they will save the best for last? I think there will be more names to come, and it will be a banger. I for one, love dance music, so Arena is going to be awesome since it’s filled with great acts. Mainstage will get more good acts as I am keeping faith. And if not, i’ll have a blast anyway since the vibe is great!

  29. There’s only room for a few more acts on the schedule (and only one for the mainstage), so don’t get your hopes up too much 😉
    Still, I think it’s going to be a pretty good year.

  30. “This year the focus is on the experience” Sziget quote and the same one paraphrased by a number of posters

    Sziget is now Europes WOMAD “World of Music Arts and Dance” Festival

    Rock, Metal & Indie music have very little to do with world Music as it is predominately Western World music (first language “English” bands dominating the scene)

    Electronic / dance music is truly international and better fits with new Sziget direction covering “WORLD MUSIC” and “DANCE.”

    It is no surprise that BLUR and Nick Cave are the token guitar headliners as they both produce “ART” music which again fits the new Sziget WORLD of MUSIC, “ART” and DANCE direction.

    It is noticeable how few US bands are in the line-up, I count 6 over 6 days; hardly a reflection of any Western chart that I know.

    As has been pointed out, there is a wealth of Music festivals throughout Europe and Sziget has decided it does not want to compete and decided to go WOMAD. It should have been honest enough to advertise this new direction as early on as possible so people knew what they were getting.

    A number of you are happy with the WOMAD direction as the “Experience” or “VIBE” not the music is your primary reason for going. There is however a number of people who hold watching quality Rock/ Indie/ Metal bands as their primary reason for attending a festival, and for those like me, the festival is a complete let-down.

    I have a ticket, will go to Sziget and I am sure I will have a good time. On the other hand if I knew early that Sziget was going to freeze out popular guitar based music I would have not bought a ticket and not felt so aggrieved.

    @Neils faith does not come into it unless you put faith above fact. There are only 2 acts left to fill. As has been written, and as someone who has gone to the trouble of checking, there is one headliner and one A38 mid day slot to fill and THAT IS IT for the main event. Some people are bored of people complaining. I am bored of blind faith and the “Vibe” making up for a terrible line-up.

    To summarise:

    SZIGET should have let people know much earlier so people could have made an informed choice before commiting.

    By the way, I’m an ageing hippy and a Day 0’s Hugarian Alice in Wonderland themed spectaular sounds horribly contrived. To save the comitte from meeting next year, can I suggest now “The wizard of Oz” for 2014 and “The 60’s” for 2015.

  31. @O dear god: nicely summed up there. It is not fair to change the ethos of the festival after we have bought early-bird tickets.
    The VIBE is what the people bring and the ARTISTS bring the people.
    Sadly this year the focus is on face painting and poetry, an insult to see those tha bought tickets based on the legacy of this once great festival.

  32. @Ky: To quote you

    “The VIBE is what the people bring and the ARTISTS bring the people.”

    You get my award for best comment made on SZIGET NEWS 2013.

  33. Maybe there isn’t even going to be a festival, because the Danube is really high at the moment

  34. Oh dear god- I reckon there’s not many American bands as there are a number of major North American festivals over the week of Sziget. Unfortunately for Sziget, the vast majority of the acts they should be going for are at these festivals. Not all of these are American, but here is a list of seemingly unavailable acts:
    The Cure, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, Nine Inch Nails, Vampire Weekend, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, Alt-J, Foals, Knife Party, Hot Chip, Disclosure, Frank Ocean, Bonobo, Silversun Pickups

    There are a handful of acts at these festivals playing Sziget (Gaslight Anthem, Alex Clare, Azealia Banks, Flogging Molly), but not many and certainly not the bigger ones

  35. I thought I could see a theme emerging over the past couple of months, which I imagine can be linked to all the attention that Michael Eavis has been giving the festival. I think perhaps the organisers are aiming to create a Glastonbury equivalent festival in eastern Europe, featuring a couple of token big acts, plus dance, ‘cult’ acts and a surfeit of ‘atmosphere’, much of it contrived to appeal to the type of part-time festival goer who likes to pretend that they’ve run away to join the circus!?! o dear god has hit the nail on the head – it’s WOMAD. Looking back, it would seem that a decision was made some time last year to pull out of Metal music, with the cancellation of the Metal Stage. However, in spite of the signs of change clearly being there, it was still wrong not to be more honest with potential ticket buyers. True, some may still attend and love every minute, others, however, may find themselves out of pocket for an experience that holds little or no attraction for them.

    For ourselves, I’m totally glad we waited before buying tickets. Will cancel the hotel we booked later today …. Little or nothing here for us this year. We have interest whatsoever in watching people spin records – we can do that ourselves at home for free! We’re off to Prague and SOAD for our LIVE music fix this summer

  36. This is so sad. I hope SzigetOfficial are reading this. Everyone is selling their tickets. Some people are stuck with their tickets, they have robbed us.

  37. @Ky

    Unfortunately you are not able to sell your ticket; I have looked at the terms & Conditions section and it is not an option. You can change the name on the ticket if that helps!

    I am in the process of trying this having e-mailed them last week. So far they have not replied to my e-mail.

  38. @Vale, Yeah man i know. Wibble said earlier, sell ticket on ebay and swap names with the buyer. Cant believe i am having to do this, been to festivals the world over and never been screwed like this.

  39. I am a very interested man from the dutch. I am searching for a ticket for this years sziget festival. I dont think this years sziget is shit because i’m looking forward to it. You all say its not fun. Make that the cat wise. You;ll stand with a mouth full of teeth when you see the big big wheel of giants. You don’t know what you will miss. You and your shitty arguments. @Vale:Can i have you’re ticket for €121.- i will be a happy man.

  40. @Steven: I think your English is quiet lousy. I still hoping for a name like Rammstein or U2

  41. Im looking forward to Sziget also like every year. Off course, you can always hope for a very big name. But thats not what Sziget is about. It will be great like every year: good music, greatest atmosphere. So i keep my ticket and will have the greatest time of the year again

  42. Once I know the procedure for changing the name to someone else I will be happy to sell my ticket for as much as I can get for it. I will email Sziget again and get the info.

    I also need advice on how I can do this safely asI am not keen on simply giving the ticket away. e-bay the best option? I will start my reserch tonight but any help would be great. To be honest 121 euros does not sound at all bad and if that’s the highest I can get then no reserve, highest bidder. By the way it is for all days (-1 and 0 included)if that increases the price? Cost me 200 euro early booking.

    @Steven you are out of the running as my arguments and those of other aren’t shitty. It really is a poor line-up for Metal / rock / Indie lovers.

    4 acts (from previous years 5)each day on the main stage including such names as !!!. Look them up on Wiki, they have been 17 years in the business and done nothing but still get one of the 4 main stage slots – now that’s shitty

  43. I am a little drunk but a lot stoned…

    still loving “The VIBE is what the people bring and the ARTISTS bring the people.” I still think this is genius.

    Vibe for me is several hundred people of a like mind in cosmic, mental synch. The shared experience” of being of a like mind and “connecting” produces a togetherness of spirit that is usually only felt with your nearest and dearest.

    Everyone is different but not that differnet. We all need to connect. festivals provide the perfect stage for that connection to take hold and to experince the feeling of togetherness and closeness.

    Nobody feels this “vibe” by wandering through a fake alice….art installation. It needs a catalist and music seems to get into the soul more than any other art.

    All genres of vibe fantastic should be on offer, they are all equal. For hippy me, last year’s line up was excellent. This year is 3 good bands and dance music

    Flights fron the north of uk were £140 last year and £230 this. Add this cost to 200 euro festival ticket and ask yourself if the lineup is worth the price?

  44. What ruined it for me, is that Sziget used to be a festival with a little bit of everything. That is what (in my opinion) is wrong with this years edition, too much dance (even though I’m a huge dance/electronic fan), not enough guitar bands. No metal at all. Sziget gave me something of everything. This WOMAD thing isn’t what Sziget should be.

    @axel pinkpop isn’t a festival it is gathering of hipsters who want to claim they went to a festival. Because a party which starts at 14:00 and ends at 23:00 isn’t a real festival.

    Dude I hope you weren’t serious, your English makes me feel ashamed to be a Dutch man. Learn to speak normal English or dont speak at all.

  45. @ Niels @ Mezzezo: I’m still working on my grammer but I’m very goodly in stone-cauliflower english.

  46. This is a very disapointing program om day Zero. Outside Hungary no one knows Quimby. The Editors on day Zero would be a far better solution, or Franz Ferdinand

  47. I am looking forward to my trip to Sziget. This is my first time to see Bad Religion live and in my previous Sziget (2011) Hadouken! was amazing, it was my first wall of death experience during that gig.

    I am mostly waiting for Sziget because of the vibe. I feel that the vibe is about people chilling out and discovering a new kind of music. On previous years (2009, 2011) I have had plans to see other stages than the main stage, but for some reason I have hadn’t time to wander around. This year I think A38 stage will be my favourite stage instead of the main stage.

    Most important thing for me is to have fun and chill out for a one week and that is something I will do!

  48. @Niels @maxzezzo @godzilla
    You all know that sziget is fun fun fun. Don’t cry. Little pussies.
    If you say something different you’ll stay conpletely for cock.
    If everyone is sadly about se lineup the hole festival will go to se sharks.
    I hope the monkey will cone zru the mauw, then i will see it zru the fingers.
    Greetings & tulips from the dutch.

  49. @Steven:

    Oh dear god, you got to be kidding me. Gebruik je google translate ofzo, of ben je echt zo dom.?

    Anyhow, Sziget is more than music, its fun, its culture, its art, etc etc =) Look at it this way: If the lin eup would be tooooo good, and you wanted to see at least 20 bands..then when are you going to sit down for at least 5 minutes and enjoy the people/weather/other stuff? You wouldn’t have time for other things.. And also, I’m quite sure that at least 90% of you will be so drunk, that you forget the whole line up anyway =) If the line up bothers you so much, then be my guest and go to Lowlands/Pinkpop/whatever for almost the same amount of money (or more) and be there for 3 days and go home.

    Anyhow, maybe there isn’t going to be a festival..they are trying to save the Island right now..the water is too high, it already reached Sziget yesterday. So keep your fingers crossed and your mouth shut about the lousy line up for at least 5 minutes :p

  50. Memory, misschien ben jij juist de domme hier. Dat je denkt dat die reactie serieus is.

  51. The lineup isnt great, it’s too bad they didnt manage to sign many more electronic names. Quality names that could easily have been able to come are names like Julio Bashmore, Four Tet, John Talabot, Jamie Jones, Disclosure, Ben UFO, Huxley, Max Cooper, etc. But I am expecting much more than just any other festival and am coming to Sziget with my head held high and am positive it will be an incredible experience!

  52. ft33- to be fair the electronic line up is one of the best I’ve ever seen at a non-dance festival. Yes, John Talabot, Four Tet, Bonobo and Moderat would improve it for me, but I’m not going to complain with Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, John Digweed, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Nero and Booka Shade (just to name a few). If anything the only disappointing bit is that they booked David Guetta as the headliner instead of Deadmau5, The Chemical Brothers, Justice, The Prodigy etc

  53. Eddie-

    Agree completely with you that there are class acts electronically actually. Ive seen everyone you listed live except John Digweed (and Guetta) and have to say I havent been disappointed with any of them. Booka Shade was one of the most phenomenal acts I’ve seen live and TEED also impressed me. The rest are consistently great live shows. By the way, you forgot Nina Kraviz, Gesaffelstein and dOP who also are great names :P. The only statement I wanted to make was that it would have been possible to sign atleast 4-5 artists instead of having Guetta headline. Saw Justice, Chemical Bros, and Deadmau5 all at Werchter and other places again and have to say that they would make for one killer closing act!

  54. maybe Atoms For Peace? they are going on tour and they have whole August free (Maybe Thom York, Flea or somebody else from band have something during this month) but they are going to be close to Hungary…(Slovakia, Poland)

  55. This site is just like my fridge, I know nothing will have changed but I still keep coming back to check it every twenty minutes

  56. Oh, of course, nothing against you Sziget News, I love the site 🙂
    Just noticed the similarity to my trips to the kitchen xD

  57. Guys, more work and less internet or daydreaming about the acts, and there will be more food at the fridge 😀
    But when you found out the number of the comments had grown since the last check, the butterflies in the stomach is raving as shit 😀

  58. @Apis

    I am no longer selling my ticket as my boss won’t let me change my holiday dates so i might as well enjoy the sziget vibe that everyone seems so willing to pay 200 euros for:(. I will cheer up for Sziget I promise;)

    Where is everyone from? I will start the ball rolling by saying I am from Denbigh in Wales, UK.

    I cancelled my hotel while trying to duck out of Sziget this year but have since had to re-book as I am now going. The hotel prices are actually getting cheaper! I booked through 2 months ago and rebooked the same hotel for 20% less last night.

    The lesson is to wait until last minute next year as I have checked the flight prices and they have not changed over the last 2 months.

    I went to Sziget last year and as a seasoned festivsl goer of over 20 festivals (mostly UK)Sziget is definately one of the best.

    The location is second to non and Budapest has a huge amount to offer, check out a ruin bar and at least one spar to get a flavour of the place.

    I am pissed off that Sziget has become a mainly electronic music festival but I guess I was spoilt last year and expected something similar this.

    Hey ho, what can you do? The sun will be out and I for one will be smiling (while driving pins into an effigy of my boss.)

  59. From Manchester, flying with 10 others. I don’t mind the electronic, that’s all fine, just want more variety. As i have said before “music for all” is a core philosophy of sziget and they have stripped all the metal/hard rock out of the line up. Skunk anansie is the only decent rock band there. SzigetOfficial should let us know if there is more to come prior to announcing. Been checking SzigetNews (superior site) every day! C’mon more acts please.

  60. I’m very much looking forward to this year’s festival – can’t see what the fuss is all about. It’s not about the big names, it’s about the new bands you can discover, the atmosphere and just enjoying your days and life.
    If someones wants the big names as well as running from one stage to the next due to 15 bands playing on three stages each at the same time, a different festival should be approached..
    My opinion solely.

  61. I’m going from London, flying out with one person on the 1st and spending a few days with some family friends, then we’re both off to Sziget together. This will be my first full Sziget (I went for one day in 2010 but I was 14 then and new to festivals), I’ve been to 3 festivals since but I’m really looking forward to the Sziget experience; it will be different to the others I have attended which were all metal festivals, such as Sonisphere. Gonna be great 😀

  62. Besides because of the lack of metal, I think a lot of people are complaining because the line up is too international for them. For someone who almost only gets to hear, see and read about British and American acts in their national media (I believe that is the case for most British media) twenty-nine different nationalities in the line up may be a bit much. Last year Sziget had only British and American headliners and co-headliners, except for Akos and Tankcsapda. This year there seem to be a Hungarian headliner (Quimby), an Australian headliner (Nick Cave), a French headliner (Guetta), two German co-headliners (Arzte and Seeed) and a Spanish co-headliner (Ska-P). That may also be a bit much for someone not that much interested in non-British and non-American acts.
    I personally don’t think the fact that there are so many non-American and non-British acts make the line up poor. Where an act is from does not make an act better or worse. In fact, I really like how international the line up is this year. Because of Sziget being so international, I have discovered a lot of great acts over the years. I can recommend everyone to go see for example Emir Kusturica, Leningrad, Ska-P and Donots.
    Also I don’t agree with some of the things I read here.
    Has Sziget really become a mainly electronic music festival? Of course electronic music is not unimportant at Sziget, but:
    – There is one electronic headliner vs. three non-electronic headliners. There have been more electronic headliners in the past (The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Faithless, Fatboy Slim), so I don’t think this is strange.
    – On Main Stage there are five more acts that can be considered electronic, although they’re all not 100% electronic (Alex Clare, Dizzee Rascal, !!!, Enter Shikari and Azealia Banks), vs. ten acts that are not electronic at all. Again the majority is non-electronic.
    – Arena is mainly electronic, but it has always been like that. Actually it is only since last year that non-electronic acts are performing there too.
    – On A38 I count eighteen non-electronic acts vs. fifteen electronic acts. In last year’s A38 line up I count eighteen non-electronic acts vs. twenty-five electronic acts, so the ratio has become more in favour of non-electronic acts this year.
    – And on the World Music Stage I think only Transglobal Underground can be considered electronic, but they perform together with Fanfara Tirana which is non-electronic.
    Therefore my conclusion is: a lot of people here are exaggerating about how important electronic music has become compared to previous years. One year the focus may be a bit more/less on electronic music than in other years, but in my opinion there has not been a radical shift towards electronic music this year.
    Some others suggest world music has become more important. Then why are there only twenty-one acts on the World Music Stage this year and were there twenty-five acts on that stage last year? And why was the World Music Stage line up much better last year than it is this year? Furthermore I think on Main Stage only one act can be considered world music (only Ska-P), while in previous years there was world music on Main Stage too with acts such as Gocoo, Batucada Sound Machine, Gogol Bordello and Mariachi El Bronx. So to me it doesn’t seem world music has become more important either and Sziget has certainly not become like WOMAD. Only the World Music Stage is like WOMAD, but that is no change compared to the the previous years.
    Of course I’m not saying nothing has changed. There is less metal and hard rock than in previous editions. What has come in place for that? I think it’s a bit of everything, including other kinds of rock music too.
    By the way, I’m Dutch and have been to Sziget since 2008. Since that year I try to attend another festival too each year, but so far none of them was as good as Sziget. Therefore I keep on going to Budapest for my best week of the year and I think that won’t change within the next couple of years. I’ve been five times now, but want to make it at least ten times 🙂

  63. I don’t mind how international the festival is, in the last 2 years I have discovered 2 Austrian bands, 2 Dutch bands an Italian band that are now among my favourite bands.

    I feel like rock/metal fans are being discriminated against because of their taste in music, I thought the festival was about a wide range of music but there are so many similar bands playing this year.

    Whilst I agree I don’t want 15 different bands playing at the same time, I would like at least 1 that I have some interest in seeing. At the moment I am planning my schedule around being away from stages where acts I really don’t want to see are playing in the hope that I discover something I will like, that’s wrong for a festival that is as long as Sziget is.

    There has been a definite increase in electronic music on the stages over the last 2 years but that wouldn’t be as much of a problem if all the bars didn’t have electronic music blasting out when the stages go quiet its a constant barrage of dance music all day everyday and the heavy metal/rock stage was somewhere I could go to get away from that.

    As it stands there isn’t one single act that I have paid or would pay to go and see if they were playing a gig locally to me and for a festival that boasts “60 program venues and around 200 programs daily” that simply isn’t good enough especially as I have to buy tickets/flights/hotels early(before bands are announced) to get the best prices.

    I’m not looking for Metallica, Pearl Jam or Foo fighters but a small stage with up and coming bands wouldn’t stretch the Sziget budget that much more and would keep a lot of people happy and add more variety.

    Before I get the “well don’t go then” replies I use Sziget as a holiday destination somewhere I can go and relax, to meet with friends and family that I have situated around Europe and somewhere I can go to get some decent weather whilst taking in some live music, at the moment I may as well have saved myself the ticket price.

  64. @ Hungry:

    Thank you for doing the research of comparing this year’s line-up to that of previous years, it raises several very interesting points.

    When you split the bands up by genre and compare the numbers there still is a small but significant shift towards electronic music almost exclusively at the expense of Rock / Metal. This number crunching although interesting misses a significant point, that of the quality of the bands on offer.

    From reading the comments here, very few people have anything but praise for the Electronic Music line-up. The same can be said for the World Music acts on offer. I have not read one single positive comment from any music fans outside of these 2 Genres? It isn’t only about the numbers (although Rock / Metal is conspicuous by its absence) but the quality. How many people had Mika, Quimby, seeed and !!! on their main stage wish lists, my guess is not many.

    @Aladi_Ruals: Couldn’t agree more:
    Everybody in the UK has their flights booked and tickets bought so there will be a significant British presence at Sziget this year.
    The UK flights are nearly double that of last year (If you live outside London) and unless Sziget caters for EVERYONE’S tastes then I for one won’t be back next. I have one foreign holiday a year, and last year and this it will be Sziget. I bought the early bird ticket to save money and so my boss could organise cover while I was away. I personally feel kind of cheated by Sziget’s shift away from the music I prefer. I don’t twitter, I don’t facebook and I have never written on any other forum. I feel so strongly about Sziget abandoning the Music I love I simply have to rant on Sziget News. If anybody now writes that Sziget is about the Vibe not about the music then I will have no option but to kill a local hippy.(A Joke in case the internet police are watching)

  65. Are the 60 programme venues actually 12 split over 5 days? That’s a right swizz. I’m guessing it’s 40 acts a day rather than 200 too. At Glastonbury it’s literally 200+ each day. I’m not saying I bought my ticket on that basis, because I didn’t even read that statement, but I do think it’s misleading

  66. @Eddie: The full program of Sziget has a lot more names than they put in the line-up: I found the full program of last year:

    Sunday 5th August
    Main Stage
    Hungarian Song’s Day12:00-20:00
    Monday 6th August
    Main Stage
    Csík Band and Friends20:00-21:00
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Jam de la Créme18:00-19:00
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, DJ+, Paspa, Iron-Ic, Pythius23:00-00:00
    Open Stage
    Scots on Ice (DK)15:00-16:00
    Greenclass (E)16:00-17:00
    Patent (H)17:00-18:00
    Scene Writers (D)18:00-19:00
    Von Pariahs (F)19:00-20:00
    Lucky Strikes Back (A)20:00-21:00
    The Paperboats (P)21:00-22:00
    Zuzana Smatanová (SK)22:00-23:15
    Brodka (POL)23:15-00:30
    Tuesday 7th August
    Main Stage
    The ROOTS & ROUTES INTERNATIONAL presents: EUtropia23:15-05:00
    Hungarian Music Main Stage (Metal Day)
    Lacuna Coil19:45-21:00
    Dimmu Borgir21:30-23:00
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    Short Stories by Jaap Scholten14:00-15:00
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Jam de la Créme18:00-19:00
    Boef & de Gelogeerde Aap21:30-22:30
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, LCS, DJ 2-Motion, Booddha, DJ Dynemic23:00-00:00
    Open Stage
    Dudes (N)15:00-16:00
    Black Eyed Dog (I)16:00-17:00
    Obey (UK)17:00-18:00
    Pardon Ms. Arden (D)18:00-19:00
    The Toronto Drug Bust (SLO)19:00-20:00
    Stereotypical Working Class (F)20:00-21:00
    Capeman (NL)21:00-22:00
    Ocean (POL)22:00-23:15
    Concrete Sun (SRB)23:15-00:30
    Wednesday 8th August
    Main Stage
    I Cani16:00-17:30
    Elektro Guzzi18:00-19:00
    Saint Etienne19:30-20:30
    Steve Aoki01:30-03:30
    Kerekes Band16:30-17:30
    Anna Calvi18:00-19:20
    Dope D.O.D23:30-00:30
    Netsky & MC Darrison02:30-03:30
    Ian Autorun b2b Markov04:00-05:00
    OTP World Music Stage
    Dubioza Kolektiv16:00-16:45
    Amsterdam Klezmer Band17:15-18:00
    Che Sudaka18:30-19:15
    Los de Abajo19:45-21:00
    Roma Stage
    Snetberger Camp19:00-19:45
    Fishtank Ensemble22:00-23:15
    Besh o droM+ Stereo Partizan01:45-03:00
    Hungarian Main Stage
    Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel15:30-16:30
    Anima Sound System17:00-18:00
    Pál Utcai Fiúk18:30-19:30
    Budapest Bár20:00-21:15
    Magna Cum Laude21:45-23:00
    Giant Street Theatre
    Compagnie Pipototal presents: Basculoscopia22:00-23:00
    Blues Pub
    Blues Beat Party: DJ Rasta, Mate Szabi Sub, Boogie & Gravedigger13:00-16:00
    Butterfly Effects16:30-17:30
    The Cedric Burnside Project18:00-19:00
    Pink Freud19:30-21:00
    Mississippi Big Beat21:30-22:30
    Ferenczi Gyorgy es a Rackajam23:00-00:30
    Jam Session: Torok Adam + Capriccio01:00-02:30
    Cokxpon Ambient Tent and Garden
    earts ft. Ramses13:00-14:30
    Kokenylovas: Psyritual Strings Live15:00-16:30
    Toma & Blez17:00-18:00
    TM Street22:00-01:00
    Dr. Analogue & DJ Azaki03:00-04:00
    Open-Civil Stage
    Blue Nipple Boy17:00-17:30
    Wattican Punk Ballet18:00-19:00
    The Kolin19:30-20:45
    Anna & The Barbies23:00-00:15
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Jam de la Créme19:00-20:00
    Chef’Special DJ set21:30-23:00
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, J. DEVILLE (NL), The Jokers, SubDimension, Carezza, Pardietime, Kevin Seeker23:00-00:00
    Inmedio Drink & Bar
    Savage & MC Fantom14:00-16:00
    June Miller16:00-18:00
    Eril Fjord live18:00-19:00
    Mentalien & MC Blend23:00-01:00
    Magic Mirror
    Movie: Coming Out14:00-15:45
    Movie: Unter Männer – Schwul in der DDR16:00-16:45
    Talk Show: Faith, religion, church17:00-18:30
    Recirquel – rethinking of a classical circus19:00-21:00
    Varieté: Diva Tomasz (D), DC Cowboys Dance Company (USA), Katrina (D), Zsóka Kapócs, Stefan Kuschner (D), Unison DLC, Betty Blue, Nicole Giverny, Mariann Falusi23:30-00:30
    Party: DJ Felh? & DJ Szecsei feat Greg Note00:30-03:00
    Open Stage
    Blue Nipple Boy17:00-17:30
    Wattican Punk Ballett18:00-19:00
    The Kolin19:30-20:45
    Anna & The Barbies23:00-00:15
    Roma Tent,
    Snétberger Camp19:00-19:45
    Fishtank Ensemble22:00-23:15
    Besh o droM + Stereo Partizan01:45-03:00
    Afro-Latin Stage & World Village
    Voluntary work in Afrika11:00-12:00
    African drums workshop12:00-13:00
    Egyptian belly dance workshop13:00-14:00
    Salsa dance workshop14:00-15:00
    Afro-Caribbean dance workshop15:00-16:00
    Rudeneck Sound16:00-17:30
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company19:00-19:30
    Ska Funderz19:30-21:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company21:00-21:30
    AIRtist (H-A)21:30-23:00
    Afro Party with Dj Koya (NIG)23:00-01:00
    Thursday 9th August
    Main Stage
    The Roots15:00-16:00
    Caro Emerald16:30-17:30
    Maximo Park18:00-19:15
    Crystal Fighters19:30-20:30
    Jay Lumen22:00-23:00
    Stereo Palma02:30-04:00
    Chris Ronson04:00-05:30
    Electric Wire Hustle18:00-19:20
    Friendly Fires19:50-21:10
    Shaka Ponk21:40-23:00
    High Contast presents “The Agony & the Ecstasy featuring Jessy Allen & Dynamite MC”01:00-02:00
    OTP World Music Stage
    HK & Les Saltimbanks17:15-18:00
    Muchachito Dombo Infierno18:30-19:15
    Orchestre National De Barbes19:45-21:00
    Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra21:30-23:00
    Roma Stage
    Snetberger Camp19:00-19:45
    The Barons of Tang23:45-01:15
    DJ Click01:15-02:30
    Hungarian Main Stage
    Alvin és a Mókusok15:30-16:30
    Giant Street Theatre
    Compagnie Pipototal presents: Basculoscopia22:00-23:00
    Blues Pub
    Blues Beat Party: DJ Rasta, Mate Szabi Sub, Boogie & Gravedigger13:00-16:00
    The Silver Shine18:00-19:00
    Stoned 100%RollingStones (tribute) – guest: Jeno Fekete19:30-21:00
    Alvon Johnson Band21:30-22:30
    Cokxpon Ambient Tent and Garden
    DJ Lejon15:00-16:30
    DJ Savage + MC Fantom aka Subculture Revolution22:00-01:00
    Meet the Ambient02:00-03:00
    Peter Bemath04:00-05:00
    Open-Civil Stage
    Cherry Bomb17:00-17:30
    Starfish Taxi19:30-20:45
    Ocho Macho23:00-00:15
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    Etep/Ceetep Press Conference: Peter Smidt (Eurosonic, Noorderslag), Fruzsina Szép (Sziget), Ivan Milivojev (Exit)14:00-15:00
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Random Trip feat.Krsa (P.A.S.O.),asai /DOM/, Magyar Bori,MC Kemon (Irie Maffia),Sárik Péter (Sárik Péter Trió), Bata Pisti (Fábián Juli & Zoohacker), Delov Jávor (Turbo), DJ Q-Cee (Vinyl Warriorz)16:30-17:30
    Netherland’s best singer/ songwriter competition: (3FM,Vara,BNN)18:00-18:30
    Jam de la Créme18:30-19:30
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, PARTY CANNIBALS, Max Anthony, Benji, Jeroen K., Jeppe23:00-00:00
    Inmedio Drink & Bar
    Fine Cut Bodies16:00-18:00
    AMB live18:00-19:00
    King Kong Kicks19:00-21:00
    Cadik & Zosha21:00-23:00
    Dj Madd & MC Agent23:00-01:00
    Matt-U & MC Kemon03:00-05:00
    Magic Mirror
    Movie: House of Shame – Chantal All Night long14:00-15:45
    Movie: Tote Schwule – Lebende Lesben16:00-16:45
    Talk Show: LMBTQI-affairs17:00-18:30
    Recirquel – rethinking of a classical circus19:00-21:00
    Varieté: Diva Tomasz (D), DC Cowboys Dance Company (USA), Katrina (D), Zsóka Kapócs, Stefan Kuschner (D), Unison DLC, Betty Blue, Nicole Giverny, Mariann Falusi23:30-00:30
    Party: DJ Ipek (D), VJ Karajan (D), DJ Legars, VJ Manna00:30-03:00
    Open Stage
    Cherry Bomb17:00-17:30
    Ocho Macho23:00-00:15
    Roma Tent,
    Snétberger Camp19:00-19:45
    The Barons of Tang23:45-00:45
    DJ Click01:15-03:00
    Afro-Latin Stage & World Village
    Fadimata Walet Oumar (Mali)11:00-12:00
    African drums workshop12:00-13:00
    Egyptian belly dance workshop13:00-14:00
    Salsa dance workshop14:00-15:00
    Afro-Caribbean dance workshop15:00-16:00
    Super Starsky16:00-17:30
    Gravefruit Sound17:30-19:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company19:00-19:30
    Riddim Colony19:30-21:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company21:00-21:30
    Jr Brown and the Budapest Riddim Band21:30-23:00
    Joint Forces – Mr. Skunk, Snakey (DOM), Fayabolo23:00-01:00
    Friday 10th August
    Main Stage
    The Vaccines16:30-17:30
    Sportfreunde Stiller18:00-19:15
    The XX19:45-21:00
    The Stone Roses21:30-23:00
    Il Teatro Degli Orrori18:00-19:00
    Kraak & Smaak live19:30-20:30
    Igor Do’Urden22:00-23:00
    Adam Beyer00:30-02:30
    The Advent vs. Industrialyzer live02:30-03:45
    Hot X03:45-05:00
    DJ Tearz05:00-06:00
    The Black Seeds15:00-16:00
    Wild Beasts16:30-17:30
    Compact Disco18:00-19:20
    Agnes Obel19:50-21:10
    Bebel Gilberto21:40-23:00
    Rizzle Kicks23:30-00:30
    Secret Factory01:00-02:00
    OTP World Music Stage
    La Selva Sur16:00-16:45
    Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra17:15-18:00
    Roy Paci & Aretuska18:30-19:15
    Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar21:30-23:00
    Roma Stage
    Snetberger Camp19:00-19:45
    Caci Vorba20:15-21:30
    Gypsy Hill23:45-01:15
    DJ Click01:15-02:30
    Hungarian Main Stage
    Akkezdet Phiai15:30-16:30
    Kowalsky meg a Vega17:00-18:00
    Heaven Street Seven18:30-19:30
    Punnany Massif20:00-21:15
    Vad Fruttik21:45-23:00
    Giant Street Theatre
    Compagnie Pipototal presents: Basculoscopia22:00-23:00
    Blues Pub
    Blues Beat Party: DJ Rasta, Mate Szabi Sub, Boogie & Gravedigger13:00-16:00
    Blue sPot18:00-19:00
    Psycho Mutants19:30-21:00
    Kettos Tamas and the Vadszamarak21:30-22:30
    Gyo Kretz23:00-00:30
    Jam Session, Gyo Ktretz, Kettos Tamas es a Vadszamara and ef. Zambo Istvan01:00-02:30
    Cokxpon Ambient Tent and Garden
    DJ Gammer10:00-12:30
    DJ Milendee17:00-18:00
    Capoeira Agua de Beber18:00-19:00
    Charly & Gallus22:00-23:00
    Led show: Hestia Fire and Light Juggling Group23:00-00:00
    Fire show00:00-01:00
    ZZZ Fluxus02:00-03:00
    Open-Civil Stage
    Petruska Andras17:00-17:30
    Jack Cannon Blues Band18:00-19:00
    … Catsandox23:00-00:15
    ef Zambo Happy Dead Band00:45-02:00
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    Short Stories by Jaap Scholten14:00-15:00
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Jam de la Créme19:00-20:00
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, AQUADROP (I), The Self, Osman Beats, LUCKY DONE GONE, DJ Prince, Faribass23:00-00:00
    Inmedio Drink & Bar
    Ghetto Bazaar14:00-16:00
    Slap in the Bass16:00-18:00
    Mastuca (Cadik, Mango, Dizko Stu) live18:00-19:00
    Spinline & MC Blend23:00-01:00
    Icicle & LX One01:00-03:00
    Incident & MC Agent03:00-05:00
    Magic Mirror
    Movie: Mutti – Der Film14:00-15:45
    Movie: Edith’s Heisse Spalte (1-7.)16:00-16:45
    Talk Show: Men’s secret17:00-18:30
    Recirquel – rethinking of a classical circus19:00-21:00
    Varieté: János Kulka, Diva Tomasz (D), DC Cowboys Dance Company (USA), Katrina (D), Zsóka Kapócs, Stefan Kuschner (D), Unison DLC, Betty Blue, Nicole Giverny, Mariann Falusi23:30-00:30
    Party: DJ Ades Zabel (D), BRNY (RO)00:30-03:00
    Open Stage
    Petruska András17:00-17:30
    Jack Cannon Blues Band18:00-19:00
    … Catsandox23:00-00:15
    Roma Tent,
    Snétberger Camp19:00-19:45
    ?a?i Vorba20:15-21:30
    Gypsy Hill23:45-00:45
    DJ Click01:15-03:00
    Afro-Latin Stage & World Village
    Music and politics in Timbuktu11:00-12:00
    African drums workshop12:00-13:00
    Egyptian belly dance workshop13:00-14:00
    Salsa dance workshop14:00-15:00
    Afro-Caribbean dance workshop15:00-16:00
    LK Beat16:00-17:30
    Kingston Cruisers17:30-19:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company19:00-19:30
    The Mighty Fishers19:30-21:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company21:00-21:30
    Riddim Colony Sound System21:30-23:00
    Riddim Colony DJ set23:00-01:00
    Saturday 11th August
    Main Stage
    Noah and the Whale15:00-16:00
    The Horrors16:30-17:30
    Two Door Cinema Club18:00-19:15
    Sum 4119:45-21:00
    Snoop Dogg21:30-23:00
    In Golden Tears16:00-17:30
    Flux Pavillion02:00-03:30
    Stereo Killaz05:00-06:00
    Jungle by Night15:00-16:00
    Azari & III23:30-00:30
    Monkey 602:30-04:00
    OTP World Music Stage
    Imam Baildi16:00-16:45
    Sergent Garcia17:15-18:00
    Besh o droM ft. Szaloki Agi, Juhasz Miczura Monika18:30-19:15
    The Pogues21:30-23:00
    Roma Stage
    Snetberger Camp19:00-19:45
    King Naat Veliov & The Original Kocani Orkestar23:30-00:45
    DJ Gaetano Fabri & Balkan Hotsteppers01:15-02:30
    Hungarian Main Stage
    Maszkura és a Tücsökraj15:30-16:30
    Ladánybene 2717:00-18:00
    Magashegyi Underground18:30-19:30
    Intim Torna Illegál20:00-21:15
    Péterfy Bori & Love Band21:45-23:00
    Giant Street Theatre
    Compagnie Pipototal presents: Basculoscopia22:00-23:00
    Blues Pub
    Blues Beat Party: DJ Rasta, Mate Szabi Sub, Boogie & Gravedigger13:00-16:00
    Joint Ventura18:00-19:00
    Fat Cat Band19:30-21:00
    Mystery Gang21:30-22:30
    Sonia and the Soulbreakers23:00-00:30
    The Jimi Hendrix Memorial Band and Fekete Jeno01:00-02:30
    Cokxpon Ambient Tent and Garden
    Universal Language10:00-12:30
    Blooni aka DJ Latam15:00-16:30
    DJ Zold17:00-18:00
    Capeoira Agua de Beber18:00-19:00
    DJ Moosz & Eye Infection20:00-22:00
    Fire show00:00-01:00
    Nameless City (… and other tales)01:00-02:00
    The Global Optimistic + VJ’s Akasha02:00-03:00
    Duel & Jacint04:00-05:00
    Open-Civil Stage
    The Hated Tomorrow17:00-17:30
    Esti Kornel19:30-20:45
    Balkan Fanatik21:15-22:30
    A Kutya Vacsoraja23:00-00:15
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Grand Mexican Warlock16:30-17:30
    Jam de la Créme19:00-20:00
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, JUHÁSZ LACI, Kone, The Partysluts, AUDIO DOGS, Dicke Junge, Jasper Knieriem, Digital Clones23:00-00:00
    Inmedio Drink & Bar
    9b0 live18:00-19:00
    Mastif & MC Agent21:00-23:00
    Mentalien & MC Agent23:00-01:00
    A Sides & MC Fats01:00-03:00
    Dj Ren & MC Fedora03:00-05:00
    Magic Mirror
    Movie: Was am Ende Zählt14:00-15:45
    Movie: Mommy is Coming16:00-16:45
    Talk Show17:00-18:30
    Recirquel – rethinking of a classical circus19:00-21:00
    Varieté: János Kulka, Diva Tomasz (D), DC Cowboys Dance Company (USA), Katrina (D), Zsóka Kapócs, Stefan Kuschner (D), Unison DLC, Betty Blue, Nicole Giverny, Mariann Falusi23:30-00:30
    Party: Infragandhi, Vida G00:30-03:00
    Open Stage
    The Hated Tomorrow17:00-17:30
    Esti Kornél19:30-20:45
    Balkan Fanatik21:15-22:30
    A Kutya Vacsorája23:00-00:15
    ef Zámbó Happy Dead Band00:45-02:00
    Roma Tent,
    Snétberger Camp19:00-19:45
    King Naat Veliov & Original Ko?ani Orkestar23:30-00:45
    DJ Gaetano Fabri & Balkan Hotsteppers01:15-03:00
    Afro-Latin Stage & World Village
    Lecture: Congo – In the footsteps of Emil Tordai11:00-12:00
    African drums workshop12:00-13:00
    Egyptian belly dance workshop13:00-14:00
    Salsa dance workshop14:00-15:00
    Afro-Caribbean dance workshop15:00-16:00
    Budapest Ska Nu-Jazz Orchestra17:30-19:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company19:00-19:30
    Samba Touré & AZALAI (MALI)19:30-21:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company21:00-21:30
    AZALAI Music Caravan: Jam Session21:30-23:00
    Selector Desmond Schlekker23:00-01:00
    Sunday 12th August
    Main Stage
    The Subways15:00-16:00
    Paolo Nutini16:30-17:30
    Mando Diao18:00-19:15
    The Killers21:30-23:00
    Amon Amarth18:00-19:00
    Magnetic Man19:30-20:30
    Lange ft. Betsie Larkin00:00-02:00
    Aly & Fila02:00-04:00
    The Ting Tings21:40-23:00
    DJ Fresh01:00-02:00
    John B02:00-03:30
    OTP World Music Stage
    Figli di Madre Ignota16:00-16:45
    Fanfare Ciocarlia17:15-18:00
    Goran Bregovic and Wedding & Funeral Band21:30-23:00
    Roma Stage
    Snetberger Camp19:00-19:45
    Robert Lakatos & a Rev20:15-21:30
    Parno Graszt22:00-23:15
    Fanfare Shavale23:30-00:45
    DJ Gaetano Fabri & Balkan Hotsteppers01:15-02:30
    Hungarian Main Stage
    Irie Maffia21:45-23:00
    Giant Street Theatre
    Compagnie Pipototal presents: Basculoscopia22:00-23:00
    Blues Pub
    Blues Beat Party: DJ Rasta, Mate Szabi Sub, Boogie & Gravedigger13:00-16:00
    Tom White and his friends18:00-19:00
    Doors Memorial Band19:30-21:00
    Magyar Atom21:30-22:30
    Karen Carroll With The Mississippi Grave Diggers23:00-00:30
    Cokxpon Ambient Tent and Garden
    DJ Czellux07:00-09:30
    DJ Garpo13:00-14:30
    DJ Maks & DJ Zefyr & DJ Kontrast15:00-16:30
    Capoeira Agua de Beber18:00-19:00
    Fire Show: Hestia Fire and Light Juggling Group00:00-01:00
    Space-journey to other planets00:00-01:00
    Kaido Krikmae02:00-03:00
    Aksel Lent & Tareth03:00-04:00
    Open-Civil Stage
    Wasabi Kht17:00-17:30
    We Are Rockstars21:15-22:30
    Muller Peter Sziami… es baratai00:45-02:00
    Holland Meets Hungary Stage
    Short Stories by Jaap Scholten14:00-15:00
    iLL Skill Squad15:30-16:30
    Jam de la Créme19:00-20:00
    DJ BUDDHASMILE, MIRO, DJ Mazzletov, Daan & J.Rogue, Zeper & Pout,Je Zusje23:00-00:00
    Inmedio Drink & Bar
    Modul vs. Iamyank live18:00-19:00
    Filth Co.19:00-21:00
    Savage & MC Fantom21:00-23:00
    S.P.Y. & MC Lowoui01:00-03:00
    Magic Mirror
    Movie: The Raspberry Reich14:00-15:45
    Movie: Prinz in Hölleland16:00-16:45
    Talk Show: we made sport and we won?!17:00-18:30
    Recirquel – rethinking of a classical circus19:00-21:00
    Varieté: János Kulka, Diva Tomasz (D), DC Cowboys Dance Company (USA), Katrina (D), Zsóka Kapócs, Stefan Kuschner (D), Unison DLC, Betty Blue, Nicole Giverny, Mariann Falusi23:30-00:30
    Party: Galactic Boogie – Add 2 Basket, Mahagonee00:30-03:00
    Open Stage
    Wasabi Kht17:00-17:30
    We Are Rockstars21:15-22:30
    Müller Péter Sziámi… AND FRIENDS00:45-02:00
    Roma Tent,
    Snétberger Camp19:00-19:45
    Lakatos Róbert és a Rév20:15-21:30
    Parno Graszt22:00-23:00
    Fanfare Shavale23:30-00:45
    DJ Gaetano Fabri & Balkan Hotsteppers01:15-03:00
    Afro-Latin Stage & World Village
    Lecture: Rastafari in Senegal11:00-12:00
    African drums workshop12:00-13:00
    Egyptian belly dance workshop13:00-14:00
    Salsa dance workshop14:00-15:00
    Afro-Caribbean dance workshop15:00-16:00
    Rudeneck Sound16:00-17:30
    G Ras & the Chapel Jiggaz17:30-19:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company19:00-19:30
    Lions of Suburbia19:30-21:00
    Mercedes Nieto & The Nymph Oriental Dance Company21:00-21:30
    PASO Sound System Live act21:30-23:00
    DJ set: Selecta, Áfonya, KRSA, Lipi Brown23:00-01:00

  67. @ aladi_ruals and @ Vale
    Thanks for your reactions.
    aladi_ruals, I started my previous comment with saying the lack of metal is one reason for disappointment (not for me, but I can understand it is for many others), so I don’t think we need to discuss about that. I hope there will be something of your liking on the smaller stages like the mambo stage or the cover band stage, that will be reintroduced this year. If the cover band stage will be anything like it used to be, it will be mostly rock music.
    Vale, you suggest not many people had Seeed and Quimby on their wishlist. This proves exactly what I meant: if acts are from another country and therefore not well-known in UK, many British (not all of them) think they’re no quality acts. Have you ever considered how many Germans and Hungarians go to Sziget? If you think the British presence at Sziget is significant, you should think the same about the German and Hungarian presence. Sziget is not a British festival! I’ve been told Seeed is huge in Germany (and even quite many of my Dutch friends know and like them, so they’re not only popular in Germany) and Quimby is supposed to be the most well-known Hungarian alternative rock band. Therefore for me this justifies their place in the Sziget line up.
    On a side note, you also suggested not many people had Mika in their wishlist. If I remember it correctly, last time Mika was at Sziget, that day there were a lot of (I think mostly Hungarian) fans for him in the festival. Probably they had Mika on their wishlist again.

  68. @Hungry

    I do take your point regarding Seeed and Quimby and it not being a UK festival but: The main stage acts have been reduced from 5 per day in all previous years to 4 per day this year. Surely this should mean only bands of international status should be filling these reduced slots.

    Looking at Wikipedia, Seed have done well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and had an album reach 71st position in the French album charts in 2005. For me this is only borderline international fame as they do not seem to appeal to non- German speakers.

    Quimby are not famous outside Hungry. There is a huge, dedicated Hundarian Stage for the duration of the festival and perhaps Quimby should headline that and not headline the main stage?.

    This is not a UK thing, this is a quality issue. Both Seeed and Quimby are at least popular in the Countries they come from and should make for a good (if not a little too nationalistic) gig crowd.

    “!!!” have only ever got to 195 in the album charts in their home country of the USA and still get one of the coveted main stage slots.

    OK I concede with Mika. I can’t stand the man but it would seem he is internationally popular so deserves his place.

    All I am saying is that if you reduce the bands playing on the main stage by 20% then make sure the ones who are playing have multination appeal. Look at the majority of festivals across Europe and they have far more internationally famous bands with far more popular appeal than the reduced main stage at Sziget has to offer?

    Perhaps Sziget has spread itself too thin by trying to offer a cultural and musical flavour of every nation. This tokenism leave’s everyone hungry for more and nobody satisfied. I for one understand peoples WOMAD reference and can’t help but feel the main reason for all of the changes is that of Money. It will not come as a surprise to anybody that International rock bands cost more than electronic and world music acts. Sziget can’t compete so is becoming a culture festival with some headline bands rather than an international music festival.

  69. @Vale
    First of all, please let me make clear that I don’t mean to attack you or anything like that. I’m just trying to understand why people (you included) are complaining on this website, while among the many friends I have that are going to Sziget I hear a totally different opinion. I noticed many of the complaints are coming from UK, so therefore I got the idea that maybe the Dutch are generally (of course I’m not speaking about everyone) more open to music from other countries than the British. And I still think this idea could be right. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing if British are indeed less open to music from other countries, but maybe it explains why Sziget is so much more popular among the Dutch than among the British.
    About your last comment: of course you have a point when you say Main Stage should be filled with bands of international status, but let’s pretend Die Arzte will switch stage with either Flogging Molly or Chase & Status, Ska-P will switch stage with Nero, !!! will switch stage with Dry The River and Seeed will switch stage with either Calexico or Little Boots. Then you have Main Stage filled with bands of international status. In reality these bands probably won’t switch, but they are playing at the same time. If you prefer to see bands with international status, all you need to do is head to another stage.
    Of course this does not apply to Quimby, who in my opinion are a weak Day 0 headliner too. I think it would have been better if Quimby was a co-headliner on the last day and Franz Ferdinand would headline Day 0.

  70. It’s not fair to target UK fans because of the fact that UK/American bands are generally bigger. In terms of suiting the tastes of people from all over Europe it’s fair to say that booking British acts is a safe bet. I’m English and the acts I most want to be added are Moderat (German), Vitalic (French) and Jamiroquai (British). The acts I like most from the line up so far are Tame Impala (Australian), Boys Noize (German) and Woodkid (French). I don’t believe for once second that I’m incapable of listening to World music, but the World music line up isn’t even that strong. A lot of the better acts clash with good bands elsewhere and I’ll probably only watch La Pegatina. It’s hardly World music when the majority of acts are Eastern European anyway

    I get that Die Arzte are massive, but the other European acts on the Main Stage aren’t huge across Europe (apart from Guetta obviously). I’ll still enjoy the weekend and there’s still some decent music to go and see but it’s not a premier line up and compared to two or three years ago it just doesn’t stand up

  71. @Hungry

    We two are monopolising this discussion a little bit and I think I should bow out gracefully. I hope it’s not patronising to tell you that your English is exceptional and your counter arguments equally impressive.

    I am not sure if the Dutch or British have more eclectic tastes. If pushed I would say the Dutch are more open to music sang in non-English / Dutch languages and UK generally more open to innovation and new music within a strictly Western tradition. I am probably alone among my friends for liking some Latin American and African bands. Alternatively I suspect the majority of the Dutch would find some of the cutting edge music my friends listen as unappetising as they find world music. There is no accounting for taste and it is probably wrong for either of us to generalise.

    As for your suggestions: I am a big fan of Calexico, but don’t really like live dance music (Nero, Chase and Status etc) & don’t know “Dry the River.” I am listening to them on youtube as I type this message, my first impression is that they are good so thanks for the advice.

    I think a lot of people like both Chase and Status and Nero and getting in to the dance (arena) tent will be a challenge I suspect. Perhaps if I wasn’t so shit at dancing I could enjoy going to live DJ’s sets. I am a huge fan of electronica Metronomy, Kraftwerk and Orbital being my particular favourites. But dancing is as alien to me as flying.

    See you at the front for Quimby?

  72. To be fair, I’m much more in to the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Justice and The Chemical Brothers in terms of upbeat dance music (I listen to a lot of minimal/techno too), but Chase and Status and Nero are very good live, especially Nero. I got dragged to a Nero club night a year or so ago and they were absolutely amazing. I’ll be watching them again on that basis

  73. The part I find most frustrating is that Sziget aren’t transparent enough in the way they announce their line ups and certainly don’t give you early(or any) information regarding changes in direction(especially the move away from rock/metal). They don’t give you the proper opportunity to make a choice on which festival you wish to attend, you have to buy your ticket blind in the hope that bands you like are going to be announced.

    If this was the first time I was looking at going to a European festival having looked at various festivals in Germany/Belgium/Netherlands/Austria and even other Hungarian festivals and having looked at current line-ups there is no way on earth I would entertain going to Sziget but because of the way Sziget works I would already have bought early bird tickets and booked flights.

    The official Sziget website has a lot of adverts for what can be done in and around Budapest and its starting to feel as though the festival is being used as an advertising aid to attract people to the city rather than just the festival.

    @Vale I agree with you on the “Sziget vibe” I think that gets brain washed into people myself, I don’t see that much of a difference between Sziget and anywhere else other than the surroundings.

    @Eddie check the link below it definitely says 60 program venues with 200 programs daily so I don’t think it means 12 per day(I may be wrong though)

  74. @Steven: Thanks for the thumb workout, on my phone haha. @Hungry: i cant dance for shit but i wont let that stop me. @Aladi: So true, i love sziget but the lack of clarity has put me off attending in future. Its not like they have even said “More acts to follow” or anything like that. Im kind of hoping there will be a huge announcement last minute to make me eat my words.

  75. looking at dates, the following also look possible

    eels, alt J, django django, NIN,

    any of those would be amazing,

    i wonder if they will anounce any big new stages this year. ive noticed they havent mentioned the hungarian main stage, id love a second outdoor international stage. like the other stage at glasto.

  76. I’m not sure what people are looking at when they look at tour dates of bands. I’m fairly certain Alt-J, Nine Inch Nails and The Offspring are basically impossible

  77. Headliner for main stage on aug. 10th is still open. System of a Down is playing 9th in Sweden and 11th in Finland. How likely is a gig on 10th at Sziget? A small chance I guess, but I keep hoping..

  78. In my opinion they didn’t want to announce Rammstein or Kings of Leon for the last headliner spot until Novarock ends. But Deftones would be awesome too.

  79. How realistic is Ben’s idea about an another open international stage at the place of the M2 stage?

  80. The other international stage already exists and it’s A38 Stage.
    I also think they will announce Kings Of Leon. Rammstein are impossible to me considering that the co-headliner of the 10th is Mika. So it’ll be a Pop, Rock or PopRock act.

  81. I’ve thought Kings of Leon were a possibility for a long time. At least they’re good live even though their last two albums were rubbish

    The dance line up is really ridiculous by the way. I know non-dance fans are complaining (and rightly so really, I’m the only one in my group of five who is really in to dance music) but it’s comfortably the best dance line up I’ve seen at a non-dance festival. In fact, it’s better than some I’ve seen at actual dance festivals

  82. The Arena tent is big but nowhere near big enough to accomodate everyone at this year’s Sziget dance festival.

    I have a genuine concern over the safety. The dance tent (called the “Arena tent” at Sziget) has the majority of the acts that people want to go to see. One of 2 things will happen:

    1, Either there will be very strict security to enter the Arena tent. This will result in hundreds of people at the entrance waiting to enter on a one out one in basis. The people lucky enough to get in will then stay in the tent for a long time. If it is the same set up as last year there is a bar and toilet facilities in the tent so people will not leave meaning a great deal of frustration for those outside.

    2, There will not be entrance security or there will be a security breach. My concern is that this will result in crushing.

  83. @jack
    There is no risk of crushing in front of the main stage and it’s nice and flat. I might organise a 5 a side football tournament to cheer everyone up!

  84. I’d go for some 5-a-side 😀 Though there is only one of me :'(
    Anyone need a keeper :3?

  85. @Eddie Kings of Leon good live..? Yes they are good.. they don’t make a single mistakes.. but they are soooo boring! It’s only the crowd making a party but you should see them standing there, when they play sex on fire.. so lame

  86. @Michael PD, I’m up for a 5-a-side I’m on my own and a ball playing defender(with very dodgy legs) so we only need 3 more and we have a team 🙂

  87. Joep- I’d probably be bored playing Sex On Fire. The band didn’t even like the song. They weren’t going to put it on the album but their record company made them! (I don’t think they’re complaining about it now, mind)

    Kings of Leon are very accomplished musicians, and their first two albums (and large parts of the third) are extremely well written and performed. This means they don’t have to do a lot live to pull of a great show. This isn’t uncommon in indie bands. Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers are all fairly static live and rely on the iconic status of their tracks to get through their sets. I’d still rather watch them all than the Kaiser Chiefs who run all around the stage and get the crowd going but don’t produce music that’s of the same standard. I think your headliners should be that the type of band that has the iconic songs, rather than the energetic band. Energetic bands are perfect in the middle of the day to get people going

    That said, the bands that can do both are the acts who really stand out for me (Muse and Rage Against the Machine). In fact, Coldplay were really good when I saw them even though I’m not a massive fan

  88. You do realise that I was being facetious when I suggested a 5 a side tournament in front of the main stage weren’t you?

    As people seem keen, I’m in. We can meet up at front/centre for the band “!!!” set up some goals “jumpers for goalposts” and get started.

    I’m actually looking forward to the day now!

    Can we have the goal as Mika’s face for his gig please? te he.

  89. Sean Murray I think you should announce the rest of the acts
    29 minut(y) temu przez: telefon komórkowy · Nie lubi? · 9

    Sziget Festival Official We will! Pretty soon… Just please be a little bit more patient.
    13 minut(y) temu · Lubi? to! · 1


  90. Yes Vale xD
    But still, I’m definitely down for playing some football with people on the 5th/6th before everything properly kicks off (see what I did there ;)). (The 6th is my birthday though, so everyone has to let me win)

  91. @kauoua: Announcement PRETTY soon eh…They don’t beleive in rushing things do they?

    Iggy(66) and the Stooges are playing in Austia on the 9th then nothing until the 17th so my bet is Iggy to headline the Saturday.

    For me the gig sounds like a cat being raped by a bullmastiff.

    Motorhead(lemmy 67)are also in the running and the second most likely

    Wow, unlike Iggy the band still have what it takes to put on a good show.

    Kings of Leon are my third placed outsiders as they will cost the most.

  92. So we have Michael PD in goals myself and Johan in defence and FAB up front Vale will have to be midfield and as Johan is also ref whoever we play we will beat 🙂 now all we need is an opposition.

    If memory serves me correct isn’t there a 5-a-side pitch over on the road by the stalls somewhere?

    Mika can be the oppos goalkeeper and we can all just kick stuff at him all match 🙂

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