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Rada mistery solved

A lot of people were talking on Szigetnews, trying to determine which Rada band is the one that’s playing Sziget this year, whether it’s Rada or Rada & Ternovnik.

Well, as we found out from an e-mail we received from them directly, Rada, the Ukrainian pop-metal band, is the one that will play this year’s Sziget Festival.

If you want to find out more about them and hear some of their tracks, check out their website, MySpace or Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Rada mistery solved

  1. I am from Ukraine, but i’ve never heard about this band before sziget 2010 🙂

    on Rada vkontakte page (vkontakte – popular social network in ex-USSR countries) wrote that this band will play on August 15 on Main Stage.

  2. They most definitely will play on the mainstage, but as first act (at 15:00h).

    If they are not even known in the Ukraine someone might have paid for them playing on the mainstage. This is a pretty common thing in the concert business (a big part of all support bands have to pay to tour with the headliners and the same things are happening on festivals as well).

  3. Hard to say… Last year the final names were announced on July 27th, but there have been smaller updates inbetween the last two official announcements.

    I guess we will get an update concerning the Party Arena line-Up (Infected Mushroom, Gotan Project + 3 other live acts & 5 DJ-headliners) and then an (pre-)final update with most of the remaining acts for the mainstage, WAN2 and the metal stage – which are not more than around 10 international acts we don’t know about yet alltogether!

    Most interesting will be the final five names for the mainstage which could be 2 headliners, 2 co-headliners and 1 co-co-headliner!

  4. Haven’t ever heard about them (I’m from Ukraine too :))
    And I really-really hope, they won’t play at the Main Stage o_O

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