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Rihanna Confirmed for Sziget Day 0 Headliner Spot

Coming from Barbados straight to the Main Stage of Sziget Festival 2016 – please welcome Rihanna, one of the biggest and most influential pop icons of our days. According to the latest announcement by Sziget Festival, the singer will headline the event’s Day 0 (August 11th), playing on the Main Stage

Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty to a retired accountant by an alcoholic, crack-addicted father, her childhood was interesting, to say the least. She started singing at the age of seven but didn’t think of a musical career until she was discovered by Shontelle, her drill sergeant in a sub-military training program, much later.

Since her debut on the musical scene the singer has released eight studio albums tried her luck in seven feature films, and took a short stride into the world of television, too. She was the only artist to produce Hot 100 singles from seven consecutive albums, and to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts fourteen times.

Rihanna is just 28 years old but has an amazing musical career behind her already. She sold 54 million LPs and 210 million singles, she won eight Grammy awards and 12 Billboard Music Awards. She has over 10 million followers on either social media outlet you can name, and her tunes were played on YouTube over 8 billion times. And this year’s Sziget Festival will be her only one of her handful of festival gigs in Europe.

Anti – Rihanna’s latest album

Rihanna has released her latest album, Anti, at the beginning of this year. Since then she was touring North America continuously – and her tour will continue in Europe this summer. For the album the singer has collaborated with producers like Jeff Bhasker, Boi-1da, DJ Mustard, Hit-Boy, Brian Kennedy, Timbaland and No I.D., to “achieve the sound she desired”. With this new album, the singer has moved away from the dance and club music genre adopted lately, back to pop and R&B.

Tickets are available in limited supply

Sziget has made 25,000 one-day tickets available for Day 0. The 7-day passes are valid on this day, too.

31 thoughts on “Rihanna Confirmed for Sziget Day 0 Headliner Spot

  1. Well, I may or may not watch her but I’m disappointed that we have 2 pop headliners and 2 DJ’s headlining.
    As someone said on the other post, the day -1 headliner better be a big rock one (RHCP or Rammstein).

  2. … Sad for the Sziget 🙁
    Since the yesterday hint it was obvious that’s Rihanna but I hoped for Paul McCartney.

    Waiting for the Pukkelpop announcement at 11am.

  3. Pukkelpop as just announced lot of good bands. We can hope to see some of these at Sziget too !

  4. Rammstein: Day -1
    LCD Soundystem/Biffy Clyro: Bastille Day
    The Chemical Brothers: End Show

    The above would save this year’s line-up…

  5. I see the Pukklepop announcement and I feel even more disappointed. It is quite a shame we have to hope that Sziget, one of the biggest and most famous festival in Europe, should take inspiration from other festivals and not give them the inspiration…
    This been said, I hope that Sziget will call at least Chems, Pendulum and Noisia, since they totally fu***d up at non-EDM bands til now, cept for few cases.

  6. I agree! We can do it this way:
    Rammstein Day -1
    LCD on Bastille day
    Biffy on Guetta’s day
    I would love the Chemicals but I guess they will get Hardwell (god I hope not) or Jack U (Skrillex is always fun).

    Or LCD/Jack U on the last day, and someone else above Bastille.

    One can dream 🙂

  7. Guys, please take Chemical brothers, LCD and Pendulum for -1 and 0 days and let normal djs end the festival. 🙂
    Jack U will be great, Hardwell or Tiesto – good.
    Also hope as everyone for RHCP or Rammstein.

  8. awful. wonder how many of real bands end up at sziget from pukkelpop announcement:
    Biffy Clyro, Wolfmother, Mastodon, Opeth, Sleeping With Sirens, Refused, At the Gates, Graveyard, Stick to Your Guns, Clutch, Comeback Kid, Our Last Night, Wakrat, Deez Nuts, State Champs, The Front Bottoms, Beach Slang, Mutoid Man, Defeater and DEAD!.”

  9. Incredible how people kept on calling metal bands meanwhile they should feel blessed because we already had 3 metalcore(-ish) band and that’s more than enough for this Sziget.
    Maybe some alternative rock, maybe… Red Hot, LCD, Biffy, Rammstein… The last one seems so far from the road they took, Imho…

  10. Sziget is a good opportunity to see a pop superstar like Rihanna. I’ll never pay to see one of her shows because it’s not the kind of music that I like, but I think it’s something that must be seen.
    At least better than big EDM deejays like Guetta with nothing to see, nothing to hear and nothing to feel.

    And now give us a big rock band like RHCP or Rammstein please 🙂

  11. at least know the genre you are talking about… but whatever. there is more DJs at sziget that needed, hell 1 is too much, and still everyone crying for them. I posted this list, to demonstrate there is possible to book bands in august you just need the will for it.

  12. Im not here to debate about my musical culture, it is obvious that BFMV, BMTH and PD dont play the same music, but it is shorter to write Metalcore than to be more accurate about deathcore, metalcore, posthardcore, new wave of metalcore, the pop style of bmth and stuff.

    Be aware that in 3 years, cept for those names the only famous names they called were Korn in 14 and Enter Shikari in 15, and few (but important) punk rock bands.

    Im trying not to complain much about the pop shape sziget has taken in the last two years (and Im not succeeding in this I guess), but be honest and accept that EDM is half of the festival in term of lineup, so yeah, I ask for good djs even tho I would sell my soul for other kind of bands, it is a compromise I can accept (and have to if I dont wanna turn in another Art to this forum lol)

  13. “And this year’s Sziget Festival will be her only festival gig in Europe.”

    uhm… no?

  14. Everybody is talking about djs. Djs djs djs everywhere. For now I can only see Guetta, Romero, Wilkinson, Datsik and Excision. If we have to complain at least let’s do it right! We have only 5 djs on 42 names announced and 3 of them play drum&bass/dubstep/drumstep not edm. C’mon!
    Actually I’m really looking forward to djs to be announced as I love techno and I like all the electro world with the only exception of edm. I really can’t wait to read the names of the Colosseum, for example. But if we have to complain about djs at least let’s wait for them to be announced!

  15. I dont want to know how much they have paid for Rihanna…..
    I think for this money they could get Red hot Chilli Peppers & Rammstein… and a medium sized Dj like Afrojack.. 😀

  16. @Bender well, thats 5 too many… They have created the music it’s on festival (Balaton Sound), and yet sziget is getting more and more of the crap. Interestingly not a single rock band plays at balaton sound by accident, why? because they don’t belong there, same goes for djs at a live music festival…

  17. @fsfss:

    The Sziget is not just a live music festival but a multi arts festival. DJs have been a part of it for many years already. Failing to accept that DJs are a part of the Sziget will make you disappointed every year.

    The Sziget as I know it for many years already is a place for open minded people. The variety of kinds of music seems to be greatly appreciated by the majority of the visitors. If you really think that DJs don’t belong at the Sziget, I think your narrow way of thinking doesn’t belong at the Sziget nor at this website about the Sziget.

  18. @fsffs: you need to take a look at some really impressive techno dj set in colosseum at sziget, or some hard dubstep or electro set in A38 at night. Don’t close your mind. Of course live music is awesome, but there is art in a good dj set too.

  19. Multi cultural festival ? I accept all of this shit . Im coming every year . But pls some hiphop … I mean real hiphop like outkast was in 2014 … We get travis scott .. Im a true hiphop head and for me they song are unlistenable … Oke we got cro and typhoon too last year but i didnt even knew about them … They not sound like the oldschool style and the most important … I didnt understand a single word … Tyler was fine thats true… But still not like the game at balaton .. Or wu tang … Nas … Dilated people … Even krs one could be possible … I think he is cheap .

  20. @bobo trust me I did last year, i was curious why this kinda music is so popular so I went to the colosseum number of times, and each time after 5 mins i wanted to shoot myself in the head. I will never understand how people can enjoy that kinda “music”.

  21. @fsffs djs were at sziget long before they created Balaton Sound. Party Arena is there since 2005 (fist year was called Dance Arena, last year Telekom Arena), Colosseum is there since 2013, A38 has a night program since 2012, Meduza stage has been there from 2006 ’till 2011 and before it there was the Cinetrip stage from 2001 to 2005. This means djs are part of Sziget from, at least, 2001. Saying that 5 are too many means you simply don’t know Sziget history.

  22. @Bender bit different having a genre related stage (I’m perfectly fine with that) than invading the main stage. If there was a metal/punk/hardcore stage i woldn’t have one negative word, but that’s not the case, and it’s pretty bad decision by “Europe’s best Festival”

  23. @fsffs And with “invading the main stage” you mean David Guetta. Cause he’s the only main stage dj, for now. Because till now Main Stage has 5 rock acts (Muse, Noel Gallagher, Sum 41, The Last Shadow Puppets, Quimby), 4 pop acts (Rihanna, Sia, John Newman, Years & Years), 2 pop-rock acts (Bastille, The Lumineers), 1 post-rock act (Sigur Rós), 1 indie-folk act (Jake Bugg), 1 metalcore/emo act (Bring Me The Horizon) and 1 EDM act (David Guetta). Where’s the invasion?

  24. The DJ’s will invade the Party Arena and Collosseum.
    We’ll have a few DJ’s too on the A38, mostly live stuff (I expect Netsky Live!). And one more DJ to go for the end show.

  25. well yeah, few years ago it would have been unacceptable and laughable (well actually it’s still alughable that it happened) that acts like major lazer, martin garrix and the likes set foot on the main stage. They just don’t belong there. period. don’t need to argue about that, you can’t justify your opinion, and I can’t mine.

    Also, reading “live” and Dj in the same sentence still makes me lol.

  26. In 2009 I saw Fatboy Slim on the Main Stage. He’s a dj, but for some reason some djs are acceptable and some others not. Obviously I’m not saying David Guetta is like Fatboy Slim, but they both just dj on the stage and that’s a fact. Of course I prefer songs like Right Here Right Now or Praise You to Titanium and other shits like that, but they both “play buttons” like a lot of people say.

    Then, when djs play on the Main Stage, they’re always subbed by headline status bands. Last year before Avicii a group that has headlined Glastonbury played (Kasabian) and before Martin Garrix there were Limp Bizkit. In 2014 Queens Of The Stone Age played before deadmau5, Placebo before Skrillex and Outkast before Calvin Harris. Franz Ferdinand played before David Guetta in 2013. The Dj is never the headlining act, but a co-headlining act.

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