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Rise Against certainly not @ Sziget & a few more speculations

As we already suspected, the news that Rise Against won’t be at Sziget this year, after all, is now confirmed by our reader tool. He wrote an e-mail to their management, asking about this and the reply he got was the following:

They are not coming- it ended up not working out! Sorry, we will be coming there on this album though.

On the other hand, our friend Mellowmaniac has a few more line-up ideas for you, based on current tour dates. Let’s hear him:

Long time no rumours…

To heat the Radiohead discussion up:

The guys seem to move closer and closer to the sziget dates. After confirming Leeds and Reading (29.+30.08.) and anouncing two shows in Poland (23.+25.08) they are now strongly rumoured for the FM4 Frequency festival in Austria (20.-22.08.).

Come on guys: just a few more dates and you’ll play Sziget again! ;)

Lily Allen seems to be a little bit more available as before (offdays: 11., 12.+13.08).

Arctic Monkeys are still “available” on 11., 12.+16.08.

And as a new guess: Glasvegas. They are supporting U2 on the second leg of their tour and are only playing London on the 15th within the Sziget time frame. (and with Snow Patrol we already have another U2 support band in the line up).

38 thoughts on “Rise Against certainly not @ Sziget & a few more speculations

  1. you mentioned Glasvegas… another Scottish band, The View could also visit our country. They’ve just released an awesome new album. I’m still hopeful though I suppose they’re pretty unknown in Hungary (all the same Which Bitch is their second album)… but it also can be an advantage knowing Sziget?:D

    whatever. Currently I don’t really think I’m going but maybe my opinion can change anext month.

  2. Wow! Frequency just anounced a lot of my favorite wishes for Sziget:

    – Radiohead
    – Grace Jones
    – Editors

    and the before rumoured

    – Glasvegas
    – CJ Ramone

    Please, please, please give us Radiohead, Grace Jones and The Editors (and also the previously announced Kasabian)!

    Right now we have the following mainstage bands in common:

    – Bloc Party
    – Prodigy
    – Pendulum
    – Ting Tings
    – Ska-P

  3. Wow…how terrible, Glasvegas isn’t even a disappointment, and as for ‘The View’; relatively small band, played at my student union for like 7 pounds…fact of the matter is Sziget can’t attract any big names, end of story…it’s going downhill, the speculation of bands like Offspring, Rise Against and Radiohead is hugely ambitious.

    Time to take your heads out of the clouds rumour mills.

  4. @ Chambers 8-):

    Music is always a matter of taste! I’m personally most looking forward to “smaller” acts like Squarepusher and the White Lies and can’t stand Snow Patrol, Offspring Placebo and Die Toten Hosen (who have stadium sized audiences in Germany!), but many people will get crazy seeing these bands…

    On a festival you always need a good mix of interesting opening acts for the mainstage, smaller and medium sized acts for the other stages – as well as good headliners. Even if a band like “The View” is too small for the mainstage they might play an amazing gig on the WAN2 stage – who knows.!?

    BTW: The Offspring are confirmed and Radiohead are not THAT unlikely, as they have played Sziget before!

  5. BTW2: Sziget was never about the big names – it was always about a good mix of bands of all kinds and the special atmosphere of the festival itself!

  6. Arctic Monkeys and Digitalism… that’s would be the best festival ever! Why not Soulwax?

  7. Arctic Monkeys announced a show in Croatia. Whats this? They play now almost all the countrys but Hungary! Please come to Sziget!

  8. Digitalism? I couldn’t found it on their myspace, but thank you for the good new. We want the Arctic Monkeys!

  9. @Bajt:

    Yep: it’s definitely in the Czech Republic!

    When I noticed the Radiohead anouncement there was only written “Bruselska Cesta” without mentioning “Praha” or “Czech Republic” and I assumed that this is another date in Poland without checking it!

    No offence to the people in Poland or the Czech Republic intended, but definitely no reason to get personal!!! 😉

  10. actually I didn’t mean the main stage for The View but e.g. wan2, etc.. They and the crowd always have a great time playing live, singing along.
    Because of this feature of our Festival, smaller bands’re cool and more possible now. I prefer them.

    it is already a funnily sad – but it’s the neighbourhood of Hungary so you can go there if you really love the band – fact that the Arctics’re passing around Hungary this summer. Serbia, Croatia, Austria… what’ll be the next? hah. They could squeeze themselves in the middle of the Carpathian Basin for a day, for real.

  11. Sorry. ;] There were Praha mentioned from the begining at the RDHD official site. I live in Poland, and people here would do a lot to have two concerts. Now there’s real radioheadmania in Poland – they’re everywhere. I don’t like Radiohead so much to go at their individual concert, but it could be nice to watch their show at Sziget.

  12. Yeah – it’s really strange with Radiohead: the more uncommercial their music becomes the more fans they get… Friends of mine were supporting them in march on their South America tour and in Sao Paolo and Mexico City were about 60.000 people in the audience!

    Actually I really love the band and think that their last Sziget show was amazing even though I’m not sure if their music really suits a festival… I guess a Day Zero performance would be perfect!

  13. Wasn’t the Day Zero Performance fixed for Tankcsapda? I’m just wondering.
    In the end I think there is no use to calculate whether a band is coming or not, to shiver for special acts. If you know sziget you’ll go there because of itself, that’s for sure. Has always been like that.
    And if there’s really a band you’re burning for, then sally out for their next Europe Tour or whatever. And if not, you’ll be completely satisfied by this program, as it is. Actually I don’t believe anybody here could change the organisators’ views because it’s anyway business issue.
    Jep! Thanks for listening 🙂

  14. PS: where is the server of SzigetNews set up? Because Middle Europe Time is 02:56 am and it shows 12:56 am 🙂

  15. Actually, it’s hosted on an American server (as many sites are). But that’s not the problem. The time setup in WordPress is. We’ve just handled it.

  16. tankscapada is confirmed for day -1, day 0 is perfect for radiohead or maybe arctic monkeys, anyway they should both come. lily allen is neat too but would like her in the afternoon somewhere

  17. Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys are good names….but for the day Zero I would prefear to see name like Metallica or U2 or Oasis!!

  18. @ Mellowmaniac – Yes I see your point and I understand, I honestly don’t care who plays as long as I have a good time and the atmosphere is good, all i’m saying is that it’s a little ambitious to put all these big names out there when the likes of The Ting Tings are headlining…

    E.g. Look at Ja’s comment (above)

    Is it really that likely that Radiohead will play? I guess only time will tell, but I don’t think it will happen at all, I just want to enjoy myself at Sziget, but I think it’s tragic that people keep throwing massive names out there who will almost certainly not book for Sziget.

  19. Ting Tings will be one of the many opening acts on the main stage – not a headliner.

    Based on one of the official press newsletters the only headliners at that point were Fatboy Slim, Prodigy and Placebo. Bloc Party and Offspring were listed as “opening acts”. This was before Snow Patrol were confirmed but I’m pretty sure that they will not headline…

    If my deduction is right we’ll still get two regular mainstage headliners, as well as the Day Zero act.

    I also read that they want to put more bigger bands into the tents (especially the WAN2 tent) so that we will get more international bands than in previous years!

  20. For Mellowmaniac: Any ideas on when some of the other names will be officially announced?

  21. Offsping is definitely gonna headline. Dont talk bullshit, its a much bigger name than fatboy.

  22. Guys, most of us are here to discuss and inform / get informed, but not to get offended! I have no problems to keep my thoughts and information for myself!

    I wrote that the information is based on the newsletter and not a written law or based on my wishes. But decide on your own:

    “Performing on the main stage is none other than The Prodigy. Their latest, fifth studio album ‘Invaders Must Die’ is a huge hit in Hungary and around the world. It went straight in at number two on the Hungarian MAHASZ chart and is leading the European Billboard TOP 100.

    Norman Cook, also known as the legendary Fatboy Slim will be leading a riotous party showcasing his brand new fifth album. And even the artist fresh out of rehab might find it hard to resist the lure of the Dreher fuelled ‘Sarki Fény’ (Carbonated Vodka).

    Placebo recently announced their new album, “Battle for the Sun” will be released on June 8th 2009. Hungarian fans will have a chance to check out the new album live at Sziget this year. – “We’ve made a record about choosing life, about choosing to live, about stepping out of the darkness and into the light,” explains frontman Brian Molko. “Not necessarily turning your back on the darkness because it’s there, it’s essential; it’s a part of who you are, but more about the choice of standing in the sunlight instead. I’m very optimistic about the future. I’m in a positive frame of mind and a good head space. It’s very exciting.”

    There are already confirmed opening bands on the main stage. Rocking the crowd in extravagant British acid-rave sci-fi punk style is The Klaxons. The most successful group of the Californian punk movement The Offspring will be bringing their inimical sound, as will the chaotic break-beat heavy Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire lead Pendulum. One of the most popular bands of the indie-rock scene of the 2000’s Bloc Party will be blasting off, blending musical inspiration from the Sonic Youth, The Cure and Joy Division. And Brit indie-pop sensation The Ting Tings will be making sure all of Hungary knows their name. This year’s festival won’t pass without a Ska superstar either, returning for the third time the Spanish Ska-P will keep festivalgoers bouncing.”

    BTW: things will depend anyway on the other acts they will sign.

  23. @ Ja:

    I have no idea! I guess that they will anounce another “bigger” block within the next weeks (I read in another forum that they will make another official anouncement in Mai) and afterwards confirm “one band after the other” till the line up will be completed in Juli.

  24. Sorry for the previous one.
    On the hungaryan site they write nothing like “opening band” in tsis article. The englist articles are not really translations, thats what leads to missunderstanding. And strangely they announce more bands on the foreign sites..

    There is an other festival (in romania), fesziget, organised by the same group as sziget. Their press conference will be held in the last week of april. Maybe we can expect some new names for sziget too. Although the week after that is more likely for announcements, it would be stupid to announce some big names before 2 days before the ticket prise raisement.

  25. Some news on Faith No More:

    The guys added a new August leg to their european tourdates. They’ll play six shows between August 20th till 30th.

    Chances for them playing at Sziget might not be too big, but they are definitely bigger than before with the June shows only…

  26. And the Deftones also anounced four european show inbetween August 21st and 30th…

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