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Rizzle Kicks @ Sziget 2012

And just as we posted the news about Tankcsapda, another confirmation is coming.

This time it was from the Sziget Festival UK Facebook page.

We’re talking about English hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks, also set to play Sziget 2012.

(thanks, alex!)

29 thoughts on “Rizzle Kicks @ Sziget 2012

  1. Awesome news, whats with all the haters for the line up? I myself think its an awesome well varied festival and now counting down the days, cant wait to meet all the crazy people

  2. never heard about hem, but this is my problem:) I’m not listening hip-hop at all. so this news are boring for me and making festival not better. but I’m not whining anyway, because for me the line-up is good:) I need more time per day to see everything I want:)

  3. The mighty Main Stage of Sziget Festival 2012, doesn’t really need an introduction… 😉

    Wednesday 8th of August:
    15.00 Gocoo
    16.30 Glasvegas
    18.00 Beatsteaks
    19.45 Hurts
    21.30 Placebo

    Thursday 9th of August:
    15.00 The Roots
    16.30 Caro Emerald
    18.00 Maximo Park
    19.45 Tankcsapda
    21.30 Korn

    Friday 10th of August:
    15.00 Viza
    16.30 The Vaccines
    18.00 TBA
    19.45 The XX
    21.30 The Stone Roses

    Saturday 11th of August:
    15.00 Noah And The Whale
    16.30 The Horrors
    18.00 Two Door Cinema Club
    19.45 Sum 41
    21.30 Snoop Dogg

    Sunday 12th of August:
    15.00 The Subways
    16.30 Paolo Nutini
    18.00 Mando Diao
    19.45 LMFAO
    21.30 The Killers

    Sziget UK posted this not long ago

  4. Also don’t forget Electric Wire Hustle. An New Zealand Electro-Soul Band:

    BTW: I never heard of Rizzle Kicks, but they had five Top Ten hits in the UK and one of them (with Olly Murs) a number one hit in several countries.

    Also there are lots of interesting hungarian bands confirmed. Some are regulars (Neo, Carbonfools, Kerekes Band, Belmondo, Yonderboi), but there are some interesting hungarian bands performing I never heard about before (Esti Kornell, Odett, We Are Rockstars, Dopeman, Wattican Punk Ballet).

    After being very sceptical about the lineup several month ago I’m now completely happy and think it even might be my favorite billing so far.

    (Friendly Fires will play at the A38 at the time Tankcsapda is performing on the mainstage – that’s a great alternative for everyone who isn’t into hungarian rock history)

  5. And just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse! Well I suppose it’s not worse as I just won’t go see the teeny bopper shite. Was hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel though! Dammit

  6. Wattican Punk Ballet – project of guys from Deti Picasso (armenian-russian rock-folk band, that performed a lot at sziget years before)

  7. @diseasefire: I don’t know, but I guess his show is cancelled:
    – he is still listed, but without a slot
    – all slots that day are given away (with the addition of Electric Wire Hustle and Friendly Fires at A38 instead of mainstage)
    – he might be placed into the Arena, but that wouldn’t really fit
    – his booking agency took the date off their website

    If he get’s a dedicated slot I’ll add him again, but right now he doesn’t fit anymore… Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll be back.

  8. Just to give you a heads up:

    in the last years the promoters haven’t given away the exact schedule of the DJs at the Arena. The liveact was always on at 19:30h and the DJ program started at 22:00h. This is the reason why I gave the DJ headliners the 22:00h slot at the Arena – in the last years this was the only time officially given away by the promoters.

    BUT: usually there were about two local DJs on between 22:00h and 00:00h and at about 00:00h the headliners started. After him or them local DJs get back to work and keep the party going.

    I write this so that no one thinks he or she might miss e.g. Steve Aoki while watching Placebo. The headliners will most probably perform later as in the last years.

    I just hope the times of the new live slots at the Arena will be announced…

  9. Maybe Flying Lotus will perform at “the Meduza Nights program section of the A38 Stage”, just like Netsky who was mentioned in the Hungarian press release as being part of the A38 night program? Netsky also didn’t get a slot yet.

  10. There are not that many news left…

    The terrible system and schedule the ferries went by last year seems to be back this year – this would be a real bummer, because people sometimes had to wait for 1,5 hours to get a spot on a ferry and even though lot’s of people were complaining the schedule and system doesn’t seem to have changed at all (if the company will not add additional ferries what doesn’t seem likely).

    Then there is the last remaining slot on the mainstage, the times for the Arena and also the lineup of MR2.

  11. Oh yeah – it will be really interesting to see the new map.

    @Szigetholland: The slot is the 18:00h slot on 10.08.. The band will not be that big (the other bands performing this time on the other days are: Beatsteaks, Maximo Park, Two Door Cinema Club and Mando Diao – solid medium sized bands).

  12. Yeah looking forward to see the map and exact times. Actually just can’t wait for the fun to start.

    You guys think it is worth going to the warm-up party on the boat with Baskerville?

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