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Rubik officially confirmed for Sziget 2013

Rubik is confirmed for Sziget 2013, and this time it’s official, too.

You may remember that, together with Blaudzun, the name came up in the list of Sziget 2013 artists, then disappeared.

Now, the Sziget official website confirms them, too.

(thanks go to Michael PD)

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4 Responses so far.

  1. chudo_pahan says:

    Also confirmed:
    Guy J (IL)
    Chuckie (NL)
    Jozif (UK)
    John Digweed (UK)

  2. Michael PD says:

    Another thing on your lineup page, it says that some of the bands don’t have stages confirmed yet, quite a few are confirmed on:

    Hoffmaestro – A38
    Blaudzun – Arena
    Nina Kraviz – Arena
    Dub FX – A38
    Donots – A38
    dOP – A38
    Little Boots – A38
    Rangleklods live – A38
    Monophona – Arena
    Woodkid – A38
    Felix Cartal – Arena
    Splendid – Arena
    The Cribs – A38

  3. Sziget News says:

    @Michael PD: Added!

  4. Michael PD says:


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