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RUMOR: Rammstein to headline VOLT Festival?

This is an unconfirmed, unofficial rumor, so treat it accordingly.

UPDATED: Joel says that Rammstein for Volt didn’t work out, but Billy Talent, Bullet For My Valentine and Parkway Drive will be announced for Volt next week.

According to our reader Joel, who says he got the info from one of the VOLT organizers, Rammstein will headline VOLT Festival 2013.

He gave us no other details, but it would be interesting to see this confirmed.

Unfortunately, that would almost certainly exclude Rammstein from the Sziget 2013 line up.

Still, it remains to be seen whether this confirms or not.

Fact is that Rammstein are doing a festival tour this summer and have no Hungary date yet, which is why they’re in the rumors list.

Joel also added that Wu Tang Clan is a major target for Balaton Sound, but it’s not 100% they will appear there, and that another news regarding VOLT that Billy Talent’s management still negotiating with the organizers.

He also says that Slayer are out of the question for Sziget, since they’ll be playing Hegyalja Festival this year.

We’ll see whether all of that that happens or not, but until then, check out Rammstein’s latest video for Mein Herz Brennt.

(Joel, thanks!)

26 thoughts on “RUMOR: Rammstein to headline VOLT Festival?

  1. This year gonna be totally different regarding the stages, it’s still under construction. As for my info there will be no Hungarian main stage (as we know it), but know nothing about the metal stage.

  2. @Sziget News There’s a question of a Facebook fan the 24th of January. Here it is:

    Grande Alessandro
    qualcuno sa se riporteranno alla vita il metal stage?
    Mi piace · · 24 gennaio alle ore 20.48

    Sziget Italia no, non ci sarà. Ci saranno venue che ospiteranno questo genere musicale ma non uno stage dedicato.
    25 gennaio alle ore 1.46 · Mi piace

    – does anybody know if they will take back metal stage?
    – no, it won’t be there. There will be venues hosting that kind of music but no stage dedicated.

  3. Guys, bad news… Rammstein won’t play Volt this year. Got no info why, but something went wrong during the negotiations.
    But I have few names again. Shall I tell them or not?

  4. So Rammstein could play Sziget instead?

    Parkway Drive & Bullet For Valentine would be awesome – if we’re talking Sziget?

    Are we?

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