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Rumors, rumors, rumors…

Our reader Paul claims to have some news on very credible sources.

Part of it seems pretty plausible, so we thought we’d share them with you, just in case you’ve missed his comments (but this should be treated as nothing more than speculation, rumors or whatever else you want to call it).

According to Paul, Skrillex will play Day -1 (he says this is 90% sure).

He also says that Snoop Dogg is 99% sure for Sziget 2014, together with Babyshambles or/and Gogol Bordello – the chances are 95% for that, he claims.

He also gives a 70% chance for the Bloody Beetroots and 40% for Chase & Status. He claims that the latter are very expensive and would have been almost confirmed, had it not been for the Blink 182 booking.

Paul also mentions that a big metal name would be confirmed for August 11 or 14.

We’ll see if Paul’s predictions come true.


21 thoughts on “Rumors, rumors, rumors…

  1. Honestly I don’t believe him. He said Skrillex plays on Day-1 and we have to see on “residentadvisor”. People don’t know that tour sites like Songkick, Bandsintown and Residentadvisor always put the first date of the festival as tour date or the first and the last date in between the artist will play (in this case you can see Skrillex got Sziget Festival – Aug 11th but it doesn’t mean he will play on Day-1! ). And come on, it would be a bad business move by Sziget, many people will already miss Blink-182 because of flights previously booked.

    @SzigetNews: I’m pretty sure London Grammar won’t play on Day-1, look at their site: (it’s sponsored by Songkick, in fact you can see the full Sziget week Aug 11th – Aug 17th, so we don’t know the real date of London Grammar)

  2. Snoop Dogg ! plz no !
    Gogol Bordello is good news !

    Big Metal name:
    Machine Head ? ( no show 14 )
    Kreator ? ( no show 11 )

  3. I really hope snoop dog does not come.
    Gogol bordello would be great, the festival line up really needs some party bands!
    Please no more hiphop or djs, we already have plenty of them.

  4. Omg I hope to god royksopp and Robyn play. They’re already at puklepop on the 14th!!!!

  5. It’s not true resident advisor put the first date; and you have to considerare that the staff said that -1 day will be a sort of “normal day festival” with international head liners. People miss the blink but there is an island that 10 August must be empty and only blink are not enough.

  6. @Karlott lol. Look there: it’s always the first date of the festival! Skrillex won’t play the first day of Glastonbury, neither the first of Exit, Dans Dakar, Sziget and Lowlands!!
    I mean, it could happen but not the first day of every festival!

  7. The forthcoming big metal name consist of two words, the first stars with I and the second ends with N.

    Up the Irons,


  8. Recently I emailed Sziget with the question of the acts on -1 and 0 and the 5 days festival in connection with of purchase of tickets.

    If bands that where annouced and they play on day 0 or day -1 they annouce that directly. This is correct if you see the previous announcements.

    That Skrillex will play day-1 seems small to me.

  9. Here the annoucement on the dutch version of the official website, seems clear to me that Skrillex will play on the regular days:

    The new acts join forty acts that have been previously published, including The Prodigy, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Skrillex, Placebo, Lily Allen, Bastille and Stromae. They will all occur during regular festival days, Wednesday 13 to Sunday, August 17th, which is on every stage program. On “day 0” Tuesday, August 12th, there is no program at all stages, but will be Queens Of The Stone Age, Ska-P and Anti-Flag occur. Also on “day 0” a new component, a special opening show with none other than Deadmau5. The festival will close with a final show by Calvin Harris on the Main Stage. On Sunday, August 17th

  10. Guys, it’s bullshit!

    – Skrillex in day -1 is 90% sure (look at residentadviisor no?) —> residentadvisor is not accurate as I said before!
    – Snoop dogg and Bloody Bertroots in 15 August —> both Snoop and Bloody Beetroots have a gig on August 15th (They could come to Sziget but if you are a PR you know the real date, so he’s not really what he’s saying)

    I don’t know if we will have a metal name, Sziget seems to prefer indie/electro acts or at least some rock as QOTSA and Blink 182.

  11. Damn, I hate rumours! They just keep your expectations up and later on they’ll disappoint you anyways.

    I’m so curious about the time table… hope there won’t be too many clashes!


  12. @Seth
    Slayer plays sziget! A dream for me, Slayer is my favorite band!
    Unfortunately Slayer played on August 10 in Montreal: (
    So I do not think this is possible.

  13. I don’t know If Paul is a fake but reading what he sad somethings are probably real: Snoop dog has a hole of 4 days in the tour dates and he is in Europe yet. The same think for Chase &status and TBB.

    Skrillex cannot play in other day festival considering that after 14/15 he is booked in , 13-14 is ia strange choose (Placebo, bastille, macklemore, lily Allen, Imagine dragons,axwell and skrillex yet? I don’t really think so ;D) and 12 is empty for a day 0.

  14. I think if there will be any metal act, the Five Finger Death Punch will be that.
    They have a show at Wacken /08.01/ and Kubana /08.16/ and nothing else announced yet.

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