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Schedule posted on the official Sziget website

The official Sziget website has posted the (almost full) schedule for this year’s Sziget 2011. We don’t have to speculate anymore, because everything is confirmed. You can check it out here and we have updated our line up page accordingly.

What must be mentioned is that Saturday, August 13, still doesn’t have a headliner, we’re certain it’s worth the wait.

Another observation is that Tankcsapda has gone missing from the Rock / Metal Stage, and this stage seems that it will have another two co-headliners announced (19:00 slot on Saturday August 13 and 20:30 slot on Sunday August 14).


23 thoughts on “Schedule posted on the official Sziget website

  1. how long does each act perform? is there a difference between ‘normal’ acts and headliners?

  2. @King of Spain:

    Usually the “normal” acts perform betweenn 45 and 60 minutes, the co-headliner about 75 minutes and the headliner 90 minutes.

  3. @King of Spain:

    You usually can just add a 30 minute changeover-break between the bands and will get the settimes! 😉

  4. So we have to choose between Kasabian and Crystal Castles… Urghhh!!
    They are the two acts that I really wanted to see.

  5. @…:

    No one really knows by now. So far russian band Leningrad will perform somewhere and hungarian rock-pop band Belmondo will perform on the Worldmusic stage with a symphonic orchestra.

  6. I know i wont make the mistake to stand at kasabian again, i go take a shit at that moment 🙂 Damm they sucked hard last year….. ( in a bad way 😉 )

    but ontopic: On day 1 there will be some hard choices…

  7. @Martijn: I’m a big fan of Kasabian and have seen about five concerts of them and last year’s Sziget gig was by far the worst (not that it was bad, it was just kind of boring). They are usually a really great live band and it could be worth it giving them a second chance, if you like their music at all! 😉

  8. CB is my favorite headliner, so yeah, not a difficult choice. But DJVT is always a huge party.

  9. Apparently, the concert of White Lies at Werchter wasn’t that great either. Not bad, but no headline material. They don’t have enough superb songs either.

  10. I saw them earlier at the HMH in Amsterdam and at Pinkpop, but they aren’t a headlining band for festivals in the Netherlands, maybe in Hungary??

    But really, headlining the last day of a festival is a bit unbelievable

  11. At this year´s VOLT Festival (right now) Jared Leto said something like “we´re coming back this year and we´ll be headliners!” so I guess they´re the replacement for Amy and that´s the saddest thing on earth, shite this is too bad. Thirty Seconds to Mars sucked last year and will suck now as well… if it´s really true.

  12. @festivalfreak: this would make perfect sense and would be terrible for everyone without breast! (sorry, for the chauvinism!)

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