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Self Confirmed: Wailing Trees – August 13th @ Sziget

Another band has confirmed that it will participate at the 2015 Sziget Festival: this time it’s the French roots reggae band Wailing Trees. According to the band’s Facebook page, Wailing Trees will play at the Sziget Festival on the 13th of August.

Nominated for the “Victoire du Reggae” in its home country, in the “Best New Artist 2014” category, and winner of the “Rototom European Reggae Contest 2014”, the young and dynamic band has recently released its first album “The World Go Round” and is currently on tour to promote it.

The band plays a mixture of several styles – reggae with a dash of soul, jazz, rock and world music added to the concoction. The band is considered by many to be the rising stars of the European reggae scene – during their not too long career they shared the stage with big names like Shaggy, Lauryn Hill, Sean Paul, Patrice,  IAM, Jimmy Clif , Groundation, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Dub Inc, Kymani Marley, Lee Scratch Perry, The Abyssinians, Biga Ranx, Soom T and several others.

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32 thoughts on “Self Confirmed: Wailing Trees – August 13th @ Sziget

  1. Has anyone seen the lineup of frequency? It’s amazing!
    I m really sorry but this year I choose frequency. I know Sziget is not only music etc. but a lineup with Headliners Robbie Williams, Kasabian, Martin Garrix and Florence is not enough for Sziget standard (seriously i think is the worst lineup in Europe in al the summer festival season).
    The only artists i would steal at Sziget are Knife Party and Limp Bizkit 🙂

  2. I agree, i’m going to sziget but I think we can only wish for the amount of big acts that frequency has in 3 days for sziget in 7. Last year they had much more overlaps with sziget but frequency is one week later now.
    It seems that sziget is going to miss a lot of mostly American artists which are in Europe a few days after the festival like Linkin Park, Kendrick Lamar and Chemical Brothers.

  3. well if your favourite “artists” are limb bizkit and knife party, we are really lucky that the lineup is not based on your taste 😀

  4. BTW, these smiley faces are new right? Haven’t seen them before. Good job, we are improving! Now I want a newsletter thing, where I receive an e-mail whenever someone posts something. Go.

  5. @Nevertheless it already exist but I often find the e-mail between the spam. Under “Submit”, “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”.

  6. omg seriously? frequency? it’s awful. there’s no small good bands. and a lot of names are same as st sziget.

    @drone *thumbs up*

  7. @Nevertheless: they were enabled before, but it’s probably the latest update that enabled them in more browsers.
    As for the newsletter, yes, we have the feature Noeliam is mentioning for subscribing to comments.

  8. @Noeliam: normally, you should have a “not spam” (or similar) button in your email inbox (if it’s Gmail, Yahoo or the like). That should take care of it.

  9. @Sziget News thanks it’s done! When I find smth in my spam I put that I “trust” this content and it comes to my inbox as it should, so do the next comments on the article. But when the comments happen a few days later or it’s a new article it goes back to spam.
    Then again I don’t really wait for a mail to come and check for new comments 😀

  10. @drone ok so you prefer move your lighter in the air while Florence or Robbie Williams singing???????? I prefer something like Linkin Park, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and the offspring.We have to different way to have fun.

    Under card: sure at Sziget there are more artists than Frequency but i think i ll enjoy mad decent stage, entra shikari and Major Lazer (and in the evening sing Simple Plan, the Script and Kendrick Lamar song with my girlfriend)

    I repeat: at this Day worst line io in Europe 🙁 i M not happu cause i really have nice Times in Sziget lady year

  11. *test comment to see if I get notified of the followup comments, I apologize*

  12. @caesar: I agree with you , i have’nt bought Sziget tickets yet… Frequency lineup is better

  13. Pukkelpop has new names on monday it would be nice to have them at the same time especially if their headliner left is shared with Sziget.

  14. When I open this website on my computer using Chrome it often (not always) opens the mobile website. Anyone else got this issue?
    I tested the website using Firefox, no issues with that.

    Also, on my mobile phone it sometimes opens the mobile site and sometimes the normal website. Personally I prefer the normal website. The view full site button at the bottom doesn’t seem to work either.

  15. I thought I’d have a look at those Frequency bands to see who’s feasible.

    The Offspring look very likely. They’re in Switzerland on the 12th and 13th, so could be at Sziget any day from Friday-Sunday. Sunday most likely with Limp Bizkit also playing?

    Linkin Park don’t look as likely. Pukkelpop/Frequency are their first European shows and are the week after. Sunday at best you assume.

    Kendrick Lamar- doesn’t seem to have announced anything else before Frequency either? However, he’s plays a lot of dates. I’m sure last year he was labelled the hardest working act in the business, so I wouldn’t rule him out.

    Major Lazer- maybe more hope here. In Finland the week of Sziget.

    Chemical Brothers- Their Germany show on the 7th is a bit of an outlier at the moment. Seems weird to go to the States, fly back to Europe for one show, then fly to Japan. Still hope I’d imagine. Earlier in the week more likely.

    We already share a LOT of bands with Frequency- Interpol, Garrix, Nero, Alt-J, Ellie Goulding amongst others, yet none of their actual headliners. It’d be a real shame if Sziget couldn’t book at least one of them, if not more.

  16. still very satisfied with my decision to visit rock werchter this year, instead of sziget. but I still hold my thumbs for you.

  17. Nothing new for Pukkelpop, a few good bands like Ride or Twenty One Pilots though.

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