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Shaking Godspeed – the first self-confirmed name for Sziget 2011

Dutch band Shaking Godspeed is the first name for Sziget 2011. The band has its first album, “Awe” out and will be on tour to promote it.

According to their MySpace, they are set to play Sziget. They say it will be on August 8 (which would mean Day -1).

13 thoughts on “Shaking Godspeed – the first self-confirmed name for Sziget 2011

  1. Last year on Day -01 several bands from different european countries performed who won contests in their countries… It could be like this again…

    Also there are always bands adding festival “dates” on their Myspace pages either to get promotion for their bands, because some geeks like us will discuss them on boards after the “announcement” or because they will be on the festivals as visitors…

  2. Yeah – on LastFM there is written that they were announced for Sziget on dutch television – so I guess they will play Sziget! 😉

  3. I play bass for Great Imitation we are a mash up of a lot of different styles mainly indie/pop/hip hop and spoken word. We took part in last years Surface festival in the uk which is a national competion and won at the o2 in london last september as a result we are fully confirmed by the festival to be appearing although we are still waiting on what day we will be performing. We have a single coming out just before the summer which we are in the studio in a few weeks to record. We’re currently waiting on confirmation of a few uk festivals and a tour but we can definately say we’ll be performing at sziget this year (providing they resolve their rent issues!)

  4. Hallo zusammen!

    Ich habe soeben eine “Collaborative Playlist” für das Sziget Festival 2011 bei Spotify erstellt. Diese kann von jedem Spotify Benutzer abonniert und editiert werden.

    Ziel ist es, dort fortlaufend Alben von angekündigten Bands hinzuzufügen um sich optimal auf das Festival einzustimmen!

    Also, worauf wartet ihr noch? Da gehts lang:

    Viele Grüße

  5. Hey everybody!

    I just created a “Collaborative Playlist” for the Sziget Festival 2011 at Spotify. The list can be modified and subscribed to by every Spotify user.

    The purpose is to collaboratively add albums by newly announced bands to the list to get prepared for the upcoming festival!

    What are you waiting for? There you go:


  6. Hello Thomas,

    Very nice job on the Spotify playlist !

    I would just like to add that Shaking Godspeed’s actual album ‘ Awe ‘ is on Spotify as well. The songs that are currently in the list are from their EP with 5 songs on it that was released before. Great songs nonetheless of course, but I thought you might want to expand your list a bit.

    Thanks again for making the list !


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