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Sigur Ros and Amy Winehouse at Sziget Festival 2009?

Don’t tell anyone, but we just heard a rumor that Sigur Ros might play at this year’s Sziget Festival and that the information is listed in this month’s edition of Hungarian Magazine WAN2 magazine (thanks, Tibor).

Szigetnews reader Erik is telling us some more great news. He says  that Amy Winehouse is also listed in the article as a possible artist for Sziget Festival 2009. It seems quite possible, especially since she’s playing T in the Park on August 16 and V Festival in England on August 29 and has no other dates in AUgust confirmed. A zero-day performance, maybe?

We’re trying to confirm all of this, but if any of you know more, please use the Contact page to tell us.

8 thoughts on “Sigur Ros and Amy Winehouse at Sziget Festival 2009?

  1. I’d love to have BOTH bands at this year’s festival! Amy’s amazing if she’s in a good condition!

    And to be honest: I way prefer her as pop-headliner to Alanis Morissette (2008), Pink (2007), Natalie Imbruglia (2005), Sugarbabes (2004) or Shaggy (2003)…! 😉

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