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Stromae sends message to Sziget fans

Stromae has sent a video message to Sziget fans via the official Sziget YouTube channel.

It is a short video message, which you can check out below.

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17 thoughts on “Stromae sends message to Sziget fans

  1. Volbeat are on VOLT festival I think. The hint is the missing letter “F” which stands for….?

  2. OOOOkay sorry for tripple post but I figured it out 😀 The letters missing are F and X, therefore, there are NO FX. The band is NOFX 😀

  3. Facebook says:

    Two things happening tomorrow:
    1. Expect some heavy guitars with two new acts tomorrow
    2. You can hold the detailed schedule in your hands

    Five finger death punch are touring so could be them!

  4. since sziget likes to repeat it self from year to year with some bands .. i guess Enter Shikari as the second act
    They seems to be free the whole week..

  5. Hahaha thank you john 😉

    the most important thing is the timetable… finally!

    Is NOFX good?

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