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Sziget 2010 Day Zero is officially Reggae Day

UPDATE: the post has been removed since, so you’ll just have to take out word for it. 🙂

According to the official Sziget France Twitter, Day Zero will be great fun for reggae fans, as it will be a Reggae Day.

Some of the bands that will play will be

  • UB 40
  • The Wailers
  • Toots & the Maytals
  • Skatalites
  • The Aggrolites

We already knew about UB40 and Toots and the Maytals.

9 thoughts on “Sziget 2010 Day Zero is officially Reggae Day

  1. They removed the post about the bands from their twitter and facebook site, but I guess we can take the mentioned bands for granted! 😉

  2. Billy Talent will play on the 15th, too (according to their myspace)… its going to be a quite busy day. So the main stage program will be: some opening band, Danko Jones, Billy Talent. Kasabian, Muse – in this order i guess. Best closing day ever, it will definitely sell out.

  3. Day Zero:

    – Ladánybene 27
    – The Aggrolites
    – The Skatalites
    – Toots & The Maytals
    – The Wailers
    – UB40

    World Music Stage
    (Remembering Tamás Cseh)

    – Heaven Street Seven
    – The Csík Band
    – Péterfy Bori & Love Band
    – PASO
    – János Másik
    – Napra
    – Bin-Jip
    – The Kistehén Band
    – András Lovasi
    – Bea Palya
    – Balaton
    – Quimby
    – Besh o droM
    – Legát
    – Szilvia Bognár and Ágnes Herczku
    – Etnofon Zenei Társulás and Evelin Tóth and Zoltán Lantos

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