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9 thoughts on “Sziget 2011 over

  1. Salut,

    juste pour pousser un gueulante pour l’édition 2011:

    1°rendez nous le DALMAT!!!!!

    2° stop les cartes ou apprenez aux vendeurs a être honnête, ils tentent sans arrêt de nous arnaquez (ex: je prend 2 bières le gars me pointe 9000 au lieux de 1060… plats compté double si tu as le malheur de demandé plus que 2 morceaux de viande avec tes nouilles ou plus de 2 morceaux de fêta/olive/feuille de salade au milieux de tes choux…)

    3° j’ai arrêter de compter le nombre de fois ou j’ai failli me faire écraser par un scooter/camion/voiture…

    4° OK y a 2 ans c’était vraiment pas cher, 2010 hausse des prix,ça reste viable 2011 ré- hausse des prix…plus aucun intérêt de se taper la Hongrie le festival n’est plus assez bon marché + la même canette coute 149fl a AUCH**(200m a droite après le pont sortie) 620fl dans le site O_o’

    enfin voilà, l’édition 2012 se fera sans moi, et selon les choses de mon entourage et hier matin dans le festival même, je semble pas être le seul!

    a bon entendeur SALUT!

    sorry for the french post !

    don’t delete it please

    g**gle is your friend for finding a traductor! XD


  2. To answer to your post, you forget to speak about music, concerts, atmosphere and all events happened during this week which is still the main positive point for sziget! then :
    1) If you spend your week in a bar full of french people with french music… well, stay in france, there are a lot! I am french too and the Dalmat bar is useless for me at sziget, there are so many other things to do
    2) I didn’t notice this but that’s right it could happen, we have to check the ticket before paying… however it is a gain of time and I think it was very convenient
    3) Completely agree specially about scooters! But I think it is most of the time necessary for toilets cleaners, restaurants suppliers and so on for this kind of festival size and infrastructure
    4) Wherever you go it is more expensive on the site… It is still 2€ the pint of beer and you have a meal for 5€ ich… pretty cheap for us no?!

  3. There’s also too much dust and dutch people are too much blond and white.

    Apart from bullshits, it’s expensive, actually, and maybe if you want that we spend 1500 fr for a mojito, give us a f….n mojito, not an orange juice with mint and 1 kilo of ice. But I LOVE SZIGET 🙂

  4. lol… expensive? sziget is cheap as hell man.

    my biggest issues were with the staff and the fact that none of them seem to know anything. the first day it took us about 9 hours to find everything ourselves, because the staff could not tell us; where we could find the vip parking or camping, where we could get our wrist bands, where we could find the lockers etc etc etc….. they just kept pointing us in different directions, IF they could speak english at all. you would think they had some kind of briefing… but i guess not?

    also i cant even remember how many times we ordered something at a bar of food stand and just got the wrong thing or they forgot something or they didnt understand.

    the scooters and cars are a pain in the ass…

    besides from that and many other flaws, the music was great everywhere! the only stage where the sound wasnt that good was the a38-wan and then especially the vocals.

    a lot of memorable perfomances, prince, prodigy, ben l’oncle soul, hurts, baskerville, triggerfinger, gary moore sessions, flogging molly, dizzee rascal… all great! if sziget would just pay more attention to the things i mentioned before it would be a 10/10 festival.

    btw, my apologies for all the idiotic dutch people 😛 i got irritated by some of them myself too

  5. What was the deal with all the idiots ripping up trees on the last day? Disgusting disrespect to nature and the island itself!

  6. lol

    that was for the closing act “kees van hondt” @ the burn party arena. its normal that you take everything you can find with you and use it as an extension of your arm during the show. search on youtube. youll get it.

  7. Taking what you find, I can get. But deliberate vandalism to achieve the effect you of extending your arm is just plain stupid. Dumb vandalism aside,

    …Sziget 2011 was fantastic! Bloody Beetroots, Motorhead, Depresszio, Superbutt, Road, 30STM, Chemical Bros, Flogging Molly all fantastic! Suicidal Tendencies and Prodigy disappointing.

    Beach boat, museum quarter, great food all rocked!

    Sure things can always be improved (I agree about those scooters being a nuisence). Creating an environment of Sziget’s size which feels safe, positive and is culturally diverse is an achievement worth celebrating!

    I look forward to coming back next year and hope that discussions such as this will add and help to improve the experience

    Thoughts too for those festival goers at Pukkelpop who had their holiday ruined by freak weather. In many ways I feel lucky to have experienced Sziget this year.

    \m/ \m/

  8. Just got back from budapest and sziget (got 5 more days in one of the most beautiful city’s of the world!), what a great mf festival! One minor detail, the dutchies! Irritating people, to loud, got no patience, rude! And i’m dutch also and not proud of it. But anyway, it was my first sziget and not my last! SUPERFESTIVAL!!! Went to lowlands 10 years in a row, but will never go to lowlands again, sziget is much more relaxed! Thanks for a wonderfull week SZIGET!!!!

  9. haha inderdaad klompje… erg jammer als je bij de blues pub zit en er opeens allemaal skihut figuren langs komen “waar is het feestje, hier is het feestje”

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