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Sziget 2012 over – Day 5 pictures

Sziget 2012 is now history.

It was an edition that turned out pretty good, especially since, as our lineup poll said, too, the lineup wasn’t to everyone’s expectations.

As always, the last day had something sad in it, but that didn’t mean there weren’t some great performances.

Everybody had tons of fun with bands like Mando Diao and The Killers – on the Main Stage, Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, Fanfara Ciocarlia, Leningrad or Rotfront on the World Music Stage, or Karen Caroll at the Blues Pub.

Not to mention Amon Amarth and Magnetic Man at the Arena.

Another Sziget wraps up, with great memories, leaving everyone waiting for next year.

So tell us, how was your Sziget 2012? Did you have fun? What did you enjoy most?

Here are some pictures from the last day…



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2 thoughts on “Sziget 2012 over – Day 5 pictures

  1. Went there with my biggest interest in The Stone Roses..
    felt that that concert was pretty tired and not really what i expected.

    ,and ended up with having the best time of my life at Emir Kusturica and Snoop Dogg .. Snoop really blew my mind!!!
    What a crazy night that became 🙂

    Thanks SzigetNews for your reports and news throughout the year!!

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