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Sziget 2013 date

The Sziget 2013 date has already been announced, so you can probably start booking flights (just kidding, you can wait a while longer).

According to the @szigetfest Twitter account, Sziget Festival 2013 is set to take place between August 5th and 12th, 2013.

7 thoughts on “Sziget 2013 date

  1. had my first year at sziget this year and i cant imagine going to a british festival ever again! WOW what an amazing place!

  2. Not really news, I think we could have figured out the dates as its the same week every year…….but thanks anyway 🙂

  3. The Black Keys, Manford and Son,Muse or TheArctic Monkes shouldplay and of course the Killers should play. I have been going to the Sziget at least 10 years and LOVE it!!!Mykids come too. I have a friend who has been playing around europe I wonderhow do you get booked on the small stages/tents???? Already looking forward to 2013Sziget!

  4. Since last year it was in November, it will probably be similar next year. But tickets shouldn’t worry you. You can even buy them almost until the last minute, as it’s never sold out. Accommodation tends to get expensive as the festival is getting closer, so make sure you book that if you plan to stay in a hotel.

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