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Sziget 2013 line up page updated

We’ve updated the Sziget 2013 line up page on Sziget News in order to better include all the latest announcements we got.

We’ve also added dates where they are already available, but, of course, this is a work in progress.

If you stumble across other dates, feel free to tell us and they will be added.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Erik says:

    Nicky Romero plays Arena:

  2. Sziget News says:

    @Erik: updated, thanks!

  3. Sziget News says:

    @apis: where did you find out? We can’t find anything about Sziget at those links.

  4. apis says:

    The dates for the following bands are already known:
    Woodkid – 8th AUG
    Everything Everything – 7th AUG
    Skip & Die – 9th AUG
    Chris Liebing – 7th AUG
    Deichkind – 7th AUG
    Figli di Madre Ignota – 11th AUG
    Skunk Anansie – 11th or 12th AUG
    Tame Impala – probably 10th or 11th AUG

  5. apis says:

    @Sziget News

    Last mont there was a festival in Slovenia where some bands were chosen for different festivals. BRO and Barely Modern were chosen to perform at Sziget Festival by a Sziget’s representative (Adrienn Hiller).

    You can read it on our (Slovene) national TV website, but it’s in Slovene. 🙂

  6. Fab says:

    Afterhours in party arena? they’re a rock band…

  7. Hoebele says:

    “Skunk Anansie – 11 or 12 aug” ?
    12 aug. would be the day after Sziget..

  8. apis says:

    You’re right. 7th and 11th August are still available.

  9. adam clark says:

    @Fab Amon Amarth played in the ‘party’ arena last year 🙂

  10. Andy says:

    Deftones are playing Reading/Leeds and are in Switzerland on the 16th August. Please, please let them come again. In 2011 they were incredible.

  11. diseasefire says:

    why do you always ask for the same names? i wanna see something different there’s so much music in the world! and we still got dizee rascal skunk anensie empire of the sun hadouken and so on…

  12. Andy says:

    Because Deftones.

  13. Michael PD says:

    Just to let you know, on your line up page it says that Parov Stelar Band’s stage is unknown, according to they are playing The Arena 🙂

  14. Axel says:

    I can only agree: DEFTONES! Why same bands??? Two years ago… that’s way too long!

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