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Sziget 2013 lineup poll is over, here are the results!

The Sziget 2013 lineup poll is now over and, as promised, here are the results of what you guys have voted.

First of all, we must mention that 1050 of you guys have voted in our line up poll this year.

You could vote in the poll starting on June 27, with the voting ending today, August 5.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the results of the poll.

To get an even better idea, a graph of the results can also be seen below.

As you can see 32 of the voters thought the Sziget 2013 lineup was excellent (accounting to 3.05%), while 164 thought it was good (15.62%).

26% – 273 votes have been placed for the “Not bad” option, while 355 of the voters (the largest part, at 33.81%) thought that the Sziget 2013 lineup was “Bad”. 21.52% of the voters – 226 votes were for the “Very bad” option.

sziget 2013 lineup poll

This concludes the Sziget 2013 lineup poll, but Sziget 2013 is just starting, so make sure you have an incredible festival!

3 thoughts on “Sziget 2013 lineup poll is over, here are the results!

  1. Its not surprising… I have been coming to sziget almost every year but this years lineup simply seemed like it had no thought into it (alongside trying to cover the couple of useless indie hype bands).
    I really hope it will improve for next year as i really want to keep going.

  2. Hmm, well let’s hope that, for the organisers, there’s some lessons learned here – cos we’d really love to return to the festival. Sadly, though, I have a feeling that the heavy rock/metal element of the line up has gone for good ….

  3. Now Sziget is over…what stays??? The festival was very detailed and romantic on the island…but the lineup was very very bad…I hope…that the Sziget is going on next year…but I think when it will…I buy my tickets…when the lineup is good enough….otherwise perhaps I buy daytickets for 1 or 2 days…sorry

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