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Sziget 2013 map–check it out here

The Sziget 2013 map has been made available, and you can take a look at it below.

Click on the map image to see full version.

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13 thoughts on “Sziget 2013 map–check it out here

  1. Ouch. Caravan camping has lost so much ground. Only part left is the one without any trees and far from all other festivities. Sziget has changed so much this year, and not letting anybody know upfront.

  2. Can anyone else shed light on the fact they don’t put everything in number order?

    Perhaps the caravan camping has lost ground because not so many people have bought caravan tickets, just a thought.

  3. @sieget

    A caravan is perfect for Sziget. You can take some much crap like soundsystems, tables, chairs, hammocks, loads of tents, mountains of food, especially with a large group its perfect… you don’t know what you are missing! 😀

    Oh I am quite sure that is because of the low amount of caravan ticket sales. That’s also why camping Alternative (the Italian one) got expanded after those tickets were sold out. Still, it is annoying to expect one thing, and I’ve been going with caravan for the last 4 years, and suddenly it changes.

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