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Sziget 2014 lineup poll results

The Sziget 2014 lineup poll results are here for you. We’re posting them a bit later than usual, as Sziget 2014 is in full swing already.

So, as you take a little break from partying, here’s what you guys thought about the Sziget 2014 lineup.

By the looks of it, it’s no wonder the tickets have sold so well this year.

Out of 636 voters, 30.66% have thought that the Sziget 2014 lineup was very good, while 23.74% have ranked it as excellent.

21.07% think Sziget 2014’s lineup is Good, while 12.89% thoght it was “Not bad”.

The two very negative options, Bad and Very bad, have received just 8.65% and, respectively, 2.99% of the votes, as you can see in the image below.

Sziget 2014 lineup poll

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