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Sziget 2014 tickets now available!

Sziget 2014 tickets are now available, and you can get them here.

You should also know that, as opposed to other years, when tickets were available for an early bird price, and then would go up in price at a certain date, this time their price will grow progressively as the festival approaches.

The early bird stage is until December 31 at midnight; the first advance round is until April 30, with the second one until July 31. The full price will be paid after August 1 and on the spot.

Sziget 2014 tickets for the whole week with camping now cost 199 Euro, while the non-camping ones are at 169 Euros.

Day tickets are 50 Euro, and there are various other camping upgrades available.

2 thoughts on “Sziget 2014 tickets now available!

  1. Nice to see a pic of the metal day wrist band …

    An antique to tell the kids about one day…

    ‘Metal…you say? Ah yes, we used to have that at Sziget once upon a time back in the good old days…’


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