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A look at today’s announcement: Foals, Marina and the Diamonds, Knife Party, and Many Others

The Sziget Festival Republic (getting used to this name is still strange) has returned with announcements to warm our hearts: a list of formations added to the lineup of the Sziget 2015. The short list can be found here, but let’s see some of them in a bit more detail.

Foals is returning to Hungary after a visit at the VOLT last year. The Oxford band – with a style that mixes indie, math rock and dance – has three studio albums, with a fourth being in the works. Maybe we can hear some of their new creations this year at the Sziget 2015 Festival.

The names behind Knife Party – Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen – will surely sound familiar for many of you. Their energetic, electro house tunes will unleash incredible energy, especially combined with the incredible lights and visuals they use in their shows. After several successful EPs they have finally released their first album, Abandon Ship, last year.

Marina and the Diamonds will pleasure our ears with a brand new show, as the electro diva has finally released her new album, Froot, this month. Great news for her fans.

The Maccabees has also confirmed for the festival – the London indie guitar-pop group plans to release a new album this year, so maybe we can hear something fresh from them, too.

On the DJ front the Festival Republic has confirmed the presence of Swedish producer Alesso. He will surely make us jump and lose ourselves with his electro house tunes.

Louisa Rose Allen, AKA Foxes, will also participate. The 25 year old singer has won a Grammy for her collaboration with Zedd (Clarity), and her debut album Glorious was a massive success. Not to mention her performance of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now on the British TV show Doctor Who has surely increased the number of her fans!

Rockers will be delighted to hear that Dropkick Murphy, the Beatsteaks and Halestorm, besides the ones mentioned above, will delight them with their music on the scene. Electro fans will not be disappointed either – aside from the artists mentioned earlier, they will have the chance to hear Vitalic (Pascal Arbez). But they will also have a chance to get to know new sounds and other artists like Gentleman and his dancehall-roots-reggae, SBTRKT with their post-dubstep sound, Miriam and Olivia Nervo, who have won a Grammy for their hit When Love Takes Over in 2010, which they have co-written with David Guetta.

Fans of the soul genre will be delighted to hear the voice of Selah Sue, the Belgian neo-soul diva with a wonderful voice, and Paloma Faith, the winner of the Best Female Artist category of this year’s BRIT Awards. Now she comes to charm us, too, at Sziget 2015.

The Sziget Festival Republic was criticized by the crowds through social media about the lack of confirmed headliners, but the organizers have promised them a constant stream of confirmations – so we still think we can expect an interesting lineup this year.

172 thoughts on “A look at today’s announcement: Foals, Marina and the Diamonds, Knife Party, and Many Others

  1. We will have to wait ’till april for new names I guess?

    I’m quite happy with that! Good rock bands and electro, and Gentleman for the reggae!

  2. Thanks and welcome back! I would have guessed 2manydjs too…

    Milky Chance for the sunday! (with Passenger and Martin Garrix for now).

    and as said before, The Maccabees will play on the 13th.

  3. 24-25 july Kings of Leon are in Barcelona 🙂

    They are in the US 20 and 25 june. It’s a long shot but maybe…

  4. I’m big in to DJs. Any of Ame, Marcus Worgull, Agoria, George Fitzgerald, DJ Koze, Mind Against, Dominik Eulberg, Paul Kalkbrenner or Nicolas Jaar would be nice.

    Also, a live electronic act or two like Ten Walls, Recondite, Caribou, David August, Marek Hemmann, Jon Hopkins, Alex Banks, Todd Terje, Modeselektor, Kiasmos, Christian Loffler or Pantha du Prince would be great too.

  5. @john doe, i listen to a lot of electronic music so quite a few. why? got something?

  6. Thank you… could it be possible that this headliner play after Florence? I can see it being Chemicals-Avicii-Armin but I wanted a BAND!!

  7. Would love some decent rock/metal acts!

    And please NO Kings of Leon… They are the most boring uninspirational live band around….

  8. I don’t think it’s possible to book 5 “normal” headliners and 5 djs, there are simply not enough big bands touring in the week of sziget in europe. They will sure get some bigger bands eventually, and I think they will make alt-J a headliner (which would be quite good I think). I would be really happy with foals headlining too, but they wrote that they will play an afternoon slot.
    where are the people now who said linkin park is 100% sure? -_- -_- nothing is for sure..
    I don’t know what happened. Last year they have moved the date of sziget, in order to be able to book better bands. This year many other festivals were moved to one week after sziget, so it’s the same situation again 🙁

  9. Nobody like Beck? He is perfect in time for the Sziget. And Also Kasabian are a good name like Headliner. And Bjork? She will play in Europe during the Sziget period. So, with Back, Bjork and Kasabian I would be très Happy!

  10. it was mentioned in the hungarian press release, on the official sziget website, that they will play the main stage in the afternoon

  11. Thanks, just saw it! I’d rather have Alt-J and Foals headlining than Kanye West or Drake.

  12. Only announced for Grape Fest’ (14 august) so any day is possible beside this one. Most probably the 13th or 15th because Bratislava and Budapest are really close.

  13. @john doe, any more hints in that regard? if you’re talking popular mainstream djs, i could see kygo, avicii, major lazer, ect. but i’m really hoping for disclosure, justice, or chemical brothers. how likely are those? porter robinson, kill the noise, klangkarussell, and koan sound would all be great additions too.

    seems that sziget had the headliner djs down pat last year. skrillex, calvin harris, and deadmau5 all bring something unique to the table, while all being extremely popular and well known. any chance of having something similar to last year?

  14. Disclosure or Chems would be great. Justice I’d take but not overly fussed by. Avicii aside are any of those others really big enough? A strange twist would be Paul Kalkbrenner. He’s headlined festivals in Europe before.

  15. Surely not David Guetta again…?

    Armin Van Buuren at SW4 in August. Possibility?

    No thank you to either. Would rather have DJ Luck & MC Neat

  16. @John Doe: it’s between Avicii/Kygo and Major LAzer then? I think that if Kygo played he wouldn’t play a headline slot (party arena or A38) so Avicii or Major Lazer?

  17. @john doe: I really hope it’s not Tiesto, no idea where he might be during Sziget. out of who I mentioned, my hope would be Major Lazer. can you provide any other hints that actually point to a specific artist? my money is on Avicii unfortunately, really hoping I’m wrong

  18. Major lazor big enough to headline, no bigger than Knife Party surely that means it’s Aviici? Not too impressed either way. Any chance we’ll be abroad The Albion at Sziget?

  19. Tiesto is at Balaton so it’s not him. I’d bet on Avicii too! I’d rather have The Chemical Brothers but he has nice singalongs.

  20. It’s Avicii isn’t it? Pfft. Ah well, you can’t argue with his size. Hopefully he qualifies as the pop headliner. He’d make far more sense as the End Show that Garrix. I assume he’s busy on the Sunday

  21. My hopes are for Chemical Brothers. In 2011 they did a massive show. Not another house dj on the Main Stage, please. And are Major Lazer big enough? In 2010 they played in A38. I can see them for an afternoon slot, 23.30/00.00 A38 or 19.30 Party Arena.

  22. @john doe: no chance of getting deadmau5 back on the island? or skrillex? the other possibility: major lazer may not be big enough to headline (though i am of the opinion that they could be a closing act after a rock headliner), but diplo as himself likely would be.

    could we include diplo in the possibilities, appearing as diplo and not major lazer? stop teasing, john doe!

  23. @john doe How was your day today? Did you enjoy it? Did anything made you laugh? I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  24. Interpol 13.08
    Gogol Bordello 12.08
    The Subways 14.08
    The Ting Tings 13.08
    Alesso 15.08
    Paloma Faith 15.08
    W&W 13.08
    Jett Rebel 15.08
    Che Sudaka 12.08
    Kadebostany 13.08

  25. @thetrootroo are you reallly sure to know who are Major Lazer? Please download spotify and search “major Lazer “. they can headline all festival in Europe at this moment.
    @Jonh…Are they reallly all important and populare ? I think Skrillex will return at Sziget but not as Skrillex but with a popular friend…so ano chance for Jack ü?! (Please Jonh smile ;))

  26. @Cesar: yes i know who major lazer is; i was responding to others who were saying they weren’t big enough to headline.

  27. I love Major Lazer but they can’t headline OK? as Foals and Alt-j,fake bands that can’t headline…

  28. Yeah I don’t think the foals should ever be considered as a headliner. I seen them a few years ago and it was pretty poor. Alt j is a funny one, amazing live however no real communication with the crowd as the singer doesn’t speak, a guitarist is the front man. Not to bothered about any more Djs being headliners, but there is still plenty more to be announced.

  29. White lies smashed it! Sometimes giving the younger bands a chance they can really step up their game.

  30. @K Yes, White Lies did a great show, I didn’t say that to imply it was a bad concert but to say that with Sziget we can expect mid card bands to headline

  31. I really wanted some rock/blues names :\
    It’s 70% electro that sucks…
    I wish the next announcements will be better because I really wanna go this year but I won’t buy a ticket unless some real names will come…
    Every year Sziget.. Every year…

  32. Well this year with the come back of the Party Arena there will be much more electro cos that stage only hosts electro and dance acts

  33. 10.08: Robbie Williams
    11.08: Florence and the Machine, Babylon Circus
    12.08: Gogol Bordello, Enter Shikari, Che Sudaka, Tyler, The Creator
    13.08: Interpol, The Maccabees, Ella Eyre, Danny Byrd, High Contrast, Fred V & Grafix, Camo & Krooked, MC Dynamite, Kadebostany, W&W, My Favorite Robot, The Ting Tings
    14.08: The Subways, Mariza
    15.08: Alesso, Jett Rebel, Paloma Faith
    16.08: Martin Garrix, Milky Chance, Passenger

    Source: Fesztiválok Városa (

  34. It looks like one of headliners could be Lenny Kravitz. He will be in Gdansk on 8 aug.

  35. Just a small remark regarding the DJ hint: does Faithless qualify as a DJ act? Cause they are back together and touring. Also, they love Sziget and always put on amazing shows (possibly one of my favorite “big” electronic acts)

  36. Underword big enough to headline? I don’t think so. But they’d be good as a Main Stage closing act with a headliner playing before them (like Placebo -> Skrillex, OutKast -> Calvin Harris, QOTSA -> deadmau5)

  37. Simple Plan, All Time Low, Steve Aoki @ STRAND 2015!!

    Shit I wanted Simple Plan! Fuck*n’ hungarian festivals -_-

  38. Does anyone know whether Sziget’s line-up percentage includes smaller acts? It says approx. 25% of the lineup has been released to date. Does the remaining 75% include smaller acts? Or only acts set to perform on the 5-6 “main” stages (i.e. Main Stage, A38, Party Arena, World Music Stage, Colosseum, Roma Tent)? Does anyone have any idea how this works? Have they done the percentage indicator before?

  39. No Linkin Park, the Libertines, Mumford & Sons, the Offspring, Pharell Williams, Metallica, the Prodigy, the Chemical Brothers, Robert Plant, Deep Purple,… so far (they’re all touring in europe in august)…

    So who could be the headliners during the regular days!?!?!? What do you think??

    I think Alt-J can maybe take one headliner slot. They’re are not that big but we already had worse headiners in the past.

    I’m not that optimistic anymore about having big headliners. But the undercard is very good so far (maybe the best since 4 years)!

  40. @Palinka be positive man 🙂
    Last year Sziget has signed the record of attendance so I think this years they will book big headliners to confirm and increase those numbers.
    This week there will be new name!!! And i think i ll be a big headliner (jonh can you confirm) ;)?

  41. Very wishful thinking…I’m not expecting anything else this month…hope I’m wrong

  42. Maybe, Sziget is waiting for the increase of the ticket price at the end of april to announce bigger bands /headliners as they are almost sure to sold out the weekly pass this year ( Sziget Italia said that they have already sold twice more weekly tickets (in all european countries) than last year at the same moment, i’m not italian but that’s what i understood with google traduction, maybe i’m wrong. Can someone confirm this ?). Tickets seem to be selling enough fast without the headliners announcement, why would they announce them now, before the price increase ? Maybe it’s a financial strategy , what do you think ?

    Scorpions are playing germany on august 15, don’t know if they are sziget material.

  43. They’re headlining Bestival aren’t they? They get similar sized headliners to Sziget

  44. They could headline. Not should, but they could be bumped up.

    Of Monsters and Men are in north america 7-9 august and back to Iceland 19-20 august… I hope they’ll be part of the lineup.
    also, today’s Outside Land announcement and tomorrow it’s Pukkelpop.

  45. Bestival is an english festival and Underworld are british. Outside UK is different. For example, they don’t headline Primavera Sound while Alt-J do and they co-headline Nos Primavera Sound, Primavera Sound’s smaller “brother” in Porto with a lower lineup (headliners are Interpol, Anthony And The Johnsons, and Ride/Underworld). IMHO Underworld are big enough to be a Sziget main stage closer with a bigger act before, not the big act.

  46. Gentleman will play the 11th but the stage is yet to be known 🙂 World music or main stage?

  47. bought my werchter ticket yesterday… maybe next year will by my seventh sziget?:) it’s all about the line-up.

    but I really hope something good will be announced for sziget, cause some of my friends will still participate.

  48. It is so not all about the line-up. I would say the line-up is 60% fun, the other 40% are exploring random areas and just having fun with the Sziget people. Would you attend a seven-day festival that has the best line-up with 10+ hours of concerts a day? You will collapse. Having unknown bands can be a positive thing in a way that one can take a rest now and then 🙂

  49. @DaPalma
    Nice thinking; probably your hypothesis is correct; if today they announce Metallica and Linkin Park everybody (include me) buy tickets.
    Last year a lot of big name has been announced on January-March, when the tickets was sold with an early stage price!!
    Sziget is the island of freedom but it is a business too!

  50. I don’t think it’s a matter of price increasement. The fact is that there are no headliners in Europe in the week of Sziget. Or at least no headliners have announced a Europe tour that is going on during the week of Sziget. Something new will come tomorrow with the Pukkelpop announcement. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  51. Outside Lands: Sam Smith, Kendrick Lamar, The Black Keys, Elton John, Mumford & Sons.

  52. Outside Lands: Drake, Axwell^Ingrosso, Alt-J, Interpol, St. Vincent, Tame Impala, Hozier, Of Monsters & Men, The War On Drugs, Hot Chip, Odesza, Chet Faker, + many more.

  53. Could Axwell^Ingrosso be the “DJ headliner” John Doe was talking about earlier on this thread? It’s pretty common that Outside Lands is the last festival / event played by many headliners before heading to Europe for late summer. Outside Lands seems like the last “big time” summer festival in North America.

    And other than DJs, how many more of these headliners mentioned are Sziget possibilities?

  54. Axwell ^ Ingrosso would be great, but Axwell was already here in 2014.

    I hope for Linkin Park, The Libertines, Ellie Goulding, Robin Schulz !

  55. @Pierre: didn’t realize that… although it wouldn’t be out of character for sziget to book the same person back-to-back years, i think you’re right in that it will certainly lessen the chances.

  56. @FAB headliners of that day are The Strokes.
    And it’s not true I don’t like them, I love them! And they’ll also play the entire dubnobasswithmyheadman album in this tour, so I really want them to come. I just think they’re not big to be the headliners. IMHO they can easily be a Main Stage closer, not the big act of that day.

    @Pierre Axwell ^ Ingrosso play at Balaton Sound, so they won’t be part of Sziget’s Lineup for sure.

    Anyway San Francisco’s Outside Lands announced the lineup. No big bands I was hoping for Sziget (only The Black Keys, but I already saw them last year, and Mumford & Sons of which we already know). I saw Milky Chance are playing there too and this gives me a hope for Tame Impala.

  57. Newbie here. Does anyone know how far along Sziget’s announcements were this time last year? We only have, from what I can tell, two headliners (Robbie and Florence).

    What concerns me is that they didn’t allocate bands/acts to stages with the last announcement, and some acts announced could be big enough for Sziget to consider headliners. Are they not releasing the stage so they have names to fall back on if they can’t get any decent headliners? This is my thinking.

    The alternative, as someone has mentioned, is that Sziget is trying to take a new business approach. Their budget has been raised, so perhaps they are spending a lot on some headliners and don’t want to release the names until ticket sales go up so as to make more money off of those headliners specifically.

    Does anyone have any insight on when things will get rolling? Everyone is patiently waiting for Pukkelpopp to announce, but it seems to me that Pukkelpopp and Sziget’s lineup won’t coincide like they did last year. SOMEONE COMFORT ME!

  58. @The Keys both possibilities can be true. I think that it’s not a matter of money or strategy, I believe that we just have few big bands touring Europe in that week. But maybe somebody will announce an august tour (like Blur who will announce an august date tomorrow and now become a strong possibility), who knows! Let’s wait and see. In my opinion we will have a lineup like 2011, without big headliners everyday like last year but with a lot of great mid-card names. And 2011 had the best lineup in the last years to me.
    Anyway I think that of the already announced bands only Robbie Williams, Florence + The Machine, Interpol, Foals, Alt-J, Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello and Martin Garrix will be on the Main Stage with the Dropkicks that can also play in A38 cos last time Flogging Molly came played there (but that would be a crazy decision to me).

  59. @iiiits Miiiike yeah great news! At Benicassim/SuperBock and Pukkelpop; Sziget is between these two and not announced for Outside Lands. I hope they’ll come.

    @The Keys I think that they didn’t announce headliners yet is due to the lack of them being around in August. But some are still to announce august dates (Blur for instance, or Kings of Leon, or Linkin Park could come earlier; imagine how good the lineup would be with these three, but I think we’ll get 2 maximum). And don’t worry, the undercard is really nice for now (the wednesday looks good for now with Gogol Bordello and Enter Shikari!! + Florence and Gentleman on the tuesday which is very nice). and, finally, last year I missed 3 headline slots (QOTSA, Macklemore and Outkast) and was pleased with the other stages 🙂

    Muse were rumored to appear at Outside Land. With them being at Fuji Rock (therefore not being at Summer Sonic) I hope there’s still a slight chance that they come.

  60. The undercard is unbelievable so far in my opinion… definitely already enough to fill up 3-4 days for me (with the amount of sets I already want to see). But even so, that’s assuming they’re nicely spread out the way I like them… there will naturally be clashes.

    I hope you guys are right. Would love to see Linkin Park, Muse, The Chemical Bros, Disclosure, Major Lazer, Blur, Kings of Leon, Jack White, ect. ect. All rumoured to be around.

  61. Yeh it’s looking like it still could be Blur, Major Lazor/Aviici, Libertines, Linkin Park with Underworld supporting Alt-J as a post headline dance act.If it is there is nothing to worry about ????

  62. @FAB apart from The Chemicals, All Time Low and Kodaline there’s not much I’d like to see there… how many headliners they still have to announce?

  63. But someone has seen the frequency lineup?
    -Linkin Park
    -The prodigy
    -The chemical brothers
    – the offspring
    -Major Lazer

    Are you sure there is no big band in Europe in that period? Listen…sziget will announce this same name (the only exception is The Prodigy)+Blur. They are only waiting ticket price grow up!
    Anyone would bet something? 🙂

  64. @caesar -_- -_- -_-

    no linkin park, prodigy, or chemical brothers this year @sziget, they will not be in europe at that time

    frequency is a week later, which makes a huge difference

  65. @event: -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.-

    Linkin Park: men i don’t know if you work for the management of Linkin Park but in official site there is no date for August, so i really don’t know how you can suppose they will not be in Europe in August

    The chemical brothers: ok they are at summer sonic in 15 August so they can host the opening show (7 August they are in Germany and the opening is in 11 August).

    The prodigy? i have said that they will not performe Sziget this year -.-

  66. Who else is gonna be the danceheadliner John Doe is talking about?
    Fatboy Slim, is already at Volt. Chem Bro’s in Japan. Faithless at Balaton…

    Paul Kalkbrenner?

  67. Paul Kalkbrenner would be a great Main Stage closer. Who else? Avicii? I don’t like him at all but it’s the kind of name Sziget would take for the opening show if The Chems don’t come. I still believe that Major Lazer are not big enough to be a headliner. And I can’t see electro dancehall on the Main Stage at night. I would put them in Party Arena at 19.30 (the live music slot) or A38 at 23.30. But that’s what I’d do. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll be a Main Stage closer.

  68. maybe they’ll book Faithless, if there’s a problem with big names, no matter they’re at Balaton already…

  69. @Ambassadeur I don’t agree. They’ve never shared international headliners between their festivals with the only exception of 30stm in 2011, but they were a replacement for Amy Winehouse and anyway they were announced after Volt. Announcing Faithless after Balaton Sound would be a financial disaster for daily tickets of that specific day. You can’t have a day without an announced headliner until July 13.

  70. Metallica at Lollapalooza US (july 31 – august 2). So they could be in europe during Sziget!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  71. They are already in Europe the 20th of august but they’re not really considered because of their price (maybe Sziget will put the price if they don’t find anyone else).

  72. oh no, 30 seconds to mars are touring again this year (playing in austria in may) – god save us all!

  73. Is it not strange to anyone that Alesso is essentially considered a headliner or at the very least a sub-headliner at American festivals (near the top of most posters he’s on), and yet Sziget just announced him as another dance act? Same with Knife Party, even closing out a day of R&L. Any chance Sziget is going to make them headliners / closers at a later date? Have they ever pulled this before?

  74. Well Alesso last year headlined Balaton Sound, so may be a possibility. But I think he’s gonna be the main dj in the Party Arena of a day. If he was a main stage closer or was the dj of the opening act I thought they’d have give hime more space in the announcement.

  75. @Bender: that’s what I mean. You would assume that they have some decent headliners in mind if they’re not giving these artists any special attention. Not that Alesso necessarily deserves a headlining spot, it’s just that if they were desperate for big acts, they’d be making a bigger deal out of bookings like Alesso, Knife Party, Interpol, ect.

  76. @iiits Miiike: Pukkelpop announcement is at 3:30 I read somewhere, but official social media announcement is 5:00 or 5:30 (I forget which). Could be false info or my poor memory but I think that was the timeframe mentioned.

    Even so, a lot have already been supposedly confirmed. Link Park, The Offspring, Netsky, Major Lazer, Boys Noize, Sigma, Gorgon City, Porter Robinson, Tale Of Us, Passenger, Seasick Steve, Black Sun Empire, ect. Festileaks has already said their sources have leaked Blur and Limp Bizcuit as well.

  77. Lools like Pukkelpop has still a free headlining spot (assuming that the other 2 are taken by Linkin Park and The Offspring). So strange, usually Pukkelpop announces all 3 headliners in the first announcement. Fu**in’ august 2015.

  78. Ops, looks like Bastille are headlining, not Offspring. Bastille headlining. BASTILLE HEADLINING. Wtf is going on??

  79. Glad we already had Bastille for 2 years in a row. They won’t preform for the third time a in row, won’t they? Please, don’t….

  80. Well actually they performed only in 2014, not 2013. I’m a little bit scared. Last year they were awful.

  81. Well, Pukkelpop is off to a great start with electronic music… Above and Beyond, A-Trak, Porter Robinson, Netsky, Gorgon City, Major Lazer, ect. Hope we get some of those coming our way if Sziget continues down the road of electronic music.

  82. Pukkelpop has a very solid lineup this year so far!! Hope they’ll share a few acts with Sziget.

  83. Friday @ Pukkelpop is

    Ellie Goulding sub
    Bastille headliner
    Major Lazer closing


  84. Bastille are a nightmare live… other than that, I see no issue with Ellie as a sub (she’s enchanting live), and Major Lazer closing. In fact I’d be very happy with Ellie –> Interpol –> Major Lazer, just as an example, even though none of them are headline material. Since when does a lack of “proper” headliners detract from the great undercard that both Sziget and Pukkelpop currently have?

  85. Also, would definitely take Above & Beyond as a main stage closer one night… they put on unbelievable performances.

  86. @The Key Ellie Goulding was subbing Werchter last year so she will be subbing for sure and I know about Major Lazer because I got an email from Pukkelpop mailing list saying that closers will be Rudimental for Thursday, Major Lazer for Friday and Netsky for Saturday.

  87. @Bender: Yah and that’s all good. I was just saying that Ellie (sub) –> Bastille (head) –> Major Lazer (close) isn’t that big of a nightmare, because Ellie and Major Lazer are both solid acts. I actually hope both get booked for Sziget.

  88. Sziget Festival Official: “we’re planning to announce new names in the near future”

  89. Foals and Interpol the same day on the main stage! It will be strong if we get a good headliner for that day 🙂

  90. I believe it’s gonna be:

    16.00 The Maccabees (last time they came they opened Main Stage)
    17.45 Foals
    19.30 Interpol
    21.30 Headliner

  91. There’s some major potential on the Pukkelpop line up. Allah-Las, Boys Noize, Courtney Barnett, Daniel Avery, Four Tet, James Blake, John Talabot, Manchester Orchestra, Pond, Run the Jewels, Tale of Us, Tame Impala, Ten Walls, Todd Terje, War on Drugs…

    Also a load of stuff I have no time for though so it could go either way

  92. Yeah, especially that Sziget is already saying “new names soon” althought nobody is really asking because we had some not long ago 🙂 Did they find a headliner?

    +No band from Strand is coming to Sziget I’d assume :/

  93. I guess The Maccabees will be at A38 if to check their position at the official Sziget website lineup

  94. @Ambassadeur: where are the bands categorized by stage on the Sziget website? Can you link? I can’t seem to find it.

  95. Their position as in the program section. I think that the main stage player will be from Robbie>Gogol Bordello, and the other stages after Alesso. It’s only logical.

  96. Another completely unprovoked comment from Sziget Official: “the new names come :)”

  97. The Offspring announced on 6 august at Rocco del Schlacko Festival and on August 7 at Taubertal.

  98. @Noeliam I don’t know, I think Marina and The Diamonds will be in A38 like in 2011. Also I remember that last year’s A38 names like Stromae, Axwell, Klaxons, Fedde Le Grand, The Bloody Beetroots and Darkside were in a higher position than Main Stage bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Der Fantastischen Vier, Mary Popkids, Punnany Massif and Anti-Flag.

  99. anyone know whether jane doe is legitimate? or just a troll? Porter Robinson would be an amazing addition, and he just announced yesterday that he is dedicating this summer to bringing his live show to “a lot of festivals”.

  100. I’m not in to The Offspring, but they were excellent live when I saw them a few years back. I’d happily see them again

  101. Porter Robinson will play at sonic mania festival in Japan on 14th august. Before this date he will play in other two festival.

  102. Is it that fun trolling festival goers? I wanna try.

    Let me think…I got it!

    Brown Sugar

  103. I hope Porter Robinson doesn’t play. He sounded cool so I stuck the album on and was more than a little underwhelmed

  104. Is Kendrick Lamar a potential headliner? Last show in the US on 7th August. Doesn’t currently have a European date on his site until Leeds/Reading mind.

  105. I wouldn’t like it but he could fit the spot Macklemore took last year. Maybe a rap night with snoop dog? It would be fun. I don’t listen to rap at all but I’ve heard good things about him.

  106. I’d love to see Kendrick. His last album was brilliant and the current one has had rave reviews even though I’m struggling with it (70 minutes long, seriously.) He’s got far more about him that Macklemore imo. A real talent with an ear for music from a range of genres.

  107. @Eddie: different strokes for different folks I guess. there’s a reason he was named artist of the year at Woodies/SXSW last week though.

  108. He’s not bad or anything, I just expected more. Reminds me of that Nero album, despite being a different genre.

  109. if you want more (and if you’re at least somewhat into electronic music), check out spitfire, both the album and the song by him.

  110. Will do. I am massively in to electronic music. Mainly electronica, house and techno though.

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