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Sziget 2015 Announcement: Limp Bizkit, Avicii, Hollywood Undead and more!

Another week, another handful of names confirmed by the Sziget Festival Republic! The Sziget 2015 lineup has been improved with the following names:

  • Avicii
  • Limp Bizkit
  • Hollywood Undead
  • Cro
  • The Gaslight Anthem
  • Soja
  • Dj Marky & Stamina MC

So, let’s start with the beginning.

Avicii is expected to enchant his audience with stunning visuals at this year’s Sziget Festival. The Swedish superstar is one of the most popular electro house acts of his generation, with all the traditions of the Swedish electronic dance scene behind them (think Ace of Base, Basic Element, Army of Lovers and many others). Tim Bergling (this is his real name) is barely in his twenties, but he has already released some of the most popular party anthems of our times.

Limp Bizkit is a band with no need for a long introduction. The American nu metal band has been formed in the mid-1990s, and has made it to the spotlight in the early 2000s. As one of the most popular bands in their genre, Limp Bizkit has sold over 50 million albums all over the world. After a three-year hiatus the band returned to the stage (and the studio) in 2009. Their seventh album, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, is set to be released this year – they will most likely give us a glimpse of what we can expect. (I really hope that they will sing this at the Sziget 2015)

Hollywood Undead was born (or resurrected?) a decade ago in Los Angeles. Since their first song uploaded to MySpace the band sold millions of albums worldwide. Their latest album, Day of the Dead (which was released this March) was one of the most anticipated rock albums of the year.

Cro is a rapper, singer, producer and designer from Germany, playing a mixture of rap and bebop, which he calls “Raop”. His panda mask will show up on the Sziget stage this year.

The Gaslight Anthem, the band playing sincere guitar tunes with the voice of Brian Fallon, was born in 2006. In the last few years they have experienced with a new sound. After their cancelled concert two years ago this year they will be present (hopefully) to make it up to their fans.

Soja‘s first album was released in 2000, and the band releases a new album every 2 or 3 years ever since. Their 2012 release, Strength to Survive, has topped the Billboard charts for two years, and their last album contains collaborations with artists like Damian Marley or Michael Franti. They will bring a glimpse of Jamaican breeze to the Sziget’s stage.

Dj Marky & Stamina MC is a drum’n bass duo from Brazil. Marky is in the DJ business since 1992, and he is famous for his mixing technique. Stamina MC is not just talking, but sometimes he also sings… The pinnacle of their career was the Peace Parade in Sao Paulo, when they entertained a crowd of 1 million.

How much of your wishlist has been confirmed? What else do you think the lineup shoudl include?

113 thoughts on “Sziget 2015 Announcement: Limp Bizkit, Avicii, Hollywood Undead and more!

  1. You put a video of Linkin Park for Limp Bizkit!

    Good announcement considering there’s only 7 names 🙂


    Day -1 (Monday): Robbie Williams

    Day 0 (Tuesday): Florence and the Machine (let’s hope The Chemicals or some other big electronic act plays afterwards, as Avicci was not announced for the “opening party”)

    Day 1 (Wednesday): X

    Day 2 (Thursday): Interpol (not officially stated)

    Day 3 (Friday): Kasabian (maybe an electronic headliner afterwards)

    Day 4 (Saturday): X

    Day 5 (Sunday): X (with Martin Garrix afterwards)

    I don’t think any headliners have been announced this round. Avicci will undoubtedly close out one day, maybe Alesso will too, but both will likely have acts before them. Plus, they would have explicitly stated Avicci for the opening party if that was the case. It has been said in another forum that they are likely trying for The Chemical Brothers for the opening party.

  3. With that said though, I think one of the biggest issues with this year’s announcement is the uncertainty they come with. We have little information on which names, if any, are headliners, and similarly, which big electronic acts are playing the Party Arena, A38, or Main Stage. Similarly, there are many acts that could be considered headliners in light of the unavailability of good bands, but they have not explicitly stated so. It’s almost as if they want us to assume there will be more “big names” coming, when it is possible that they’re announced the bulk of their big names.

  4. @event: yeah, it was pure speculation. I hope they can find someone bigger to headline that day (and Foals are playing the afternoon slot, we know that). If they can’t, however, I could see Interpol being the headliner with an electronic act afterwards.

    The simple fact is that electronic music is popular right now, and electronic acts are plentiful and available, simply because there is so many of them. Booking a renowned, headline worthy band is much more difficult. I think this is why we are seeing such a bulk of electronic music this year.

  5. The easiest thing that comes to my mind is Avicii playing after Interpol. A very good medium-sized band with a very big dj playing after them. Having said that, I totally dislike Avicii but ok, I know he’s big enough to close the Main Stage as he’s one of the biggest commercial house djs worldwide. I think he’d have been a better choice for the End Show as Garrix can only play in Party Arena to me.

  6. According to this hungarian website(
    08. 10. Robbie Williams
    08. 11. Florence and the Machine, Gentleman, Babylon Circus, Kensington, Selah Sue
    08. 12. Gogol Bordello, Enter Shikari, Tyler, The Creator, Che Sudaka, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Dakhabrakha – önbejelent?, Scarecrow – önbejelent?, SOJA
    08. 13. Interpol, Foals, The Ting Tings, The Maccabees, Ella Eyre, High Contrast, Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, Fred V & Grafix, Dynamite MC, Kadebostany, W&W, My Favorite Robot, Tesco Disco – önbejelent?
    08. 14. Kasabian, Dropkick Murphys, Marina and the Diamonds, The Subways, Knife Party, Mariza, Dotan, StadiumX, The Gaslight Anthem
    08. 15. Alesso, Paloma Faith, William Fitzsimmons, Lucas & Steve, Noura Mint Seymali – önbejelent?, Vitalic, Jett Rebel
    08. 16. Martin Garrix, Passenger, Milky Chance

    I think most of it is based on websites/facebook of the artist themselves. I checked some and it seems to be accurate.

  7. Yes it’s acurate I follow them 🙂 I already have acts I’d love to see on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. And I’ll probably see the end show. I hope there’s a good headliner on saturday and I’m 100% okay musically 🙂

  8. @Bender: I’m with you. I think Interpol will get a “sub-headlining” slot and Avicci will play after them. Or, alternatively, Avicci will play after another “sub-headliner” and they’ll get another DJ to play after Interpol.

    As @The Keys said, electronic acts are more plentiful. I think we’ve seen the climax of the band headliners, with the exception of one or two more big bands maybe. I’m betting we’ll continue to see electronic acts announced. My guess? The Chemical Brothers, Major Lazer, Madeon, Modestep, Klangkarussell, Bakermat, ect. Plenty of talented electronic acts around that will draw a crowd (a different one, albeit). The same cannot be said about rock / punk acts in Europe at the time.

  9. Could Knife Party play after Kasabian based on that schedule? Wednesday is looking sparse.

  10. @the keys
    that’s true, i can see that scenario happening if they don’t find a bigger name

  11. Robbie and Florence are in a bigger font than the rest of the names on the new homepage. Would be great if that means that they still have to announce the names that are headlining day 1-5 (dreaming).

  12. @iiittt’sss Miiike I think it’s plausible. Last year they headlined Strand, another hungarian festival. If there was a huge crowd that day I think they can be Main Stage closer. But I still see them in the Party Arena.

    My only real fear this year is to see Ellie Goulding headlining for the same reason of Mika in 2013. She’s higher than Kasabian in the program..

  13. @finge: also interesting that if you click on the actual program tab on the website, robbie and florence have small banners across their picture stating the day they’re headlining… you’d think since they know the dates that interpol and kasabian are playing, they’d add the banner to their pictures if they were headliners. this could get interesting with the increase of ticket prices at the end of the month.

  14. Limp Bizkit and Hollywood undead !!! Rap metal is back so let’s hope for Bodycount

    I think Limp Bizkit could be a headliner like Korn last year.

  15. Alt J is forward than Limp Bizkit on the homepage.
    Chemical Bros will be Japan still.

  16. @thetrootroo

    RW and Florence are confirmed headliners though. No one else has been confirmed. That’s all. Kasabian will definitely headline for starters you’d imagine, as will Avicii

  17. @thetrootroo that banner is not stating they’re headliners, but that they’ll play days -1 and 0, so not included in the 5 days ticket. It’s just an info 🙂

  18. @Eddie: Kasabian: “nem véletlen, hogy a világ legnagyobb fesztiváljain – köztük az idei Szigeten – van biztosított helyük headliner pozícióban.”

  19. @everyone: my bad then, i’m thinking in terms of 7day tickets, i always forget that sziget does the 5-day passes as well. oh well, perhaps we’re looking at a bit of an underwhelming headliner lineup alongside a pretty awesome undercard!

  20. @thetrootroo google translate gives me this: “Not a coincidence that the world’s biggest festivals – including this year’s Island – are they insured headliner position”. Pretty clear, I think 🙂

  21. If you take a look at the app. You’ll see we have 4 of the 7 headliners. There are robbie william, Florencd and the machine, avicii and Martin garrix. After that all the other names. Might be interesting…

  22. I have it on Android and it’s up to date. Ellie Goulding (and Kasabian) are after Alt-J there.

  23. Yes my version is on android. The names in the list are for this year. And in order of what we know Robbie first, Florence and the machine next, avicii somewhere and martin as last one. After that all the other names.. Thats why i shared. I Can be wrong but i thought it was worth sharing…

  24. Definitely worth sharing. Maybe Avicii is after Kasabian? If not, he could headline the Wednesday. In theory there’s three headliners TBA but that doesn’t seem particularly plausible given that there’s not a huge amount TBA of the main acts

  25. Alt-J could well be headliners. Not seen it ruled out anywhere and they’re in the top names on the app. It’s already been mentioned that Foals aren’t headlining that day. Could easily be…

    Day -1 (Monday): Robbie Williams
    Day 0 (Tuesday): Florence and the Machine
    Day 1 (Wednesday): Avicii or UNKNOWN
    Day 2 (Thursday): Alt-J
    Day 3 (Friday): Kasabian followed by Avicii or UNKNOWN
    Day 4 (Saturday): UNKNOWN
    Day 5 (Sunday): Martin Garrix

    My guess is two big names TBA, one Kings of Leon, the other The Libertines. Time will tell. Kasabian followed by The Libertines would make sense.

  26. sziget festival official’s most recent Facebook post: Robbie will play day -1, Florence will play day 0 “and we haven’t talked about the other five days yet”…. so, unless this is a lie / market gimmick, it looks like we have some big names remaining

  27. @rambo joe frickle: how sure are you of that? very bad PR for a major festival if that’s the case…

  28. “Érdemes már most gy?jteni az energiákat: Robbie Williams a -1. napon, Florence & The Machine a 0. napon, a többi 5 napról nem is beszélve . “

  29. I guess it’s not about headliners, but about list of all performers for main days

  30. I think they mean that they didn’t mention the regular day headliners in that particular sentence.
    Get over it.

  31. The following were announced for Summer Well in Romania.(8-9 august):
    Kasabian, Foals, La Roux, The Maccabees, The Wombats, Jungle, Kwabs, Foxes, Circa Waves, Dan Croll

    Any chances for the Wombats at Sziget? (And maybe circa waves)?

  32. It’s not foo fighters. They are in canada/usa during sziget
    Will we have a new announcement before 30 april?

  33. Any chances for the Wombats at Sziget?

    No, they going to be playing Budapest Essentials in june.

  34. John Doe said fall. Not Sziget. But FF wont come to Budapest, they will play in Vienna.

  35. I’m so clueless here I’m not even thinking Sziget. Foo Fighters play Budapest in Autumn but can’t make the summer?

  36. I’m with @Eddie dont think it’s a reference to Sziget Fall?FF@Hu makes no sense for Libertines

  37. Unless it was two clues. Fall? Being a stupidly vague Libertines one and the FF one being Franz Ferdinand & Sparks.

    But that seems to be clutching at straws more than a little. FF could also be a hint at Fxck Forever which was a big track by Babyshambles if you were looking for another Libertines link.

  38. “FALL?FF@HU” just means Foo Fighters are playing Hungary in november: FALL FOO FIGHTERS @ HUNGARY. They announced some Europe tour dates today, for november (fall). They will be announcing more tour dates soon.
    Source: the official Foo Fighters facebook page. Read the comments on the latest post: someone asks why they’re not playing France, the page replied with: coming!! ( They will not play Sziget (when fall ok then summer no). So I think you’re right, Eddie.

  39. We already knew. They are in North America all week long as someone mentioned before.
    There’s still hope for Muse…

  40. John, we really like the games. But please promisse us the game will be focussed on sziget :p

  41. Pukkelpop just expanded their line-up. Not much interesting for Sziget there. Coheed & Cambria and John Coffey would be nice though..

    Still hoping for Truckfighters @ Sziget! Would be awesome!

  42. Paolo Nutini can easily be a sub or a headliner this year imo and now that he’s announced for Pukkelpop this scenario seems very plausible

  43. Oh and Oyafestival has an announcement tomorrow 🙂 A headliner I guess because they said they would announce one artist.

  44. Thinking way out there but Paolo Nutini to headline with Ellie Goulding sub or vice versa. Also add The Offspring to Limp Bizkit with Linkin Park headlining. Should make a lot of people happy. This would give a lot of variety to the schedule and suit the majority of people one way or another

  45. @Noeliam: yah, exactly my thinking. Madeon and Kygo all the way.

    I’m still not entirely convinced that facebook post was just a gimmick. I think there’s a pretty decent chance that we still have a couple more real headliners TBA. But only time will tell, I guess.

  46. Sziget Poland posted something that translates into “Dear friends, tomorrow a lot of good news!
    We also remind you that the cheaper tickets – Advance Round 1 – only until the end of April.”
    It was accompanied by a video of the best moments of world music stage in 2012.

    @John Doe: Is TIKEN JAH FAKOLY part of the world music lineup? 🙂

  47. @Art: That is sort of interesting. Don’t the bigger names usually play during the “5 days” and not the countdown days (day -1 and day 0)? Considering Robbie is already going to draw a big crowd for day -1 it’s strange that they’d put Limp Bizkit on the same day, when the rest of the week is still lacking big names in my opinion.

    We’ll have to wait to see what happens. Unlike the majority of posters here, I’m anticipating some more bigger names in the next few weeks.

  48. I really don’t get how Paolo Nunti could be a headliner. Come on. Really worried they will book Libertines. Thats a horrible live act..

  49. I hope 10th august for limp bizkit on their website is just because that’s the first day and they’ll play a regular day for real

  50. Sziget uk

    ‘Who will join che sudaka, Mariza and Goran Bregovi? Wedding & Funeral Band at ?#?Sziget2015?’s MasterCard World Music Stage? Find it out tomorrow!’

  51. Wednesday 12th of August
    16.45-18.00: Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra (BE)
    18.15-19.30: DakhaBrakha (UA)
    19.45-21.00: Che Sudaka (ES)
    21.15-22.30: Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar (SRB)
    23.15-00.30: Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (IT)
    00.30-04.00: GypsySoundSystem (CH)

    Thursday 13th of August
    16.45-18.00: Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble (BEN-FI)
    18.15-19.30: Parno Graszt (HU)
    19.45-21.00: Roy Paci & Aretuska Allstars (IT)
    21.15-22.30: LaBrassBanda (DE)
    23.15-00.30: Taraf de Haidouks (RO)
    00.30-04:00: DJ Borzin (FI)

    Friday 14th of August
    16.45-18.00: La Chiva Gantiva (CO)
    18.15-19.30: Szalonna és Bandája (HU)
    19.45-21.00: Imam Baildi (GR)
    21.15-22.30: Mariza (PT)
    23.15-00.30: Besh o droM (HU)
    00.30-04:00: DJ Luca Vaga (DE)

    Saturday 15th of August
    16.45-18.00: The Egyptian Project (EG-FR)
    18.15-19.30: Noura Mint Seymali (MTN)
    19.45-21.00: LB 27 (HU)
    21.15-22.30: Goran Bregovic Wedding And Funeral Band (SRB)
    23.15-00.30: Romengo (HU)
    00.30-04:00: DJ Lord Sassafras (ES)

    Sunday 16th of August
    16.45-18.00: She-Koyokh (UK)
    18.15-19.30: HK & Les Saltimbanks (FR)
    19.45-21.00: Dhoad Gypsies Of Rajasthan (IN)
    21.15-22.30: Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (HU)
    23.15-00.30: Söndörg? (HU)

  52. I was delighted Boban I Marko were playing, and then I come on here and see they’re probably clashing with Interpol 🙁

  53. Interpol play a day later, and aren’t headliners (not announced anyway and I doubt they will). So you can watch them both 🙂

  54. Guess I’ve got to hope the Wednesday headliner is rubbish and the Saturday one is great. Check out Boban i Marko though. They’re quality live, they played the ATP Godspeed! You Black Emperor curated a few years ago

  55. Yes it’s probably that! Soja and Gogol Bordello being more “world” (therefore green) but playing on the main stage.

  56. No Future Islands is on the 11 (tuesday, day 0).
    Source: SZIGET FESZTIVÁL 2014: FÉLÁR DIÁKOKNAK (facebook page).

  57. why do you think that it is a legit source? it is not official in any way. they are just guessing, like any of us

  58. 😀 lol don’t trust them, they are nothing like official. They have the same info as all of us, nothing more.

  59. I had a little conversation with the guy in charge and I can confirm to you that the dates are true 🙂 You can believe them or not.

  60. I loved their song Johnny Delusional. And I’ll go especially if FF sings some of their own songs! 🙂

  61. So far announced on Official Sziget site:
    mon 10 aug – robbie williams
    tue 11 aug – florence and the machine
    wed 12 aug – alt-j
    thu 13 aug – ellie goulding, interpol, foals
    fri 14 aug – avicii, kasabian, marina and the diamonds
    sat 15 aug –
    sun 16 aug – martin garrix, limp bizkit

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