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First Sziget 2016 Announcement: M83, MØ, John Newman and many others

Sziget 2016 is starting to take shape with today’s announcements of the first performers. But these are just the first names of hundreds more to come. At the same time the organizers of the festival have also announced that 25% of all Sziget 2016 passes have been sold already. Considering last year’s limit of 45,000 passes, this could mean over 10,000 passes sold.

But, without further ado, here are the names announced by Sziget Festival for the 2016 event:

  • Bring Me the Horizon
  • Kodaline
  • M83
  • Naughty Boy
  • John Newman
  • Parov Stelar
  • Sigur Rós

Who are the first names for Sziget 2016?

Bring Me the Horizon is a British rock band from Sheffield, consisting of lead vocalist Oliver Sykes, lead guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. During their career they have released five studio albums – their latest, That’s the Spirit, has seen the light of day this year. They have several awards under their beld: the Kerrang! award for the Best British Newcomer in 2006, for the Best Album in 2011 (for There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret), the Best Video in 2012 (for Alligator Blood), the Best British Band in 2013 and 2015.

Kodaline is an Irish rock band, formed in 2005 in Dublin. Their first independently released track, “Give Me a Minute” has topped the Irish Singles Chart in 2007. The band has two studio albums and 6 EPs, and one award under their belt: the EBBA Public Choice Award in 2013.

M83 is a French electronic music band formed in 2001. The band has 6 studio albums and two soundtracks, including the one for the popular Tom Cruise science fiction flick Oblivion. Leader Anthony Gonzalez describes his style as “adult-scripted teen dreams”, characterized by the heavy use of reverb and softly spoken lyrics over loud instruments.

 needs no introduction – those attending this year’s Sziget Festival had the chance to see and hear her live. But she has new stuff to show: Karen Marie Ørsted has recently launched the first single from her upcoming album, Kamikaze, in the UK, Denmark and Belgium.

Naughty Boy is an English DJ, songwriter and producer, going by the name of Shahid Khan in the real world. Best known for his numerous collaborations, and the work he has done for other artists, including Britney Spears, Lily Allen, Sandé and Katy Perry.

John Newman is a 25 year old British singer, best known for his track “Love Me Again”, which has topped the UK Singles Chart in 2013. Nominated for three Brit Awards in 2014, the artist has recently launched his second album, called Revolve, a record from which he will definitely play at Sziget 2016.

For those in love with electronic music the name Parov Stelar will surely sound familiar. Known for his combination of jazz, house, electro and breakbeat, the 41 year old Austrian DJ / producer has released his latest album The Demon Diaries this year, so he has something new to show on stage.

Last, but not least, Sigur Rós. The Icelandic post-rock band has started its career in 1994, and has released seven studio albums in its over two decades of existence. It currently has three members – Jón Þór Birgisson Georg Hólm Orri Páll Dýrason. Kjartan Sveinsson has left the band three years ago, seeking “something different”.

What do you say so far? How many of them were on your Sziget 2016 wishlist?

82 thoughts on “First Sziget 2016 Announcement: M83, MØ, John Newman and many others

  1. I’m having mixed feelings. I do like MO the most, maybe Bring me the Horizon as well. To me, others are kinda meh..

  2. Ok, my impression now that I have heard to all of the bands live:

    – BRING ME THE HORIZON: what they were was the paradigma of a band I didn’t like but I would have seen live, what are right now is a compromise between the elements. For sure a name I would see live.

    – KODALINE: that kind of Indie Rock which is not “crazy” like the Libertines nor “introspective” like Alt-J. So well, ciao.

    – M83: MIDNIGHT CITY, WAIT and nothing more. Totally a one-two track show for me… I’m happy to know that they will be there, but I’m not sure I would attend one of their show

    – MO: had enough last year; she’s good and energic, but I think that 1,30h is enough for me lol

    – NAUGHTY BOY: f**k it off

    – JOHN NEWMAN: I’m happy with him, he’s good. Maybe it’s not the kind of show I dream about, but he’s good, tho.

    – PAROV STELAR: MASSIVE. fckn love their genre

    – SIGUR ROS: Can’t stand post-rock, but I think that they are the most probably name between those to headline, someone will be happy, not me…

  3. “M83: MIDNIGHT CITY, WAIT and nothing more. Totally a one-two track show for me…”

    Whaaaaaaat ???? Midnight City and nothing more… -_-‘

  4. Wait wait, got to explain, ’cause it could sound offensive.

    I’m not saying that M83 are like, I don’t know, LaRoux (Bulletproof and In for kill and just stop). In my modest opinion, and I’m not really into Shoegaze or anyway this kind of music (‘cept maybe for Lush), those are the only track I know and I would care for.
    I’m not said they don’t create an atmosphere or they aren’t good live.

    That was just my opinion 🙂

  5. Sigur Ros on their website and Parov Stelar created an official event on fb for the 11th (Day 0).

  6. Most of these where expected, but happy with Kodaline and John Newman. Hopefully Sigur Rós won’t be regarded as anything more than an A38 headliner..

  7. Of course… 🙁 Well, he’s not big enough for me to change my ticket, but it’s surprising anyway as I doubt he’s big enough to carry that day either. I think there’s a change they’ve just used the first date of the festival, as I’ve seen many similar sites doing the same when they don’t know.

  8. No one said that he’ll headline Day -1. Maybe next year A38 will be also available in Days -1 and 0, who knows?

  9. That’s right, but at least given previous editions, there will only be one international headliner/act on -1.

    It would be really really poor marketing if they didn’t disclose any major changes for thos days before opening the ticket sales, so I do doubt it (then again, they have done strange things before).

  10. @rascal Ok, maybe the reason for only one last year was the price tag on RW then. Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see then.

  11. @bobo Agreed, but in my opinion Sigur Rós will be even worse. Will be exciting to know at what level they will have their headliners this year. Increased ticket prices and the wed-wed set-up should make them able to do better.

    Will be interesting to see who Reading/Leeds announce tomorrow. Some of those should be potential for Sziget as well.

  12. Sigur Ros worse than Ellie Goulding?

    Sigur Ros can headline Sziget because they are magical, not because Ellie Goulding did it!

  13. Sigur Ros can headline so many festivals, they’re big enough. They need that night atmosphere or at least sunset.

    And for Newman playing day -1, bandsintown often put the day of the beginning of a festival when the day is still unknown. But as it’s been said, in 2014 on day -1 there were Leningran, The 1975 and Blink 182.

  14. @Tom In that case I guess it’s definite.. Bummer 🙁 Saw him at Rock Werchter this year and the show was really good..

  15. Dates on his website are made by bandsintown. If you click on “tickets” it redirects you from bandsintown. So let’s wait and see

  16. Reading + Leeds: RHCP, The 1975, Courteeners, Twenty one pilots, Boy better knows, slaves.. I was hoping RHCP would have done europe just in june, I was wrong

  17. OK I was wrong about Sigur Ros. I’ve just listened to few of their albums and they are fking amazing! An incredible band. Thanks to Sziget. NICE!

  18. RHCP and John Newman for Day -1 and it could turn into a pretty decent day, at least for me. 😀

  19. R+L relase wasn’t much to brag about, but as @bobo says it seems like RCHP is still in Europe, which puts them in the spotline for Sziget (unfortunately). Another artist I’ll see on day -1 or 0 then..

    Only thing that might count against it is that most festivals already have announced them, so why couldn’t Sziget do the same in their first batch? Surely it will create a buzz among some.

  20. In 2014, Arctic Monkeys toured june-july european summer and came back for R&L so can’t really count on that!
    @RIHANNA: check their live at Best Kept Secret, and the live of Svefn-g-Englar in philadelphia! Incredible 🙂

  21. ahaha man you’re looking at probably their best concert ever, 12 years ago. When they were on top. When they had energy. With Frusciante. I love that gig too.

  22. Sigur Rós is NOT a festival band. I can’t imagine them at 4 pm in 30+ °C with drunk festival goers shouting and wawing their stupid flags. Should have been a headline show for the first time in Budapest.

  23. U kiddin’? They are Main Stage stuff I guess…
    Only chance to get to A38 is them to cover the spot of Interpol, Dropkick Murphys and stuff the last year

  24. @Mit

    Not really, I couldn’t enjoy josé and passenger this year because noise from the outside were louder than their show’s queiter songs.

  25. There wasn’t a lot of people screaming or waving flags during Alt J at the main stage last year, and it was a very good atmosphere in my opinion. I guess it can be the same for Sigur

  26. Yeah but for how much I enjoyed the Alt-J’s gig I found it a waste of an headliner spot (like the majority of the headliners the last year); I mean, they’re good and famous, fine, but was it a bit… boring? maybe.

    I mean, two years ago, 2014, every headliner for good or worse was some kind of energic or crazy or stuff like that, I think that’s the spirit of an headliner. I think that I must like a “quiet” band very very very much to be happy for them to fill the headliner spot…

  27. Well, the thing is that at Sziget the headliner ends at 11, you still have pleeeeenty of time to party!! even if you have a day ticket you can get out at 8am the next day!!
    Macklemore, Armin and Robin Schulz for Balaton!

  28. Let’s just get Armin for Sziget as well… At least a DJ who knows something more than “press play on tape”…

  29. @tmolvik

    let’s bring on live music in ’16. button pushers can have their time at balaton sound.

  30. @break: don’t confuse button pushers and real djs, pls. Van Buuren is a real good live performers and I would really be happy if someone like him would come.

  31. well in my book mixing prerecorded tracks, generating loops, playing with the equalizer doesn’t mean live music. Live music require instruments. period.

  32. A big part of the build up to Sziget is discovering new bands. I did not really know any of the artists announced but now I have given them all a listen I am really impressed with M83 & Sigur Rós.

    Sziget is over 7 nights so if I get 14 excellent bands I will be delighted; So far 2 from 8 bands announced seems an excellent ratio. I agree with several on here that the sound in the A38 is terrible, this is due to a mix of too heavy a bass setting and sound bleed from the main stage – It is easily my least favourite venue at Sziget.

    Live V DJ discussion. Watch jon Hopkins live mixing. He is a classically trained piarnist and even when not on a keyboard his hands are a blur, insanely talented

  33. A38 = Other stage at Glastonbury: second biggest stage and for alternative-indie-electronic, and least appreciated (A38 is a tent though). If M83 and Sigur Ros are playing there I hope it’ll be after the headliner (23:30).

    Jon Hopkins would be amazing!

  34. I bet on
    M83 on A38, maybe headliners
    Sigur Ros will play on Main Stage if they won’t find anything better (of course sub-headlining or headlining, because of the dark they need),
    Bring me the Horizon on Main Stage during the day (safe bet)
    Kodaline on A38 during the day
    MO on A38 like last year
    John Newman on Main Stage
    Parov Stelar on A38 or Main Stage if they can’t fill it
    Naughty Dog on Party Arena or some other place when u can park him. Seriously, why call someone like that?

  35. Jon Hopkins is simply brilliant. Would be delighted if he comes. Last year at Primavera Sound I moved from the boredom of Alt-J to his live set and he was just sick!

  36. @break If you dream of Sziget being a festival without any EDM, I think you need to snap out of it asap. I don’t want as much EDM as last time either (at least keep it in the Party Arena then except for the end show), but therefore it is at least even more important to get som quality EDM among those booked and as @yelo said, don’t confuse Armin van Buuren with i.e Avicii.

  37. @yelo: what you’re saying about AltJ last year for me is the same reasoning of partyboys at Ultra Miami complaining when an old school dance act doesn’t give them the Drop they want. Of course on the “live music” side. How can your only argumentation be that they weren’t enough energetic? You can like them or not, you can criticize something about style, technique, lyrics, whatever you want. But it’s music, it’s art, they’re not there to necessarily give you your daily dose of adrenaline. It can be chillout too. If something it’s good it’s just good, not everything has to be strong to become big, famous, headliner.
    If I try to use your reasoning an artist like Bjork for example would be considered sh*t… a festival like Sziget would have to refuse her because she is boring, and to call every night and every year the same freaking Prodigy or you know things like SOAD, Blink, Limp.. just because in this way people can make noise every night at the main stage.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy moshpits like a crazy motherfu*ker, but I appreciate everything it’s good. If somebody plays really really well I enjoy them. And for me Alt J was a beatiful night to aeat and drink and smoke sitting on the ground (And Sigur as subheadliners can be the same). Recommend to anyone

  38. Uououo, Bobo, chill out and listen to me for a minute.
    I LOVED the Alt J gig, if it wasn’t this way I would have appreciate more the Enter Shikari’s gig in A38.
    What I am saying is this: do I prefer most a band like Alt J to play at 19.00 with sunset or at 21.30 with night?

    The experience of 2 years at Sziget tells me “at 19.00” because the sunset create a more special atmosphere, because I used to be more enjoyed by “”””crazy”””” artists like Deadmau5 or Korn or Florence, more than Alt J or Kings of Leon.

    I’m not saying Alt J are s*it or that they ain’t good for main stage or stuff like this. I’m just sayin that if I would have to choose between (2 random names) Arctic Monkeys or Massive Attack for an headliner spot I’ll choose Arctic Monkeys, even if love Massive Attack, even if they would take more from the atmosphere, even everything you like. That’s just an opinion, like the most I put on this blog.
    I know sometimes I go against the flow, just try to understand and don’t give hate on me 🙂

  39. Actually I only think Alt-J are not good live. Not at all. I saw them twice and twice I moved to another concert (Jon Hopkins at Primavera Sound and Enter Shikari at Sziget). It’s not a matter of energy. I also really like them in studio. 🙂

  40. yelo, ahah I wasn’t giving any hate on you my dear 🙂
    Just trying to understand each others point of view. Anyway, yes a part of me agrees with you. If I have to choose between 2 very good headliners and one is more enegetic and intense I can prefer this one. But in case I already have most of the nights with rock/electronic powerful headliners I would pick up a more meditative one, even for 21.30 slot.
    I know that was not the case at sziget 2015 ahah, but anyway

  41. Hey all, I like the quieter headliners, my fab concerts of the last few years were, alt j, nick cave, Woodkid, calexico and blur. Coming in close behind, Florence, madness and chemical brothers

  42. Nick Cave was simply brilliant! He’s in my top 3 concerts of Sziget with Faith No More in 2009 (n°1, no doubt about it) and Muse in 2010.

  43. I like this topic: Best at Sziget over the 4 visited: Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Cee Lo Green, Quimby & Zager; the last 2 i had never heard of (and still haven’t really heard of since) but all listed put on an excellent gig.

    Good on record does not mean good live. I went to see Alt J in Cardiff 2 weeks ago with horrors supporting. Loved both bands but Alt J you really need their own light show and sound set up to enjoy as at festivals for some reason they do not work so well.

    Hoping for best live band i have ever seen in Beck, Jon Hopkins, James, John Grant & CHIC.

    Morrissey polarises opinion like few other artists but he would be AMAZING and guarantee several hundred ticket sales from over 35’s. DITTO for New Order and both great live

  44. When coming two Sziget I’ve usually attended a few festivals that year so I’m tired of headliners and looking for the smaller stages. My “best” experiences (best meaning, fun, surprising, memorable etc) at Sziget last two years when I’ve visited will be;

    Passenger (won against Garrix at end show this year)
    HK & Les Saltimbanks (even though I didn’t understand anything)
    Marina & The Diamonds (hot in so many ways)
    Kensington (statium rock I hardly had heard of)
    The Boss Hoss (fun, tacky and catchy)
    Laidback Luke (DJ who knows how to throw a party)
    Firkin (“Irish” party)
    Placebo (They always deliver…)

    I’m a schizophrenic I know…. Not to happy about the line-up when I’ve been there but nothing can beat the atmosphere So i’ll give it another shot again this years, even though there’s not too many high class bands being announced on tour in that period yet. Hoping for Biffy Clyro and Pearl Jam, but guessing on Sia and Guetta included in the next release of names..

  45. Morrisey isn’t that piece of junk who cancelled the only date in Iceland because there were vendors of sandwich with meat and he’s one of those vegetarians who have to spread vegetarianism all over the world?

  46. Yelo – I don’t know is it?

    All i know is that the guy is something truly special in this world,Unique – I said he polarised opinion and i guess you are a hater to my lover – fair enough. Who have you found amazing?

    tmolvik – did not see any of the bands you recommended apart from Placebo; you are right they were excellent!

  47. @Jjason, to speak the truth I’ve never listened to him, so I can’t really judge on him. The only fact I think I know is about that exagerrated vegetarianism (edit: it’s actually him, but I only found an article in italian, so I don’t think it will be of much interest for u, ‘cept u were italian of course!), and that’s just a fan fact ahah

    Bands I found did great at Sziget in the 2 years I’ve been there are, IMHO, Ska P, Imagine Dragons, Djaikovski, AntiFlag, Deadmau5, FLORENCE + THE MACHINE (!!!!!), Irie Maffia, Ella Eyre, C2C and SBTRKT 🙂

  48. I’ve only been to 2014 and 2015 editions! I only missed both thursday headliners (for Bonobo and the chill garden). The best concerts I’ve attended were Kasabian, Deadmau5, Skrillex. I’ve enjoyed so many more but this would be the top 3 I guess.

  49. Morrissey to Sziget? Only if no meat will be sold on the whole island for the day he is performing. I don’t see that happening ever.

  50. No, Morrissey performed to a lot of festivals, he does this only for his own gigs. But once at Coachella he stopped the concert because he was smelling meat so he asked the cooking places to stop during his concert and went on. Fuckin’ idol! Rock star!

  51. Kensington and Gogol Bordello were my two favorite afternoon acts this year. Never heard of Kensington before but their show was great, sweated a lot, lot of fun (and beautiful Dutch girls). As for subs/heads Kasabian and Florence this year performed at an incredible level, crazy. Favorite moshpit of 2015 Limp bizkit. And about electronic I think Gui Boratto and Vitalic were my favorites. But I have to admit that Deadmau5 and Skrillex on the main in 2014 were HUGE! And favorite headliner of all time Faith no More 2009 my first sziget, you know maybe first time has something special, even though at sziget I always feel like it’s the first time.

  52. SzigetNews, can I know why my comments are going under moderation now? Of the 3 comments I made in the last 48 hours 2 were deleted and 1 is “awaiting moderation”. To post this I’m using my mobile.

  53. Bastille – ok
    Bloc Party – yes!!!
    Chvrches – yes!!!
    Sum41 – don’t care
    Nicky Romero – don’t care

  54. I’m happy with all the bands. I’m, wow, didn’t expect this lol
    They are not what I was expecting and Im not overjoyed for this, but still:

    – BASTILLE: didn’t care about them back in 2014, but they seems to have improved in last years, so worse scenario ever is they headline a day, best one they have a sub-headliner or a normal spot in Main Stage and I would give them a chance if there won’t be nothing better around

    – BLOC PARTY: I’m a fun til Guitar Hero 3’s Helicopter, was on my wishlist so FTW, just hope they won’t sound shit in A38, ’cause that’s their spot IMHO

    – CHVRCHES: Was not really into it, but I think that the shoegaze-post-rock-indietronica way Sziget is takin this year with those guys, Sigur Ros and M83 is way way way better than the Pop-Indie Pop it was taken last year with all those filling names like Jett Rebel, Marina and the Diamonds, Foxxes and Ella Eyre (still I love her, tho). A38 for sure, will give em a chance if I’ll be around

    – SUM41: Didn’t know they were still around, they don’t looks brilliant live, but still there are 2 things that make me happy about this release. 1) I’ve seen Blink 182 live, so Im sure it won’t be worse, NOTHING CAN BE WORSE THAN BLINK LIVE 2) they were my idol back in the day I was an adolescents. Sure they’ll get a small slot in Main Stage

    – NICKY ROMERO: well. It’s EDM, it’s Sziget, nothing new out there. Still, we have 3 possible scenarios: Main Stage headliner – I won’t be unhappy only if they assure me that it’s the “big trash house name” for this year, cause it’s way better than Avicii and Calvin Harris and David Guetta; Main Stage normal name (like Major Lazer last year) – disappointed, but I survived Major Lazer last year, I lowered my standard I guess; Party Arena/A38 – surely I would go visit!
    If u want to bring EDM to Main Stage, bring fuckin’ Disclosure and Hot Chip, dammit

  55. Sigur ros, M83, Bloc party, CHVRCHES, Sum41, BMTH… with 1 or 2 more bands (tame impala pls) the “undercard” could be very good. Let’s see how the headliners will look like.

  56. Great announcement! Sum 41 was one of my first favorite bands 🙂
    Bloc Party will be ace!!

    Bastille could headline (like Alt-J they headlined Pukkelpop) but still at least 6 to come 🙂

    So excited!!!
    Happy holidays all

  57. According to the Hungarian press release:

    – Bastille: Main Stage (early evening)
    – Sum 41: Main Stage (early evening)
    – Chvrches: A38
    – Bloc Party: A38
    – Nicky Romero: Arena

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