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Sziget 2016 lineup poll

With the Sziget 2016 lineup almost complete and passes almost sold out, it’s time for you to have your say in the Sziget 2016 lineup poll.

We’ve had some pretty cool announcements, some big names, tons of smaller ones to discover (and maybe turn into big ones for the next few years), so it will be quite a Sziget 2016 to look forward to.

A yearly tradition on Sziget News, the Sziget 2016 lineup poll is always the place where you can honestly state your opinion and say whether you think Sziget 2016 will be yeah or meh.

And, who knows, maybe the organizers take note and make things a little better next year.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the Sziget 2016 lineup poll! Vote, then don’t forget to tell everyone why you voted that way in the comments below. The poll will close on the 9th of August, right before Sziget 2016.

Let the voting begin and don’t forget to tell the world what you think!

And if you haven’t already booked your Sziget 2016 accommodation, you can do so here.

159 thoughts on “Sziget 2016 lineup poll

  1. I would have said “Good” if only I wasn’t biaised (… by my personal taste, M83, Sigur Ros and Muse being on my top top list).
    So I would have said excellent but they missed out on many opportunities (LCD, Glass Animals, Rammstein…).

  2. I voted “not too bad”. This means that if next year will be the same, it won’t be good enough for me to buy tickets in the first 24 hours. Hopefully they will bring something special as it will be the 25th edition. I would prefer 2 proper rock bands as headliners, because 3 electronic music acts are too much.

  3. Voted “not too bad” as well, and can agree to what @Sziget is saying. Started out quite well, but after that announcement just became worse and worse. Hardly anything interesting added recent months, but if the weather is nice I guess it will be fun anyway.

  4. Good line-up for me !

    Last year I wanted to see more artists : C2C, limp Bizkit, Nero, Knife party, Gramatik, Infected Mushrooms, Vitalic, Dixon, etc… But it’s ok 🙂

    My only real disappointment is Guetta this year. This guy made some good house songs but it was 15 years ago …
    Sziget missed some good performers for the summer (Rammstein, TDCC, maybe Elton John or Paul McCartney, Disclosure, RHCP, Offsprings, etc…).
    I’ll see Editors in July so no clash with Manu Chao for me, I’ll also see Birdy Nam Nam to forget the missing of a C2C-like this year and RHCP in Budapest in september so I don’t worry 🙂

  5. I voted “very good” line up. I have too many artists to see, and I already know I won’t have any time left between activities, sleep and stages.

    I did not vote according to artists that could have been in the line up as IMHO it does not make sense to do so. Look at the result, assume you do not know the whole content of all festival in Europe this Summer and enjoy it 🙂

  6. Pukkelpop added TLSP and BMTH to their line-up, so now I think they have a better line-up than Sziget.

  7. Does anybode know if there will come mores venues than the actually on the list at the sziget webside? I hope for a big Sziget eye, cause Volt and Balaton also have on this year 🙂

  8. I think that there is no place for Sziget Eye in the location where it used to be, ’cause they needed to enlarge the Main Stage area, with the increasing of capacity

  9. I voted not too bad just because its one of those what the hell can we do about it now kind of things. I’m psyched to do this thing and experience the island. At least I won’t spend a whole day waiting to get close for Radiohead or whoever, and I mean that in a seriously good way. Hope to meet some of you guys on the island…

  10. There’s a form on the right, they’re probably the best way to come across something.

  11. Yay, magic mirror looks great this year. Bowie tribute, Berlin burlesque and uk comics:).

  12. most of the daily schedule is now on the app, looks much busier than last year:) quite a few stages now run for the 7 days

  13. Seems a good news to stop being a Szitisen lol
    First one is awful live and s**tted over its past in the latest years, second one well, same reason I would not go to see Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan even if someone pays it in my place: they are idols of what they used to be, Id rather go to Madame Tusseauds instead.

    And yeah, I know I sound a little bit edgy, but that’s it – at least Rihanna is quite good live. Being propositive, I would suggest some band which play a similar kind of music (a.k.a. ROCK) which in someway result to be either critical acclaimed AND not older than my grandma – Arctic Monkeys, anyone? Linkin Park?

  14. I would like blink-182 at next year’s Sziget. Their new album is catchy and I think they’re Sziget kind of rock: both cool and mainstream.

  15. Would like to see george ezra with budapest…on the island…and @yelo…linkin park is also 20 years old and live not that good as they were…

  16. Anyone else recon enter shikari will be announced? Seen as though they’ve announced they’re playin in Budapest the 24th of August??? Would make the festival 10x better

  17. DVBBS cancel their gig since their “problems” at Balaton Sound haha.. are there some free slots for any stage now or is everything finish? 🙂

  18. They will probably try to replace something – they did it in 2014 for London Grammar gig (replaced by Clean Bandit).

    Anyway, yesterday Rihanna performed in Milan, I struggled to find someone saying it was a good performance: short show with poor coreography and a medley more than a real show, fullfilled by half of her hits.
    Hope she will change the formula for the festival season; even if she’s not of my kind I am always impressed by those kind of titan of pop music (Robbie Williams last year was good, I guess)

  19. @Yelo – I hope so too but I am afraid Rihanna lacks Robbie Williams’s self-deprecating humour, which ultimately made his show likeable to me (together with pangs of nostalgia for my early teens triggered by some of his songs).

    Instead of Rihanna I’m much more intrigued by the “performance art” set that SIA will perform. We’ll see.

    Also excuse the OT but is any of the NOS Alivers willing to report back from Lisbon? How was Radiohead? How was Arcade Fire?

  20. @ Reeno: quote in toto your comment! But I guess that SIA is kinda better than Rihanna, she doesnt need to put her songs behind her body to get the crowd excited

  21. Reeno: I wasn’t at NOS Alive, but just watched radiohead show and its amazing.

    Hope that makes it past the moderators and/or bots.

    And I agree…Rihanna is ok, but not what I’d call a ‘fun’ show. Sia will be amazing. Can’t wait for that. Heard she was great at Coachella (I think). I fear I’ll be dragged to Rihanna by the girls, but I may duck out after a few songs.

  22. Sad news regarding DVBBS…
    Hope they will add someone rather big like DJ Snake, Chainsmokers, Tchami, Oliver Heldens or Martin Solveig.

  23. Sad news about dvbbs??
    They drugged and probably wanted sexual intercourse with those girls!! They shouldn’t play anywhere again, not just sziget…

  24. Bring Me The Horizon will be insane! Saw them live yesterday & can’t wait to see them again!

  25. I find this line up not the best in term of quality (2014 is over 9000) but surely the best in term of quality and variety on the stages (with some lacks for few genres)… I will need a day of 35 hours to watch all the shows I want to watch!

  26. Ok, so now we know (almost) the entire line-up, I would like to know what the ‘hidden gems’ are?
    I made a list for myself of everything I would like to see, but I’d hate to miss out on something really nice but unknown. On the Europe stage for example.
    Any tips anyone?

  27. Been impressed with palace winter:). Also almost everything on the world music is also amazing. Goran is worth watching

  28. @Arjen I’m suprised that not many people are talking about Tourist! I think he will be really really good, definitely a hidden gem in my opinion.

  29. Is anybody remembering where he had the best Cocktails on the island?

    I like a lot of the Europestage…therr maitz per example…

  30. Yeah, I did my schedule and it is huge, so here the little gem I found over the whole lineup:

    DAY -1
    *Passed (Volt Stage)

    DAY 0
    *Metha (Colosseum)
    *Teapot Industries (Lightstage)
    *Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni (World Stage)

    DAY 1
    *Tommy Alistar (Lightstage)
    *Baron Mantis (Volt Stage)
    *Rilan & The Bombardiers (Europe Stage)
    *Avec (Europe Stage)

    DAY 2
    *Marge (Volt Stage)
    *Perturbator (Europe Stage)

    DAY 3
    *OC2X (Lightstage)
    *Landlord (Lightstage)
    *Maya Isacowitz (Europe Stage)
    *Brains (A38)

    DAY 4
    *Giò Sada (Lightstage)
    *Las Aves (Europe Stage)
    *Tourist (A38)
    *En.Dru (Europe Stage)

    DAY 5
    *Sofia Brunetta (Lightstage)
    *Salmo (Europe Stage)
    *Golan (Europe Stage)
    *Gabor Kraft (Colosseum)

    My 2 cents
    (I listed only bands from minor stages and/or hungarian bands)

  31. @szigod: unicum giger soda at the ruin pub quarter is to me the best cocktail on the island but you can only find it there, the rest of the bars never heard of it and always look at me like a weirdo when I order them one. Also last year a dude at the cökxpon was always too drunk and was very generous with the amount of liquor in his cocktails (like half and half for a whiskey coke), I hope he’ll be back!!

  32. Thank you spyfx…so I have to go first into the town for the happy hours….there were a lot of very good cocktail bars….

  33. So when i dont look at the line up, but would everybody say that the festival itself has any other problems? Is there something very bad thing at Sziget or is just everything more or less positive? How are the people there, are they very crazy or more chill people? 🙂 I would like to know this things from the festival itself

  34. If you find this line up quite bad, you’re gonna have a good time at the festival; if you find this line up good, or very good or excelent you’re gonna have the time of your life at Sziget – lineup is the only variable, other (crowd, party, fun, food, location…) are great in any case in any time

  35. Weird question here: if I want to see the lineups and schedules of the previous edition (not only the ones I can find on ClashFinder), where should I look at?

  36. I have 2012. 2013 and 2015 hanging around. What do you want to know. I’m my opinion the lineup gets stronger every year in terms of size of acts

  37. No I mean the really older edition (2009 and back), just to have a consideration about the smaller acts and stuff like that

  38. You can see the acts of previous years on the wikipedia page, but you can’t see the schedule.

  39. Ow 🙁

    Anyway they changed DVBBS for an hungarian couple of Djs… no big deal if you like the stage…

  40. ohhh man 🙁 i hoped they bring KSHMR or R3hab instead of DVBBS… this is really disappointing…

  41. @Yelo on the app and the website there is just a blank space in the timetable for me?

  42. @Ultrahid That would be unreal! He’d be more of a colosseum act though, right?

  43. I have to say that the line-up suck ass…
    try to find 2 days for single day pass and there’s abselutly no choise there…
    one/two shows in every day i kinda wanna see, that’s it.
    Sziget – you are getting worse and worse every year 🙁
    (The ‘vibe’ is still amazing though…)

  44. Quote Orangejuicer. Im not really into the genre so I guess they can pick a name out of the mid part of the chart of DJ Mag and anyone would be happy – my dream is Basement Jax or Carl Cox, but I see them unlikely

    DOMF, so what is your point?

  45. @Yelo Daft punk are just a few places behind carl cox on the list 😉 haha I joke, I joke. Yeah i’d be happy with one of those two or even someone like Eric Prydz would be cool!

  46. On what day should have DVBBS play? When i look at the timetbale at the official Sziget webside there are no more free slots at the Telekom arena..?

  47. I guess yes, they replaced London Grammar for Clean Bandit in 2014 edition with 15 days of time, if I remember well

  48. Check official Sziget account on twitter. They said that we have to wait for replacement. They are working on it.

  49. As an older Sziget guest, can anyone recommend any bands, please non DJ as I only like bands with a Melody.

    Working my way through:

    Wednesday – John Canoe, Grandfather’s house and Ouzo Bazooka are half decent

    Thursday – Jake Bugg, Parov Stelar, Buika, Moon Tapes, Ivan & the Parazol & Middlemist are worth a listen

    Started working my through Friday to Tuesday and so far found:

    Friday – Kovacs, Editors & Unkle (Batille and Manu Chao are not my thing although can write a melody)

    Saturday – Happy with entire main stage line-up so no help needed
    and the only day where i will probably stay on the island.

    Sunday – Oscar & the Wolf, BORNS

    Monday Noel Gallagher, Churches & M83

    Tuesday – Fidlar, Crystal Castles

    The only bands that i have found who are EXCELLENT are Muse & M83 with Jake bugg, Editors & Noel also very good and will definitely go to. The other bands i have listed i will go to unless i can find something better on or off the island. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  50. There are a lot of smaller nice bands…try Rilan & the Bombardiers, Toa Mata Band, Brunettes shoot blondes, EC 70 (Coverband), Avec, Selton, Therr Maitz, Kodaline, Boy, Maya Isacowitz, Golan…

    You can find a lot of them on youtube…and I will see them of course…

    and on wednesday you dont want to see skunk anansie?

  51. @szigod

    I have been to Sziget many times and Skunk Anansie i think have been there every time – enough times for me

    Rilan & the Bombardiers – Very good pub band

    Toa Mata – this looks very intersting

    Kodaline are just too dull to enjoy for me

    Boy – Can’t find them on youtube as when i search i keep getting bands like “Take That”

    Will check out the others tomorrow but thanks for the recomendations

    EC70 – Again a very good pub band

  52. I have a question, can i camp at the site before 10th of August if i have a 7 days pass?

  53. @Dexanimo

    no, you need to buy the 1 or 3-day moving in ticket, available at the website.

  54. Spellground Festival from Romania is cancelled… would be cool if Sziget would “steal” Biffy Clyro from them on the very last minute and would put him play as a surprise band!

  55. Spellground Festival from Romania is cancelled… would be cool if Sziget would “steal” Biffy Clyro from them on the very last minute and would put them play as a surprise band!

  56. That would be great but there is no free slot at any stage :(.. so they don´t will make it

  57. Its over…great festival as allways…bit too many szitizens…but…sure we be back next year…

  58. I’m a little bit sad that it’s all over and that I couldn’t see all the acts I wanted, but I had a great time! I’m going to Foals today as well!

    Anyway, see you next year!

  59. Awesome edition, most of the performances was really really good (Chemical Brothers, Sigur Ros and Muse over all)!
    Only two bad points:
    – Rihanna and David Guetta was (as predicted) horrible picks and maybe also Sia wasn’t this good as headliner – even though she has done a great performance, also thanks to the presence of Maddie Ziegler. It doesnt matter if those people bring to the festival a lot of casual goers, it’s not even close to art and a festival as Sziget is should promote art in any occasion.
    – Too many people, when it’s hard to walk on the main streets, something’s going wrong.

    Im already over hyped for 2017’s edition lol

  60. Wondering about your opinion, now that next year will be sold out with basically whatever bands on the line-up now, can we get quality/actual artists for the first time? As they don’t need mass mainstream crap to book to please the mainstream audience? or is that a wishfull thinking?

  61. Think stuff will go in the opposite direction: more crowd-grabber bands (not necessary of bad quality), maybe 2-3 quality headliner (more or less like this year have been).

    This year I got the confirm that it’s not important that the band performing is a rock/metal one but that the performance is someway original – so, as long as they call bands like Chems or Sigur Ros or even Crystal Castles, I will be happy (BUT PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT ARCTIC MONKEYS)

  62. I’d like m83 again but this time on main stage with daft punk headlining. French electro night:). Throw in air as well:).

    Nick cave would be a dream headliner, portishead as well.

    In terms of pop – as it seems sziget is partial to – why not someone like black eyed peas, nerd or pharell on his own.

    I’d love to see pixies, green day, radiohead, gorillas,

    Just please no pop superstars, rhianna killed it this year, please
    No bieber who had terrible reviews at v.

  63. @Szigetnews sorry for the F word, I always forget about it…

    Anyway, what is your 5 top and 5 flops of this year? I go for mine:

    1 Chemical Brothers
    2 Sigur Ròs
    3 Muse
    4 Tourist
    5 Sum 41

    1 Rihanna
    2 Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg
    3 David Guetta
    No other remarkable bad acts, I may say Bastille and Noel Gallagher which for me were just dull, but not bad acts

  64. TOP

    The Chemical Brothers
    Kaiser Chiefs



    The Last Shadow Puppets was not a bad show but still a disappointement to me. Maybe I waited them too much but it was definitely not as exciting as an Actic Monkeys or Miles Kane show.

  65. Top

    Rilan and the Bombardiers
    Therr Maitz



    Also both circus events were great…

    I hope…they will get more quality musicians next year and less guettas and playbacksounds…

  66. TOP

    1. The Last Shadow Puppets
    2. MUSE
    3. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
    4. Skunk Anansie
    5. Editors

    *Special mentions to Parkway Drive, Bullet for My Valentine and MØ!


    1. Rihanna
    2. Sia
    3. Guetta
    4. Hardwell
    5. Years & Years (too poppy and childish for me!)

  67. Hope they won’t raise the ticket’s price this year (even if I doubt it)… I CANT WAIT FOR THIS 25TH SEASON TO START

  68. Top 5 for me:
    – M83
    – Muse
    – Sigur Ros
    – Teapot Industries
    – Manu Chao

    No Flop for me as I didn’t go see any of the Rihanna/Sia/David Guetta/Hardwell crap 🙂 didn’t put a feet in the party arena, and for the first time saw a headlining performance at the World Music Stage. The last two years I saw 6/7 headliners each time and tried to catch a show on each stage but this year I couldn’t bother and just went to the nice concerts 🙂 Why the hell would you go watch Rihanna when Buika is playing?

    Special thanks to: Chems, Buika, Mo, Jain, Sum 41, Sam Paganini, Noel Gallagher, Lumineers, LSP, Golan, Deluxe, Les Hurlements d’Leo, and the last night with Max Cooper and John Digweed (Collosseum when it rains is AMAZING).
    That’s pretty much all the concerts I’ve seen, with M83 being my best concert ever (it was better than NOS Alive, only because of them playing Wait).

  69. Top for me were:

    The Chemical Brothers
    Parov Stelar
    Sam Paganini
    (i’m gonna get a lot of hate for this one) Tinie Tempah – I really don’t like him normally but I went because I just downed half a bottle of vodka outside Auchan in a beer bong haha and my friends were going. But he really surprised me, he had great energy and got the crowd going!

  70. What a great edition! Every year the best week of the year!

    Anyway my top 5 are:

    1) Sigur Rós
    Of the 149 gigs and sets I saw this year only Radiohead were better than them. Their Sziget concert was also better than their Primavera Sound concert to me.

    2) M83
    A dream.

    3) UNKLE

    4) Manu Chao

    5) The Chemical Brothers

    Special mention for The Lumineers that really surprised me, Tourist, he really deserved a night spot and Deluxe.

    I have no flop 5 as nobody I was really looking forward to made a bad gig. Worst concerts to me were the 20 mins of Rihanna I saw for curiosity (then I moved to Jay Lumen in the Colosseum, he always delivers a great techno-tech house set) and the last 20 mins of Hardwell I saw to see the End Show, but I have to admit that the lights and the fires were incredible!

  71. My top 5:
    1) Aurora
    2) Muse
    3) Die Antwoord
    4) Wilkinson

    And I’m amazed that nobody has brought up Sia yet. Whatever really happened on the stage, i do not know, but the video everybody were watching from the screens and thinking this was really happening, was all pre-filmed. Nothing of it was filmed live from the stage. Shame, just walked off after 30 minutes, felt like only the first row got a show. Could have watched that stage-music-video-whatever from TV. Why the hell would they pre-film something like this!? Was that small famous dancer really on the stage, official gallery is showing someone else.. woops everybody got scammed.

  72. My Top 5

    1) M83
    2) Naughty Boy (never would have imagined that he was only here for the band name ^^)
    3) Wilkinson
    4) Aurora (what a voice !)
    5) Tourist (really nice discovery for me)

    My Flop 5

    1) Rihanna
    2) Hardwell (animations were awesome but WTF almost the entire show was pure crap music, everyone was awaiting fireworks and flames, hopefully color sticks were here), they should have put one of the Tribute stage DJs, those guys music taste were really good

    @siim Yep, but even if it was the one from the clip I don’t mind, the performance was amazing on stage (If you were close enough of course, lost within the teenage girls …)

  73. Next year Coldplay, Green Day, Radiohead, Blink182, Kanye West, Red Hot Chili peppers, Biffy Clyro, One Republic are probably gonna be available as most of them just started a proper tour (during the summer or just right now)… So hopefully there will be plenty of choice for main stage headliners.

  74. Sounds a bit like a coooool dream….I hope rhat it will be better than this year…otherwise I have to search a new cool summerdream…

  75. ’m going to buy my 2017 tickets tomorrow. It feels quite strange….. A bit too early. But it saves me about 10 Beers on the festival.

  76. Assuming just for a second that all of the bands in the list will play during the first 2 weeks of August, I would bet on:
    – Linkin Park
    – Bastille (Again)
    – AWOLNATION (Again)
    – Pharrel Williams
    – Ed Sheeran

    I dream about Metallica and RHCP, but I see so unlikely that Sziget takes an Heavy Metal headliner, takin’ in consideration that the last band that can be called close to be “metal” was Korn in 2014

  77. I can also see a Justin Bieber / Justin Timberlake performance… nowadays Sziget books at least 2-3 big pop headliners per year…

  78. Blink-182 or Green Day would be nice (they’re mainstream, but cool). Foo Fighters would be brilliant.

    And I hope for Gorillaz as well!

  79. Blink-182 is a big nope for me… Saw them in 2014’s edition and they were embarassing: first big show Ive ever seen and the worse for a long time (I had to wait for Rihanna for find an even worse one)

  80. Ticket Bought. Sziget italy says that they’re selling faster than previous year. That means more money and bigger budget. So i expect, at least, a really big headliner like Pearl jam or Aerosmith. But i agree with Yelo about Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran. They’re a big investement, but they attract a lot of people.

  81. Linkin Park should have a new album soon, so I think they would be very good headliners if they’ll be on tour in Europe next summer.

  82. It’s not about not paying anyone 1million dollars, it’s about assuring that the guy u paid so much bring any value to the festival – thing that Rihanna for sure did not (RW in 2015 probably did, but yet I would have preferred other stuff)

  83. I just wonder when the first names will be announced. Last time it was around the start of December if I remember well, but the tickets weren’t put on sale this soon. I think that we were able to buy tickets in November only.

  84. I’m very excited for the 25th Sziget edition. Hopefully they will give us better top headliners than last year, with the price increase they have to come with something special;) My personal favorites:
    – The Killers
    – Paul Kalkbrenner
    – Eric Prydz
    – U2
    – Tchami
    – Zucchero
    – Foo Fighters
    – Two Door Cinema Club
    – Oliver Heldens

  85. Like every year they will “try” to make it great! I just hope Collosseum and World Music will have great lineups, then for the main stage…
    headliners: Coldplay, The Killers, The XX
    other: Tame Impala

    I’ll be veeery happy with those but we know nothing about august yet… Only Green Day has started announcing and it’s in june (and july).

  86. Coldplay has just announced a bunch of shows in June and July, and they says that more show will be announced soon. They did’nt play in Budapest so far, so they can play at Sziget…

  87. I think Sziget cant afford Coldplay, or in case they would be the most paid act of the edition, since they will likely put a maximum of budget spent per artist like they did latest year (1billion for that dog in playback)

  88. I just recently won the VIP Prime package (1 of 25 people it seems). Has anyone on here won that before? Know what to expect?

  89. The Rolling Stones will release a new album at the start of December. I wonder if there is a chance to have them at Sziget.

  90. LOL The Rolling Stones are quite expensive, I guess way more than 1 million. It surely would be a big shot, but Sziget is an indipendant festival, not the Coachella

    About Coldplay, my mother wanted to buy me the tickets for their concert in Milan in July (I dont know if outside of Italy people knows about the scandal of the selling out of ticket in few mins in puropose of reselling them for also 3000 €), I asked of her to give me another festival instead lol

  91. Lol i helped a friend of mine to buy two tickets for Coldplay in Milan, because i was pretty sure they were going to add, at least, a second date. So i refresh the page and we get two tickets for the new date. BTW, i don’t know if they will book such a big headliner like RS. Probably the’re going to use the extra money of this year to increase the quality of each band. I mean: they could still bring great bands, a bit more expensive. Or maybe they could just book a big headliner, using most of the extra money.

  92. I would more likely see another improving of the services more than the quality of the bands.
    TBH the only thing that Sziget needs to improve in my opinion are the apparances of the Main Stage (too classic) and the acoustic of the A38 for not-electronic acts.

    The budget for the bands is always well distributed (although some picks are underwhelming by a lot) and the “vibrations” are always good

  93. You’re right, but there is a high hype as next year is the 25th edition of Sziget and instead of paying a lot of money on Rihanna (and maybe next year on Lady Gaga), I would prefer that money to be paid on a legendary band as The Rolling Stones.

    Depeche Mode will do an annoucement on Tuesday. I expect a tour from them, so maybe they will be available for Sziget.

  94. Supposing that’s the real John Doe, just a list of possible D M
    Damian Marley
    DeadMau5 (?)
    Depeche Mode
    Dimitri vegas e like Mike (which btw are my safe bet for closing party this year)
    Don McLean
    Dropkick Murphys

  95. I doubt he’s the real John Doe, as we don’t know anything about when the first announcement will be, but Depeche Mode would be cool!

  96. Sure I have doubt too!

    Today I was like “uhm, maybe Ill be in London during the time of Glasto, lemme see when it’s the fest… TICKETS SOLD OUT IN 50 MINS 2 DAYS AGO WTF FFS”
    Some people should take some rest

  97. Bob Dylan for Sziget 2017! Nobel prize winner, haha! 😀

    I hope that at least the aftermovie arrives soon if they won’t do any announcements before.

  98. I remember years ago SAOD sais they don’t want to play in hungary anymore because of viktor orban’s politics.

  99. That means that we won’t See them at Sziget. Really sad about this. Let’s Hope for Radiohead or Aerosmith or Green Day.

  100. @patrick bateman: But that could have been a political reason. The Wikipedia page about Ramil Safarov writes this about it: “Despite government denials, opposition parties said Orbán let Safarov return to Azerbaijan in the hope of economic favors in return from the energy producer Azerbaijan.”

  101. Foo Fighters confirmed for NOS Alive in july. They would be perfect for the 25th anniversary!!!

  102. If you take a look to the picture they put on they’re Facebook page it seems like stars Are near Budapest.

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