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Sziget 2016 – All Passes are Sold Out!

Another month, another landmark achieved by the Sziget Festival! According to a recent news release, Sziget 2016 has sold all of its 5 and 7-day passes. Now there are nothing, but day tickets left to buy. Since the total number of passes has been limited to 55,000, only 25,000 tickets are available for any individual day. This leads to a situation that was never encountered before – a month and a half before the start of the festival, all its passes are already sold out. Still, according to Sziget’s website, those with a five-day ticket can still upgrade to a seven-day pass, for a price of €65.

There were 55,000 passes available for this year’s Sziget Festival. In an unprecedented rush, all the five-day tickets for the event were sold months ago. By the end of last month, only 1,000 7-day passes were left – and those were also sold out in a few days time. The maximum number of visitors the island can accommodate is 90,000, the organizers say. Once the total number of participants and personnel reaches this level, the “Full” signs will be posted on the island’s gates.

The VIP camping, the Apéro Camping, the Alternativa Camping, the Siesta Camping, the Bridge Camping, and all the alternative accommodation options within them are sold out. At this point, you can still find free spots in the Basic camping, the Caravan Camping, and the Family camping. If you are still undecided or want to sleep in a more comfortable setting, visit HotelsCombined to search for your accommodation in Budapest during the Sziget festival.

This year’s Sziget lineup was a pleasant surprise for many. The majority of respondents to our lineup poll consider it to be good, very good, or not too bad, with just a handful of votes cast for Bad and Very bad (and equally few for Excellent, by the way). If you haven’t cast your vote, you can still express your feelings about this year’s Sziget lineup through it until August 9th.

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