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Sziget 2016 Tickets to Go on Sale in November

Sziget Festival will return next year between the 10th and the 17th of August – this we already knew. What we didn’t know – and has been confirmed by Sziget’s official Twitter feed – that the tickets for Sziget 2016 will become available this November. The festival’s organizers haven’t revealed the exact date yet.

Sziget 2016 thickets to go on sale in November

Sziget is preparing the list of performers who will be on stage during next year’s event. The festival is considering the playlists of its fans, discovering new talent from around the world as we speak.

In the meantime, the festival has gathered two nominations at the European Festival Awards 2015: the Best Major Festival and the Best European Lineup. Those who have enjoyed themselves at this year’s edition (or want to support their favorite summer music festival) can vote for them here.

15 thoughts on “Sziget 2016 Tickets to Go on Sale in November

    This time I ain’t sure I’ll get to the island for the third year in a row, it will need a massive lineup, tho.
    (Ambassadeur, you happy? Ahahahah)

    Shall we go for the dreamlist or are we gonna wait some time more? lol

  2. yes, I’m happy now!
    I guess we can think about line up. and Editors for sure will perform at Sziget 2016 😉

  3. Is Editor big enough to headline Sziget? They’re not high on the poster of Hurricane/Southside (they are only headliners in Belgium I think).

  4. Not only in Belgium. Last time at Sziget they were co-headliners.
    Next summer they will be everywhere and I think Sziget will book them too

  5. At Sziget coheadliner means playing before a DJ?

    Who do you think are the candidates for the end show (and the second international DJ night if that’s a thing now).
    I’d say Jack U could play.

  6. @Noeliam at Sziget coheadliner is used to be band playing before headliner, before DJs. 2013 Mika was headliner and Editors were before him.

    ps: I hope there will be no more DJs as headliners. Never again. Maybe final show only, if it’s so important to have one

  7. @Ambassadeur. I’m a dreamer, but you must be a fool to think that there won’t be any dj in the main stage lol

    Maybe this year we got more chances than the last year to have some good “rock-or-stuff” bands, but you really got no clue until december with the first announcements and after the summer tours will come out.

  8. Man I was kidding, just saying you’re dreaming the impossible 🙂
    No new Art this year, at least I hope ahah

  9. I don’t think Editors will be at Sziget, I think they’ll headline ore sub-headline Volt as they are touring Europe in June-July. Then for the End Show I’d go with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike this year closed Balaton Sound and are the brand new n°1 of Dj Mag Chart. If they come it would be awful to me.

  10. I hope that we will have Editors or The National (preferably them) from june fest’!
    Florence is rumored to play VOLT.

    as for the end show… if we could go back to having a big band like Muse I wouldn’t say no!

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