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Sziget 2017 Aftermovie, Sziget 2018 Early Bird Ticket Announcement

For those who have fond memories of Sziget 2017 and for those who have been watching the live streams from home but being there in spirit on the Island of Freedom, here is the official Aftermovie of this year’s anniversary Sziget Festival.
As usual, the event is preparing for Sziget 2018 edition – under a brand new management. And, also, as usual, it has announced its first special offer: a 24-hour sale of specially priced Szitizen Prime passes that will become available on November 8. The Passes will come with a pack of goodies, too – a t-shirt that expresses a cause supported by the wearer, a sticker pack, a puzzle piece, a notebook, shoelaces, and pins. The Hungarian version of the Sziget website has the prices for the various passes listed (the international version returns an error message at the time of the writing of this article), as follows:

  • 7-day Pass: HUF 82,500 (approximately EUR 265) – full price HUF 99,000 (around EUR 320)
  • 5-day Pass: HUF 75,000 (approximately EUR 240) – full price HUF 89,900 (around EUR 289)
  • 3-day Pass (3 days of access starting from any of the days of the event):
    • HUF 53,900 (~EUR173) for each three-day period except August 11-12-13 (full price: HUF59,900 or ~EUR193)
    • HUF 56,900 (~EUR183) for August 11-12-13 (full price: HUF59,900 or ~EUR193)
  • Day ticket for any day: HUF19,900 (~EUR64) – full price HUF 23,900 (~EUR77)
  • “Moving-in” ticket – 3 days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday before the event): HUF 15,000 (~EUR48)
  • “Moving-in” ticket – Tuesday: HUF7,500 (~EUR24)
  • 5-day to 7-day Pass upgrade: HUF10,500 (~EUR32)

(The EUR prices were calculated using the exchange rate of HUF 311.13 for 1 EUR).

13 thoughts on “Sziget 2017 Aftermovie, Sziget 2018 Early Bird Ticket Announcement

  1. Rapid impressions:
    1) IMHO this aftermovie is the worse since I have memory (2014): terrible songs selection, 0 memorable moments captured (‘cept boobies) and over 7 mins 2 of musics and 5 of arts and stuff.
    2) Prices decrease when full but increases in early birds compared to 2017. Dont know if that means that they are expecting minor number of sellings in the whole year, but for sure they expect it for the early birds (so they raised it to milk the stronger core of fans who will buy it 100%)

  2. They put even more focus on the ‘sziget vibe, love, etc. bs). So I guess we can expect even sh*ttier names

  3. Last year early bird was 250 this year 275. Sziget used to be cheaper than other eu festivals but that’s no longer the case. With the exchange rate from the uk its very expensive so I can’t buy until some of the lineup is announced this year. I think they will selll less prime tickets this year

  4. How many earlybird tickets did they sell last year? I think its not to compare…because of the 25th…but good to know…

  5. Don’t know if it’s them as VOLT posted that it’s a rockband that never played a festival in Hungary, but Foos were at Sziget about 25 years ago…

  6. They mentiomed a legend that never performed in a fest in the country PLUS a big rock band (at least in their first fb post regarding 2018 lineup)

  7. I think it’s Pearl Jam. Mad Cool will announce a band from Seattle tomorrow, Nova Rock will announce their first names at the same time as Volt and Pearl Jam never played festival concert in Hungary. The other bigger rock name could be QOTSA, Avenged Sevenfold or Stone Sour.

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