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Sziget 2017 First Names: Bad Religion, Major Lazer, Dimitri Vegas & Others

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Sziget finally announced the first artists and bands to perform at the 25th edition of the festival, Sziget 2017. The announcement was anticipated by so many that when it finally got published, the sheer number of visitors apparently took down the Sziget websites:

sziget website down

Hopefully, this is not a bad omen for the upcoming event.

As usual, there was a lot of speculation – mostly based on the lineups announced by other festivals, and the tour dates announced by the artists or the bands – about who will be the names supposed to draw us to the festival’s anniversary edition next year.

Without further ado, here is the list:

  • Major Lazer
  • End Show with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
  • Two Door Cinema Club
  • Tom Odell
  • Bad Religion
  • DJ Shadow
  • Mac DeMarco
  • Vince Staples
  • W&W
  • Oliver Heldens
  • Kensington
  • Oh Wonder
  • GusGus

The first edition of Sziget (called Diรกksziget, or Student Island, at the time) was a small-scale event, with a bit over 40,000 attendees and featuring local artists only. By last year, in turn, its attendance has grown more than tenfold, and it features artists and bands from virtually every corner of the globe, covering most musical styles (although its recent shift of focus toward EDM seems a bit too much for many). And Sziget 2017 is still ahead of us, ready to break even more records.

As usual, there’s no word on who will play where, except for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – the end show always takes place on the Main Stage. Most freshly announced acts are electronic, with a handful of exceptions (Bad Religion is one of the legendary names of the punk rock genre, after all). Hopefully, the rest of the lineup will be more diverse, offering everyone something to be excited about. It’s the 25th Sziget, after all, and as such, it should be a truly spectacular one.

PS: The Sziget websites are back up.

130 thoughts on “Sziget 2017 First Names: Bad Religion, Major Lazer, Dimitri Vegas & Others

  1. “Hopefully, the rest of the lineup will be more diverse, offering everyone something to be excited about.”

    That’s all of my thoughts, and I dont want to get salty like I did last year, ’cause it’s no use.

    GusGus, Oh Wonder!, Kensington and Bad Religion are good announcement; other ones are just more time I will spend to know awesome people and get drunk on the island, so far.


  2. Yawn. Bit bummed already. Prices go up, and they release an initial lineup like this. Just plain old yawn. Sziget is a great atmosphere, but they really need to work on the lineup. I’m certainly not running out to buy tickets, especially when there are so many festival options this year.

    They need to do better.

  3. Main Stage: End show with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Major Lazer, Tom Odell and Two Door Cinema Club
    A38: Bad Religion, DJ Shadow, Kensington, Mac DeMarco, Oh Wonder, Vince Staples, GusGus and GTA
    Arena: Oliver Heldens and W&W.

  4. Different than expected (although some obvious ones). For EDM both DV&LM and W&W is ok. Heldens not so much, but we know they’re coming, so we can might as well accept them. Major Lazer is what it is, but gets most people in a party mode if nothing else.

    Tom Odell is nice as I haven’t seen him yet, but should be A38. Bad Religion , Kensington and Mac DeMarco is also ok enough. TDCC I will avoid at all cost, so they better have some some fireworks left after new years. Surprised that Mumford wasn’t announced. Will probably mean they won’t play Sziget, as they are announced at so many other festivals now, so there is no reason for not releasing it.

  5. We got two headliners…
    Official site says ‘End Show with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’.
    Major Lazer is listed as headliner

  6. Also fb Sziget italy answers to a comment of people complaining ‘the 2017 lineup will be nor better nor worse than the other years’. It doesn’t say anything but not an encouraging answer as we all hope something big for 25th anniversary…

  7. In 2015 Major Lazer was sub Headliner before Kings Of Leon. I really hope that it will be the same this year…

  8. Thanks Camper and SkaPanda, u are wonderful!

    I can see 2 out of 3 EDM headliners out, if they take the place of Guetta and Hardwell I cant complain. If it comes to be that there are more EDM headliners or that the last one will be this crappy, well, that’s gonna be underwhelming, but still, in 3 years of Sziget I really havent cared about headliners (I usually watch 3-4 of them per year).

    The A38 announcement is good, not WOW but yet good. The prescence of GTA, which will performe most likely during the night, gives me the creeps, cause I dont think I will stand another year with A38 night-time filled with Trap artists and those kind of meh stuff.

    Tom Odell in the Main Stage will take an early spot, probably the first, or the second if there will be some hungarian band to open. I would have preferred there to be Oh Wonder, but it’s fine in any case.

    What else, ah, Party Arena, do somebody in this blog really care for Party Arena? lol

    I think that this year the A38 night-time and it’s scheduling will make the difference, hope they wont fu*k things up that way

  9. Hi guys!

    Third year reading your complaints ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess, in a way I’m representing the new audience at Sziget. So here are couple of thoughts for you to understand the logic of other people.

    Imo, the line-up last years was quite well-balanced. What is Sziget for me?
    1. The atmosphere, of course.
    2. Crazy parties. I can get these at Tommorowland or other EDM festivals, but the atmosphere is different and there is no pop/rock/rap music.
    3. A couple of great bands. I don’t often go to concerts, never to pop and rock ones. So sziget for me is a chance to see and listen the best examples of different genres. Like Sia,Muse, Oscar and the Wolf or Parkway Drive last year, for example.
    4. Smaller names. Actually, I can add it to atmosphere. Sziget is a nice way to get familiar with reggae, world music, nice young artists, like Jain, for example.

    So for me number 2 is bigger then number 3. But number 1 is bigger then number 2. Otherwise I would go to EDM festival and fffsf would go to Download, finally.

    From my perspective, Major Lazer + GTA + Oliver Heldens will make me dance really hard for more then 4 hours. + Couple of big names and that’s great for the first announcement for the EDM part. I’m pretty sure, they will work now with the rest of music styles.

  10. Major Lazer will for sure co-headline with someone. This announcement means nothing for me, no need to complain about it, there are some real good names and some real sh*tty ones. But it’s really small announcement.

    the problem is now, who will they put alongside this names? If the rest of MS and A38 names is something like Justice, Moderat, Flume, The XX, etc… it’s totally fine.
    If the next names are Macklemore, Lana del Rey, Zara Larsson, Marshmello… it’s just a fu*ked up disaster ahah

  11. Need to be a little bit salty here: when in the earth be similar to Tomorrowland has been a compliment to a festival?

  12. @Vlad The reason why most sziget fans are mad at too much edm is that sziget was the only source of quality/bigname rock concerts in Hungary. But thanks to people like you (no offense) they’re switching from rock to crap, so we (Hungarians) don’t get see great rock names, unless we go to Vienna

  13. just got online.
    announcement did not dissapoint!!!

    Guess Gerendai and co done with punk with Bad Religion. It’s one of the 5 they know and book every second year. SOO RISKY!!!

  14. VOLT currently has a better line-up than Sziget, to be honest… last year they had two announcements in December, so I hope we’ll get a better one for Christmas or for New Year!

  15. @Sziget: I don’t think they’ll stay until August. There are not that many festivals in Europe at the end of July (and the beginning of August) where they could play.

  16. If so see the possitioning of the announcement. You can see the organisation of sziget think Major Lazer is bigger than Dramatic Vegas and Unlike mike. And they are the final show. They actually agree that they have done a shitty job this year.

  17. Rumors are saying that Maroon 5 will be headliner for Day 0. Son Lux and 20 seconds to mars will play at Sziget too.

  18. Maroon 5 and 30STM – Typical Sziget target group nowadays…how sad ๐Ÿ™

    Guys, I have a question..has anybody been to Rock Werchter? How is it if you compare it with Sziget? I mean look at the lineup…

  19. @Lukas – I haven’t been, but am considering this year. Either Werchter or Open’er in Poland. Both lineups are coming together. I read somewhere that Werchter is all about the headliners, and not many smaller stages/bands/etc. Open’er looks interesting (and cheap). Waiting on VIP to go on sale in January to make my decision.

    But yes…Sziget just can’t compete with the big boys like this. Need to a name out there that makes people get excited. None of these do that. At all.

  20. The biggest problem actually is that all the big bands are planning there tours late June, early July, so this is easy for the festivals at this time to build strong line-ups. Yes Rock Werchter is very strong, i’ll say too that NOS Alive’s line-up is very strong, as usual. But if you go to those festivals, you won’t find the same atmosphere as Sziget’s. I was at NOS Alive 2 years ago.

    Fot Sziget’s announcement, DV & LM was sur for me for End Show. The like to book DJ Mag’s past nยฐ1 DJ’s at this spot. Really happy for Tom Odell, Mac DeMarco, GusGus. And if I come, I will attend TDCC. I saw them in the past, and I’m curious how they look like today.

  21. Sziget atmosphere. Yes, I’ve been to 5 Szigets in the past and I think that atmosphere is slowly fading away. Now they are just trying to sell out each day in cost of visitor’s “Comfort”.
    Of course there are lot of cool people and cool parties, cool atmosphere etc, but with each years ticket prices rising and lineup quality getting worse, this is not the festival we used to like…
    I mean what happened to the great 2012,2014 years? ๐Ÿ™
    And according to the bands touring in mid-August, this lineup doesnt look it will get any stronger than past years…

  22. And how do you define “you wont find the same atmosphere”?
    Does it mean that people arent making jokes, are old, not dancing, not chilling? Just group of people waiting for their headliner and then go home?
    For me the choice is definitely Werchter, because look at the place where Gdansk is! Its almost Russia ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Actually we all knew that DV&LM would have been released for this edition since the time they were announced for Balaton Sound. It’s kind of a tradition that one among the EDM headliners will also be the end show at Sziget in the following edition. Or at least that has been my impression so far in the latest years.

    All in all, comparing to the last year’s edition (surely not the best, but neither the worse edition), if we have DV&LM for Hardwell and ML for David Guetta, and even Maroon 5 for Rihanna, I cant really complain.
    Okay, there is a big problem that is the fact that the prices rise and the quality of the line up lay where it is, but I guess Sziget is working on a wider scale when it comes to discuss about “where the more money we pay for go?”.

    Plus, I smell the chance that there will be another announcement before 2017, since Sziget seems to rely a lot on the incomes from the first tickets sold, and they clearly noticed that a part of the public is hugely disappointed by the announcement (Sziget Italy did a long post today expressing the reasons why people should wait before pick another festival for Sziget, thing that the announcement itself should express).
    I wonder who decided this announcement and what he had in his mind. I mean, they surely havent only 14 contracts at the 15 of december, so why release so much Commercial EDM? Most of the public attracted by that genre is usually kids and kids hardly plan summer’s vacation 8 months before.

    In the end, about this topic, I have only a question to ask: is that so hard for Sziget, probably in the top-10 festivals in the world, for sure the biggest festival in eastern-europe, to find a major sponsor in order to really compete against Rock Werchter and Glastonbury and NOS Alive?

  24. Thats a good point. Maybe its time to sell a massive sponsorship deal to get some of the bands that a lineup needs to work. I don’t even hate the EDM on the bill, but damn…there isn’t a single act that makes me go “Wow! I gotta see this.”

    After the disappointment of last years lineup, I think I’ll take my cash somewhere else.

  25. Dont forget that huuuuge part of the tickets were sold in Szitizen Prime edition in the September without knowing single interpret.
    For sure they want to sell more tickets to sell out not 4 out of 7 days but even more and the socks-and-tshirt package made sure that the big part of the tickets is already sold…

  26. Maybe their plan is: “ok let’s announce only a small and sh*t part of the lineup, promote the low price and see how many tickets we sell until the end of 2016. If we are selling good there is no reason to spend too much money on a huge lineup”

    Anyway 30 Seconds to Mars are not making music since ages. Maroon 5 could be, but at the moment they only have dates in USA and South America. So I don’t trust that guy

  27. @JeffK I don’t know who told you that RW is all about the headliners but that is definetely not the truth. Yes, they got great headliners (and this years edition looks awsome until now), but I’ve been going there for 5 years now and that’s mainly because of the undercards. I would like them to have more than 3 stages, but on the other hand it’s packed with good bands, both known and unknown, from start to end.

    RW have also improved their ground recently, so other than the logistics (unless you camp) there is not really much to complain about. I’ve been at Sziget 3 years now and love the place, but the line up is getting worse and worse every year. Problem there though is that the smaller bands are so bad. They spend a bunch of money on some DJ’s and the rest suffers..

  28. @TM I think basically because they have ONLY 3 stages. The lineup does look incredible. How are prices in Belgium for RW? Like how much does a beer cost? Because as I see it, that’s about all Sziget has going for it this year.

  29. Poor lineup for me so far, but there is some interesting info if you read the website. It says party arena open from 9. Was 10last year. And a38 open from 4 instead of 4.45. Maybe we get an extra band a day on the a38. I wonder if mainstage will go back to its 3pm open so we get an extra band there as well

  30. Personally every time I chose Sziget I’m aware that there has never been and there will never be such a lineup like Werchter’s. It’s more like a week of vacation in the summer in a beautiful place, at an affordable price for me, in which happens to appear 3-4 artists per day I like to see. So that’s cool.

    This year could be a turning point because if the prices continue increasing, the island becomes more overcrowded and full of first time festival goers (like an eastern V festival) that could be the end of sziget for me.

  31. Guys.. Pendulum Live announced for Nova Rock.. what do you think… can we get then for Sziget ? .. Prodigy and Pendulum Live . its a nice combo.. plus Prophets of rage would be awesome <3

  32. Pendulum are no longer Main stage material, I guess, perfect A38 headliner, tho

    NEWS OF THE DAY: Nine Inch Nails will release a new EP by the end of the year, so now we have a new eminent name we can be disappointed for not getting called to Sziget 17 :3

  33. Also, Beach House announced for Paredes da Coura (and to the national’s festival in Denmark). If Sziget doesn’t get them, theysuck!
    A day of Bon Iver/ The National followed by a headline set of Beach House in the A38…

  34. As an american artist I think he’ll be back in the states by then.

    We still need a pop headliner don’t we?
    Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga?

  35. Ed Sheeran is likely a glasto exclusive.

    Gaga seems unlikely due to the stages she requires. Would be great though.

    Bruno Mars is out (Touring US), Pink is out (Knocked up), Katy Perry will be touring, but don’t know where or when. Beyonce is doing Coachella, but too big a name for Sziget I think. Brittney Spears is booked in Vegas through May, but would be about the right size pop artist for Sziget. Selena Gomez wraps up a tour in Spring. Could be her. Same with Ariana Grande.

    All shit if you ask me (outside of Gaga).

  36. We probably aint gonna have a Rihanna-ish performer, considering the flop of the latest year. I can likely see The Weeknd to be the pop headliner, he’s in Vegas in this times, so (I havent checked it out) probably he’s touring the US in the first part of the year and doing the Europe in the second’s, I can see that likely. Or Maroon 5, as a guy previous suggested. I mean, a pop band, u know, those kind of shet that makes little girls freak out and stuff like that.

    Noeliam, c’mon friend, be realistic ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Well, I ask myself if we can count Major Lazer as the “pop” performer, therefore have Justice as the second DJ (instead of Guetta, ML instead of Rihanna and The Killers instead of The Chemical Brothers).

    anyway this time we REALLY got to do a meeting don’t we? I’ve been on this site for quite some time now and I’ve only met Bender the last two years. If someone is motivated to take care of it let me know.

  38. I’m really hyped for Novarcok this year… I am a HIPHOP fanboy… but also i like rock bands… and i think .. Sziget doesn’t care about these bands… more and more electronic acts .. look at that Novarock line up . it isnt the full list and it’s also cheaper than Sziget… (anyway i will be at sziget too thnx for the press possibilities)

  39. @Noeliam: in 2015 ML was one of the three EDM acts (Avicii, them and Garrix)… So I think – if the policy stays the same ofc – that they will be one of the EDM spots this year too.
    And you know what? Im fine, as long as they are the substitute to David Guetta, and we get a real good name for The Chemical Brothers (as it should be): I can stand 2 commercial electro headlining, as long as I get one massive serious EDM act, even tho it’s in the bottom of the headliner’s list. Justice would do the trick, but in other festivals they are (except for Roskilde, if I do remember well), they ain’t headlining.
    Problem comes if we get a third commercial EDM artist, since it would be a little to much, or even worse 4 EDM artis, more than the 50% of it.
    It’s not about bein a purist of the instrumental music, it’s just that it would kill the variety – variety which is the main critical points in Sziget’s marketing and which has kinda gone in latest years to west.

    About the meeting, Noe, i met Bender more than once every years at Sziget (most of the times randomly tbh), I would have loved last year to be there with you to listen to Teapot Industries but the island decided I had to be on the other side of it doing stuff in the art zone (lol). I would love to meet you and other ones on this place this year as well!

    @ Lazzy: Nova Rock is huge this year and I was planning to go buuuuuut too many expenses and friends are too much inactive (at the point that I will go to Sziget by myself for the second year), so cya SOAD, LP, Green Day and other awesome bands

  40. @Yelo at moment i am still alone for NovaRock . some friends told me that maybe will come .. but i don’t care . PENDULUM LIVE and Prophets of Rage its a must!.. also many many good bands after theese two ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. @jeffk Agreed that 3 stages could be more, but then again I usually have a scheduling problem everytime anyway, so maybe it’s enough. The good thing is that they start already at 13-14, and continue until about 01-02, so you will have a lot more to choose from.

    Otherwise, to compare, the atmosphere is also good at RW, but here I like Sziget better as there is so much more to do, more space, and more variety. RW is much more about the quality of music itself. Prices are also much higher at RW and a (small lady size) beer will be about โ‚ฌ5. Although the quality has declined somewhat recent years, cleanliness and sanitary facilities are much better at RW.

    I guess I really summed up the reasons I’m doing both, as they are quite different to me. The spread in time also means that there are not too many of the same artists playing at the same festivals. RW is more for those that usually end up complaining about the line-up, while Sziget comes with the whole package (and too much EDM) ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. @Noe: well, I stay in Alternativa, and also, after 3 years, I created a little network of friends I meet only there (I can tell that Bender is one of those, even if we havent really spoke a lot, all in all), so Im never really alone – and that’s wonderful, that’s one the main reasons why I keep on coming back to the island!

  43. @TM:
    According to Twitter, one beer in RW should be one coupon, which should be 2,5 EUR, if you buy it in advance. I was thinking, that its a good price for a beer..but is it really like this? ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Buy a beer in advance should be punished with jail. Beer is an expression of freedom, I think about buying a beer in advance only when I hang out with people I dont know what to talk with

  45. Yeah, I totally agree ๐Ÿ˜€
    But its not a beer coupon..its more like festival money which you prepay in advance, so you have freedom to buy beer or food there ๐Ÿ˜€
    But anyway you have to buy it, so it doesnt matter if you buy it in advance or in the festival…

  46. 2 almost serious questions about Sziget:

    1). Does the non-music stuff get repetitive year after year? My experience was almost exactly what they showed on the aftermovie from the year before, and this year looked pretty much the same in this year’s after movie. Does this stuff get repetitive for you? I did love the vibe, and the most serious party. We all know the lineup is not one of the best. But if we saw most of the island in 2016, would it even make sense to expect new experiences and new areas in 2017?

    2). Are Sziget passes sellable if we couldn’t make it? Trying to decide whether to buy tickets before the price increase, but not committed to going yet. Would like to have the best of both worlds on that.

    Thanks in advance.

  47. @ Jeff
    1) Sincerly I dont know. More than repetitive, familiar. I can move through the island with my eyes closed, and I like that. Also they do some changes every year – some years those are little, some are big – IMO between 2015-2016 there hasnt been big changes (they moved the Europe Stage), but between 2014-2015 they were huge (they added another barrier in the main stage, moved the World Stage, Chillout Area and the Luminarium, added the Party Arena and removed the Sziget Eye).
    All in all im not really happy about all those changes, but hey, progress.

    2) You can do it, privately, they have no name on it – at least it was this way til last year

  48. Yelo summarized it perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚ I can add:
    1- You feel more and more connected to the island, each part of it you’ve explored and remember stories about the place;
    however, each year was better that the one before. Not musically (for me 2016>2014>2015) but with the whole experience 2016>2015>2014). You know more what to do, where to chill, what stages are better. You care less about the headliner (from 6 and 6 in the first two years, I only watched 3 this year) and more about the people around.
    Also, each new year I did something new. This year for example for the first time I spent an entire afternoon playing sports (ping pong, badminton, ability park); I also saw my first headline performance at the World Music Stage (Buika; so amazing and I will do it again next year), my first concert at lightstage, first concert and first headline at Europe stage, first “three nights in a row at the collosseum”… from the top of my head.

    2- I can confirm you that you can sell them.
    In 2014, we couldn’t do it because they were names on the ticket, but my friends not having got the visa, they were still nice enough to let me sell them. In 2015 and 2016 they were no names on it (one of my friend just took the ticket of another friend who couldn’t come anymore).

  49. @Vortix could we have:
    Bohemian Betyars – Rise Against – The Offspring – Red Hot Chili Peppers/Franz Ferdinand/other rock headliner?

  50. Would be on the same level of last year BMTH-Sigur Ros-Muse tho, but Franz Ferdinand aint “late spots on MS” material anymore (probably they would fit A38 headlining spot)

  51. @Noeliam, yeah,i think we’ll get something like these. Btw i’ve already seen all of them live, except for Bohemian, so i’m not very happy, but there is soooo much choice a Sziget. I will probably watch more smaller acts from world music or other stages too

  52. @Lukas You’re right. The beer cost โ‚ฌ2,5 but I’ve always converted it to a “regular beer”, which is why I mistakenly doubled it. It is โ‚ฌ2,5 for a beer I would guess is 0,25l, so I would still call it โ‚ฌ5 though. Especially of you want to compare it to Sziget. Mind also that a coupon at Werchter can be split in two, so some items will i.e cost 1,5 coupon. This could be typical for things like cava and drinks.

    I’m from Norway though, so for me RW is price wise located between here and Sziget. At my local festivals a beer (0,5), would cost about โ‚ฌ9, so I’m a happy camper anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Arctic Monkeys reunited to work for their new album and there are rumours already with a European tour. Would be amazing to see them headline the 25th Sziget, because they couldn’t get them in 2014! Last year the Sziget staff announed that AM were the most requested band from the band wishes, but they called TLSP instead, as AM were on a hiatus.

  54. hey i have a question that i hope some of you can answer, me and my friends dont want to buyy a move in 3 days early ticket, but upgrade the camp to siesta instead, we basically want a better camp with more showers and less queue and more space for our camp, but if we dont buy the move in early ticket will the camp be quite packed or is it possible to gather our little gang and find a nice open spot to camp? And are there more showers and less queues?

  55. -The XX and Flume playing Oya and Flow festivals and then Lowlands Festival –> Sziget is just between this two festivals.
    -Mumford & Sons seems like the only “big” guitar name for august at the moment so these 3 names will be there for sure IMO.

    -2 main stage headliners and 1 A38 headliner.

  56. I think we can safely throw in Alt-J, Editors and Moderat into consideration. They’re all announced for the Lowlands as well.

  57. @FAB: I actually like that lineup, load of undercards I would kill to see. Speaking of “US festivals in states I will be meanwhile they happen but I’ll be to poor to attend any” (weird topic, I know): The Governors Balls in NY (early in June) announced the lineup, and Tool are announced, but hey, whatever 300 bucks

    @bobo: I hope so bad you’re right, I cant stand another announcement EDM-centric – I mean, I know that’s the trend but please, dont hit so hard ๐Ÿ™

    @Yauhen: I would exclude any other big name from 2015 edition, ML are enough, or probably if one of them will come back wont be as an headliner (and Alt J would fit good as hell to open for The XX).

    I’ve listened more carefully to the 14 bands we have for now and, all in all, it’s not so bad as announcement – I mean, who does really care about Sziget’s headliners nowaday? In the last 2 years they were so underwhelming for at least half of it, but undercards have always been really good, and that’s what all of this announcement is about: headliners are meh, but 2DCC (probably sub-headliner? What do you say?), Bad Religion, Oh Wonder, GusGus and Kensington are really good names! Probably also Vince Staples and DJ Shadow, I still have to understand ’em…

  58. I’ve just noticed that this year tickets for day -1 and day 0 are not being sold yet, while last year they were sold together with the other daily tickets (at the same price). This is just my prediction of course, but I expect at least 1 very big act for those days.

    Eminem for day -1 (as he’ll play Reading)
    A big band or a popstar for day 0

  59. @Yauhen: Moderat are playing Colors of Ostrava in late july then a lot of august festivals, even during Sziget week.

    So I suppose we have another A38 headliner nailed on.

    Lineup would be already very interesting for me with this 4 names I predicted, as Colosseum never disappoints. Just give me 2 other good acts for Main/A38 and I’ll be freakin happy.

  60. @miguel or thats very bad news ๐Ÿ˜‰ i hope you are right about the acts. Let’s wait and see.

    Since we haven’t heard any real headliner (not those dramatic vegas and unlike mike) I think they have to come with something really strong in their next announcement. And that might be the day -1 or 0…

  61. @Einzelganger what do you mean with “bad news”? no international acts on those days? I can’t see it happen with the new sziget. And with the new prices also.

  62. Another act to take a look at: Phoenix. It seems they will start touring in Europe at the beginning of July, so it’s not too far away from Sziget week. I haven’t seen them live, but i guess they can make a pretty good early evening Main Stage show

  63. @miguel, maybe i meant that maybe day -1 and 0 are not going to be that good. We’ll see..

  64. Nothing rules ML to be on 0 or -1 out, tho. Also, if they say “Eminem will be headliner on day -1/0” I would not be possibly happier. Also, Phoenix are Headliner tier, or am I wrong?

  65. @Yelo I agree,but only a decent headliner (Radiohead) and of course many good undercards (Royksopp, Avalanches, DJ Shadow, Toots and the Maytals, Hans Zimmer, XX, New Order) i’d like to see at Sziget…

  66. Radiohead aint touring Europe in August, but I got your point: quality on the 21.30 spot.

    Im watching after a month or so the lineup in festivals around August, and I can see good names (The XX, Mumford and Sons, BadBadNotGood, AntiFlag, Billy Talent, London Grammar, Foreign Beggars, Dope DOD, Maribou State), glorious names (Flume, Aphex Twin, Alice Cooper, Rise Against, Moderat, Dixon) and awful but selling tickets names (Anouk, Lana del Rey).
    I bet on Lana del Rey takin the spot of Sia in the last year, if they keep on following the (boring) trend of the 2 pop artists, one BIG (RW, Rihanna) and the other one more R&B Billboard-smasher (Ellie Goulding, Sia), even tho Lana Del Rey is even lower than Ellie Goulding, and that says a lot.
    I can also see a come back of Yellow Claw on the A38… yeeeeah…….

    Also, Ive tried to find news about Eminem at Reading and havent found a thing, can somebody lead me to news about?

    Also, right now in the august festivals scenario, Frequency is killing it, or aint me?
    Waiting for Pukkelpop, tho

  67. It looks like we can take them of the list. The tour ends the first of August.

    No date in Hungary…

  68. Most bands don’t announce all dates on the same day. Mumford and Sons, Noel Gallagher and The Lumineers will also be on tour with U2. I can see U2 on Day -1 and Mumford on Day -2. Would be cool!

  69. U2 would be a great addition for 25th Sziget but they’re really really expensive. I don’t know if they could afford them.

  70. didn’t noticed that Placebo had been announced for Highfield festival. So the headliner acts in august circuit at this point are

    The XX,
    The Prodigy,
    Eminem (tbc at reading),
    Alt J,
    Billy talent, Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, Elbow (are this headliner size at sziget?)

  71. with
    kasabian 2015
    alt j 2015
    major lazer (already announced) 2015
    placebo 2014
    prodigy 2014
    editors 2013

    only Mumford&Sons and (the very unlikely) Eminem are fresh news on that list for the moment.
    Billy Talent, Phoenix, Elbow are not sziget headliners material nowadays.
    Lana del Rey can headline a very weak day, it’s normal routine.

  72. Tame impala are playing Panorama NYC on 29 july, together with Alt j and some other bands doing the august european circuit, so maybe they could come and visit us yes

  73. Miguel did the post of the day. The XX, Mumford and Eminem would complete for good the headliners for me, than another (shitty) EDM headliner and another guy.

    Ah, did you guys forgot about The Weeknd? Naaah you cant forget about The Weeknd

  74. As a prominent member of a number of Sziget festivals in the past, there will be some well known band from Russia performing on August, 15th. I guess you guys should know the correct answer for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Hope they wont make clash the best of the World Stage headliners with the best of the Main Stage headliners this year…

  76. Sziget just won the Artists’ Favourite Festival award, so it’s about time for some new names, I guess!

  77. Leningrad would be awesome for my end show ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Yelo making headliners clash is really important. It’s a great way to enjoy a good concert when a lot of people are dragged by EDM or pop stars. Watching Buika during Rihanna was wonderful; not a lot of people but awesome vibes.

    Next week for the names PLEASE!

  78. So far we have the next dates:
    Major Lazer (headliner, 14th);
    Dimitri V… (headliner, 15th);
    Leningrad (headliner WMS, 15th);
    Bad Religion (A38, 12th);
    Kensington (A38, 10th).

  79. Noe, you are right, but I will never forget the clash of Editors-Manu Chao-Goran Bregovic, especially when in day 0 there was litterally 2 bands worth the watch (and I put in the list Rihanna, and that’s all saying)

    Really good to know that even this year we have the End Show covered for good (last year Bullet for My Valentine were impressed, tho)

  80. True! I would’ve loved to watch Editors after Manu Chao. The A38 headliner is more problematic because there’s more crossover between the fanbases.

    I also don’t mind not having a headliner some days. In 2015 I didn’t see anyone during Ellie Goulding’s set but I spent some time chillin in the Chill Garden. Same this year, I went earlier to the collosseum because I didn’t want to watch Hardwell.

    Congratulations Sziget for being the artists favorite festival, I guess it’s more understandable than having the best lineup.

  81. Day1 Foo Fighters
    Day2 XX
    Day3 Lana del Rey
    Day4 Radiohead
    Day5 Bon Iver
    Day6 Major Lazer
    Day7 Dimitri Vegas

  82. Ok that would be f*cked up…

    Do you have any source? I dont think they will do 2 edm days in a row btw…

  83. Unrealistic for the lack of a third EDM headliner, imho…
    I think I could sacrifice Bon Iver for another DJ and put Eminem for Lana del Rey and call it an hell of a headliner’s lineup, with Foo, Radiohead and Eminem the main names on the bill

  84. Im trying to be quite more realistic (but still unrealistic): in the last 2 years Sziget had 2 pop headliner (RW-Ellie Goulding / Rihanna-Sia) and 2 or 3 EDM headliners (Avicii-Martin Garrix / Chems-David Guetta-Hardwell)… 1 Pop headliner and 2 EDM it may be too much unrealistic for the current trend IMO, even more if that one is Eminem (Too good to be real, I mean).

    To be totally honest I dont think that Foo, Bon Iver and Radiohead will be touring in the week of Sziget, but I havent cared of announcements in the last week, so Im not well informed

  85. Foo Fighters are touring only for a period of two weeks in EU, so its highly unlikely, anyway I would expect someone like Weeknd, Mumford, Prodigy, Placebo etc. Sadly.. ๐Ÿ™

  86. My personal forecast for this year is:
    – Marylin Manson as big metal name (or maybe Korn)
    – Red hot chili peppers as big rock name
    – Lana del Rey as big pop name
    – and headlining the -1 day artist like Eminem or Lady Gaga
    And to make happy the indie world stuffs like Mumford’s and son, The xx and other stuffs like thoose.

  87. Jamiroquai just announced their first tourdates, on the 8th of august they will be performing in Portugal. Could be returning to Sziget.

  88. Pixies are announced to Way Out West in Sweden along with Major Lazer (Aug, 10th-12th), so i think we can count on them to be revealed on next Wednesday for Sziget

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