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Sziget 2017 Day 5 Live Streams – The Kills, End Show & Others

The final day of the 25th anniversary Sziget Festival has come. Over the last week, Szitizens had the chance to see amazing acts both on and off the stages of the event, enjoy the performances of illusionists, acrobats, clowns, and dancers, chill out and relax or even get their blood pumping to the music played or mixed by various musicians, artists, and DJs. Today, as a last hurrah, the stages and alleys of the event will be filled with an amazing variety of artists and shows, so that all the Szitizens will be able to go home with a set of great memories – and some of them will even be streamed live over the ‘net.

Sziget 2017 live streams today:

Rebroadcasts from yesterday:

The Kills (Main Stage, 16:00 local time)

BadGirls (Colosseum, 17:00 local time)

Hanggai (World Music Stage, 17:00 local time)

Birdy (Main Stage, 17:45)

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets (World Music Stage, 18:30)

Nothing But Thieves (A38, 18:30)

Mokoomba (World Music Stage, 20:00)

De Staat (A38, 20:15)

End Show with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (Main Stage, 21:30)

John Langan Band (World Music Stage, 23:15)

Cosmic Gate (Electronic Beats Arena, 23:30)

Have a great day, and enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Sziget 2017 Day 5 Live Streams – The Kills, End Show & Others

  1. This was my last one. But have fun you guys. When i am home I will write stuff to sziget why it is my last time and give my oppinion to make the party arena a secure stage again.

    After this sziget I’m sure they can put any artist on stage, the crowd likes it anyway. Hey-ho all the time and the endshow guys (dramatic vegas and unlike mike) were so unknown they had to shout out their own names 100 times during the show.

    I liked hanging out with the szitizens but because of higher ticket prices, higher drink and food prices (the prices raise during the festival again like always) less interesting stuff to see, still nothing done about the dust I think Sziget is not worth the money anymore.


    This Sziget edition had 452.000 visitors. So why did they say the ticket sale was bad?
    More as 2014 and 2015. The 2016 main stage line up was way better as the 2017 edition, so no surprise that way.

    Still, the feeling this edition was the nice Sziget freedom as always. As in the link, they know the line up this year was not good, so I have good hopes for the upcoming editions.

  3. No way there were more people than in 2015.
    I remember so well the situation of the camping and the streets and concerts in 2015, so more crowded, tents along all the streets. They sure are lying about numbers to try and save the reputation.

  4. I don’t think they’re lying. Lots of people bought daily tickets and those were Hungarian, so they didn’t have to camp… for example, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis day was sold out. Funny thing is that it was the same day with Rita Ora’s and Clean Bandit’s cancellations. I think that the other sold out day was The Chainsmokers one, but I’m not sure.

    On the other hand, many people who camped in 2015/2016, changed their minds for 2017 and stayed in the city. I camped in 2015, but it was hot like hell, so for 2016 and 2017 I preferred to stay in the city and travel by HEV or by boat.

  5. For the 2015 vs 2017 camping space theme: in 2015 7 days passes were sold out, in 2017 7 days passes were not sold out. That’s why this year there was a lot more space. But as @Sziget said, more day tickets were sold and probably there were a lot more people staying in the city.

  6. @SkaPanda
    What they are saying about Lowlands (The Netherlands) is not true.

    Lowlands is for alternative and upcoming music and do culture stuff since the re-launch in 1993. Also they have been sold out every year since 2005 except in 2015.
    Note; they only sell 3 day camping tickets. No options for one day.

  7. Was my first Sziget and really enjoyed it… I was very sad about the line-up but I forgot everything when I crossed the bridge and everything was unreal. I understand that is must be quite diferent when it’s not your first Sziget, but for me, all was about the atmosphere, the friends, the landscape, and I really enjoyed every second of it ! Incredible and unforgettable experience, really…

    Here is a personnal list of the sets I enjoyed the most, only based about my opinion, my music taste and my emotions :

    1) Vince Staples
    2) Oliver Heldens
    3) Matroda
    4) Wiz Khalifa
    5) Kasabian
    6) Valentino Khan
    7) Alt-J
    8) Dj Shadow
    9) Flume
    10) Major Lazer
    11) Danny Brown
    12) Clément Bazin
    13) Anyd C
    14) Heidi
    15) Tycho
    16) Agoria
    17) P!nk
    18) Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    19) Cosmic Gate
    20) Galantis
    21) The Chainsmokers
    22) Billy Talent
    23) Dimitri Vegas Like Mike
    24) GTA

    What about you ?

  8. So…Sziget 2017 is over….and it was nice…of course….and when I look back, I saw that the most people went to Chainsmokers, Major Lazor, End Show etc.
    The other cooler acts were mostly not that full at the stages. So….the management didn´t do a wrong job, or…
    I don´t like that but so it is. The maintaste is going to pop and electro, Rock is dead….

  9. Talking about Sziget 2017 I have to say that I literally loved it. This was my 9th in a row and for sure it’s not going to be my last. The lineup was poor we all know it, but this gave me more time to explore and live the island like the first years I went. I’m not saying that a poor lineup is a good thing, I just said that I took the best from what the festival offered me.

    Then I want to say that I found all the services improved, and that’s a very good thing for a festival big as Sziget. Comments like the one of @Einzelganger about the dust, imho, are pointless as there’s nothing you can do with dust when it doesn’t rain for 7 days and the temperatures are that high.

    For the concerts, my highlights of the week were HVOB, Rone, Kasabian, PJ Harvey, Alt-J, Mac DeMarco, Interpol (playing Turn On The Bright Lights, their first album, in full) and Tycho. I didn’t see any EDM or Trap shit during the 7 days with the only exception of the last 15 minutes of the end show to catch the fireworks, so I didn’t see any bad concerts. Maybe White Lies were a bit tired so they were worse than usual. A special mention to Pink (I would never expect her concert to be so pleasant and entertaining) and George Ezra (it was very cool to listen to “Budapest” in Budapest, and then as I live in Barcelona, I literally love Barcelona and I’m missing it during summertime, the song “Barcelona” was really touchy to me).

    Talking about next year, I’m a bit more confident about the lineup. A journalist I know went to the press conference with Tamar Kadas, the new CEO of Sziget Festival, and he said a couple of very interesting things I translate for people that don’t speak spanish (here’s the article in full:

    1- The new Sziget’s CEO openly said that he believes that the ticket sold was worse than 2016 due to the “UNLUCKY” lineup of this year.
    2- The new Sziget’s CEO openly said that he believes that there were too many djs and electronic music on sziget’s stages.

    Quoting Star Wars: A New Hope?

  10. I can’t believe everytime I post something containing a link my message is blocked. And this contained I think interesting news. @Szigetnews can you do something about it? Because my messages just disappear, you never check them or moderate them. Or if you do you should tell me why half of the messages I posted in the last months did never appear.

  11. Sziget 2017 was good, but not anywhere near my fav,

    I didnt mind the pop headliners as it allowed me to enjoy the headliners at world music stage more this year. ALT, J and PJ HARVEY were my standout concerts both on main stage. Also really enjoyed, leningrad, goran, dhaka braka on world music stage, vince staples, dj shadow, crystal fighters, vaccines, allah las on A38 and tesco disco on hungarian stage. the hidden toilet disco was pure indie disco and spent many an hour in there, Magic Mirror was awful this year, they have striped away all the campness from previous years and now you wouldnt even know it was an lgbt venue. Bring back the awful drag show and camp cheesy disco with drag queens.

    The organisation was pretty good as usual. they need to now upgrade food cleanliness (as its now just unacceptable for modern festival and is easily fixed with a legal food hygiene contract that can be monitored and warnings given or even places shut down if in breach) and drink choice (if i ever see another can of Dreher it will be too soon). Also reduce the cars and mopeds in the streets (or confine them to certain hours, like 12-3pm and 5-7am and put down fake grass/other coverings to reduce dust at the main stage.

    More walk about theatre visiting areas beyond the arts area, get them wondering onto the main stage more between acts.

    More water points, clearly signposted would also be great.

    Have a late night indie /rock stage/disco in a small tent somewhere hosted by big indie/rock DJS – Maybe turn the snow attack stage into an indie rock disco instead of more dance.

    Have more stuff like the secret toi toi party, i loved that.

    Remove the 7.00pm parties except colour. And have something more meaningful or fun. For example, – 5 minute silent dance for world peace or worlds biggest conga, maybe the themesong next year could have a dance that we have to learn for one of the parties,. The clapping sticks and flags have had their day (just not very creative)

    Add a science area to the festival near the TEDX tent. with fun experiments and representatives talking about current research and the future.,

    Expand on the recyling and cleanliness. Make it part of the ethos to take your trash with you. how about reusable glasses etc.

    Upgrade some of the smaller stages – i like what you did with the music box stage this year, now think about how each area of the festival can have its own feel and more theming.

    Upgrade the feel on the main stage itself, Maybe give it a theme like sziget city centre and make it have a city scape look. You could have windows where mini performances could happen between bands.,

  12. My Top 20 acts:

    1) Kasabian
    2) Biffy Clyro
    3) Interpol
    4) alt-J
    5) PJ Harvey
    6) Vince Staples
    7) Two Door Cinema Club
    8) The Kills
    9) George Ezra
    10) Tycho
    11) Pierce Brothers
    12) White Lies
    13) Jagwar Ma
    14) The Strypes
    15) Bad Religion
    16) P!nk
    17) Metronomy
    18) Billy Talent
    19) Her
    20) Allah Las

  13. To be honest, the only special I really hate is the colour party. I think that it’s another reason of Szikness. I’m not sure how healthy is that… Last year I got Szikness the day after Muse (colour party before it) and this year I got Szikness after the last day. Guess what, colour party before alt-J…

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