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Sziget getting back deserved popularity

With less than a month until Sziget 2014, some very good news are coming from the organizers.

According to an article quoting Sziget main man Karoly Gerendai, this year’s island extravaganza has a serious chance of setting new attendance records, after last year’s disappointing turnout.

362.000 people were at Szigte last year, but this year the organizers have already sold more weekly passes than thorough all of of Sziget 2013. He also said that things have grown 100% in Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

Things are going well in Hungary too and Gerendai said that this year’s festival could break attendance records.

Of course, one of the reasons is the lineup – have you voted in our Sziget 2014 lineup poll yet?


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12 thoughts on “Sziget getting back deserved popularity

  1. @ Steve: Yes it’s a really small festival :p ……..NOT but it’s true there aren’t 400.000 visitors at once!

  2. Phew! I thought that would be the case. 70-80k I think is about right. Any more and it just gets messy and too many people. One of the reasons I wasn’t enamored with Glastonbury when I went.

  3. Hello 🙂
    I know it is not the right place but i’m semling a 7days camping pass for 200 € negociable. I would not do that if it was for me but it’s actually a friends ticket. She bought it because i told her to but she can’t make it anymore so i feel responsible 🙂 if you know anyone who would like to buy one let me know we can find a righr price im not here to make profit 🙂
    Regards from Lebanon!

  4. And btw the map will be revealed shortly it’s great news! I hope the new camping won’t take much space…

  5. I saw the map at Balaton Sound. There were some girls giving the new sziget passport with the new map. Not really big changes on the map 😉

  6. @ilbeyene : Cool ! So Where is the new colosseum ? And is there something on the arena place ?

  7. Yes, it’s where the Party Arena was. The new World Music Village is just where the World Music Stage was and Blues & Irish stage is where it was Afro-Latin-Reggae Village. The new Siesta Camping will be at the beginning of the blue zone on Bob Marley Street, so near the Sziget Beach it’s all free camping again 😉

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