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Sziget Expects 400k+ Visitors This Year

The time to purchase Sziget tickets at “early bird” rates has passed. Since August 1st, tickets and passes can only be bought at full price, the Sziget Festival website has announced a few days ago. Still, they say all those interested should buy their tickets and passes ASAP, as the ticket sales are just as fast as last year, when passes ran out a week before the start of the event.

Gerendai Károly, lead organizer of the Sziget Festival, expects the number of attendees to be around last year’s level. “We are preparing for the number of visitors to exceed 400,000 once again”, he said. “We have shaped the infrastructure in a way to offer even more visitors the possibility to comfortably have a good time at the festival.” The organizers have not only improved the services, but have introduced new attractions, new locations, and some of the locations have been moved. According to Gerendai, this year’s Sziget Festival will gather performers from 47 countries, while the members of the audience will come from 89 of them, attracted by the “Sziget feeling”, even if the music lineup was criticized by many.

In other news, the official price list of the Sziget Festival’s drinks for this year has been published. Click here to see it (PDF). (thanks @Dreher)

There is less than a week left until the start of the event.

31 thoughts on “Sziget Expects 400k+ Visitors This Year

  1. what’s dreher 24? can’t understand if it’s a light beer or alcol free. All the pages found are in hungarian ahah

  2. It is an alcohol-free beer which tastes just like the real thing (at least that’s what SABMiller claims).
    I am a bit disappointed, though – so many choices for fruit flavored beer, but no Bak on the list (it’s a strong, dark variety Dreher has, my favorite)

  3. Loosely translates to “cold hops” – I haven’t tasted it yet, but the reviews say it has a strong “hop” taste, a bit sour, lemony and dry. Will taste it ASAP.

  4. Sziget italy is constantly uploading videos of the work in progress. In one of these they say that the a38 is the same tent as last year, so the story about a bigger a38 was not true. I don’t remember if was sziget official or sziget italy, but somebody of them (some months ago) said “it will be a bigger a 38” when replying to someone who remembered the Stromae situation of last year. Just to say.

    Go there early if you really want to see Interpol, Dropkick Murphys and Passenger, and take some water with you

  5. Maybe they keep the place the same, but enlarged it moving more north the MS.

    I really hope they did something to avoid episodes like the Stromae’s one last yeaer.

  6. Size is a problem with A38, but even worse is the fact that they only have one entrance (and pretty much only on exit). Doing it like that you will get the tent extremely crowded in the back but with opening that no one sees on the sides. When we gave up Stromae we used the right exit, but after having walked around the tent we saw there there were plenty of room on the other side by the main exit. There however, they don’t even let you in when the tent is empty.

    They should look to Rock Werchter that has 7 entrances/exits in each tent with signs that shows if there are room or not. Given, it’s not working 100% all the time, but still a lot better.

  7. Actually, This years a38 appears To have 10 posts, whilst last years had 8, so I’m guessing it is a bit bigger

  8. Some days ago I have accidentally bought a Siesta Camping Guarded Locker because I was not paying a lot of attention at what I was doing in that moment in front of my PC (sh*t…). I noticed just now. Anyway, this service is sold out and I don’t need it because I’m not in Siesta Camping, so if somebody needs a guarded locker at siesta just tell me

  9. wait wait, you selected siesta camping, selected guarded locker, wrote all 16 numbers of your credit card, wrote the secure code of your credit card and purchased those things because you was not paying attention? seriously? 😮

  10. Thanks for the drink list. I see no Arany Aszok or Borsodi but I remember some bars were selling them last year? Am I mistaken?

  11. Guys, does anyone know the name of the HEV (railway) station that’s in the middle of Budapest? When you go out of it, there’s a Starbucks, then a small pool, a park.. It’s a very beautiful place but I can’t remember the station name.

  12. Bender.. Ehm, no… I didn’t have to select siesta camping AND ALSO to select guarded locker. The item was “Guarded locker at siesta” and I think I accidentally pressed on it instead of pressing on the one below. That’s the only part when I didn’t pay attention. I was sure I selected the right locker so I payed, I don’t see the point in making humor about the 16 numbers of the credit card ahaha. It’s just one single mistake at the beginning of the process. And then I just didn’t checked the name of the item, just the price, I was tired, my fault

  13. @Reeno I.. am not sure. I think it’s the main one, Daek Ferencter. They also make food in wooden houses and there’s live music sometimes.

  14. Deak ferenc ter = pest side (left), HEV = Buda side (right) of budapes ( river splits buda-pest)
    But I think you are right about that its deak ferenc ter, “pool” and wooden houses are just right there!

  15. A38 they probaly added a set of polles. It is possible to add an extra set. Can’t remember the number of poles last year

  16. @John Doe

    Thanks! When are the real headliners coming? (rock/metal/underground) Can we expect one more announcement?

  17. @rambo joe frickle: Gerendai Karoly wish he is my hubby! But my hubby is much nicer! Come see him at VOLT Stage on Saturday 1PM, after Ivan & The Parazol!

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