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Sziget 2016 Official Aftermovie

Christmas is at our doorstep, which makes summer feel like an oh-so-distant memory. But Sziget is here to bring back at least a bit of the sunshine of summers past: the official aftermovie of the 2016 Sziget Festival is here. Sziget has sure taken its sweet time to release it, but you know what they say: better late than never. Behold:

Aside from this short film trying to cram seven days of Sziget feeling into eight short minutes, Sziget has also released an official Sziget Viber sticker pack that can be downloaded from here. You can also join the public Sziget chat, where you might come across some insider information before the official release.

The first names of next year’s anniversary edition get released “soon” (rumors say we can expect them at the beginning of December). Until then, keep speculating!

64 thoughts on “Sziget 2016 Official Aftermovie

  1. Reading & Leeds will announce in the weekend their first names, including the first headliner. I’m curious if the headliner will be a R&L exclusive or not.

  2. Dreambeach (it happens during Sziget) announced few names… among those: Andy C, Angerfist, Borgore, Ferry Corsten, Marshmello, Nervo, Netsky and Oliver Heldens.

    It would be a wet dream to have Angerfist at this edition

  3. Also Julian Jeweil, Marco Carola, Anna and Paco Osuna are in the Dreambeach’s lineup and are very very good names for Colosseum!

  4. Anyway I hope Sziget starts booking international artists for Colosseum also in the afternoon. Like a couple every afternoon. My dream Colosseum’s lineup would be:

    Maceo Plex // Tale Of Us // Dixon // Coyu // Jay Lumen // Four Tet // Floating Points // Laurent Garnier // Carl Cox // Matador // Joseph Capriati // Richie Hawtin // Pan-Pot // Bicep // Rødhåd // Recondite // Julian Jeweil // Max Cooper // The Martinez Brothers // Adam Beyer // Alan Fitzpatrick // John Talabot // Vitalic // Art Department // Umek // Marcel Dettmann // Jeff Mills // Sven Väth

    Also half of them would be brilliant. With this lineup I would never step a foot in Party Arena even with a storm!

  5. Bender, keep on dreaming. That line up would be too perfect. In my oppinion ferry corsten, Oliver Heldens and Netsky would be a great addition to a line up 🙂 I will see Dixon this weekend so no real need for at Sziget ???? But for you I hope he will be at Sziget 🙂

    Any other rumours?

  6. @Bender, gimme Jeff Mills playing on loop for a whole week and I will pay what I have to pay for it

    Also, yeah, that would be THE lineup , but I would be happy enough even if they would put more “””weird””” things on the Colosseum (from Apparat, to Jeff Mills, Caribou and those kind of music) and stop putting sh*t on the A38 in the night for something more “intelligent” (HVOB, SBTRKT, The Glitch Mob are the firsts that come to my mind)

  7. Nah, they are the same as Interpol: even tho they deserves at least a 17.45 spot in MS they would get 23.45 spot a38 instead

    Im way too excited for the name

  8. This aftermovie is a bit soulless

    The best was 2013

    New names probably next week… I thought we’ll have some this week already

  9. I hope not the boring Alt J again. Sorry but i personally prefer like almost every other band.

  10. Reading first names:
    Muse – Major Lazer – Bastille – At The Drive In – ARCHITECTS – Tory Lanez – Glass Animals – ANDY C – Danny Brown – Against The Current – While She Sleeps

    awful list…
    looks like reading aiming to beat out sziget as “best major festival”, and gave up on quality totally. How on Earth Major lazer could set feet on a legendary festival soil??? this probalby indicates sziget stuff, wondering they’d consider the 1 good band on this list, ATDI to book, 99% sure the answer is no, because they don’t need quality.

  11. Well, Muse and Bastille were at the Sziget’16 so i highly doubt they’ll be back next year, but i’m 100% sure we’ll see Major Lazer

  12. Not ML again… if I hear live another time Lean On im gonna kill someone, I swear

    At The Drive In would be a brilliant a38 headliner; also I would keep an eyr open on Angel Olson

  13. @yelo

    my girlfriend loves ML, so I was there with her, it was such a surreal experience, I probably never felt more emberassed, let down, ashamed at a “musical” event ever. It was awfully disgusting, and somehow everyone was mezmerized by them. I felt bad for the people that can be sold to that soulless, mainstream crap…

  14. I still hope for The Rolling Stones as the big surprise headliners of the 25th edition… they will release their new album tomorrow! 😀

  15. I checked out some artists on bandsintown website and I couldn’t find too many acts with already announced concerts for August in Europe. I found Billy Talent and Rise Against only with dates that month. What’s interesting is that The Rolling Stones don’t have any concerts on bandsintown, but they are checked as ‘ON TOUR’. I wonder if they’ll announce a tour soon as they’ll release the album tomorrow…

  16. Wait a second, last year was the best lineup and this year it was not?
    Aaaaah brave new world… (even tho Werchter had a better one for sure, but at least being a candidate)

  17. No, they didn’t announce the winners yet. These are the shortlists based on votes. Now a jury will decide and will announce the winners of each category on the 11th of January. 😉

  18. @Yelo: Oh, but this time Sziget were not even mentioned at the Best Line-up category at the time of voting, if that is what you meant.

  19. Im not well informed about it, but yet it’s a shame, last year line up killed the one of 2015 by far

  20. I looked deeply into the line up (so far released) of the major festivals in Europe (autism’s level over 9000), and I guess that those bands are likely tba for Sziget:
    – Frank Ocean (headliner)
    – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (headliner)
    – Foo Fighters (headliner)
    – Anti Flag (Early spot on MS / A38 23.45 spot)
    – Mac Miller (Early spot on MS / A38 23.45 spot)
    – The Kills (Early spot on MS / A38 night-time)
    – Angel Olson (Early spot on MS / A38 day-time)
    – August Burst Red (Early spot on MS / clashing with headliner in A38)
    – Rise Against (Early spot on MS / A38 23.45 spot)
    – Major Lazer (Sub-headliner), although it seems to be the Sziget policy not to reserve the same artists as headliner-subheadliner for multiple time in so little years-span
    – Alt-J (Sub-headliner)
    – Icona Pop (A38)
    – Alligatoah (A38 day-time)
    – At the Drive In (A38 23.45 spot)
    – Andy C (A38 night-time)
    – Angerfist (A38 night-time) – let me dream
    – Daphni (A38 night-time/Colosseum)
    – Netsky (A38 night-time)
    – HVOB (A38 night-time)
    – Marco Carola (Colosseum0)
    – Eric Prydz (Colosseum)
    – Nina Kraviz (Colosseum)
    – The Black Madonna (Colosseum)
    – Marshmello (Party Arena)

    I bet anything on Rise Against and AntiFlag being announced in this edition

    my two cents 🙂

  21. I don’t think that we’ll have Foo Fighters, as a festival organizer said few weeks ago that the Foos will be in Europe for 2-3 weeks only. 🙁 Would be nice for them to come back in Europe for August, though!

  22. A summer’s Tale, a festival in Germany from August 2 till August 5, just announced the following names:

    – Franz Ferdinand
    – Caro Emerald
    – Birdy
    – Element of Crime

    Close to Sziget, so could be some potential cross-over

  23. I thought 2016 was pretty good lineup wise. Some massive names and some decent subheadliners. All i want is for them to reduce the dance music on the main stage to just the end party. or give the fireworks to a non dance headliner. Imagine if they got rolling stones and finished with a firework show to cant get no satification.

    My band hopes for this year are. Pixies, foos, bats for lashes, radiohead, m83 again, stromae again (how about him for end how). beef up the world music by moving it back where it was with the beautiful hill accessible.

    increase the size of the magic mirror and circus tents. even combine like they did an few years ago – massive magic mirror/circus tent.

    Bring back bands during the day in the arena.

    Bring back 5 bands a day on the main stage.

    there so much they can do.

  24. The official Sziget Facebook page answered to someone in Hungarian on a post from 1 December that the first names will arrive. They didn’t mention when, but I hope that those will arrive soon! 😀

  25. If it’s not this week, it’s next week! Most probably… we could already make an announcement with acts already announced in August:

    The National
    Car Seat Headrest
    Benjamin Clementine

    It would be a great start!

  26. I can see as a first announcement
    – Major Lazer
    – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    – Anti Flag
    – Mac Miller
    – Angel Olsen
    – Rise Against
    – Alligatoah
    – Car Seat Headrest
    – Moderat
    – Caro Emerald
    – Billy Talent
    likely… but I think you people know by now that Im a dreamer

  27. Balaton Sound’s names coming on Thursday. We’ll know who’s not gonna be the headliner for the End Show.

  28. yeah, but not in hungary. Löbenwein Norbert said that Guns and roses turned down all the hungarian festival offers

  29. Electric Castle Festival from Romania will announce first names on Thursday. Last year they shared some artists with Sziget (Bring me the Horizon, Sigur Ros and Bastille).

  30. It seems that the first Electric Castle names were leaked, because Architects posted the picture on instagram, which was eventually deleted after a while ( Eric Prydz, Moderat, Nero (DJ Set), Noisia (Outer Edges), Architects, A-Trak, Dixon, DJ Sneak, ÂME, Soom T, Axel Thesleff, Metrik, Etherwood and Crazy P Soundsystem. The names to be confirmed tomorrow.

  31. Eric Prydz could be announced for Balaton Sound, as they also announce 10 names tomorrow and the festival is also in July, as Electric Castle. I’m really curious about them.

  32. Good friend of mine works for Balaton Sound, he told me they gonna surprise the hell out of the audience tomorrow with this

    Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC as headliners

  33. @fsfsf I wish that was true only because we would get a chance to not have to hear your complaints for the rest of the year

  34. A surprise announcement from Electric Castle as the names are the same as yesterday’s poster, except one thing: Eric Prydz replaced with alt-J. Could be part of future announcements.

  35. Bad news for Sziget, good news for Balaton Sound: among the new names released there are The Bloody Beetroots, Dave Clarke, Headhunterz and Zeds Dead

    3 names out of 4 I would have enjoyed to see in Party Arena/A38/Colosseum 🙁

  36. in a perfect world these electronic crap never should be at sziget, this is why they created BS in the first place. But yeah we are far away from a perfect world.

    (also it’s funny I always got im close minded towards to electronic music, but balaton sound never squeezee in one rock band ever, interesting fact about close mindedness)

  37. For the last time, Art, keep this in your mind: there are 2 kind of festivals, and those are the generic-music festival (Sziget, Glasto, Werchter, Pukklepop) and the focused-music festival (Wacken, Balaton Sound, Dimensions, Dour, Graspop Metal Meeting).

    Now you can argue about the lack of metal music in the Sziget (which is only partially true, cause last year that was a decent component of the artists playing metal(core) or hard rock), but you cant come here and cry about the lack of metal in a festival focused on electro and hip hop. This is being close-minded, not managing the marketing in way to make the best output from your investment.
    Also, what the hell would mean to have the Messhuggah play at 4 o’ clock on a hellish beach? Get real.

    Last time I feed the troll, I hope

  38. Actually I found an event on FB + found a confirmation on Virgin Radio (which is probably the biggest source of info about Rock music in Italy), leeet’s wait and see

  39. i was being sarcastic wanting quality music at BS, I’d never set my feet on that dump.

    Sziget was/is a live music festival and they started to letting eletronic music in besides the thematic venues. That’s the problem. I wouldnt mind it ever, if there was a colloseum/party arena, if they represented rock, punk, hardcore, metal music at a thematic stage. It’s not there, and while there is a dedicated festival for electronic music, they bring more and more of it to sziget every year.

    (Ps. I’m still not art…)

  40. LOL so you really want to spend another year here complaining about Sziget instead of just going to another festival? You really have time to lose 🙂

  41. Still don’t get why i cant go to other festival and complain about my hometown festival at the same time. BUt I guess you are about to spend another year with this unreasonable questioning what i want or not…

  42. Well I’ll spend another year here talking about my favorite festival as everybody else here except you.

  43. I cant help that you can’t deal with negative critisism as a grown up should. I guess that’s what a forum is about. OPINIONS.

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