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Sziget Festival Prepares for Another Sold Out Edition (Press Release)

This year Sziget will last for seven days – five full days, plus the Day -1 and the Day Zero – but from Wednesday to Wednesday, just like in the old times. The event’s organizers will try to top last year’s atmosphere, focus more on environmental awareness, hygiene, visuals and the quality of services. The event, considered Hungary’s top tourist attraction, will guarantee the safety of their visitors coming from all over the world – and is expected to be sold out completely. And it has gotten a brand new anthem, Be With You, by Toldi Miklós and Odett.

Prepare for Sziget to be sold out

During a recent press conference, Gerendai Károly looked back at last year’s Sziget Festival. He spoke of the record number of visitors and the three “Sold out” days, considering these to be a confirmation of the organizers’ efforts. He mentioned the “Best Lineup” award won by the event this year and admitted that it won’t be easy to organize a better one – but he promised to try.

Gerendai told the press that, considering this year’s feedback, he expects the festival to be “Sold out”. “The five-day Passes have sold out weeks ago,” he said, “and three-quarters of all the seven-day passes have already been claimed.” He mentioned the next change in ticket prices, on May 5th, when he expects another “rush” to happen. He said that the interest for the festival was high even before the first performers were announced, which confirms that most of the visitors are not coming for specific artists, but for the Sziget feeling itself: the diverse musical lineup, the variety of programs, the high-quality services, and the unique visuals. Speaking of the visuals, Gerendai mentioned the Art of Freedom competition, which received over 200 entries from designers, visual artists, “light sculptors” and enthusiastic amateurs, out of which the festival will select the best 100 to decorate the island.

Mind the environment

One focal point of the festival will be environmental awareness. The organizers plan to communicate better to raise awareness about all its aspect, from conscious consumerism to the use of green energy. They will also ban all merchants from using plastic bags, replacing them with recyclable – or even recycled – containers. They will also install more containers to collect cigarette butts. Besides, they will collect all obsolete camping gear from the visitors, donating them to the refugees heading for Europe.

When it comes to hygiene, there will be improvements compared to last year. The organizers have upgraded the toilets and showers, and increase the number of the cleaning staff. They don’t want to merely offer more of the same, but with improved comfort as well.

Food and security

If we spoke of toilets, let us speak of the “input”, too – this year’s Sziget will be attended by caterers from outside Hungary, too. Among them, the FoodStock, the festival relocation of Slovakia’s best restaurant, Fou Zoo. And, as usual, visitors will be able to find anything from burgers to pizza, and whatever street food they might imagine.

Last, but not least, a word about security. Gerendai admitted that it’s not easy to guarantee the security of the visitors of such a big festival, but that the outstanding efforts of the organizers are generally recognized. The festival plans to increase the visitors’ sense of security, with the security personnel staying out of sight to assure seamless entertainment for the visitors. The most spectacular improvement will be the “Check-in” system at the gates – the same system used by airports and border crossings. When buying a ticket, the visitor will be identified, and the serial number of the armband will be linked to the visitor’s person. This way the security system will detect any illegal entry attempts at the gates.

17 thoughts on “Sziget Festival Prepares for Another Sold Out Edition (Press Release)

  1. Better security and a new system at the gates seems ok, but only if the capasity increases heavily. There are almost no queues inside, but getting in is a nightmare. I’ve only tried the bridge though, so I don’t know if there are other alternatives not so heavily crowded?

  2. The queue at day -1 at 11-12 am on the souther entrance was HELL, hope they will improve it. This being said, more control is good, I remember last year at the Hospitality Party there was so much people on MDMA it seemed an episode of The Walking Dead

  3. Lineup is worse and worse and more and more people are coming every year…
    For the first time I bought tickets without knowing lineup, and this, my fifth Sziget, would probably be the last…
    Where are those 2012,2014 years? 🙂

  4. Are there lot of people on drugs at Sziget? I just asked because i know the law in hungary is very strict and you can get in jail for just some weed..

    I never was on Sziget before so i have no idea about people and there drug using there?

    Is it like other festivals in europe or very strength or does nobody care if you smoke a joint on the island ? .. ^^

  5. @noeliam Too old for camping, so I need to find a way in every day 😉 I usually arrive early for the Europe Stage program, but even that early the queues are long. I think I need to find out what the hard currency for golden tickets are 😉 I need five of them 😛

  6. @tmolvik: As far as I remember from last year, if someone didn’t have any luggages, he could enter the festival via the VIP entrance, even if he didn’t have VIP tickets. There you can enter easier and you will have to wait only on Day -1 and on Day 1, but the other days won’t be so overloaded at the VIP entrance.

  7. Nah, I just told about an episode. Apart from that I havent seen much in two years I went, and in that circumstances everything was safe. Truth to be told, the first time I went to the island I was surprised (in a positive way of course) by the lack of drugs and dealers in the island.

  8. @sziget I think it was like that two years ago, but last year I had the VIP-thing (when it was valid for every day) and they checked the wrist band of everyone.

    On my way over from the hotel though, I felt I had seen a sign for another entrance, but I’ve probably misunderstood or it is for cars or something.

  9. From where does the boat start, i can not find a real helpfull information. And does it drive all time ? 🙂

    The good is i have book the Aquincium hotel next to the island, so i am not far away from the island 🙂

  10. The boats main stop is battyana ter. However if you are there you may as well get the train up in 10 minutes instead of an hour on the boat

  11. If I’m in the city centre before I’m going to the festival I will try the boat, but my hotel is on the same side as the entrance, so it will be a quite heavy detour 🙂

  12. But remember the boat starts to run only about 3pm usually. Somewhere on sziget website there are the infos about where it stops

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