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Sziget fun from Alex

Now that Sziget 2009 is over, we can all remember the fun we’ve had here on Sziget News. Alex was the first one to send us a few pictures he took this year. Enjoy!
Remember that you can send us your festival memories & pictures via email – contact (at) (replace (at) with @), using the contact section of the site or just by posting a comment. Click on “read more” to see al the pictures Alex has sent.






4 thoughts on “Sziget fun from Alex

  1. Nice! Was a realy fantastic and incredible amazing festival. Best Sziget I ever had, I think.

  2. It was the craziest but yet relaxed festival with so much going on. I have so many awesome/funny memories from it… 🙂

  3. Sziget coul be a new way of life.
    People who experience it never forget it!
    i am there every year. Resident of mokka cuka :)-))

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