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Sziget officially confirms 30 Seconds to Mars

What we told you about a couple of days ago has now been officially confirmed by the Sziget organizers on the Sziget Official Facebook – 30 Seconds to Mars will be headlining Sziget Festival 2011.

The band that Jared Leto is leading will be playing the Main Stage on Saturday, August 13, at 21:30, replacing Amy Winehouse.

59 thoughts on “Sziget officially confirms 30 Seconds to Mars

  1. to: MrCrash

    I certainly will ! 🙂 I have watched it from YouTube and this is waaayyy better than 30stm.

    but I hoped, that instead of Amy there will something good, but what a disappointment…

  2. and they dont even know where they are going. after their show at Volt (in Hungary) Jared posted this on his twitter: “We love you Bulgaria, thanks for the show!”

    whatever, Buraka, Triggerfinger, Goran, many more better acts to be seen at that time.

  3. Why bother, you probably won’t here a thing of 30STM because all the screaming girls, so this is an easy win for Triggerfinger. See you at the europe stage!

  4. Yeah, 30stm is the worst international act I have ever seen. All that Jared Leto character did was curse and scream. He never did any singing. Another friend of mine won tickets to one of their shows, but left after a couple of songs.

    I would have probably gone to see Triggerfinger anyway. I love their music, and I probably won’t get a chance to see them again any time soon.

  5. The worst group i ever heard at Sziget(2 years ago)… i ‘ll not came to Sziget this year…

  6. what possible last two acts for Metal Stage could be? I wish – Volbeat and Opeth…

  7. No Volbeat cause the are at the same time in USA Tour…Fuck…What else?Airbourne? why not…

  8. I’m not bothered by this thing. I won’t see them playing: there’s plenty of things to see, it’s not a big deal. I’m just bothered by the fact that their name will be printed on the sziget t-shirts.

  9. Amy Winehouse’s name will be on the t shirt as deadmau5’s name was on last years??????? same for the program?????? surely they have started printing these things by now?

  10. I don’t think so. Prodigy was not announced yet when Amy cancelled her tour 🙂

  11. I can’t imagine that they told us the moment they knew the prodigy were playing they knew for a while before

  12. anybody understand the sziget team? i mean we have 12 july and i can´t see on the sziget site any information about day -1 and 0

  13. right, we want to know of day Zero and -1. Holy shit, it’s just 26 days left!!

  14. When did they confirm the names of day zero last year, much more earlier is’nt it?

  15. they have added day -1 and day zero to the program page but nothing up on them so perhaps some info on monday? 🙂

  16. On facebook they have added some information about the day zero, later today they will announce more information about day zero.

  17. szigetfestival
    First part of the Sziget Day 0 line-up: on the World Music Stage 11 Hungarian acts will perform together with the MR Symphonic Orchestra. These acts are:

    Pannonia All-Stars Ska Orchestra, Vastaghúros Swetter zenekar, Heaven Street Seven, Balkán Fanatik, Isten Háta Mögött, Hiperkarma, Freshfabrik, Budapest Bár, Rúzsa Magdi and Caramel.

    The rest of the Day 0 programme will follow later today!

  18. No day 0 program today 🙁

    The rest of the Day 0 programme unfortunately can’t be announced today, but we’ll have it for you tomorrow!

  19. No day 0 program today 🙁

    The rest of the Day 0 programme unfortunately can’t be announced today, but we’ll have it for you tomorrow!

  20. Looking through has already changed which bands I will be planning to see over the weekend. The lists on the main website are a pain to use.

    I will be updating it further and adding extra stages and improving some of the timings.

    Spent so long using the glastonbury festival clashfinder that I didnt want to be without one for sziget.

  21. Day zero names please! I spoke to one of the guys of Shaking Godspeed, they’ll play on day zero, but even they don’t know who else is coming… Come on Sziget, give us names!!!

  22. In an interview, sziget “boss” Gerendai said that they finally found a band for the missing spot on the Rock stage, and they struggling to book a “superstar” for like two months. (i guess it’s for the day 0) we will see…

  23. but it’s definitely NOT Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, System Of a Down, Linkin Park or Eminem!!!! They tried those but, it was expensive, or the date wasn’t right for those artists

  24. Prince = Focking Vet

    Couldn’t be better.
    We are going to party like it’s 1999!!!

  25. That’s what i’m talkin’ about! Very nice!!! Is it true that there’s one name left to announce for the metal stage???

  26. THE MAP IS ON THE OFFICIAL SITE! ITS FANTASTIC but almost everything has changed place… and we´ll have mcdonalds as well :D:D:D

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