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Sziget Passes to be Sold Out by the End of June

95% of the seven-day Sziget passes the 2016 edition have been sold, and they continue to sell like hot cakes, according to the event’s lead organizer, Gerendai Károly. If they continue to be this popular, all of them might be gone by the end of June. If this happens, Sziget will only be able to offer its visitors day passes from there on, Gerendai said. By comparison, for last year’s event, the five and seven-day passes have been sold out by the beginning of August.

Sziget passes still available for individual days

Day passes are still available in large numbers, he said, even if more of these were sold like in any previous year. The passes are not sold in equal numbers for all of the seven days of the festival, so the organizers expect sold-out days this year.

“It is important to mention that tickets sold great even before the announcement of any musical programs,” Gerendai told the press in the past. This means that, as he puts it, people don’t come to Sziget for its concerts, but because they want to participate in Sziget Festival. For the “feeling”, the mood, and the atmosphere, not necessarily for any specific concert.

This year’s Sziget will have performers from 60 countries, and visitors from 98, and counting. But the number of Hungarians attending the festival has grown, too, compared to the previous years.

Headliners and other programs

Among the biggest names to perform at this year’s festival, we find pop divas – like Rihanna – DJs – like David Guetta – and tons of bands from all corners of the globe, joined by several representatives of the “local musical muscle”. But aside from the musical performances – which are better or worse, depending on everyone’s tastes – the Island will be filled with more than 1,500 programs – all forms of fun, from circuses to fire jugglers, and whatever else you can think of.

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  1. No comments in 7 days.. Talk about the interest for the festival declining 😉

  2. There is no more to talk about (unless they resolve those nasty clashes). Plus I got exams, so that analisys stage per stage I decided to do is a bit tricky right now1


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