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Many more acts on the Hungarian site!

The official Hungarian Sziget site confirms a whole number of new acts (most of them for the World Music Main Stage, we presume). Sziget News already told you about some of them. Here they are (thanks, chudo_pahan): 08001 Amparo Sanchez Cankisou Csík zenekar és vendégei Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird Dirtmusic & Tamikrest Jaune Toujours Kries Los De Abajo Mahala Rai Banda Oi-Va-Voi Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club & Omara Portuondo Parno Graszt Rotfront Rupa & the April Fishes Shantel &  Bucovina Club Orkestar Söndörgo + Ferus Mustafov Tony Allen Where there's a link, you will be taken to the relevant post on Sziget News. Of course, the whole lineup so far can be found in our constantly updated lineup

Cankisou and Tony Allen in the Sziget 2010 lineup

Two more acts are now self-confirmed for this year's Sziget Festival on their official MySpace pages (thanks a lot, Mellowmaniac & Gaborka78). First of all, there's Cankisou, a Czech band (from Brno), that are set to play the Sziget Festival 2010 World Music Stage on August 11, according to their official MySpace. The date is also confirmed on their official website. Then, Tony Allen is also self-confirmed on his MySpace page. Tony Allen is a very experienced drummer (and one of Africa's most appreciated). As our friend Mellowmaniac told us, As drummer of the legendary Fela Kuti he was one of the innovators of