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Circus and Theater Acts at Sziget 2017

Limbo (Australia) Sziget 2017 Circus and theater

As the organizers and fans of Sziget Festival keep reminding us, the event is not just a music festival. Aside from its musicians and DJs performing and mixing on its various stages, each year it invites a series of circus and theater acts to keep the Sziget spirit alive. This year, the lineup of these acts is quite impressive, gathering performers and artists from all over the world. Sziget 2017 circus and theater acts August 10 Animal Religion: Indomador (Spain) In Indomador, the main character Quim discovers his animal instinct and transforms the stage into an "animalarium". The show mixes acrobatics and transgenic bodies with

New Circus venue at Sziget 2013!

Sziget has always been more than a music festival, and the new venue, announced recently on the official Facebook pages, just comes to prove it. Sziget 2013 will have a dedicated circus venue, having the feeling of travelling circuses in the 1890s. What’s even nicer is that afternoons will include interactive programs, where the audience will be able to try some circus instruments. Evenings will bring programs by Hungarian acrobats Recirquel – they were present at Magic Mirror last year, and the program will be concluded by Swing & Circus, which combines swing, electro-swing and circus. What do you think? Is it a good