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David Guetta confirmed for Sziget 2013 on official Sziget UK site

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UPDATE: The Island of Freedom, Sziget Beach and Color Party, as well as the End Show are detailed, respectively, here, here and here. UPDATE: another post details the press conference today - apart from Sziget Eye being bigger, it must be mentioned that swimming will be possible this year. UPDATE: As announced on the official Facebook page, David Guetta will be part of Sziget's End Show, a "final act of the one week of fun. So, on Sunday, on the Main Stage, Sziget will end with a very exciting show full of fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser shows and other special effects. The music

Tankcsapda @ Sziget 2012

Another name is confirmed, and this time it’s one that usually plays Sziget. We’re talking about legendary Hungarian band Tankcsapda, set to play the Main Stage on August 9, according to the official Sziget site for the UK. The site lists them as playing on Thursday at 19:45, right before Korn. That same site has Friendly Fires moved to the A38, on the same day. (thanks, Balint!)

Swing Manouche Project and HOTX @ Sziget Festival 2009

The big names are yet to arrive, but there are a few less-known acts that have announced their presence at Sziget Festival 2009. First, Feuerhuhn, a German band that lists a concert at Sziget on August 12 on their MySpace. Then there's Swing Manouche Project, the first confirmation for the Roma Tent, a place many Sziget visitors love. They are quite an interesting act, as you can see in the video below. According to their MySpace, they will play Sziget 2009 on August 13, at 7:00 PM. The third confirmation is the one of  techno/electro/minimalist artist Tibor Horvath, a.k.a. HOTX. HOTX will