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Marujah, KLB Trio and Modern Art Orchestra for Day Zero!

Three bands are already self-confirmed on their MySpace pages for Day Zero of this year's Sziget Festival. We're talking about two Hungarian acts - Modern Art Orchestra and KLB Trio,  as well as one American act, from Nashville, Tennessee, Marujah, that doesn't play country music, though. The play quite an interesting mix of Reggae and Rock, that you can hear here.They say they have a "World Sound". (thanks, Mellowmaniac)

Metallica @ Sziget Festival 2009?

...or just an April Fools' joke? The Sziget Festival page lists Metallica for Sziget Festival 2009, but we don't know what to believe just yet. We'll just have to wait for an official confirmation and see... They are available during that time, according to their official site, so who knows? Still, just a joke, probably... Later edit: as we suspected, just a joke. But who knows, it just might come true...

Who do you think the Day Zero headliner will be?

Last year we've seen Iron Maiden on Zero Day. Who do you think the Zero-Day band will be this year? Will it be Metallica (they have a festival tour in Europe this summer), Green Day (they will announce their tour dates soon) or another big name? The Prodigy will also tour this summer, supporting their new album. You can leave your opinions as a comment to this post or via the contact page!