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Deaudmau5 / The Bloody Beetroots clash solved

Robbie Williams

Deadmau5 and The Bloody Beetroots were clashing in the initial Sziget 2014 schedule, causing worries to many of you. Everyone thought they had to choose between the two, which would have been kind of a bummer. Well, according to Sziget Italia, things have been solved in this department. Their post says that a program change has been made. Now, Deadmau5 is on the Main Stage at 21:30 and you have time to get to A38, where The Bloody Beetroots start at 23:30.

Timo Maas replaces Deadmau5

Deadmau5 had to cancel Sziget and a few other shows because he collapsed on stage during a performance. Everybody was curious to see who Sziget will get to play instead of him. Well, the answer is already in the Sziget schedule on the official website. It's Timo Maas. Timo Maas will play Sziget 2010 on August 15, at 01:30.