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New Artists Added to Europe Stage Lineup

Europe Stage Lineup Sziget 2017

According to the latest announcement, the Europe Stage lineup for this year's anniversary Sziget Festival is almost complete. Today, 13 new names have been added to the list from all over the world (not only from Europe, mind you). Which is not an issue, since the appearance of fresh artists and bands on Sziget's stages is always welcome - who knows, some of them might even become the global stars of tomorrow. Europe Stage Lineup additions announced today Mother's Cake (A) The Bombay Royale (AUS) ROOSEVELT (D) Puggy (B) Naâman (F) Lola Marsh (IL) The Charm The Fury (NL) Motorpsycho (NO) Kinsfolk

First Europe Stage Performers Announced

Europe Stage Lineup Sziget 2017

Sziget's Europe Stage offers its visitors a good look at the emerging talent from the local music scene of various countries. Although it's called "Europe", sometimes it expands its boundaries beyond the Old World, featuring performers from beyond it - Full Trunk, for example, is a band coming all the way from Israel. Each year, bands with an incredible variety of styles and backgrounds perform on this stage. For this year's anniversary edition, Sziget has announced the first artists and bands to perform on this popular stage: ALMA (Finland) Elle Exxe (UK) Klangstof (Holland) BAZZOOKAS (Holland) Biga * Ranx (France)

Announcement: New Names @ Europe Stage 2016

Europe Stage 2016

While this might not have been the announcement we've all been waiting for, Sziget finally broke the silence about a series of new acts. This time, the performers we'll have the chance to see at the Europe Stage. New names for the Europe Stage 2016 Without further ado, here is the list: I Ministri (I) CEZA (TR) John Coffey (NL) La Smala (B) Deluxe (F) Avec (A) Abu (CH) Thunder & Co. (P) Say Yes Dog (LUX) Satellites (RO) BRUNETTES SHOOT BLONDES (UA) Therr Maitz (RU) Maya Isacowitz (IL) Fatoni (D) LA CAFETERA ROJA (A, F, E) Rilan & The Bombardiers (NL)

Sziget NL Announces Several Local Acts

Europe Stage 2016

Sziget NL announced several Dutch acts to be added to the Sziget 2016 lineup today. All of them will perform on the Europe Stage. Without further ado, here are the names. Europe Stage John Coffey is a Dutch punk rock/post hardcore band, influenced by bands like Refused, The Ghost of a Thousand or Every Time I Die. The band name was borrowed from the 1999 movie The Green Mile, written by Stephen King and directed by Frank Darabont. The band released a new album last year, called The Great News, and a fresh EP, A House for Three, last year. Rilan & The Bombardiers, another

Sziget Talent: Winners Announced to Play on Europe Stage

Sziget Talent Show

Sziget Festival has organized contests all over Europe for fresh blood to show its worth on the Europe Stage on days -1 and 0. The contests are under way, but some of the winners have already been announced. Here are the lucky - and talented - ones who will have the chance to take their first step toward fame this August at the Sziget Festival 2015. The list of Sziget Talent winners is far from being complete - we'll keep updating it as new winners of the various local talent shows appear. Here is what has been announced so far: Austria -

Sziget 2014 Europe Stage schedule available

Enter Shikari

The Sziget 2014 Europe Stage now has a schedule. Included is Amsterdam Klezmer Band, which you already knew about from here. The rest of the schedule also includes: Amsterdam Klezmer Band (NL) Aucan (I) BaLaKo (RO) Ballet School (D) Caparezza (I) Carnival Youth (LV) Charity Children (D) Compact Disk Dummies (B) Diaodato (I) Dubblestandart (A) DVA (CZ) Fismoll (PL) Gloria Boateng (B) Gubás Gabi és az Éjszakai Nesz (H) Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft (SRB) Kid Simius live (D) Longital (SK) Mighty Oaks (D) Money for Rope (AUS) Raggalution (SLO) Rumatera (I) Salmo (I) Seward (E) Siriusmo (D) We'll have it on our lineup page ASAP. (thanks crazyfrog!)

First Europe Stage names + Max Cooper self-confirmed

europe stage

The first Europe Stage names appear on the official site now, and they are as follows: After 11 and 12th of August are dedicated to the Youropen Talent Festival on the Europe Stage, August 13 will be graced by a performance from Salmo. Then, on August 14, Caparezza will be playing Sziget 2014, while August 15 will have a performance from Diodato. Then, Aucan will be playing August 16, while Rumatera will be at the Europe Stage on August 17. In other news, Max Cooper has self-confirmed a Sziget 2014 date, on August 14. (thanks go to Nick and SkaPanda!)

Share your Europe Stage bands knowledge!

Not much on the news front lately, but that's no reason for us all to not find some useful info. One of our friends was suggesting that people should tell us more about Europe Stage bands from their countries, so we all know what's worth seeing. So, feel free to do it in a comment to this post. What band from your country is playing the Europe Stage (see the line up so far here), what are they playing and why would it be cool for us all to go see them?